Confirmed – Persecution of Mark Marek is Politically Motivated

Stop Jonathan Denis, Alberta Minister of Injustice Before He Succeeds in Destroying Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press and Free and Open Internet

Even though we knew right from the start that persecution of Mark Marek, founder of Best Gore was politically motivated, the authorities just went out of their way confirming that to be a fact. Here’s the latest on Mark as I understood it:

On March 7, 2014, Mark’s lawyer Laurie Wood attended a preliminary hearing conference with Mark’s new prosecutor and presumably also a judge. The conference date, as well as the dates for the prelims (September 2 and 3) were set back in January during a court hearing.

Mark has personally attended each of his court dates and intended to also attend the conference, but was told by his lawyer that he’s not welcome to it. Apparently, because Mark has legal counsel, only his counsel can attend the conference, but not himself.

After not attending the conference, Mark was briefed on the outcomes by his lawyer and told one disheartening and one suspiciously positive news.

Disheartening News

The disheartening news was that the preliminary trial was canceled because the crown (prosecution) decided there was no need for it. And according to Mark’s lawyer, the defense allegedly has no say in it so if the crown says there will be no prelims, then there will be no prelims.

The reason why this is disheartening (although unsurprising), is because it took half a year to move the case forward by having the date for the preliminary trial set. The primary reason why it took so long were various delays caused by the crown, such as ongoing failure to provide full disclosure.

We believe the delays are deliberate and have in its core the intention to drag the case for as long as possible, because the longer the case drags, the longer Mark remains silenced.

To this day, 9 months since the persecution started, Mark has still not seen a copy of the warrant to seize his laptop, or the video of his interrogation which contains the proof that the Edmonton police have service and protection of the public at the bottom of their priorities list, and that they violated his human rights and threatened his life.

So when at last after 6 months of delays an actual date of something important happening was set, there was the feeling of the case moving forward. It had long ways to go, but it was moving forward. But when the news hit Mark that the date was scratched, the move forward took a whole step back.

However even though the cancellation of the prelims brought the case back to ground zero, as it started a new period of waiting to set a new date, if Mark decides to not go ahead with constitutional challenge of Section 163 under which he’s charged, the case should go directly to trial so this intentional delay will eventually speed things up.

Mark has asked a few of us for our opinion on whether he should go for the constitutional challenge, but since every single move the prosecution took confirmed that his persecution was politically motivated, the answer was an overwhelming NO, as it would just condemn Mark to years, possibly decades of abuse.

Positive News

The positive news was that the prosecutor as well as a judge agreed that Mark’s bail conditions are so restrictive, they indeed infringe upon his constitutional rights, and expressed willingness to have them amended.

That sounded just about right, and it’s exactly what should happen in a democratic society, but in a democratic society, civilians are not persecuted for political reasons to begin with.

Mark has gone through 9 months of human rights violations with no end in sight. While the crown’s admission and acknowledgment of unconstitutionality of his mistreatment had a flare of fairness and justice to it, something about it just didn’t seem right.

I mean – if justice was of any concern to Alberta prosecutors, they would have put an end to human rights abuses long before they’ve gone on for 9 months. Never mind their participation in the smear campaign and the fraudulent imprisonment.

Ministry of Injustice

Although restrictions imposed upon Mark agreeably violate his human rights and are unconstitutional, and were allegedly recognized as such by the prosecutor and a judge during the pretrial conference, their openness to amend them in line with Canada’s constitution was quickly withdrawn a few days later. In other words, in Canada, constitutional rights are selective and mean shit if someone in the position of power says so.

The Alberta prosecutors fall within the Ministry of “Alberta Justice and Solicitor General”. Notice the word “Justice” and ask yourself – what kind of “Justice” is it when even the prosecutors and judges acknowledge that something is unjust, but consciously set it aside to allow injustices to take over.

It is a deliberate act of injustice when agents with power to press charges recognize unlawfulness, but use their power to support it. A deliberate act of injustice supported by people in the position of power is an act of tyranny. An agency that perpetrates the acts of tyranny should be given a name that matches its actions.

Thus I propose that the Alberta institution lead by Jonathan Denis, the apparent enemy of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and free and open internet, so long as he’s in the lead, be known from this day forward as the “Ministry of Injustice”.

Political Pressure to Disrespect Constitutional and Human Rights

The circumstances surrounding the prosecutor’s sudden change of heart suggest that someone high enough up the ladder is generating political pressure to keep Mark’s constitutional and human rights violated. Mark emailed me a copy of the letter Alberta’s Minister of Injustice Jonathan Denis sent to him as a response to Mark’s letter to the then Premier of Alberta, and concluded with utmost certainty that justice is of no concern of his, and that he’ll go out of his way supporting injustices if he so pleases. I will share the copy of the letter as proof in another post.

Yet that’s not it for the confirmation of political motivations behind Mark’s persecution.

Purpose of Petition Fulfilled

At this point I would like to thank everyone who showed support and signed our petition. Because we’re well aware that Mark’s persecution is politically motivated, we knew there would be no political will to deliver justice upon abusers who violated his human rights. Nevertheless, the petition did fulfill its purpose.

While the petition was still young, Mark’s lawyer came to talk to him that the prosecutors the petition was about whined to her in the courthouse that it contained hurtful comments. Hurtful comments? They should try what it feels like to be framed, arrested and thrown in jail, and then tell me how hurt their little egos feel.

The prosecutors had every opportunity to do the right thing, only they chose to stand on the side of injustices. It was theirs and their choice alone. They apparently whined to Mark’s lawyer that they could have lost their job if they didn’t press charges, but that’s a poor excuse.

They are public servants paid with public money and as such, have an obligation to act in the best interest of the public. The need to ensure the public interest is served is also repeatedly highlighted in the Code of Conduct for Alberta Prosecutors. To attack freedom of speech, freedom of the press and free and open internet is NOT in the best interest of the public. Likewise, to use public’s tax dollars to bolster their egotism by persecuting a journalist who is not and never has been a threat to anyone’s life or property, and whose only crime is that he exposed their shortcomings, is also NOT in the public interest. It is in fact in direct violation of their Code of Conduct.

Their admission that they could lose their jobs further proves that Mark’s persecution is politically motivated, but it also further proves that they don’t have the best interests of the public in mind when they decide how to proceed.

Mark remains the one who acted in the best interest of the public. He kept the public informed on the matters of public interest. That it was of public interest was determined by the members of the public themselves, who read his reports by the millions. And that he continued to respond to the public interest for information he provided even when threatened with legal action makes him a better man than all of those who violate his rights combined.

Even if it was not the prosecutors’ choice to press charges against Mark, even if they were pressured to pursue the charges because someone up the ladder ordered them to and could fire them if they disobeyed, it still proves that they put their selfish interest to keep their job before the greater good and attacked the true servant of the public. And it certainly still means they violated the Code of Conduct for prosecutors and wasted the taxpayers’ money.

Mark sacrificed his life, his well being and his freedom to serve the public interest, and he’s not paid by the public to do it. Yet neither of the prosecutors had the dignity to jeopardize their jobs to serve the public, even though their jobs are public funded.

So thank you again for signing the petition. We knew that because of the political pressure to keep Mark persecuted, justice would not be served, but the proof of political motives that came out of the petition made it all worth it. The petition also provided us with proof that the Alberta government is manned by autocratic tyrants.

Unfortunately, after the prosecutors whined to Mark’s lawyer, she in turn took it out on Mark as if he had anything to do with the petition. That once again made us all question whose side Mark’s lawyer is on, cause this was not the first time she acted in stark contrast to what’s in Mark’s best interest. Yes, this happened before!

Reprisal Action for Petitioning the Government

Not allowing people to perform basic constitutional rights, such as protest or petition the government, is an act of tyranny.

As of last week, we’ve been aware that elements within the Alberta government, possibly from the infamous Ministry of Injustice lead by Jonathan Denis, attacked the petition with more threats of reprisal action against Mark.

Their initial attack on Mark was an attack on freedom of speech, freedom of the press and free and open internet, which includes the right to criticize the government. These new threats are an attack on the public’s right to petition the government.

That they abused their positions of power and made up lies to imprison an innocent man, that’s apparently of no concern to any of them. What concerns them is that the public has the nerve to ask of the officials to stop abusing their power against innocent civilians at the expense of the public.

Last week, Mark’s lawyer told Mark that he can no longer use her premises to actively prepare for defense against the charges. She said the best she could do was allow Mark to come once per week for a couple of hours at a time.

This was allegedly in response to the crown making hints in line of possibly coming after her for allowing Mark to prepare for his own defense. Because as charges against Mark prove, in Alberta one can become a subject of criminal inquiry even if they committed no crime and there is no victim to their actions, the authorities could still use a fabrication to come after her and ruin her practice. Even if after long proceedings she’d prove her innocence, that would again be a Pyrrhic Victory. The crown would just say: “Oops, we got it wrong this time again” and the life would go on for them. But not for the victim.

Aside from allegedly implying possible action against Mark’s lawyer, which clearly had in its undertones their intention to cut Mark completely off, further threats were also allegedly made against Mark, implying that a new investigation was underway to pin more charges on him.

That’s apparently how Canadian authorities deal with people who have the nerve to petition the government โ€“ even if they weren’t the ones to start the petition themselves.

Evil Triumphs When Good People Do Nothing

Given these latest developments and evidence of clear political motives behind persecution of honest journalists in Canada, I believe the time has come to let the broad public know. Thus far we have restricted our reporting to Best Gore, but need has clearly arisen to spread the word beyond the website.

It would be a crime against humanity to witness human rights abuses and do nothing – to allow the abusers to continue attacking innocent people without being challenged.

As such, we consider it our responsibility to inform the public of human rights abuses committed by this administration on the taxpayer’s dime. It is our responsibility, and our duty to make the public aware so they know what to do when they go to the polling stations. And with the Alberta Premier post available for the taking, the need has never been more pressing.

Writing on the wall has it that Alberta’s Minister of Injustice Jonathan Denis may throw his hat in for the upcoming Premier election. If that happens to be the case, we will make sure Albertans learn of his support for unconstitutional injustices, and his crusade to crush freedom of the press and destroy free and open internet.

A government is only democratic is it’s of the people, by the people and for the people. This government is not FOR the people, therefore it’s not democratic. As such, it needs to be replaced.

Last time they arrested and imprisoned Mark, they did it by fabricating a lie that he was in breach of bail conditions. We anticipate the psychopaths to come up with similar douchebaggery again very soon, so we’ll follow up with a post containing instructions on what you can do if Mark is arrested again.

Author: Acneska

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        1. I take the part of the movie when everyone was against him… thats where i’d put Marek. But wish Marek a prosperous life without sell-out agents following him and just to create havoc in Mr Mareks life.

    1. I do not understand why acnescka is against the government of canada but in favor of the government putin who is equally or more ruthless against political dissidents that government of canada

      An approximate number of Russian Nationalists imprisoned during the last decade is around two thousand. Most of them are young Russians, convicted under the notorious Article 282 of the Penal Code (?incitement to racial hatred,? also colloquially known as the ?Russian Article? or ?hatespeech?)

  1. Remember who Mark has always criticized the most for good reasons? Who he criticized for their infringements on human rights, for segregating thousands upon thousands of people, removing them from their homes by force and occupying a land that is not theirs? The same people who conduct these despicable crimes against humanity are the same people who control the governments that pretend to rule our countries, their respective military and all the major corporations and institutions. I’m not even gonna mention these snakes by their names because you guys already know who they are.

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire.

    1. My question is to Mark’s lawyer….does Canada have something similar to our freedom of information act? If you submit it writing based on the freedom of information act they have to provide the info within a certain period of time or a reason and cause for denial….plus doesn’t the full disclosure already applies? This prosecutor is making canada look like some two bit kangaroo court that allows ones right to be trampled…..if they don’t abide by the laws it will surely backfire upon further light being shed on this case….to prevent Mark from making a living via the Internet when his whole past history is making his living via the Internet opens them up for liable action in the future….I say mark should have a trial by jury and than sue the providence after he has been vindicated……btw the upcoming trial that caused all of this will shed light on marks case via the mass media covering the trial…..perhaps mark can do some TV interviews when the trial starts….the two women prosecutors are just pawns that know they are playing with fire because it’s coming from above them…

      1. When your innocent your innocent….they know they don’t have a case they can get a guilty verdict….at this point they just want mark to roll over and play dead…stay strong mark….I can’t believe your attorney didn’t have you at the hearing so the judge could look you in your eyes when your attorney asked for your basic rights of having a damn cell phone and Internet access…..

  2. Everyday I think to myself “Holy shit! In a few decades we will all be in a false democratic society.” What they are doing is the beginning of it. Soon everybody will think they are safe and that they have the perfect country. Little do they know that their government is secretly imprisoning people and keeping the media quiet. If Mark is released, and that will be after a few years, what will he do. Will he still be a journalist and contribute to this fine site or will the government break him into keeping quiet and turning a blind eye to us?

  3. This whole situation regard Mark just makes me sick! I wish so badly that there was something, anything, I could do to help put an end to this insane, psychotic, retarded and just down right wrong bulkshit that is happening to Mark. I’ve spent many days and nights thinking, pandering, worrying and just straight up being sick over this whole ordeal. It just keeps getting worse and it’s driving me up a fucking wall. For what it’s worth, I have and will continue to spread he wrong doings of this case and the Canadian government and I will do whatever is in my power to help Mark, his cause and his case. Forever loving and missing you Mark ♥

  4. Hmmmm, has anyone asked Larry Flynt for his approach to such things? He was also dragged through mud for basically the same reason. They’re stringing this on because they don’t have a case. Mark, imo, shouldn’t plead guilty to anything. He didn’t do anything wrong. It goes back to the kikester. He wanted Mark’s computer so that every reference of him is erased and taken off the hard drive of Mark’s computer. Secret agent man. The same of every other device Mark had, to be able to erase any evidence of the kikester from all of it. What a waste of public resources.

      1. Better yet just have one of our Cali members go to his casino in Cali ….just look for him at the high roller table….had he know you could get a license to steal he would of invested in casinos years ago….lol…

    1. Yep! You and i both. All we can do now is wait for instructions on how to move forward with this. Hopefully, all this crap will fall to the wayside if we stick together, and apply enough pressure. ๐Ÿ™

  5. How long ago is it since the Magna Carts was signed !? . I find it hard to believe that these people believe they are prosecuting in the name of the crown . This is as far removed from democratic rights as is possible and the powers that be know it .

    A legal precedent would assist here I’m sure . Larry Flynt , whoever .

    As always , all the best to MM moving forward .

  6. Being pressured to pursue charges for fear of losing their jobs is the same damn excuse the Nazi’s used to try to avoid prosecution at the Nuremberg trials. That they pursued the charges, even against their wishes, does not excuse their participation in the crime of false imprisonment, wrongful imprisonment and other charges I could dream up over time. Mark had do whatever it takes to get this case over with and then leave the fucking country for some place neutral, like some island in the caribbean. Fucking Canada asswipes.

  7. The best defense sometime is having a very good offense… way to get international coverage and a very big spot light on Mark’s case would put the video back on BG the day the trial starts…..along with him notifying the police before the sick bastard fled to Germany…..the title could be no good deed goes unpunished…..keep it short and simple……

  8. @Acneska, can you please let our dear friend know that i have a niece in Edmonton Alberta, and that she is a Lawyer. If his Lawyer is starting to bend from powers at be, then maybe a new one would help. She is a fresh new Criminal Lawyer, and is a good strong girl with excellent Morals. I could speak to her if you guys want me to.

    1. @thedre

      thank you for your ongoing support. We would truly appreciate if you could speak to your niece in Edmonton and ask her if she’d be willing to arrange a meeting with Mark. Because he can’t use the internet and can’t possess a phone, the only way to communicate in the interim would be through us via our email: vasilykirov187 [at]

  9. I assume that in the Judicial Interim Release process they placed MM in a release on undertaking with conditions, hence the highly restrictive actions that he must follow.

    If I were in his shoes I would ask for a variation of the undertaking.

    “Canadian Law section 515.1. Variation of undertaking or recognizance”

    “515.1 An undertaking or recognizance pursuant to which the accused was released that has been entered into under section 499, 503 or 515 may, with the written consent of the prosecutor, be varied, and where so varied, is deemed to have been entered into pursuant to section 515”.

    Send a letter to the prosecution asking for a variation of the undertaking for the reasons that MM cannot form an adequate defence, as is his right, under such restrictive conditions and include which conditions you wish to vary.

    I guarantee that they won’t vary it but they must, by law, send you a letter back stating the reasons for their decision not to vary it and that letter can then be used in MM’s defence as proof of the prosecution’s refusal to allow MM a fair hearing.

    Just my opinion.

      1. Mark’s lawyer faxed requests for unprovided disclosure several times. It’s never been responded to or at one point to my knowledge the prosecutor said it was provided even though they never got it.

  10. As the number of visitors to the site grow, so should the number of true freedom fighters, willing to put their own well being/reputation at stake for Mark and for the “greater good”, as I am willing to do.
    If you need it, just ask.

  11. Well, ya fuckers finally made me join. I signed the petition today, thus my finally becoming a Best Gore member. I am honored. I would like to state here what I sent along as my motive behind signing said petition. The worst disease out there afflicting VAST majority of the world’s population is self-centeredness. It’s the reason Mark has been… well… at risk of sounding like I’m drowning in my own douchebaggery… MARKED… Yes, I just said Mark has been marked, I’m sorry, please don’t delete me… pleeease! Ahem… any way…
    Mark, and many others like us fall victim to the awful self-centered mindset that destroys society as a whole in ALL walks of life. Especially when that sharp blade is also dipped into the poison that drips from that bubbling cesspool cauldron we call political society. Why is that society more foul than our own? Because they get to FORCE their beliefs, ideas, and will down upon ALL other societies with minimal resistance & little, if ANY, repercussions. The ultimate form of self-centeredness is the inability to comprehend that someone could possibly look, speak, act, dress, believe, or understand differently than one’s self. I’m not saying that we should be lawless, I’m saying we need to be open-minded, and remain teachable. If someone calls me an infectious phlegm licking scrotum gargling cum dumpster or threatens to tongue punch my child in the fart box or demands I unbuckle my pants so they may gander upon my sweet granny mammaries.
    I may feel INCENSED with that person, but I WILL NOT behave as a child & insist upon physical vengeance. We don’t hit! I yell at my granddaughter. It’s not ok to hit! Now do I yell that at her as I spank her? NO. WE DON’T HIT!! I don’t concern myself with being judgemental or finding offence with what I experience day to day. I understand stupid. “Sens ahhm tu stooopid ta dyfend mah puzishun intelajibly… Wel Aahm jurst gona hafta KIK yer ass!”
    Mark has fallen victim to self-centered stupid people with power. It fills me with that same uncomfortable sadness when watching that scene in Stephen King’s “Shawshank Redemption” as the ‘Sisters’ cornered Frank DuChene in the laundry room… knowing what comes next. Even if they find in Mark’s favor, and finally leave him alone… it doesn’t change the ugly truth that Mark got fucked in the ass by these disgusting flesh bags. So, hey… Mr. Serial Killer who’s jerkin it to these images… could you please sacrifice those sweet smelling pigs in power (whom are named in the petition) to deify yourself when anointed in their blood, please? We all know you want to, and forever will embrace and worship you for doing so. As for the rest of us… if you haven’t signed it, please do so. Thank you for letting me bogart your time.

  12. What the fuck… You tell us not to sign the petition, then you thank people for signing it. Remember this article?

    “ Petition Site Is Bullshit ? It?s Change for the Worse.”

    You should really stop using drugs; they are bad for you.

    Anyways, I hope Marky Marc gets out of this. His trial could change everything. Plus, I want the old BG back.

    1. @ThaDRIP

      Where did I tell anyone not to sign the petition? All I said is that sucked as a platform for petition because they excluded our petition from the recent lists and the search results all together. They censored our petition out to make it look as if it never existed on their site. So all i really said was that based on that, was bullshit.

      Still, we kept the direct link to the petition in the sidebar, encouraging more people to sign it. We absolutely stand behind the petition. We were just let down by the platform we used to host it. i also said that for our next petition, we won’t be using again. Please reread my words or stop using drugs yourself if simple comprehension evades you.

      1. I read the article. When you tell me something “sucks,” you basically tell me to avoid it. You posted the petition so I put trust in you. I honestly don’t have faith in petitions, and you talking shit about it made me even more skeptical.

        So next time don’t bash your own sale. How would a car dealer sell cars if they told you the cars sucked? Imagine how many more people would have signed if that post wasn’t posted… one more at least.

        On a personal note – I’m glad you are taking your time out to run things here, so don’t think I’m a dick on purpose, it’s just how it comes out. I can’t help it.

        1. @ThaDrip
          I agree that these petitions attract plenty of scepticism but , the petition I mentioned did , I believe , have a slight bearing on the politicians resignation . So , it was worth the signature after all .

    1. You, my friend are 100% correct. I was charged 25yrs ago with bullshit, and after delay after delay, over one year went by and they had to through it out because i did not receive a fair trial in a timely manner.

  13. there is currently so much corruption at every level of human civilisation, that it requires such an intensive effort causing any part to fulfill its purpose with the promise of equity imbued in its establishment. i don’t see this ending in a clean victory before the public, rather in some preferred quiet and agreed upon arrangement by which all sides bear stains of a corrupted jurisprudence

  14. The P.o.Zion has a great idea there, for getting s bit of free publicity for Mark during the magnotta trial. Smart thinking 99. This whole shit about Mark makes me clench my jaw in anger. I just can’t understand what the threat is? Murderers don’t seem to be chased like this. And what about the catholic church? After abusing so many boys in the 30,40,50,60 and 70s our governments continue tomseem to side with the church in refusing to church to pay compensation. They change the laws so the scum bags never get done. It makes me sick, just like this.
    I used to think Canada was a decent country. They always go on about how different they are to Americans. When you go back packing around the world all the Canadians have the maple leaf stitched on a big patch on their back pack because they don’t want anyone to think they may be American. Well Canada, after all this shit you are pulling with Mark, it actually looks like it was you that showed America every evil trick they know!!
    Disgusting Canada!! Should be ashamed of your self.

    1. Canada as a nation has been maneuvered away from the ideals in which it was founded . You have to remember who us currently pulling the strings .

      The Crown vs , well that’s a joke and couldn’t be further from reality .

  15. I keep saying it like this, but the axis of evil is that of English speaking nations. English speakers are in general so stupid they dont bother to learn other langauges such as Spanish or Punjabi etc let alone Russian or Chinese and as such NEVER realise that the only notion of freedom we have is that we are constantly told we are free. IE, English speakers are imprisoned by their langauge and culture in a world of lies. Then, try to expand the concept of fredom and the governments will arrest you for something. In the UK its called MALICIOUS PROSECUTION. Thats were you are arrested with no foundation simply because they know that the arrest will cause suffering. In this day and age that means loosing your all your IT equipement. A sMarek has and thus your livleyhood. They are achieving their primary goal, they are destroying a free thinker. The only trick they have missed is finding indecent or extreme porn or animal porn. All illegal in the UK and will get you a minim of 2 years supervision with travel limitations without even a conviction being made. The dawn of evil is upon us. Unfortunatly, as I have said before, we are the minority. Thats a scary fact. Governements have always targeted minorities to pacify the sum of the accepted majority, ie the sheep. If you think your being clever here, WARNING – watch out.

        1. French , Norwegian , Swedish and Dutch .

          That’s quite a CV @blackkalendar . Please don’t assume that all people who speak English as their mother tongue , can’t speak other languages too . You would be very mistaken to think that .

  16. there is no justice. laws are written for us, not for the elite. it is up to the judges to use their discretion when interpreting the law. they will always use this power to destroy you. zionism can not be beaten in the courts that they own. it will drag on forever until they get the desired result. my advice is, prepare for the worst outcome and you will always be alright.
    i have been fighting zionism in court for over five years now with my own money and with no help from anyone. so, i think my advice trumps all before me. take it or leave it.

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