Edmonton Detective Stephen Camp – Exposed Zionist Agent?

Stephen Camp of Edmonton Thought Police

Remember when Mark went to be interrogated by a detective with the Edmonton Police Service and never came back? That detective, who arrested Mark, is one Stephen Camp. I did some research on who Stephen Camp really is and found out a whole bunch of (un)surprising facts. Conclusions I came to tell me that Stephen Camp works to frame people who expose Jewish hate crimes, with hate crimes, in order to protect Jewish hate crimes. He is using tax-payers dollars to fund his political vendetta against individuals and websites his Jewish overmasters don’t like.

Let me present some of the facts I found out about this creep and draw your own conclusions about whom Stephen Camp serves and what his objectives are.

Det. Stephen Camp – Exposed Zionist Agent?

Stephen Camp Was Trained to Combat Hate Crimes by US Department of Homeland Security
Stephen Camp Was Trained to Combat Hate Crimes by US Department of Homeland Security

As can be learned from his Linkedin profile, Stephen Camp was trained to “battle” hate crimes in Canada by the US Department of Homeland Security. And just who runs the US Homeland Security?

Former head of the DHS is Zionist Jew Michael Chertoff who went on to establish The Chertoff Group and dubbed it a “security consultancy company”. Guess whom do they provide consultancy to? Too easy, I know – to Homeland Security, in which Jews hold the top positions as principals, senior advisers, top staffers, and other “experts” on national security.

Former Homeland Security Chief of Staff Noah Kroloff, a Jew was recently replaced by another Jew – Amy Shlossman. The chief diplomatic officer at DHS is Alan Bersin, a Jew. David Heyman and Alan Cohn are heads of policy at Homeland Security – both are Jews. If you didn’t get the last one, let me explain – the DHS policy is written by Jews.

In September 2013, the top security official for Jewish organizations Paul Goldenberg was appointed to a three year term on the Homeland Security Advisory Council.

In 2012, of $10 Million available as Homeland Security’s defense grants for NGO’s, Jewish NGO’s got 97%. Non Jews owned NGO’s got measly 3%.

Question – what do you get when you “train” a person by an organization whose policy is written by Jews, that receives consultancy form Jewish security advisers and is staffed by Jews and their sock puppets? Read on to find out.

In 2005, Detective Camp was invited to speak to a group at the headquarters of the Anti Defamation League – the prominent Jewish hate group with unlimited resources used to character assassinate anyone who exposes Jewish war crimes – in New York. The event was called the International Network against Cyber Hate (INACH).

BTW, if you were under wrong impression that the DHS was not controlled by Jews, then you were probably deceived by the likes of Alex Jones who is a Zionist agent himself. Don’t believe me? Proof if in the video below:

Stephen Camp’s Crusade Against Free Speech

In 2004, Stephen Camp arrested Edmontonian Glenn Bahr, seized his computer-related equipment for which he had a warrant, but also seized his books, clothing and military paraphernalia, even wrist watches. Glenn Bahr is a white nationalist who started a website called “Western Canada for Us” and organized a rally in support of Ernst Zündel.

In 2005, Det. Camp was heading the persecution of Bill Whatcott, a Canadian pro-life activist who heads a group called Christian Truth Activists, for “hate crimes”. What were his crimes? He was accused of distributing more than 2,000 leaflets attacking gays into mailboxes in Edmonton. The flyers referred to gay marriage as ‘sodomite marriage’ and described the grossness of sex practices of homosexuals.

Homosexuality, as well as liberalism, feminism, multiculturalism and other societally destructive ideologies are heavily promoted by the Jew because they support the “divide and conquer” strategy in target societies. Traditional, Christian values are therefore heavily frowned on and attacked left and right by the Jew and his sock puppets because they favor healthy families and sound communities.

Because Bill Whatcott was already under attack by Jews funded and founded anti freedoms groups with deceptive names, like Human Rights Tribunal, Edmonton thought police ended up not laying any charges against him. Still, Stephen Camp did not let this opportunity to show off before his Zio overmasters as a defender of Jewish supremacism pass, and even though no charges were laid, he still made himself heard by adding his voice against the right to freedom of expression and in favor of societally destructive, pro Zionist ideologies.

In its June 08, 2005 article titled “Police investigating Christian activist for hate crimes”, CBC News quoted Stephen Camp saying:

The material is offensive and it’s an affront on the basic tenets of our society, which is about multiculturalism, tolerance and peaceful co-existence…

Tolerance and peaceful coexistence – unless you’re a Jew. Then you can spew hate speech, racism and bigotry as much as you want (see below, toward the end of this article). The likes of Stephen Camp will protect you from those who’d dare expose your hate speech by charging them with hate speech.

Video below is about the raid on residence of Glenn Bahr. Stephen Camp was a sergeant at the time. He truly enjoyed promenading himself in front of seized National Socialists paraphernalia. Must have been something to brag about before his mentors from the DHS:

Stephen Camp the Creep?

As part of Jewish indoctrination of the Edmonton Police Service officers, new officers reportedly have to undergo “sensitivity training” by holding hands and pretending to be gay. This was, as you would expect, the idea of Stephen Camp.

In 2004 the Edmonton Police Service pioneered “Walk a Mile in our Shoes” training where new police recruits were required to spend a day in a non-gay area pretending to be gay. Stephen Camp forced new police officers to walk “hand in hand down a typical commercial street” in civilian clothes and act like they had a hard-on for each other. In its January 2, 2004 article titled “Cops Walk A Mile In Our Shoes” by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff, Stephen Camp was quoted saying:

As far as I know, in my four or five years doing research on hate crime and victimization, I haven’t come across a law-enforcement agency that has done this. If there is one out there, I don’t know about it.

Perhaps the reason he doesn’t know about another law-enforcement agency having done this is because no other law-enforcement agency would do such a thing as it’s just plain creepy. And this is why I awarded Mr. Camp the fitting label of “The Creep“. Perhaps there is more to Detective Camp we don’t know about? Perhaps there are skeletons with strap-on dildos in his closet? Cause I really can’t think of anyone but a closeted homosexual who would come up with an idea of forcing new police recruits to walk around the city hand in hand with a person of the same sex, pretending to be gay. Or am I missing something here?

BTW – 365Gay.com website is now defunct, but you can still see the article about it with quotes by Stephen Camp on the internet archives page HERE.

Edmonton Police Services Hate and Bias Crime Unit

Keeping the World Deaf to Jewish War Crimes by Silencing Those Who Expose Them with Hate Speech Laws
Keeping the World Deaf to Jewish War Crimes by Silencing Those Who Expose Them with Hate Speech Laws

I found one article which said The Edmonton Police Services Hate and Bias Crime unit was created in 2003, and one that it was created in 2002. The two years are not far apart so all we need to know is that the prominent Canadian anti freedom of expression police unit that attacks people who expose Jewish hate speech by charging them with hate speech was founded around that time. What all articles agree on is that the unit was founded after years of active lobbying by Stephen Camp.

As a result of his lobbying, Heritage Canada gave the Edmonton Police a start-up grant of $180,000 and the Edmonton Police Services Hate and Bias Crime unit was created with Stephen Camp appointed as its leader.

According to a 2009 Access to Information request made by Marc Lemire of the Freedom Site, the Edmonton Police Hate and Bias Crime unit costs tax-payers a substantial amount of money. From 2003 to 2005, the total cost to taxpayers for the Hate and Bias Crimes unit was $1,782,548. For the time period specified, there were a total of 3 arrests made by the unit – 2 for Glenn Bahr whom I mentioned earlier, and 1 for a person named Reinhard Gustav Mueller (alias Reni Sentana-Reis). This equates to $594,183 per arrest.

Question – is Stephen Camp’s persecution of Mark Marek him doing all he can to “produce” more arrests in order to justify large spendings of his hate unit?

BTW – the case against Glenn Bahr was eventually stayed and Glenn Bahr proclaimed 100% innocent. But after spending $1.7 Million, Det. Camp did get one conviction – Reinhard Gustav Mueller.

According to an article in The Edmonton Sun, titled appropriately as one would expect from a Jewish publication “Most vile and hateful hate crime against Jews” (Sept 1, 2006):

[Mueller] claims [he] can receive communications from extra-terrestrials [and] have been persecuted by various spy agencies over the last decade because of the powers they hold.

Mr. Mueller also testified that he is of ancient Egyptian descent and:

…has authority recognized by all high councils of this galaxy.

Why was he persecuted by the apparent Jew servant Stephen Camp? According to his own website called “Federation of Free Planets” Mueller believed that:

…ancient writing declared him a spiritual leader called the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and that he has authority over the destiny of the Jewish people.

But Det. Camp did not hunt Mueller down himself. Nobody did. Reinhard Gustav Mueller went to the police himself to complain that someone left a box of Molotov Cocktails on his lawn. When police asked why someone would do that, Mueller said it was because various spy agencies were upset about his anti-Jewish rhetoric on his website.

Tada – lights up for Det. Camp. Desperate to get his first conviction, this was an instant opportunity to show something in exchange for $1.7 Million in funding his hate crime unit spent – bust the ass of a man of questionable sanity.

Not surprisingly, Reinhard Gustav Mueller was convicted by the Canadian Kangaroo Court and with his conviction came an opportunity for Canadian periodicals to unleash their Jewish idiot. The Edmonton Journal ran an article titled “Hate-monger gets 16 months” (September 2, 2006), as Canadian Jewish Congress praised the conviction of this poor man. According to the Edmonton Journal, Canadian Jewish Congress Chief Executive Officer Bernie Farber “applauded the sentence on Friday, calling it a precedent-setting longest sentence given to an Internet hate-monger.

Stephen Camp the Internet Shill

During the Human Rights Tribunal hearing of Glenn Bahr, Stephen Camp admitted under oath that a member of the Edmonton Police Service registered on White Nationalists website Stormfront.org under an alias “Estate” and posted anti-semitic, racist, offensive and inflammatory comments in an attempt to entrap members sharing their political views.

Examples of what “Estate” posted on Stormfront are:

In reference to Jews:
“Anybody read the Edmonton Journal dated January 22? I know it’s a kike publication but…”

In reference to black people:
“With any luck they will end up like the nogs in the states who predominantly kuill each other.”

In Reference to Native American people:
“retarded little ch-g” and “how can u hold the little redskin responsible he’s only an animal…”

Other random posts made:
“Our corrupt government is nothing but a puppet to this so called multicultural agenda.”
“This post again re emphasises the point that our tax dollars are waisted on keeping Zundel behind bars, while Muslim extremists are allowed re entry into Canada and free to come and go as they please.”

Canadian Marc Lemire, founder of the Freedom Site, who has been through 10+ years of endless legal challenges and continues being attacked by anti freedom of expression hate groups under the pretense of fighting hate crimes, exposed the man behind the Stormfront alias Estate as our well known creep, Detective Stephen Camp of the Edmonton Police Service.

There were all together 4 Stormfront infiltrators exposed by the Freedom Site:

Stormfront Alias: Estate
Real Name: Sgt. Stephen Camp (Edmonton Police “Hate Crimes” unit)

Stormfront Alias: MarkW14
Real Name: Shane Ruttle Martinez (Anti-Racist Action thug, and Canadian Human Rights Commission witness)

Stormfront Alias: Pogue Mahone
Real Name: Richard Warman (more about him later)

Stormfront Alias: Jadewarr
Real Name: Unknown (Canadian Human Rights Commission employee)

In 2006, after learning of blatant hate speech published on Stormfront.org by Stephen Camp, the earlier mentioned Glenn Bahr filed a Section 13 (hate speech) complaint against the Edmonton Police with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. The CHRC refused to even accept the complaint!

In a letter dated August 10, 2006, the CHRC held that the Edmonton Police and Stephen Camp were performing their duties pursuant to Section 25 of the Criminal Code, and as such, no action could be taken under the human rights act. Therefore Stephen Camp was given green light to promote hate – free from any sanctions or regulations.

Performing their duties? Was that not also what Mark Marek was doing – performing his duties as the owner of the world’s largest reality news website to inform the public with truth about what is really happening in the world? About ongoing genocides committed by the Zionists? About tricks they use to enslave the people in injustice? Shouldn’t Mark be granted impunity given that his duty was to serve and protect the public, as opposed to Stephen Camp who appears to serve the Zionists at the expense of the public, and protects not the public, but his pension, his career and his ego?

I have been unable to determine whether Glenn Bahr was a real deal or if he was involved in the game by Stephen Camp himself. I kind of find it strange that he was arrested within a few months of launching his site, the site was taken down on the day of his arrest and has never existed since. And neither did the Western Canada for Us group Glenn Bahr founded. All these short term shenanigans happened during the time when Stephen Camp’s hate crime unit spent over a million of taxpayers’ dollars, but had nothing to show for it. Could it be possible that someone with a million dollar budget would set up a fake Neo-Nazi group, pretend he destroyed the group while at the same time giving the Jewish media an opportunity to picture white nationalists as evil hate mongers to make himself look before his overmasters as someone worthy of upgrade to a higher pay group (went from Constable to Detective)? Just thinking aloud…

We here at Best Gore are well aware of internet shills paid by the Zionists to rewrite history by whitewashing Israeli war crimes on the internet. Just as Stephen Camp, these internet shills receive special training on how to deal with those who expose the inconvenient truth about the Jews on the internet. As can be seen from posts allegedly made by Stephen Camp on Stormfront.org, the trick often is to produce offensive, anti Jew speeches in order to not raise suspicion that one is a shill.

Now, I have no doubt that Detective Camp snoops around Best Gore. But given his training by the Zionists and history of commenting on website he seeks to attack, do you think he also comments on Best Gore? If so, do you think he uses the same, too blatant and in the face offensive language involving name calling?

You can go back through posts on Best Gore and you’ll find that Mark Marek has never ever in history of the site referred to the Jews as Kikes. Stephen Camp did, but Mark didn’t. Mark’s sole purpose was to expose reality and tell people truth, not to mock any particular individual or group. Mark also never ever even remotely touched the topic of alleged big noses, often used as a typical facial characteristic of the Jews. This is once again because all Mark did was expose evil, not use his site to mock Jews or any other identifiable group.

Anyway – can you tell which BG commenter is shill Stephen Camp?

The Freedom Site

I have made several mentions of Marc Lemire, founder of the Freedom Site. Like Mark Marek, Marc Lemire is being legally attacked by the police state Canada’s Jewish sock puppets who don’t like the idea of freedom of expression being the fundamental right, and are hell bent on destroying everyone who exercises it outside of their “permitted” spectrum.

The Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies is offering a course aimed at Canadian Law enforcement agencies and “investigators” entitled “Investigating Internet Extremism”. According to the Wiesenthal Centre’s website (www.fswc.ca):

The workshop works from the premise that in order for law enforcement to be effective in the arena of hate, it must be proactive rather than reactive.” The course description continues “Investigating Internet Hate consists of three components; namely infiltration, Internet tools and legalities. In the first section, police officers are introduced to the most frequented web forums, allowing them to become ‘part of the community’ and investigate varying groups and their activities.

In reference to Hamilton, Ontario resident Marc Lemire, the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies says they are:

…participating in the prosecution against Marc Lemire at the Human Rights Tribunal

Check out The Freedom Site HERE.

Richard Warman

Your Right to Freedom of Expression Ends at the Holohoax
Your Right to Freedom of Expression Ends at the Holohoax

Richard Warman (alleged to have created a shill account on Stormfront.org – as mentioned earlier) is an Ottawa based lawyer who jumps on each and every opportunity to sue any Canadian who may show but a hint of understanding the racism of Jews, and is a primary Canadian instigator of actions against white nationalists and people educated about the subject of the Holocaust as a Jewish racket. He’s also an author of report for Jewish supremacist hate group B’nai Brith’s on internet hate in Canada. Richard Warman has praised Detective Camp and the Edmonton Police hate crimes unit on several occasions.

In his 2005 Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents report, the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada; Richard Warman wrote:

The wealth of action and success by the Edmonton Police hate crimes unit in addressing the problem of hate, both on the Internet and elsewhere within Edmonton, stands as a model for best practices in effective community policing.

In June 2005, Richard Warman wrote a letter to the Edmonton Journal, in which he said:

I’ve dealt with Stephen Camp and Dave Huggins of the EPS hate-crimes unit a number of times and have found them to be dedicated, effective role models on how to ‘get the job done right.’

In the Canadian Jewish News, Richard Warman was quoted saying:

…just shows how on top of things the Edmonton hate crime unit is. They really have become the poster child of what a hate crimes unit can do.

Examples of Jewish Racism and Hate Speech found in the Talmud:

Jewish Holohoax Trick That Never Fails
Jewish Holohoax Trick That Never Fails

“The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts.”
– Talmud: Baba mezia, 114b

“The Akum (non-Jew) is like a dog. Yes, the scripture teaches to honor the the dog more than the non-Jew.”
– Ereget Raschi Erod. 22 30

“It is permitted to take the body and the life of a Gentile.”
– Sepher ikkarim III c 25

“It is the law to kill anyone who denies the Torah. The Christians belong to the denying ones of the Torah.”
– Coschen hamischpat 425 Hagah 425. 5

“A heretic Gentile you may kill outright with your own hands.”
– Talmud, Abodah Zara, 4b

“Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jews), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God.”
– Talmud: Bammidber raba c 21 & Jalkut 772

“Even though God created the non-Jew they are still animals in human form. It is not becoming for a Jew to be served by an animal. Therfore he will be served by animals in human form.”
– Midrasch Talpioth, p. 255, Warsaw 1855

“Accordingly, if we see an idolater (gentile) being swept away or drowning in the river, we should not help him. If we see that his life is in danger, we should not save him.”
– Maimonides, in Mishnah Torah

Hate Speech by Prominent Jews

It’s ironic how those who expose Jewish hate speech are charged with hate speech in order to protect Jewish hate speech, yet none of the Jews quoted below have ever been charged with racism or hate crimes:

“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.”
– Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Jerusalem Post, October 10, 2010. Yosef is the former Sephardi Chief Rabbi in the Jewish state. He later became the spiritual leader of the Knesset party Shas. He is known to be an important authority on Jewish law

“Any trial based on the assumption that Jews and goyim are equal is a total travesty of justice.”
– Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, June 6, 1989

“The difference between a Jewish soul and souls of non-Jews–all of them in all different levels–is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the souls of cattle.”
– Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak Kook, once Chief Rabbi in Palestine, cited in Shahak, Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel

“Kill [even] the good among the Gentiles.”
– Rabbi Shimon ben Yochai, quoted in Mechilta Midrash

“The white race is the cancer of human history.”
– Susan Sontag (Rosenblatt), Partisan Review, Winter 1967

“Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity. The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists. We intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed, not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.”
– Noel Ignatiev, Harvard Magazine, Sep-Oct 2002

“Gentile souls are of a completely different and inferior order. They are totally evil, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Their material abundance derives from supernal refuse. Indeed, they themselves derive from refuse, which is why they are more numerous than the Jews.”
– Schneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of Chabad-Lubavitch

“The body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of members of all other nations of the world. Bodies of the Gentiles are in vain. An even greater difference is in regard to the soul. A non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.”
– Mendel Schneerson, influential Chabad rabbi

Call to Action

I call on all anons to mirror this page everywhere you can.

Let it forever be known who the abusers looking to take away our right to freedom of expressions are, so they can be held to account when We the People take the power back.

While he who sells his soul to the Devil to cast fire upon his kin has lost all sense of self worth, let us not forget that as implied by Staff Sgt. Bill Clark after Mark’s arrest, the goal of Edmonton thought police is to have Best Gore shut down.


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  1. I can honestly say I have ever met a Jew that I liked…they truly think they are the chosen people….they worship money more than anything else….look at Michael Dell he sold 15 billion worth of his stock than when his stock tanks ..he used the companies 12 billion in cash to take company private so he could gain 75% ownership…so he sells most of his ownership in the company than rips off the shareholders to get back what he sold to the public…best part was ICANN another greedy Jew helped him by distracting the real issue of him stealing from shareholders to get 75% ownership…you can tell Jews control the media,..especially the financial media since no one ever brought up the fact he stoled the company back after he cashed out….

    1. No, it is not possible. Jews are not God’s chosen people and never have been. The deception in form of the fraudulent Old Testament and other documents is the work of the Devil. They are the Dark Lord’s chosen made to look like God’s chosen by the way of super human deception of the Devil.

      1. I have red eyes after reading all this hard English written speech.
        What most concerns me is the question ” can you tell which BG commenter is shill Stephen Camp?”.
        I’m trying to figure out if it is a rerthoric question or a real one. If so, I’d love to know the answer!

          1. Wonder if ‘pavement ape’ was a reference to being a police officer.

            As far as I remember, none of us regular members used the word kike. I remember such posts, too. Looks like the creep likes to project his shit off on everyone else then claim the victim.

          1. That’s why we can’t reveal much info here, we don’t know who’s reading. They are fiercely trying to shut us down, not because of the gore, but because of the truth about zionism we publish. Things that are actually backed up by evidence.

        1. Thank you for your effort to read all this. Its difficult when its in another language so you have to translate, a skill I never mastered.
          I can think of a few who would fit that profile, but our regular group, we know who we are, are not the shill. This came in to being by the excuse of Magnotta’s vid to BG and the inaction of the police until Magnotta became an international fugitive.

          1. Very good OB.

            They are embarrassed and now feel a need for revenge led by none other than Steven Mcfail.

            We know your reading this so good luck in your endeavor to shut us up.

            You’ve now been isolated around the world because of your conviction to be an asshole led by the rest of your superior assholes.

            Your best option is to back off.

            Have a good day dickhead.

  2. Well now, how shall I go about summarising this one, I know, lets start with semantics.

    Anti-Semitism, a term hijacked by the Zionist Jews but in reality it means discrimination against Semitic speaking people and the Semitic people are those who are historically mostly from western Asia and north Africa and who speak Arabic, Amharic, Hebrew, Tigrinya and Aramaic languages among other native to those lands dialects.

    It would seem then that the Jews themselves are anti-Semitic because invading, killing and blowing the shit out of Palestine, Iraq, Libya and Syria, all of whom are Semitic people, is, in my humble opinion, discrimination.

    The more correct term to use would be Anti-Zionist, an opposition to the Jewish nation state in the territory defined as the Land of Israel, a territorial definition brought about as a result of the Jewish religious belief that the area is a God given inheritance of the Jewish people based on their holy book the Torah.

    The only problem being that this territory, of which God promised them, extends through the lands of Lebanon, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and is already home to millions of people.

    Now that the appetiser has had time to digest I will now move on to the main course and it is a most wonderful dish full of simple ingredients but sadly hidden underneath a foul smelling, excremental sauce.

    Why?, why did they use the term anti-Semitism and not anti-Zionism when the former is a corruption of the original meaning of Semitic?.

    The answer, they had no other choice if they wanted to be seen as victims.

    To be anti-Zionist means to be against the idea of a large group of people pretending that God has given them his blessing to take over vast areas of land and build an independent country with far reaching boarders whilst killing and displacing the current inhabitants of those lands.

    My conclusion, the Zionists are mad, bad, dangerous bastards who have a lot of global influence to be able to get as far as they have with their plans for the Land of Israel and whilst they move full steam ahead we continue to be sidetracked by semantics.

    Whenever we try, as opponents to the above, to speak out and bring attention to these matters we are awarded with a large shout of anti-Semite which of course shuts down debate and derails the train of free speech and opinion.

    We, as anti-Semites, are now the bad guys and they, the discriminated against, are now the victims whereas if it were the opposite and we, the anti-Zionists, and they, the Zionists, we would be the victims and they would be the bad guys.

    That is all it is, semantics, and you would be foolish to simply pass it off as mere words when you can see that for years our governments have been destroying us by passing legislation filled with nothing but mere words.

    It is also the reason why I never say that I am against Jews and instead say that I am against Zionist Jews. Mere words?, think again. By being against Jews I am guilty, according to the system, of broad brushing and stereotyping a people based upon religion and race and this crushes any good argument that I may have because now I will be ignored and my arguments ruled invalid whereas if I say that I am against Zionist Jews I am automatically on the moral high ground because Zionism is a form of religious extremism and in the minds of the world’s population religious extremists are bad people and those who stand against them are good and righteous, the end result is the same, you bring attention to the crimes of Israel.

    In fact it is how our governments and their benefactors got the entire world to hate Muslims. They didn’t go around saying that all Muslims are bad people that need to be killed they instead said that Islamic extremists are bad people and that they needed to be defeated.

    Now, human nature being what it is, we decided that all Muslims are bad people that need to be killed because it is safer to mistrust all than to potentially risk life by trusting some.

    Those in control of our societies understand human nature well, I will give them that. If they had branded all Muslims to be evil they would have suffered a huge global public backlash and this would have destroyed their plans because in a modern “democratic” society you are not allowed to broad-brush an entire race of people so instead they used the moral high ground approach in that by pretending to be against only the extremist elements they knew that they would be damaging all Muslims as well.

    Jewish hate crime is very much the same as Muslim hate crime or any hate crime but they, being Jewish, can fall back on the old victim routine and thus avoid prosecution.

    There’s an important lesson to be learned in the above and that is that you would see far better results if you stopped being anti-Jew, anti-Semitic and instead became anti-Zionist, it’s only mere words but words hold great power to those who need and depend on them to survive.

    I guess all it takes is a mere choice of words to fuck an entire world in the ass. I should write a book about it, “Greed and the spoken word, the bible of world domination”.

    1. It’s a manipulation strategy. Zionists know all too well that it’s so easy to discredit someone by using the worn out label of “anti-semitic” and bring upon the holocaust as a ways to evoke a sentiment of guilt and pitty, so that everyone closes their eyes and leave poor Israel alone to commit it’s genocide against the Palestinians.

      I will admit that I find it impressive the amount of power they managed to get. If we look at it thoroughly, they do control most of the world. They control the American Federal Reserve, thus controling the US dollar, they control the European Central Bank and all it’s subsidiaries, they control the military of most countries, they control the mainstream media and program information as they wish to push forward their objectives, and they can always play the “i’m a holocaust victim” card, when suitable, and drive away any criticism.

      The huge problem is, and i’m sorry to bring religion into the issue again, but I have to, is that their major lackey, the USA, has many Christian fundamentalists, who salivate everytime they hear the word “Israel”, and think they are ensuring a place in heaven by protecting and dying for the “promised land”.

      Again, this only makes me more and more convinced that the day religion disappears (all of them), so will most of the world’s problems.

      1. @Portuguese Dude,

        Also on another important note seeing as people tend to go way overboard on this subject, not yourself but many others, is that not all Jews are out to exploit and destroy non Jews and to brand all Jews enemies as a result of the rich, Zionist Jews actions is rather self defeatist.

        It is easy to do and I am guilty of it myself at times, broad brushing, mistrusting all instead of some when the best cause of action would be to focus on the extremist side, on those at the top who rule with an iron hand and not the poor Jews at the bottom who are just as downtrodden as the rest of us.

        My words may be branded that of a traitor but I am realistic in my approach to change and change can only come about from reasoned thinking, not knee-jerk actions.

        It is those who rule, whether it be our politicians, our money lenders, our kings, or our religious leaders that cause the problems in our societies and everybody else, and that includes us, are just guilty of accepting and never taking a stand.

        Target the farmer, not the sheep for the flock follows their actions and the flock can be renewed indefinitely.

          1. Then, when we respond, they try to shut us up on the seeds they planted. Circular argument, no valid reason.
            They won’t shut us up. End of story. Maybe its time they shut up and face the music on the level of ineptitude they’ve exploited using hate crimes as an excuse. Wonder if anyone can manage to follow the money they blew on 3 trumped up suspects accused of hate crimes.
            Also, clearly creep didn’t make it in the American legal system, I guess he found a better nest to soil in Canada.

      1. @Christgrinding Ghostrider

        Ha, it took me about eight minutes to write the above and I hardly ever think about what I want to say, I just type and it flows out, I take about another two minutes to read it over and correct mistakes and then post.

        Mind you if I commented on every thread in the same way I would have no time left to live.

        1. Being a drunk like myself I’m surprised you could be bothered.

          Do you only convey these thoughts when drinking or whatever ?

          In saying that, BG is a good outlet without penalties 😆

          Cheers Empty….. Keep your insight flowing 😀

          1. @Spiderman,

            Yeah, most of the time I can’t be bothered and am too drunk to care but sometimes I feel like stretching my legs a bit and then out comes a long and pointless comment from myself.

          2. There’s nothing better than getting to work, logging onto BG, and seeing an @Emptysoul comment. By the time I’m done reading it, it’s time to go home. Sometimes long but never pointless, I appreciate you dropping some knowledge on us mere mortals, I don’t acknowledge it enough.

        2. @Empty, I don’t know what you do for a living (and I say that only because if you have done anything other than writing your talent has previously been wasted so to speak) but you remind me of my dad, who when sober, can really explain what is going on in reality vs. what we are told is going on. You seem to me to be an extremely articulate person who writes in a way that although complex, is also very explanatory to many who have never even considered the points you bring to attention. Of all comments written, I always read yours all the way through because you provide the information precisely, then usually summarize so that it sinks in and makes your reply easy understand to grasp. I haven’t commented much because for one thing by the time I get a chance to get on-line, most of what I would have wanted to say has already been said by someone, and I don’t think many readers nor commentors are likely to go back to posts from a day or more old, but also I am usually afraid certain people will misunderstand my comment and rudely reply instead of asking for clarification first. I am replying to you specifically because I am impressed by your style of writing and your ability to get your point across, so please do not take offense to anything I have written because that is not my intention. After becoming physically disabled I have spent much time reading about a variety of issues and explanations and although I would love to be well again, I feel thankful for the time I have been able to spend reading about things I had no idea were going on. Towards the end of my employment, I became very disillusioned with the company I had worked very hard for for over 20 years. I look back and think how gullible I had been to think a major medical corporation actually gave a shit about one of their employees – especially one who was not one of the VPs or higher. I have to admit I have had a rude awakening about politics, etc. after having read new and many older posts on BG. While I originally found the site as a “replacement” for much missed gore after leaving the medical field, I now look forward as much to the written word of both authors and commentators as the gore itself. Anyway, this comment is really much longer than intended and I would be surprised if anyone actually reads it, but it has allowed me to unload some frustration! Best wishes to the many people who write, read and post for BG, and especially to Mark for his many funny and interesting articles – and I hope he is somehow able to get out of the strangle hold the shitty system seems to have on him. : /

          1. @ilovemygramps,

            I have never wrote a book in my life, I like to read a lot though.

            Don’t worry about people rudely replying to your comments, like I have said before it is standard practice for those who agree with you to call you intelligent and those who disagree with you to call you ignorant, it’s a self defence mechanism that protects the ego.

            The human mind is such that it doesn’t let different opinions sink in without first going into defence mode and this shuts out anything that may prove foundation shaking and so what I do is first comment on current ideas and then slowly insert my own, an anchoring effect if you will, I use cognitive bias to smooth the journey from the old to the new and people tend to like that approach because I am not destroying their past self merely supplementing their present viewpoint.

            Regarding your new found knowledge and viewpoint of life, well, it is often the case that we start to question life only when our lives becomes painful and insufferable, happy people never question their existence because there is no need to, they just live for the moment.

            Sadly however it is true that ignorance is bliss because once a person starts to question life they find it hard to simply enjoy it, they question even when contented.

            Your disillusion with the company that you worked for is natural, in truth we are farmed animals and once we stop being profitable our farmers send us to the slaughter.

            Exploitation is the name of the game, we sell the time of our lives in exchange for financial remuneration and most of the time it is not enough to live on but if we are lucky and we put away some money for our pensions and we manage to pay off the mortgage on our homes, well, we feel good for a while, until we get to retirement age and find that our pensions have been stolen and when we get ill our house is sold to pay the medical fees and only then do we realise that we were slaves from the very beginning.

            Keep on reading and learning, to become free men we must first become the masters of our own minds.

          2. @ ilovemygramps

            Well spoken and I can see that you and Empty are joined at the hip with responses like that :mrgreen:

            However……. Being a ‘wall of text’ sniper that I am, can you please put some breaks between points of view for easier digestion.

            On another note……. Here’s a belated welcome to BG 😈

  3. Good Zeus all mighty, took me a bit to read all of this, but thank you Acneska, interesting read.

    And what you know… Ben Shalom Bernanke has left office! Only to be succeeded by fellow Zionist Janet Yellen! ahahah, Zionists nominating each other! Now this is a first…

    These cockroaches have their grips on everything to the point it gets literally nauseating to just know the how extenct and putrid their power is.

    These bastards want to censor free speech, well, if they want to arrest me too, I won’t go down without a fight! This world was built by fearless people, that marched into battle knowing their fate is uncertain, yet they dismissed the dangers and carried on.

    Zionism must be exposed for what it truly is. A false representation of the Jewish people, created by the Atheist Theodor Herzl (what an embarrassement), to asure political and monetary domain for the Rotschild family.

    Like one Mexican (not Narco..) gentleman once said.. “I rather die standing up, than to live on my knees!”

    1. Hi dude, I just wanted to clear something up, it’s not zionism that is the problem. The Jews have been doing these things for a long time before zionism existed. It all stems from their Talmud and the pharisies 2000 years ago. Zionism just means Jewish nationalism. The Jewish people as a whole are our enemies. Until we expell them from our countries, even the working class ones are a threat to us as they all support world Jewry. There are a few Jews who tell the truth, but not many.

          1. Also keep in mind that these Jews who speak out publicly about zionism could just be controlled opposition. It would be foolish to put your trust in any Jew. At the most, I would use them for information, but that’s it.

          1. @Portuguese Dude,

            “how do you know their information is not manipulated then?”

            You look at all the information and then you draw your own conclusions.

            All information is manipulated one way or another, be it a biased slant, an agenda, emotive prose, the writer will always add a bit of themselves into what they have written and therefore no information can be said to be manipulation free.

            Just draw your own conclusions and you will be fine.

      1. @TheProtocolsOfZion,

        Most people born into a religion do not actually care about the religion, they just accept the status quo which is the same for most people, how many of us just accept things because it is the way that it has always been.

        If we are to view the Jewish religion historically then we must also view all religions historically and they all have a very bloody past.

        If we are to concede that all Jews are exploiters then we must also concede that for there to be poor, middle class and rich Jews in existence that they must be exploiting each other as well and that some Jews don’t do any exploiting at all hence the social/financial difference.

        It can be argued that each Jew, by religious affiliation, is a sleeper agent, a drone if you will and much like the individual Muslim in that they will take up arms for the cause but there is a fundamental difference, the Muslim world is a God based system and the Jewish world is a money based system and you can’t spend money when you are dead.

        If you want people to accept a particular idea then you must meet them in the middle ground because the vast majority of people will never accept swapping one extreme for the other.

        I have said it before that life is like a pendulum and at both the furthest points, the extremes, there is found the most resistance and when that resistance gives way the pendulum swings to the other extreme and this continues back and forth.

        The conclusion, if you create the notion that all Jews are bad and must be purged two things will happen, you will drive even the lowest, moderate Jews into extreme ideology which will swell the ranks of your opponent and you will isolate and lose the moderates on your own side, in short you would have increased their side and weakened your own.

        I am not trying to take the Jewish side here, I am not Jewish for one and would never affiliate with them, but if you truly want change to take place you cannot allow emotion to cloud reason and judgment and you have to fight intelligently.

        The cast them all out sentiment is a nice one but an impossible one due to the way our economies are run now, you would have to separate and isolate your own country and get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet and not only would that be extremely difficult but your isolated nature would mean that you would be invaded by other countries and you would lack the allies to fight back.

        The end result is a simple one, either get the entire world to join together and fight the same fight and with the same ideology all at once and in one fell swoop or dismantle and take control of the system from within by fighting intelligently, I know which scenario stands more chance of working.

        As far as too many non indigenous people/religions in our countries well, you all know my views on that one so taking back control of the system would solve that little matter.

        1. The wise thing to do would be to cut the head off of the snake, remove their leadership. I don’t view Jews just as a religion, they are a people, I’m talking about European Jewry here. Even the lower class Jews are a danger to us because they are the labour for the rich Jews, in Israel, the working class allow the machine to work, they join the army, pay taxes, support the state through numbers. It is impossible to judge each individual Jew when we are in a war with them. Maybe there are some nice Jews in the army with wives and familys who have perfect morals, but they are soldiers and if you meet them on the battle field you have to kill them. Sorting out who is a good Jew and who is not during a war would be impossible.

          1. I think we have to look to the past to see what has worked against them. They have been expelled from various countries 109 times. There have been many pogroms against them. The answer to our problem lies in the past. I believe Nazi Germany had the right idea, if only we can do that in multiple countries all at once.

          2. @TheProtocolsOfZion

            “The wise thing to do would be to cut the head off of the snake, remove their leadership”

            That is what I was suggesting with my first comment on this thread, that it makes sense to target the farmers and not the sheep.

            I couldn’t care less about how nice Jewish people are or are not, it just seems a wasted game to keep focusing on the flock with Jew based insults instead of targeting the real power, It’s a bit like liberals in the west who always follow government policy and who turn on their own people to promote those policies when the reality is that they follow, that is all they are, followers, remove the puppet master and the puppets will stop because they do not know how to act on their own however kill the puppets and the master will just make more of them.

            Therefore it makes sense to fight intelligently and to choose your words and actions well.

          3. @TheProtocolsOfZion,

            Thanks, at the end of the day we all want the same thing, we want to have control of our lives and to have our own countries back but we all have different ideas on how to go about it.

            Direct action or covert action?, attack the followers or the leaders?, choice of words?, choice of action?

            In battles of old the winning army was always the one that could weaken their opponents before they commenced the main assault to finish them off and this was done through many tactics, divide and conquer, occupying supply routes, destroying enemy supplies and burning crops.

            If your enemy is a master tactician then you must also be one otherwise you will lose due to attrition.

          1. Hey rammit…….

            How’s it feel to be busted talking shit in public 😆

            How embarrassing but as long as you learned something about yourself 😉

      1. I am back bud! I just came back this morning from a 2 am flight from CUBA. Cheers pal, you are right, yourself & i have been around for MANY YEARS now. Let me also add that just because we do not comment does not mean we are not Loyal, supporting members of our beloved B-G 🙂

    1. Rammfan was JOKING. If you newbies knew him you would certainly know that! You guys should check your Archives before making such comments as calling a long-time loyal member a fucking infiltrator. Watch what you joke about B-G family, the NEWBIE POLICE will crucify you …

  4. A little info for everyone here; the alias “pogue Mahone” is actually the Irish language for “kiss my ass”. Except it’s written “Pog mo Hon”, but when spoken its the same. I’m taking it back from those corrupt conspiring cunts.

  5. It is scary to think how one family organization can affect the world….one of the rothschild said there would be no wars if my brother didn’t want one…they control the banking system in England and own most of the federal reserve….they control the price of gold and even diamonds…their ownership of media keeps them out of the news…by far one family dynasty that wants to have it all…

      1. It’s easy right……

        Shooting blanks and the real deal is also subjective when dealing with countries who push military support.

        A kill shot to the head by a sniper is only available on best gore at ANY given time around the world.

        The point is of course………

        Support or donate in your own way.

        Jewgle it and many other QUESTIONS you may have……..

        I hate google and use many Ad/cker programs to stop google and others from tracking me online.

        My best defense online is now in concrete.

        I don’t give a shit about the rest of your opinions now.

        I’ts always the same old story 😉

        Annnnnnd…….. here it is shit rivets…………

        Not today though :mrgreen:

  6. Damn the large nosed kikes! I hate them. Any other members here hate them? Share your opinion in a violent and aggressive well documented way. I promise I’m not a Jew myself. White power! The government is bad. Haha just fucking around.

      1. @Protocols, I’ve always taken a neutral stance on whether “Protocols Of The Elders…” is in fact true or not. Or at least partly true.
        The reason being that when it was taken & published was 1903. Yet, Protocols 1-19 so closely follow Dialogues 1-17 from the 1864 political satire ‘Dialogue aux enfers entre Machiavel etc Montesquieu’ by Maurice Joly, that there can be no mere coincidence.
        Of course I didn’t just take peoples’ word for it, I made sure to do check the research myself.
        There is much more text supposedly taken from nunerous other sources as well, alledgedly, but I personally haven’t had the time to check that out yet.
        What I want to know most is, what do people, like yourself, say about it to know or prove that it’s true? I, for the most part, can only really find a bunch of articles and items “proving” it’s false and would like to know the other side of it so I can make an informed decision.
        Thank you buddy.

        1. @MikeyGraves

          Let me give you my take on the Protocols:

          Does it really matter if it is a fake or real, if its guidelines are being followed to the dot by the Jews?

          That the mainstream media or press is controlled by the Jew is a proven fact. That the Jew controls the world’s economies through its domination of finances in the shadowy Federal Reserve and those ‘Too Big to Fail’ Wall Street banks is also a fact of life.

          The Protocols also included the use of alcohol to subjugate a people. Why do you think alcohol is still legal while Marijuana, proven for millennia to have healing properties is outlawed and thousands of people prosecuted for possession?

          So really – the answer to whether the Protocols is a real document or not can be had by just observing the fact that the Jew use it as a road map from which they have not strayed by an inch.

          1. I’m also inclined to believe that the Protocols are real. I read it many years ago and it’s accuracy to real actual world events, considering the Protocols first came to be known around 140 years ago, is far too accurate for it to be anything other than real.

          2. Thanks for the info & insight @Acneska & Empty. And that’s a very valid point @Acneska which I never thought of, yet now know and agree with (cause knowledge is power!). I still would like to hear from people who definately believe it’s 100% true, how they came to that conclusion. If for anythingthen to have an intelligent debate with someone who thinks it’s false if I think it’s real. I can’t just go the whole, “Because fuck you that’s why!” route.

        2. @ Mikey, the Jews have had a campaign from the start saying the Protocols are a forgery. I believe they even manufactured a fake novel Dialogue aux enfers entre Machiavel etc Montesquieu? by Maurice Joly that they use to discredit the Protocols. I believe you may have read that on Wikipedia which an army of Jews constantly edit and manipulate. If you really want the authenticity of the Protocols explained to you, read “Waters Flowing Eastward” by Leslie Fry. For anyone who doubts the authenticity of the Protocols, this book is a MUST READ! It is the second best thing to read after the Protocols. Here it is:

      2. @zion
        I’ve been reading your link to the protocols ( amongst other things) .
        I’m at the end of the second. Its hard going , if you take time to really get under the skin of what they are saying.
        Don’t shout at me , but its clever and horrifying all at the same time. Its like it knows so much about civilisation and what it aims to do is relatively simple. ( remember I haven’t read much)

        In England, we don’t really hear very much at all about Jews and as far as im aware there’s no big ‘anti’ movement. ( I could be wrong) Its almost as if they don’t exsist.
        I’m beginning to see that maybe its on purpose.
        I may sound dumb but im honestly interested in learning more (hence my new reading material)
        Can you possibly tell me why ( in my observations from on here) that you guys over the pond seem so more clued up about this?

        Reading the excerts from the Jewish ‘book’ written above…… All it does is reinforce my own held beliefs that ALL religions are harmful detrimental and selfserving. I’ve had this particular belief since I was about 7.
        Jenny was my friend at primary school. Her parents were johovha witnesses, she got appendicitis. She never came back to school. Then when I was 11 I got appendicitis, had an op and survived. What started as an innocent Childs anger at losing my best mate , grew more when I had a Muslim friend at secondary school. We fell out over ‘The satanic verses’ when she said she would kill Salmon Rushdie without hesitation.
        Religion made both these things happen and maturing in mind body and knowledge hasn’t weakened my mind set. Just confirmed it over and over again.

        All religions are evil and backward.

          1. @realitycheck
            Hi, Salmon Rusdie is an award winning author.
            He’s written many books…. I think he wrote Midnights child as well.
            When he wrote the satanic verses it was about Islam . Utter outrage followed and he had a fatwa ( very real fatwa) placed upon him.
            He was protected for years and stayed in hiding for beyond ages.
            He was friends with Chris hitchings I think.

        1. @ whurly, there was a time before september 11 that I had no clue about any of these things. Once 9/11 happened, a lot of people started doubting the official story and looking very closely at the event. A lot of theories started to pop up including a lot of fake ones put out by the Jews in order to confuse everyone, people such as Alex Jones and David Icke had all these bullshit conspiracy theories that didn’t mention one word about Jews. Slowly the truth started to spread over the internet, especially on youtube where there were people with pages sharing information with all of their subscribers and tons of videos, it all snowballed, and the truth about the Jews is all over the internet and tons of people know now. Not everyone knows because the Jews do a good job of censoring people and supending accounts which slows things down. I too was very shocked when I leaned this information, but year after year I began to understand more and more, everyone was sharing info, and now I share everything I have learned with whoever wants to read it and learn for themselves.

        2. @whurley, the Jews are indeed clever, their plan seems like it was written by an evil genius. After september 11th, a lot of people started asking questions and finding evidence that it was an inside job.

          Lot’s of conspiracy theories started popping up on Jewtube, real ones as well as a lot of fake ones which were put out by the Jews and their puppets. An example would be Alex Jones and David Icke, both of them are full of shit and work for the Jews, they both spread put out a lot of fake conspiracy theories in order to confuse people, not once mentioning Jews.

          Anyway, lot’s of people on Jewtube started putting up truth videos about the Jews and they had lot’s of subscribers and the truth spread like wildfire. I didn’t know anything about the Jews before 9/11. Year after year my knowledge increased, everyone was exchanging information online.

          Jews control Jewtube, so they started suspending everyones accounts who mentioned the Jewish subject or put out videos about the Jews. Now I share the info here for whoever wants to know the truth.

          1. @zion
            That explains somethings for me, including why Americans are more informed than us Brits.
            Like we know so much about what occurred in Woolwich. If it happens to your people on your turf than you more interested.
            I shall continue to read , learn and digest the protocols.

          2. With respect to my American friends, I think that, percentage wise, the Brits are more informed about current events.

            There is sadly too much indoctrination in the US.

    1. I thought that too but they are saying Zionists, not necessarily all Jewish people. From what I gather a Zionist is like bin laden, extremist supremist whatever whereas an Arab may or may not be extremist or even Muslim. Does that male any sense? Lol is that basically the jist?

    1. Rarely if ever does best gore get it wrong and that’s the idea of the site……… TRUTH

      The beauty here is the research of ‘certain’ articles by the new posters.
      Who have taken over since the founder is in court because of Stephen Mcfail.

      Sorry folks……… The word Mcfail just rolls easy off the toungue…….. Buuuuurp 😆

  7. Can somebody please tell me the current status of Mark Marek? Is he still arrested? Has he had an actual trial yet? I’ve written letters and emails to the Edmonton Police Service, but they do not reply to me at all.

    Is there any way to get into contact with Mark? to show support? or how about we create a public fund (kickstarter, etc.) to help pay for his legal costs?

    1. Hello,

      Mark’s next court date is in a few days.- on January 13, 2014. There is no trial date yet, but it is expected that the preliminary hearing date will be set on Jan 13.

      Prosecution has still not delivered full disclosure so Mark’s lawyer can’t move forward. Unsupplied disclosure includes the video of Mark’s interrogation during which Mark was subjected to human rights abuses.

      We suspect that there are two reasons why prosecution refuses to honor requests for full disclosure:

      1 – they intentionally delay the case from moving forward because Mark is essentally silenced and they want to keep it that way as long as possible as reasonably timely court date is against their plan

      2 – they know full well Mark’s fundamental human rights were violated so provision of the video would be the provision of proof that Edmonton Police violate human rights

      I don’t know what Mark’s lawyer’s plan is, but I would expect that she would insist on the judge issuing a court order to hand materials necessary for Mark’s defence over by a set date.

      We will be announcing a launch of website dedicated to Mark’s persecution in a few weeks and with it there will be a way to make online donations to his legal defense. It will likely be after current fundraiser for website’s enhancements is over.

      Meanwhile, donations can be made anytime by cheque or money order. Make sure you enclose a note so we know who it is from as we will be listing all generous donors on a dedicated page. Snail mail address is:

      Mark Marek
      Suite 5012
      10107 107 Ave
      Edmonton, AB
      T5H 0V4

      1. Thanks for the update.

        Videos don’t lie and prosecutors withholding that video of the interrogation is a joke but they can only stall for so long…….. We just have to be patient.

        Steven Camp’s life is now out for millions of BG people to read and now has nowhere to hide.

        He wanted to be in the lime-lite so let’s see how he handles reading his own sorry life story on BG.

        HELLO Stephen, how are you feeling now you shit rivet 😆

      2. @acneska, thank you for the update about Mark. I have been wondering about the status of his legal battle, and haven’t been able to find out anything. It amazes me that the mainstream media are not paying any attention to this case. A google news search turns up *nothing* since last August. This is a landmark human rights and free speech case. I cannot understand why the media are not doing more to report on it.

        1. They aren’t accomplishing anything on their part. No news will hit the mainstream unless they have a conviction or more “slander” to drop. They are waiting for a ” triumph” of sorts. Stalling tactics and things that don’t support their rhetoric aren’t favorable for them hence no new news

      3. thank you for the details, Acneska. I will most certainly be donating to his support page as soon as I can. Keep up the good work, and try to keep us updated, if at all possible.

        And excellent work on this article. The more agents of international Jewry we expose, the easier it will be to track them down and prosecute them when the tables eventually turn…. One can only hope. 🙂

  8. Love when all the new members start shit with older ones without Mark to set them straight or just ban them.
    I’m no “original”, but I’ve been here well beyond a year and shared my opinions.

    We need another “Caption This” picture.
    Pretty sure I was runner-up on one of those. 😛

    1. I’m not trying to sound like a dick, I’m just wondering if I missed something here?

      You’re saying “new members” were starting shit with you, but it was pointed out that they have been here a lot longer than you, so who are you referring to? Did other people say shit to you?

      Either way, I totally agree with the bringing back of “Caption This”. Oh, and also ‘sexy’…

    1. Hey OB……….

      The Canadian police dismissed the magnotta video as snuff and did not take it seriously which again was a failure but now looking for justification somewhere to fix their fuckup.

      It’s always someone else’s fault isn’t it.

  9. I can see the slap in the face for Camp here. He was DHS, his associates were told about a snuff vid voluntarily removed by a local website. This information was ignored until they got body parts in the mail, and by that time the maggot slipped right through the fingers of a former DHS agent, who is supposed to be an expert in this area. In fact he’s biased and quite inept. This was his supposed specialty yet he allowed maggot to be an international fugitive. To add insult to injury, it was Germany who caught the maggot. As if Camp is somehow a victim here? Bull fucking shit. Clearly he doesn’t know what he’s doing and we all are paying for it.
    I’m looking forward to any new information on the Creep. He sounds like he’s got mental problems, and we all know how that can end up.

    1. :lol:………. I like it :mrgreen:

      I’v got mental problems but BG helps 😀

      It’s true that if Canadian authorities had taken best gore’s magnotta’s ice pick video seriously in the first place then we may not be here now.

      Hi Steve………… How’s your day panning out now fella :mrgreen:

    1. Nah, advocating violence brings one down to the level of a Jew. We on BG advocate peaceful revolution and justice. It is the compassion and understanding that sets humans apart from the seed of Satan.

  10. It pisses me off as they take money that for some cant afford to have taken, only to support a leftist , force fed agenda? Its like the CBC, everyone pays for it but its so socialist and flowery . Anecksa you should see whos the head of the CBC ( Canadian broadcasting corporation) they seem to promote muti culturalism and other ideals that seem to align with Zionism, although I’m not sure if they’re pro Israel or not

  11. Stephen Camp is what the Jews like to refer to as ” a useful idiot” or a shabbos goy. A shabbos goy is a non-Jew who performs certain types of work for a Jew. He is undoubtedly a member of freemasonry in Edmonton. All non Jews who join freemasonry are shabbos goys “useful idiots”. He is a man who recieved a degree in sociology which brainwashes the student to hold liberal ideals. As a member of freemasonry, he has taken an oath of secrecy and loyalty to his fellow Masons upon penalty of death. So here we have this “useful idiot” working against the best interests of his own race and persecuting his fellow whites. Considering that this is his career and he’s working toward his pension, he will do whatever they tell him to do. These white freemason shabbos goy are worse than the Jews. He is actually a member of our race and has betrayed us all. He is the equivalent of the house negro. The field negro worked in the field and hated the master. The house negro worked in the home and received special treatment and privileges. Because the house negro enjoyed these privileges and a higher status than the field negro, he would actively work against his fellow enslaved negros in the field in order to please his master and keep his special status. Stephen Camp is in the exact same postion today, he is the eqivelalent of a house negro and he wants to please his master and keep his special status and privileges and he will actively betray and persecute his fellow whites in order to keep his privileges and “special” status. So, if you are reading this Stephen, stop being a house nigger, and persecuting your own brothers.

  12. I’m sick of dumb ass fools believing all they hear in the Jew run media . It pisses me off that many intelligent people just don’t see the truth , or don’t want to see it . Double fuckin standards have no place in any society and the Jew run media , banks , corporations etc etc are full of double standards . We the true folks will , in the end , take our countries back . YRA

  13. Marks lawyer / court fees should be minimal if ALL facts are presented by BOTH parties on the first day and should be dismissed as pedantic and splitting hairs.

    Yeah I know…….. dreaming can be nice sometimes :mrgreen:

  14. …….. Those recruits were perhaps initially indifferent to the issue of homosexuality being that they have no ill intent towards anyone holding hands of the same sex. However, the authority of this stephen camp obliged the rookies to subject themselves in such otherwise embarrassing circumstances for the sake of indoctrination. In my home state, the lefty idealogues have influenced the powers that be to recognize the unnatural and unholy union between couples of the same sex. Despite the many protest that occured, the legislation went against the voice that was of the common man. When news broke out of the historic court ruling, television reporters asked the soon to be wed couples about their reaction. Their responses were mostly the same such as “I got married in San Francisco” or ” We’re from Vancouver but we wanted a ceremony here”. In other words, many of the winners of the ruling weren’t of the local populace nor were they of the majority. They already had their marriage recognized in a faraway place yet they weren’t satisfied. Ask yourself, how often does a non-muslim from the West complain because he can’t get a wedding free from danger in the vicinity of Salafists in the Middle East? Answer to that question is little to none because he doesn’t need to travel afar for some ceremony to take place. The lgbt community already has more than enough rights in the country I live in. All sodomy laws are repealed, media partiality tilts toward lgbt causes, and parades embracing the rainbow culture are held annually for all to see including children. The notion of masculinity is slowly fading as the next generation chooses flatbills over curvebills and skinny jeans over straight fits……..

  15. All stories from members are relevant BUT………..

    WALLS of text without a break between points of view is beyond the joke and hard to get the head around it all at once.

    Take a breath between……….. Just saying folks.

      1. :lol:…….. Yeah it drives me nuts alright and not just me either but I do notice a change and evolving is good.

        Yeah I’m a whinger sometimes but It’s allllllllll good.

        Cheers Mikey and will pack one for you………

        The question is……… Am I right or wrong ?

      1. Even if you’re not interested in politics, it’s still good that you know the truth about Jewish control. And, i’m not particulary upset that women are not that into politics, but the majority of white females are ignorant about the situation, so they fall right into the liberal mindset, have mixed race kids, or don’t have kids at all and become career women. The part of this that concerns women would be feminism. Feminism was introduced by Jewish females in order to get white females to turn against white males and destroy the family structure and reduce white births. Feminism, abortion, birth control and divorce all weaken our race and lower the numbers of white children born. White females have been deceived to believe that a career would fullfill them, and that marriage and motherhood was bad. You have a baby making factory between your legs, and we need lots and lots of white babies. You need to fire up the factory and go full steam ahead with full production.

        1. First of all my friend, this factory is closed… I dried up a long time ago.
          Second of all, what a woman chooses to do with her body and her life is her choice, no matter how she came to her final conclusion.
          I don’t judge or criticize your beliefs, whether I do or do not agree with them.
          I would expect the same in respect.

          1. This old girl (I’m 52) is very set in her ways now Protocols, that is why I never take part in the religious or political discussions here on BG.
            I appreciate that most people here think for themselves and never hesitate to question, that’s what keeps me coming back.
            I also appreciate you sharing your ideas…

  16. I read every post whether I comment or not.

    Very informative, Acneska, thank you also, for the update on the court appearance!
    This verifies that it was never really about the Magnotta vid to begin with.

  17. Of course this was never about the Magnotta video. Many people have admitted that it was a idea to circulate the video. This is about a new world order these higher up people are trying to shove down our throats. Taking down best gore would be a huge benefit for these people because it exposes a lot of the very messed up things going on the world via internet. which is probably another reason why the US, and other governments are trying to censor the internet. to slowly beginning gaining control of the world around them. This generation has awakened though. Everyone is slowly starting to realize all of this bullshit. If you keep people in the dark it’s a way to make them look naive and weak, it’s easier to manipulate a large group of people when they have no idea what’s going on. I knew Alex Jone’s (I mainly listen to freeman) was a douche, but no idea he was actually a Zionist. He just yells out the problem and offers no solution because of course he doesn’t care. What they did to Mark was wrong. And if they’re trying to make an example out of him they are doing a poor job because a good majority of the world is good (i believe) and a good majority of people won’t stand for this. You can persecute, charge, kill anyone you think is beneath the human race and unfit for this ‘new society’ but what are you going to do when the only person left maim is yourself.

      1. But why. there are so many other websites that have been linked to content like this website has. So many other people have more questionable opinions. Why not attack someone who’s actually doing damage to these delinquent people in real life. It’s just so ridiculous to attack someone who just runs a website just because they are interested in different thing and their opinions may differ to that of your own. Even more stupid to put his future and life at stake just because they don’t like how he thinks. Where the fuck did freedom of expression go.

        1. murdermebl0nde, The reason why he was singled out, amongst the other gore sites, is because even though the server is in the U.S., it’s a Canadian based website. They have an archaic law still on the books, that enabled them to arrest him for the video.
          There are some posts you may want to read in the archives that go into this in detail.

    1. Irony is seeping out of my computer around every corner here… Hmmmmm. I can’t find the spot to just start a new comment here.. Weird. Also I’ve seen massive posts by some lately, not empty soul he’s cool but I’ve seen desparate scrambling to get a few novels worth of pointless comments out. I’ve seen info pop out that only a few “insiders” would have as a statistic and he who throws the largest rock is trying to hide the most behind it, (little lynching humor) not to hijack your thread ms. Bitch but I really don’t think we need to dig very far at all for at AT LEAST someone on the zio spin doctor payroll on this post alone. And where is Jew baiter? He’s always good for some angry anti whatever.. Long story short… Where is whitechapel and hunglike a mouse. Hahahaha. “Chew on this”

  18. @PortugeseDude
    Dude, I can’t help but to come away thinking that you have a total hatred towards Jews period. If I’m wrong, I apologize but I read some things you write and feel as if your sorry that Hitler didn’t get them all.

    I think EmptySoul put it PERFECTLY when he put it this way……

    “It is also the reason why I never say that I am against Jews and instead say that I am against Zionist Jews. Mere words?, think again. By being against Jews I am guilty, according to the system, of broad brushing and stereotyping a people based upon religion and race and this crushes any good argument that I may have because now I will be ignored and my arguments ruled invalid…..” -EmptySoul

  19. I am a an israeli i live in israel and i know im being fed with bullshit but they way i see it ur hate is just amazing and i just want to tell that not all of jews are who u think of we dont need money in israel its to damm hard to live its the goverment fault for this shit happening and not the citizenes every fucking thing in israel cost 50% more then abroad. Blame the goverment . And sorry for my bad grammer 😀

  20. “Homosexuality, as well as liberalism, feminism, multiculturalism and other societally destructive ideologies are heavily promoted by the Jew because they support the ?divide and conquer? strategy in target societies”

    Is homosexuality really wrong? if a guy is homosexual, What could we do? We can’t kill him. It has existed since humanity does
    I have nothing against homosexual or homophobics, but I really wish it could be cured, not because I hate them but, because if homosexuality had a cure, also autism had

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