Is Canada a Police State?

2009 World Map of Freedom by Freedom House

According to a 2009 survey by Freedom House, countries shown in green on their World Map of Freedom are “free”, whereas those shown in yellow are only partly free and those in purple are not free. Based on their conclusions, Canada is a free country but Russia isn’t, making you wonder if this is some delayed Cold War propaganda, especially since unlike Russia, a failed state of Thailand and the top corruption hotspot Haiti rank as somewhat free, while lawless Indonesia is right up there with Canada as a symbol of universal freedom.

Most Canadians are so content with life limited to a 9 to 5 job, a soap opera during a free delivery supper and a night out on Saturdays, they would never doubt their country was free. But consider this:

  • 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video can be found on a number of websites now
  • None of them posted it in the public interest, only Best Gore did
  • None of them took time to write an accompanying article with an appeal to determine if the video was real and if so, to see if the killer could be identified, only Best Gore did
  • None of them invested additional time to make a follow up post with findings of possible killer’s identity and likeness to engage the community in confirming the findings, only Best Gore did
  • None of them reported the findings to police, only Best Gore did
  • None of them took the video off the site after it’d served its purpose, only Best Gore did
  • None of them contributed to the capture of the alleged perpetrator by serving as a source of background information and images which had been passed around, leading to timely identification of the perpetrator before he could hurt somebody else, only Best Gore did
  • Yet none of them had the owner charged, harassed, threatened, imprisoned and censored/silenced, only Best Gore did

And you know what the difference between all these other sites and Best Gore is? That Best Gore is owned by a Canadian citizen.

You would think that in a country that calls itself democratic and gets shown in green on a World Map of Freedom, a citizen working extra hours to protect the public would be celebrated and appreciated, not witch-hunted and imprisoned. You would also think that in such country, others would not be afraid to put their name down on a petition asking for the cessation of hostilities. The fact that one must exercise caution when voicing their opinion against the authority so as not to end up politically persecuted like Mark Marek is sends a strong message that Canada is not what it showcases itself as on the international level. Canada, in my opinion is quickly becoming a police state but instead of going gung ho violating human rights, they are being chipped away slowly and systematically. A very dangerous game to be a pawn in.

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57 thoughts on “Is Canada a Police State?”

  1. Canada IS a police state. We’ve all known this for a while now. I am utterly disgusted by what the Canadian Authorities are doing to Mark and this amazing website. I just cannot even fathom the thought of not having BESTGORE & Mark Marek in our lives…

    1. It was Nicolas Berdiaeff who said: Utopias can be made real. Life is walking towards utopias, and perhaps a new century is beginning , a century in which the intellectuals and the educated classes will dream about how to avoid utopias, and how to come back to a non utopian society, with less “perfection” and more freedom.

  2. I live in a police state. When I was a kid I was dead against conforming to the normal mundanity of a life like my parents had no choice but to live. Go to school, get a job , get married, have kids, work to pay off a house, pay taxes then die.
    I left school, had to get a job, did a bunch of travel, decided to start a business, became a capitalist started a family and bought a house, i pay my taxes and try to keep clear of the cops, I feel like a sell out sometimes but my kids think I’m the best.

    1. @hocksroach here’s a life lesson for you my friend *in this world sometimes we just have to do things we don’t want to do* me I had to shovel shit for 2 days in 100 degree weather back in the crappy job I had and I didn’t bitch about it I took it like a godamn man.

        1. @hocksroach I live in a police state and I don’t see anything going on here it’s pretty calm here where I live me I can do whatever the fuck I want but since I think working in big corporate jobs is boring as shit and I like to do hard work and feel that sense of accomplishment when I’m done just sit in the back of my truck and enjoy that beautiful California sunset ^__^

          1. Yeah Misfit it’s the same here in Western Australia. I always imagined that Cali was one of the biggest police states since those cops got off for beating on Rodney king.

          2. I remember flying into LA and the hostess made an announcement about what to in the event that the LAPD stopped you in traffic. A quick lesson in how not to get shot in a police state I suppose

      1. Cockroach, how did you survive a whole two days of shoveling in the heat. Aw, baby, you need twelve years rest on welfare for that fucking epic effort. Lucky you weren’t unfortunate enough to have been born into slavery on a cane plantation in the tropics. Stop you whinging…

  3. The general definition of a police state is a country that uses it’s police force to suppress any act which conflicts with government policy, be it social, economic or political.
    Socially Mark pissed off the Canadian government by showing people reality and encouraging them to think for themselves, and seeing as all governments wish to control its populace, the police are used to silence him.
    So yes, Canada is a police state, and so are most of those countries coloured green above.

    1. The police here have been used to stop protest on mining projects going ahead in prestine land, the government sent them in because the state wanted the tax revenue and political points with the indigenous community by giving them a huge payout by the mining company.
      The cops failed on that, they will fail with Marks case too, I think he goes up again this week?
      I dont know but I’m sure he’ll just be fined and sent on his way home if he pleads guilty. Then he can get back to kicking out some real news.
      If your reading this you Canadian mounted cunts, kiss my mums fat ass you communist counter fighting dick licker.

  4. why arent they hunting the bunch of strange people on theync website . man that place is fucking bizarre and the content is easily as graphic as bestgore yet the site is riddled with viruses and loads of malware. why arent the police all over that site? and if anything the people on there encourage violence and seem to thrive off it even the site owners. and the grammar on there is fucking awful its not like here where we actually debate world events in a thought out manner and discuss actions and consequences like intelligent adults. if anything the people on theync creep me the fuck out i even half expect some of them will become the people they freakishly comment on in the videos, something disturbed and evil about that site . and fuck the malware on it too at least bestgore is clean and safe .

    1. People who run other gore sites dont live in Canada. Thats all there is to it. Before Mark, an artist was charged with obscenity for creating gore movies. This level of oppression only exists in Canada. In other parts of the world people have at least some freedom to express themselves without being jailed.

      1. the internet will soon be a place where the only thing you will be able to do is upload some photos to shitty social websites. and once again the governments of the world are trying to take peoples views and expressions away. these fuckers infuriate me think they are higher beings and we are bugs to be controlled in tiny glass jars. fucking power tripping scumbags

      2. The obvious solution is for Mark to cut ALL ties with Canada and continue his ‘mission’ in a non police state…….. Simple.

        I’m very surprise he hadn’t done this years ago.

        I remember years ago when he started getting paranoid about Canada law enforcement and 1 lunatic – 1 Ice Pick was the final tipping point.

        Only 10 more days to Marks next court case ( September 12 )………… Bring it on 🙂

  5. anywhere there are FV with governments is a police state. the police are enforcers for the ruling class. freedom is an illusion and bullshit. true freedom only exists in anarchy. there is no freedom in Wadiya. only what Admiral General Aladeen says to do. Fuck Khadaffy. he was only a Colonel.

  6. A police state is oxymoronic in that it portrays an idea that the police are in control when the truth is that the police are an instrument of the ruling class, those who make the laws, those who have great financial influence, the truth is that we have never left the feudal societies of old with their lords, vassals, fiefs and serfs.

    Chance of birth dictates your worth, this still very much holds true today, yes, of course our societies tell us that hard work, effort can rise you through the ranks but this only applies to a few lucky people, the majority slave away to never rise.

    You only have to look at the system for which our societies operate to realise that money is king and that those with the most money are treated like kings and when you understand that concept you realise that the system is designed to keep down the majority for the benefit of the minority, we cannot all be kings after all otherwise there would not be those to serve.

    The conclusion, the majority buy into the idea of freedom and possibility only because the alternative does not bare thinking about, the majority are, just like they were in the past, slaves to a system that would keep them in their place, for kings to be born there must also be slaves to obey.

    If the hand of law was only used against those who would murder and enslave, regardless of wealth, that would be one thing however it is often used against anyone who would rock the boat, anyone who would challenge the accepted norm, this is not law enforcement but thought and opinion enforcement, all this whilst our rich ruling elite invade and start war all over the world, fuck that in the stupid ass, that’s not equality that’s dictatorship.

    Ask yourself that most important question, does your government ever act in your, the citizens, interest, does it ever take note of your concerns, does it ever act on those concerns, or does it often just do whatever the fuck it wants without public backing, the chances are that you live in a dictatorship and therefore a police state.

    Is Canada a police state?, Yes, does a police state exist?, of course it fucking does, how else can our masters keep control. The important thing to remember is that the fundamental weakness of a society run by the few at the expense of many is that power of numbers belongs to those who would be controlled, break that control and change can take place, we have that strength, we have that will and we have that number.

    1. @ Empty Soul

      I like your rhetoric and keep it up because that’s how people learn.

      I heard why you said your not interested in moderating but that’s ok because your fine on this side as well as it’s your shout 😆

  7. i think human beings are failures. we have scummed up this planet and are a vicious toxic creature. i dont think intelligent life was supposed to evolve the way it does ,we dont know how to utilise our intelligence for good. doesnt matter if youre rich or poor the average lifespan seems to be the same for most yet people with money are seen as the successors . this is why i enjoy taking acid and watching the world melt in front of me and you realise we are merely a filthy itch on this planet and we fuck up so many times on a daily basis we are doomed and if we change now and i mean now before yet another war begins then maybe we have a slim chance . im starting to look at the human race with embarasment we are the cancer of this earth.

    1. @s&d- indeed we are, the cancer that is quite rapidly actually, eating away at our livelihood. We find it we take, take, take, till it’s gone, gone, gone! Then we move around and take from other places, like. We’re soooooooo entitled to do so, until all of our natural resources are gone. Then what? Look at what is leaching into the Pacific Ocean right now, 300,000,000 gallons of radiation exposed water, dumping right into the ocean, because they “lost the reactor core” or “oops, it melted into the ground, we can’t find it.” REALLY. really! It’s like giving a baby a sharp pair of scissors, and saying don’t run! The baby, eventually will run, and fall, maybe on the scissors, maybe not. In Japan’s case? It’s safe to say, they ran and fell on those scissors HARD. And it is going to eventually destroy a great portion of… Well I’m no scientist, but I’m no idiot either. But hey! Lest go start more shit in other countries, instead of trying to fix what’s desperately screaming for help, and in the long run, will kill off the entire planet, then we won’t have to worry about police states, and what not.

    2. I agree with you @skull…..most humans are filthy barnacles sucking on the side of mother earth. We will destroy ourselves…we are too selfish to do otherwise…unfortunately with our selfishness, we will destroy part of this planet along with ourselves. I really dislike humans….hmmm…will you share some of that acid with me?

    3. I think we will be fine, all we have to do is genetically engineer all human fetuses to have high iq’s and high socialability/ low aggression. We could create a planet full of geniuses if we wanted to, science could turn it around….hopefully….maybe.

  8. Why is the Philippines considered only as “partially free”? Websites aren’t censored, laws aren’t enforced, the media tells things as they are (murders of foreigners are not classified as suicide to cover them up), etc. In the Philippines, generally speaking, you are guaranteed the right to expression, just as long as you aren’t murdered by a hitman.

      1. Interesting, I must admit I know nothing much about freemasonry, although my deceased maternal grandfather was one. He was a municipal judge in a small town in the Philippines and was an avid supporter of Ferdinand Marcos. Marcos was undeniably supported and backed by the US government because of military interests in the Asia Pacific region and the multinational corporations that exploited the farmers and natural resources of the country. I wouldn’t be suprised. They must be in cohorts with the Filipino-Chinese who, albeit comprising a mere 1% of the total 100 million population of the Philippines, own about 60-70% of the country’s economic resources.

  9. Yes, Canada is a Jew commie controlled police state. All western governments are controlled by the Jews, maybe everyone is familar with the term ZOG…zionist occupied government. All the non Jew politicians are members of the secretive club for men only, freemasonry. Jews completely rule freemasonry. Jews control all of our white christian countries. Read The Protocols Of Zion and you will get a clear picture of how the Jews control us. The only way to combat the Jews is to get all the races of the world to join forces against them. White countries need to have white nationalist parties in order to take back the political power for our race. That doesn’t mean we have to hate other races, but it does mean that in our countries, our race will have the political power and create the culture that represents our white European heritage. There are a lot of good people in Canada, but the government is totally corrupt and in the Jews pocket.

  10. “…instead of going gung ho violating human rights, they are being chipped away slowly and systematically.”

    So so true and the very same thing is happening in the States. The citizens have been dumbed down by pop culture, become lazy by accepting free things from the govt; and, the govt has coaxed them into giving up liberties under the guise of safety. We’re just as socialized as Canada now. IMO, the final nail in the coffin will be if 0bamacare goes full swing. Then then the federal govt will be able to tell a citizen it must purchase something or be penalized. Up until that point, that was reserved as State’s rights.

  11. “And you know what the difference between all these other sites and Best Gore is? That Best Gore is owned by a Canadian citizen.”

    WRONG. The difference is Mark’s outspokenness against the Zionists and all their JEW BULLSHIT now and throughout history. This is why he’s being prosecuted. Nothing to do with that corrupting morals fucking nonsense. The fucking parasites have been trying to get something on him for quite some time now probably.

  12. Polska jest na zielono,ale to jest falszywy poglad ze Polska to wolny kraj.
    Polska od drugiej wojny swiatowej nie jest wolnym krajem.
    Najpierw byla pod niewola Rosjan,(ZSRR) a teraz jest pod niewola zydokomuny z European Union.
    Rzadza nami mafiozi,sa to postkomunisci,potworzyly sie grupy oszust?w i wyzyskiwaczy,a normalni ludzie glodem przymieraja i na bruk sa wyrzucani.
    A policja jest tak samo jak w USA.
    Nasza policja bierze wierne wzorce od policji USA.
    To w komunie bylo mniej terroru niz jest teraz i sady byly wiecej sprawiedliwe,teraz robia kapturowe wyroki nie przeprowadzajac sledztw i dowody dla nich nie maja znaczenia,wystarczy ze jest sie biednym,schorowanym i nie ma sie pieniedzy na obrone.
    Polska w praktyce nie istnieje,sa to doslowne slowa ministra spraw wewnetrznych.
    Drukuja lewe pieniadze i placa nimi swoim poplecznikom by dobrze wypasc w wyborach.
    Obecny premier rzadu,to wnuk dw?ch zolnierzy wermachtu,kt?rzy w czasie drugiej wojny swiatowej strzelali do polak?w i polskich zolnierzy.

  13. I read the comments. Now I get it. This Mark fella went after the Jews? I’m American and the two groups you NEVER criticize publicly are the Blacks and the Jews. Never. For anything. And the gays, too. Forgot about them. If you criticize these sacrosanct groups you are FUCKED. Don’t do it.

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