Freedom of Expression vs Police State Censorship

Freedom of Expression vs Police State Censorship

Mark cannot use the internet, so I am posting this on his behalf.

Mark was charged with “corrupting morals” under section 163 (1) (a) of the criminal code, for being the first in the world to publish a report on the gruesome murder of Chinese student Jun Lin, by alleged cannibal Luka Magnotta, also known as the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video.

The charge represents the most severe violation of the most fundamental human right in modern history and left un challenged, will have detrimental consequences on freedom of expression not only in Canada, but in all common law countries.

Because freedom of expression is essential to a free society, Mark and his legal team may try to challenge the law on the constitutional level, so that this dangerously broadly defined section can no longer be used as a tool of oppression against journalists, reporters, bloggers or anyone else who exercises his freedom of speech without causing any harm or loss.

Freedom of Expression vs Police State Censorship

The Best Gore Trial is a battle between freedom of expression and tyrannical censorship. Whoever wins, that is what you are going to get more of in the future. If freedom of expression wins, journalists, reporters, bloggers, artists (Remy Couture anyone?) and anyone else who broadcasts their thoughts, will be less likely to face the same type of harassment, threats and imprisonment, never mind the long, arduous and costly legal trouble that Mark Marek does. But if tyrannical censorship wins, anyone who expresses their opinion with which the government or the enforcers disagree, will become a likely next.

Here is the kicker – people representing the police state have nothing to lose charging innocent people with “corrupting morals” and it does not cost them a penny out of their own pockets as they have virtually unlimited resources available to them, courtesy of the tax-payers. Mark and his legal team are fighting to set a positive precedent that will keep the fundamental freedom of expression in favor of the publisher, not the censor.

Defenders of Freedom

To challenge the law as unconstitutional in order to achieve a permanent change to the criminal code, is a major undertaking that is expected to cost hundreds-of-thousands of dollars. World class experts will need to be invited to provide testimonies, and they charge for their expertise. The case may go all the way to the supreme court of Canada any may end up involving law makers from all Canadian Provinces and Territories.

As a major legal battle, this case will continue to be talked about for a very long time and is bound to make it to the history books. Everyone who contributes to the cause, will forever be able to claim the bragging rights for assisting with ensuring that the system does not get a green-light on censorship, and claim the title of the “Defender of Freedom”.

The time to become an inseparable part of something great, something that will change the world forever is now. Anyone who helps to defend freedom of expression, will not have lived their life in vain – no one will ever have the right to tell you that you have achieved nothing in life or that you have never done anything worthwhile.

What is Section 163 that Mark Marek is Charged with?

Section 163 (1) (a) is a dangerously broadly defined, old-fashion obscenity law that prohibits making, printing, publishing, distributing or circulating any obscene written matter, pictures, model, phonograph records or other things what-so-ever.

Section 163 dates back to 1892 – Canada’s earliest criminal legislation (phonograph record mention says it all). Even though the times have changed, Section 163 still includes subsections outlawing “advertising in medicine, drug or articles for causing abortions or miscarriages, curing venereal diseases or restoring sexual virility”.

Yes you are reading this correctly – under the nineteenth century law which was used to charge owner, ads for Viagra or cures for STI’s are ILLEGAL.

Restriction on freedom of expression must be accessible, foreseeable and formulated with sufficient precision to enable the citizen to regulate his conduct. Section 163 is so broadly defined that it makes it impossible to do so. The government, in protecting legitimate interests, must restrict freedom of expression as little as possible. Vaguely or broadly defined restrictions, such as those in the criminal code Section 163, even if they satisfy the “prescribed by law” criterion of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights article 19 (3) should be unacceptable because they go beyond what is strictly required to achieve the legitimate aim.

Section 163, the way it is currently worded in the Canadian criminal code should have no place in society that calls itself democratic. The wording is so broad virtually everything one does could be in violation of section 163. As such, it is a convenient section to use against a civilian who committed no crime. It allows corrupt institutions to silence and bankrupt anyone who voices their opinion against their misconduct.

Not All Police States Torture, But All Police States Censor

At this time, Mark Marek remains physically restrained from exposing opinions which he holds, even though they don’t advocate or condone personal violence. Freedom of expression but also access to information should not be a privilege, but a fundamental human right. Full unrestricted enjoyment of this is crucial to preempt oppression, maintain democracy and achieve individual freedoms. The abuse of power, which is embodied in censorship, can lead to all the other abuses of power. Censorship is essential to tyranny. Freedom of speech is the essential right, if all other rights are to be had. It is the fundamental defense of the individual against the government.

As is the case with Best Gore right now, in the past great pieces of literature, such as Les Fleurs Du Mal by Charles Baudelaire and Ulysses by James Joyce were subject to legal challenges on the basis of obscenity. To censor Best Gore, is to unlawfully restrict adults from content they have a right to see.

Everyone should have the right to freedom of expression without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers, because freedom to think as you will and speak as you think are means to the discovery and spread of political truth.

The use of state power to prevent material from reaching the public is an extreme form of the violation of the freedom of expression known as “prior restraint”. The use of prior restraint censorship should in its self raise suspicion in Canada’s human rights record as it is expressly forbidden as an unacceptable limitation on freedom of express pursuant to Article 13 (2) of the Inter-American Convention on Human Rights.

Attacks on, harassment, threats, imprisonment and silencing of journalists and reporters pose a very significant threat to independent and investigative journalism, to freedom of expression and to the flow of information to the public. Complicity by government and police in these attacks is a gross abuse of power.

How to Contact Mark

Because Mark cannot use the internet, emailing him directly will not reach him. In the meantime, if you can offer any form of assistance what so ever, send an email to the address listed below and I will relay the message to Mark:

vasilykirov187 [at]

243 thoughts on “Freedom of Expression vs Police State Censorship”

    1. This is incredible , freedom of speech and censorship of a picture or video . Don’t look , reality is a bitch. Larry Flint went to the Supreme Court and won.

      It is also pretty easy to do a google search and find many sites that have 1 dude 1 ice pick

      . I will help as much as I can .

      1. Larry Flint was a US citizen and afforded an unalienable right to free speech.

        Not the case in Canada, as it recognizes NO unalienable rights, just privileges granted by Govt which they can also take away on a selective basis.

      1. It’s happening in the usa to they ban us from access al jazeera english live video feed even the youtube off its getting bad hopefully you guys can get donations for him hope win against government there natives Americans too fighting too for idle no more in your country

  1. This is potentially very dangerous. If the government wins this case, it’s one step closer to becoming a dictatorship. Sure, that sounds far-fetched now, but its like a battle of inches, with this being a foot in favor of a police state!

    1. You are living in a dictatorship already.

      Just because they tell you it’s democracy doesn’t mean it is.

      Democracy means ‘Authority of the people’, meaning that the people are the power. In truth we should have a say in everything in a real democracy, but that’s never the case.

      Yours and my country are dictatorships, because one person has the final say over entire populations.

      Hard to comprehend?

      1. Sounds about right actually, Brokeback. And sounds like the typical “fuck you, we can do whatever we like with you and your life” mentality so often exhibited without even any real effort to make it less fucking blatant and less fucking insulting to the intelligence of the people whose lives they’re using as mere props to add weight and drama to their flagrant displays of undeserved power. If they actually /had/ something more concrete they’d have used that rather than resorting to archaic bullshit, just to give a giant “fuck you” to the notion of free speech and the rights of anyone that isn’t one of them.

        But that’s why they keep the ancient loopholes in place, after all; they’re a back-up plan stashed out of sight for when they run out of more suitable ammunition. A safety net to keep the power where they want it — in their own hands — with the least amount of effort and the least chance of being beaten when they know they couldn’t win otherwise. If there’s already a law that could be twisted or dragged out of the forgotten mires of centuries long past, they can use it. Trying to get a new law passed is always harder than dredging up something that no-one bothered to get rid of, even if it hasn’t been relevant for longer than the ones using it as an excuse have even been alive… and surely that same law would never be passed now, but since it was already there, who cares if it’s fucking ridiculous and irrelevant? Certainly not the people using it as the dirty ace up their sleeve. And the rest of us? What say do we have? The law is there, we can only rail against it and risk them turning it or others like it around on us and making sure it bites back. We’re starting on a losing team and playing an almost impossible game where they can make the rules fit whatever they like and our only chance of winning is to overwhelm the other side and wear those fuckers down against insane odds. And they know that, they’re counting on it.

        This is one of the reasons that some people I knew a while back went through some of the old abandoned (but not removed) laws we used to have out here (Australia), and basically made a public mockery of them until they got taken off the books, pretty much by just adhering to them in the most obnoxious and obstructive way possible. I think this was back in the 70s though, considering they didn’t just get arrested for “disturbing the peace” or some other farce serving as a catch-all legal blanket to cover whatever the people with the so-called “right” to enforce their opinions want it to mean. Everyone was protesting something back then, right?

        Unfortunately all these people managed to get removed from the law books was some stupid shit about how cars had to drive 5mph through intersections blaring their horn every three seconds or something, with a person walking several metres out in front to wave a flag to alert other motorists/pedestrians/horse-drawn-carriages/pennyfarthing-bicycles/wildlife/whateverthefuck to the presence of an oncoming car (at the deadly pace of 5mph, no less! can you imagine the horror? curse those infernal death traps, those newfangled mechanical contraptions, right?)… yeah, that was actually a thing here for fuck knows how long because no-one bothered to get rid of it, despite the fact that many other laws were added on top of it later, burying it in 60kmh school zone signs and posters prohibiting the consumption of burgers on buses. I think the other law they waged their war on was something to do with “no more than four people to discuss politics on public property” or something. That one was beaten by a snarky school girl. So yeah… not that useful, even if it had been Canada instead of Australia… but still, they did get two minor inconveniences stricken from the national rule book. Of course, they all still seem to feel pretty damn smug about it now as if it was a step forward on par with the splitting of the atom… ?_?

        (Damn hippies. Could have made a real difference… chose to make a scene instead. >_> )

        But still, verbal hippie-abuse aside, maybe there’s some validity in the basic idea behind what they did. A bit late to catch this one before it was resurrected and hauled out of the dust of ages to be let loose on a time that had outgrown it but retained a weak spot against it simply by the act of forgetting it was there; to turn it against the people laws were supposedly created to protect, and take advantage of the fact that its mere existence meant that Mark, its first victim but probably not its last, was left all but defenseless against it… But before it can happen again, and again, and again, as it most assuredly will if people don’t put an end to this /now/ while there’s still that slim chance of stopping it from taking hold and spreading out of control… surely, at the very least, it couldn’t hurt to have some people on /our/ side maybe going through all these laws no-one remembers or cares about (until they get exhumed and thrown around for precisely this kind of bullshit) with a fine-toothed comb, and have them start weeding out the poisonous crap before it gets cultivated into a full-blown toxic shitstorm…? And not just Canada, /everywhere/.

        If people want a true democracy — or as close to one as we’re likely to get in this era without a bloody, epic revolution on a massive scale or some such thing, anyway — then would it not be in our best interests to start looking for possible traps and pitfalls lurking in the shady corners of the “law-givers” basements, /before/ they can be pulled out and used against us? It’s always easier to crush the egg than to shoot the fully-fledged thing that hatches from it. I know there’s one of those quaint old sayings to cover what I’m referring to here… something about shutting a stable door after the horse has bolted or something? But when it concerns the kind of things that, as is being shown all too clearly here, can govern or destroy people’s lives — especially when it could have far-reaching repercussions like this particular case could — that’s one uncommonly nasty horse that got loose and it looks like it could be real hard to catch the gnarly old bastard again. So how about we see if we can just shoot the rest of them before they start getting any funny ideas about that door?

        …Ugh, sorry for the rant, just… goddammit. This shit is like some kind of half-arsed Orwellian nightmare without the Big Bad even having the decency to go to the effort of using intricate subterfuge and elaborate conspiracies and shit, like they figure we’re all too dumb and lazy to notice what they’re doing and how fucked it is or they’re too fucking arrogant to consider us any kind of threat to their power to basically brutally arse-rape the entire existence and purpose of whoever the fuck they please… and Hell, we don’t even have the meta compensation of having the whole clusterfuck in tidy book form like a proper Orwell story so if our lives and reasons for living them are going to be stolen bit by bit we could at least distract ourselves with the quality of the writing or picking apart the phrasing like Lit students on a circle-jerk or even just stand back and make detached commentaries of the “frightful drama of it all” and pretend that it isn’t real people, right now, and possibly any one of us soon enough, actually /living/ that depressing plotline. ‘Cause just look at the site — the cunts fucking well took away our reading material too.

        GodDAMN I just want to choke the fuck out of someone responsible but Australia is way too far from Canada for me to do anything but scowl ineffectually at my screen (I already sent an email to offer regular donations of a portion of my pension but that feels so distant, tiny and kind of hollow from here) and try to somehow /will/ some kind of painful, disgusting cancer on them all by sheer force of hate or something. And I really don’t think it’s working, judging by how reality usually functions. Which of course is not doing anything to improve my mood in the slightest.

        Sorry. Rant over. I’ll try and be more normal — and more succinct — next time I post a comment here. You know. If I get that chance. Facebook’s even blocked links to BG like it’s some kind of central archive of malware and kiddie porn. Ugh. FUCK this whole notion of regulating and outlawing the very things that make people /people/ rather than a clutter of cut-and-paste npcs. I’m about ready to start wishing for someone to just shrug and nuke the whole fucking rock.

        Uhh… okay, /now/ rant over. *Ahem*. Sorry about that. >_>;

  2. Wow! It really seems that we have something in common. I too was criminally charged for expressing myself; to the dismay of some and to the joy to others! Only it was back in the 18th & 19th centuries, right around the time the laws your being charged w breaking; were invented. In fact I believe some of these ridiculous laws may have been created just for me! My extensive history of dealing w such repression must’ve been why I had a strange feeling all the sex ads would eventually end up causing you some kind of strange trouble.. I just didn’t really think it would be like this. I always kinda thought that there was something really off about staring at people getting hacked up and beheaded while simultaneously & unintentionally observing the clips of hardcore porn in the ads on the sides of the screen. It kinda seems like it could be doing some weird cross wiring of the different emotions in the brain that probably shouldn’t be happening in a lot of these sick fuck’s heads. Not even mine! lol Anyways; I will be following the story as closely as possible so please have your pal keep us updated.. if I lived near you I’d try to make it to the trial but Im all the way down in Baltimore Maryland of the USA.. Home of “The Wire” for anyone interested. If any of you GoreBabes live nearby you should let me know.. For that matter any SOB’s at all.. We need to unite! God be with you Mark! Godspeed in your fight for our freedom!

    1. Wow! It really seems that we have something in common. I too was criminally charged for expressing myself; to the dismay of some and to the joy to others! Only it was back in the 18th & 19th centuries, right around the time the laws your being charged w breaking; were invented. In fact I believe some of these ridiculous laws may have been created just for me! My extensive history of dealing w such repression must?ve been why I had a strange feeling all the sex ads would eventually end up causing you some kind of strange trouble.. I just didn?t really think it would be like this. I always kinda thought that there was something really off about staring at people getting hacked up and beheaded while simultaneously & unintentionally observing the clips of hardcore porn in the ads on the sides of the screen. It kinda seems like it could be doing some weird cross wiring of the different emotions in the brain that probably shouldn?t be happening in a lot of these sick fuck?s heads. Not even mine! lol Anyways; I will be following the story as closely as possible so please have your pal keep us updated.. if I lived near you I?d try to make it to the trial but Im all the way down in Baltimore Maryland of the USA.. Home of ?The Wire? for anyone interested. If any of you GoreBabes live nearby you should let me know.. For that matter any SOB?s at all.. We need to unite! God be with you Mark! Godspeed in your fight for our freedom!

  3. morals is just another word for opinion. what is right morals and what is wrong morals. the majority of the world probably does not even know the meaning of morals.
    opinions are like assholes. everyone has one and they all stink! including mine forsure!

  4. This shit (uncuestionable witch huntin?) is gettin?very nasty i told Mark ?bout mexican lucy blogdelnarco, and salgado 5antuario, same situation in middle east for many bloggrs, also china the ZOG device is forcing a new winter war, a new korea war, palestine war and people who?s not corrupt and carry honest info for interweb masses are public enemies, black panthers, ciber guerrillas and in a wider perspective RENEGADES, and CLANDESTINES…good luck Mark and don?t hesitate…it ain?t gonna be easy 4 them pigs

  5. Total BS charges and laws involved here. Takes very little common sense to figure out M acted appropriately and responsibly when he came in possession of said video. How any reasonable person could construe his actions as “corrupting morals” is beyond me and seems like the stretch of all stretches. What an enormous waste of time and resources this is when you consider what goes on in this world. I am hoping the “powers that be” will come to their senses and drop these bogus and trumped up charges. Even if its when they come to the realization they will be made to look like fools on the world stage.

    1. Same here……….. Thought my browser had me by the balls again :mrgreen:

      If one million people gave $10 ?

      He’s already had heaps of ‘donated ‘ help from legal I’ll betcha..

      Yes there will certainly be costs but hey………. Heads up and take notice law makers because we’re coming.

  6. it’s a bogus charge, made by zionists, against a man who had a huge audience to express his views and opinions on all things sick, perverted and unjust in this world. mark said things that ZOG didn’t want you to hear.

    one by one we will all face the same shit. this is just another step towards total control of our thoughts.

    keep up the good fight, mark.

    give em hell. make those assfucks wish that they never fucked with you.

  7. Before the rise of internet people were spoon fed what the establishment wanted us to know, but more important, they kept silent what they didn’t want us to know.
    With the dawn of the information age we were, for the first time, able to access sources that enabled us to form our own opinions based on available information , evidence and historical documents .
    Combined with critical thinking we became a generation who gave voice to our believes and questioned governments all over the world.
    We now think for our own and that’s dangerous to those with power, so now slowly but steadily we are being muzzled again, forced to walk in line as commanded.
    If we let this happen, the next generation will be as blind and obedient as the generations that came before us and we will once again lose a part of our humanity.

  8. People should just be able to say what they want to say. Who cares if people get offended, or upset? Let them share their opinion in return, and let’s have a debate. Not seeing all the different sides isn’t fair. Honesty is the best policy. Telling lies to each other in society through bullshit like political correctness, and history being written only by the victors, has gotten us nowhere. Well, except maybe down the fuckin’ toilet.

    Word up, SOBs! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    1. “People should just be able to say what they want to say” Well @ future, in the words of Jack nicholsons character in a few good men, The truth, they can’t handle the truth. So be it, we will fight

      1. Not shit. I hate how sensitive people are now days. It’s almost like they want to get offended by other people just to have something to bitch about, and you know what that makes me want to do? Nothing… Unfortunately. To be fair to the people whose minds I feel sorry for, I have to let them have their say to be fair. But… They better let me and my fellows have ours. Or else the Opinion Police deserve to be drowned in a big vat of my vomit from nights past of my drinking.

        1. as I’ve heard it said . ‘ I may not agree with what you say BUT I will fight to the death to defend your right to say it ‘…. very good to see everyone again I’ve missed you psyco bastards !!!!

  9. Fuck these sons of bitches! This is some bloody merky vile yellow shit! Who the fuck is anyone to think they can censor what is news and part of life/reality. Censorship only exists to conform people into a heard of lambs.

    1. Fucking amazing isn’t it.

      In the ‘media’ we hear and read about human behavior all the time and that some one is dead or whatever BUT never the gory stuff because apparently……. ‘you can’t handle the truth’ ๐Ÿ˜†

      There is the odd slip up on the idiot box but you gotta be quick to spot it ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Thank goodness for the internet and phone/video cameras and CCTV ๐Ÿ˜Ž

          1. I’m well @ juice girl, just missin’ the posts and the commenting on them, hey, some guy committed suicide but before he did he made a webpage, google martin manley my life and death, I haven’t read the whole thing yet but this man might be another hero to me. You can also (maybe) get it on M and best gore will live. If they shut this site down they will have to stop all the other gore sites down too and I personally don’t think people will go for that kind of censorship without makin’ some noise! And now a big swig of vodka for all you guys!!!!

          2. ?*~Juicy~*?

            Good to see you again; I wrote to Mark but didn’t get a reply:


            Mr Mark Marek
            c/o Edmonton Remand Centre
            18415 127 Street NW
            T6V 1B1
            Canada 28 July 2013

            I?m sorry to read that you were re-arrested last week and, I?m guessing that you will have been returned to the ERC.

            I?m sure that you are allowed to send letters after suitable censorship; let me know if there is anything that would make your incarceration more bearable; books, toiletries, notebook, clothing (state size), snack items, decent tea and coffee etc. and I?ll ensure that we get them packed and sent to you.

            It might be sensible if you can provide a list of what is not allowed e.g. files inside cakes, rope, chisels, drills, helicopter, as I can?t find anything on the ERC website other than visiting is by video conference..

            XXXXXX np

    1. It would happen all over the world. Hell, if I had a website like this the government would be on my ass in a month or something. And it’s not like I live in a third world country or anything ( or Belgium is considered third world these days )
      Freedom of speech is a f*cking myth nowadays.

  10. I’ve been a member on this site for a 2 years or so and I’ve never commented on anything. A ?silent viewer? I guess you could say. And all I really have to say is this site has really made me look at the world we live in differently and reality of what is really going on in the world especially as a young adult. It would be a shame to have this site taken down. I’m in for the fight to keep it up. I wish there was a way we could all help.

  11. Glad to see an update… for now at least the site breathes. I posted this on a deeper thread, but now that it’s on the front page… here we go again:
    OK, I don?t usually put myself out there, I try to remain anonymous on the Inter-Webs. But I?ve done a personal blog post, potentially exposing my alter ego. I am standing up for Mark and his freedom of speech., and if need be, I will be even more public. I just don?t want any of you crazy fucks showing up at my door at 3 AM any more than you want me doing the same.

    I think Mark *IS* being singled out, possibly to cover the embarrassment of Canadian authorities for ignoring his first warnings.

    I could rant and rave some more? but I won?t yet.

    1. That’s it………… IT.

      Publish an account so we can start depositing the defense money.

      Again……… 1 million people for $10 each would be a nice start…….. Hell, 1,000 @ 50 will be a nice starter.

      Let’s see how they go trying to bankrupt BG when it has an ever increasing slush fund, suck shit fuckers ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  12. There are posts and comments here that I find “offensive” but as a human being, I understand and respect that each one of us has different backgrounds, beliefs, etc. Denying individuals of their right to express themselves is dehumanizing. Doing so reduces us to mere animals, without intellect, without reason, without rights, without a voice, whose only purpose in life is to please and serve those who are so called leaders of the pack, which is something our predecessors have resiliently evolved to escape from. In this world, there are so many places to go, many people to meet, many things to be known, all of which are raw resources that if maximized can help us to improve humanity and cure it of the diseases that are slowly destroying it. As long as those in power continue to develop these resources in such a way that we become only consumers of a final product that is molded for their own benefit, humanity will remain as it is. We should not be mere consumers, we should be producers.

    1. I also don’t agree with all of Marks views, however he always brings up reasons for his opinions, he doesn’t hate someone because of what he is, he hates someone because of what he does and has done. Which is not racism or bigotry or any other label people like to throw around when they can’t argue.

    1. @ baked………… WTF man, how are ya ๐Ÿ˜Ž

      After reading this post, he won’t lose IMO.

      Those archaic laws need to be amended to represent todays reality……. not 100 years ago.

    1. Not your fault @ali, well, unless you’re an undercover agent sent here to browse the BG comments and posts, and report back to your superiors, meanwhile developing “valuable fake” friendships, to get more info on members, so that the government can wipe us all out. I just don’t see you having the extra time for all that. I know what it’s like to take care of a sick family member, and the emotional toll alone doesn’t allot for much else. But you could be drinking a lot of coffee ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m just fooling around, but no reason to feel that way, none of us in any country has any control over anything really, they just want us to think we do. Plus, none of us asked to be bout into this world, we’ve just got to try somehow to make the best of the shittyness as it continues to trickle down the political and governmental pipelines. Government shit smells MUCH worse than standard shit. IMHO :/

  13. When you really get down to it, “life” is offensive and corrupts our morals.

    As much as I love the USA, various things happen with cops and “the system” which we have to stand up to, apparently also in Canada. Tyranny is lurking in the closet or under our bed all the time. Those are the monsters that keep me up at night.

    Freedom of speech and expression is a concept that does not exist to protect the 95% of people who agree with you. It exists to protect the one kook over in the corner who is mumbling nonsense.

    If that one person is Mark, then we are all Mark at some point in our lives.

  14. Why does non if this surprise me? I think because bullshit laws like this are all over. This shit doesn’t ONLY happen in the states (obviously). It’s a fucking shame because when you don’t want anything to do with “corrupting morals” they will pull another bullshit law out if the closet and stand it up In a court room.

  15. For a second there I thought I was reading an article about some Chinese or maybe Saudi issue, what with the “corrupting morals” charge. But Canada? Wow.

    Also: Up until now I thought 1 Man 1 Icepick was faked. Yeesh.

    1. Oh, and it’s astounding that these fuckers always seem to pick on one site, turning said site into a scapegoat, yet meanwhile there are many, many other sites continuing as normal with no repercusions. ThePirateBay found that out – millions of dollars/pounds/yen/whatever later, and not only are the PirateBay NOT gone under, but business is better than ever. There are many, many gore sites, and many, many places you can watch 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick. I myself have only just today stumbled on this website, but all the gory and morbid stuff I enjoy, such as 1 Lunatic, can be seen on any one of a myriad of sites. I first saw 1 Lunatic on ED months back.

      Picking on one guy isn’t fair, and it’s a reprehensible, weasle-y move by the Canadian government.

      Anyway, sorry for ranting, rant over, toodle-pip.

  16. Everyone is different. all 7 billion of us , so how can the authorities – with 1 broad-stroke – say a certain thing will offend everyone? some woman flashing her tits would offend some people but it wouldnt offend me (maybe cause im gay) but if i was str8 it wudnt offend me still… you cant just tarnish everyone with the same brush and censor things YOU think are offensive………. ya can use that in any legal arguments ya may have in court soon..go on..use it..its free. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. In protest to this law, I say everyone who lives in Canada make their own website and publish the same content that has gotten mark into trouble. Let us see the Canadian government try and stop all of them.

  18. My dad, who has never been on this site, and just found out that I go on here. Normally he would have freaked, but when I told him what was going on with mark, he got pissed. This whole case is bullshit. How is it when this site not only identified the truth that 1 lunatic 1 icepick was real, but were able to find out the killer and the cops don’t do shit until he’s fled the country, the guy who should be praised is arrested and facing stupid charges? I might have issues with some of the things mark and some other people say, but honestly, this website is amazing. It’s not afraid to show the truth.

    1. I guess the exposure of the ineptitude of the police there humiliated them when maggot left the country whey they had plenty of time to bust that little fucktard. Its the police ego that has been hurt. Boohoo. It isn’t Mark’s fault they were idiots. They just want to have someone to blame.

      1. He’ll need citizenship, though. Maybe one of these females on here could marry him. That’ll get him an instant green card, won’t it? C’mon, girls. Some of you act like you want to marry him, anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Single mothers need not apply. lol)

        To be completely serious, yes operating a site like BG would be fine in the U.S. Kiddy porn is always a no no, and fucking disgusting!!! This ain’t Thailand! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    1. Don’t worry about the site, it’s taken care of.

      Send whatever you can afford on a regular basis for court costs and defense.

      Contact here if you missed it above………… vasilykirov187 [at]

  19. G’d evenin’ captain howdy!

    New to being a registered member, and relatively new to BG . Glad there is a new post and a new point for comments. I’m not sure what has prompted me to join right this moment. Maybe its the admiration of Mark and his use of the English language (amazing narrations) and his honest point of view (not always agreed with). Maybe it’s the wine…………

    I have a morbid curiosity. This site easily replaces a childhood love of ‘Bizarre’ magazine.

    Wish I’d found this sooner, but I’m good at playing catch up. I’m sad I’ve missed live Mark time. I have a low tolerance to alcohol.

    Best site.

  20. I have not been able to post shit for a long time because my comments always lived in the space time continuum of “in moderation” despite what ever computer I posted on.

    It stinks what happened to Mark and we do live in interesting times where it seems all to common to send our people to war to kill and be killed and yet post footage of murder and it is deemed unacceptable, it would seem that those who would command would reduce reality to illusionary “sub conscious” mentality.

    Freedom of expression and democracy only exist in those who still believe in such fairytales, life to those who see truth is existential only to ingrained social phenomenon, we are only what we see, hear and experience therefore can we conclude that we are free from systematic control, free from the cancer of social discourse, I say that we can not.

    My pitiful expression of life that I hold dear is for the most part illusionary for even if it is truthful to myself it is illusionary to others, with so many versions of truth, of reality, of ideology, of democracy, of self determined intellectual superiority, it is, when you considered the wide aspect of global/social experience, a self guided protocol of behaviour that we endear to ascribe by.

    My conclusion, the majority should, by way of strength of numbers, dictate the future passage of change and action, resulting from governance of number percentage and potential action phenomenon, the reality that this is not so is due to the larger number bowing to the power of the few, sheep behaviour to be accurate.

    The end result is that we, Best gore members as a whole, view the world in a somewhat reality/acceptability role whilst those outside of the circle view life in a child like manner, and dare I say, that like children they based their logic on what they are told instead of what they have learned.

    Mark is held captive by past ideology because present ideology is not fit for purpose, it would seem that when in doubt use any old law to ascertain guilt, it is wrong, it is stupid, it is idiotic but it is control, therefore they will torment Mark because their can and because they are told to do so by their puppet masters, the corporation and, the money men.

    Will the poor rise against the rich or will the rich crush the poor, that is the question, and many an answer is hidden in the midst, I await to see.

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