How We Found Out We’re Being Spied On and How You Can Protect Your Privacy

If You Haven't Done Anything Wrong, You Have Nothing to Worry About

Ever since Edward Snowden leaked information on mass state surveillance of internet communications by spy agencies like the NSA (the US National Security Agency), the CSIS (the Canadian Security Intelligence Service) or the GCHQ (the British Government Communications Headquarters), the world has been abuzz about the intersection of technology, privacy, and freedom in the digital world. And while many are aware that the governments are involved in surveillance and data mining, I imagine most would think they are too small a fish to be spied on, or worse yet – assume the “I’ve got nothing to hide” argument.

As a close friend of Mark’s and a strong believer in freedom in all its forms, inspired by Mark’s fortitude to serve the common good even at a cost of his own personal freedom, well being and even life, I spent much time coordinating Best Gore’s behind the scenes operations and preparation of counter offensives against the Canadian psychopaths who seek to destroy the free flow of content and ideas on the internet. It is for that reason why you may have heard of me, but wouldn’t have seen me around much.

I can’t however take all the credit myself, as several people have contributed and continue to offer unconditional support for the just cause. To name just a few from among those you see on Best Gore, I’d like to especially recognize acneska, nastypersuasions and McTreblar (in no specific order).

Needless to say, because we are all spread out across the world, we rely on the electronic modes of communications to stay in touch with one another and effectively coordinate our team work. After a while, however, we started to suspect that our communications are being monitored.

In this post, I will tell you how we had it confirmed with 100% certainty that all our incoming and outgoing email communication is being spied on, and will also offer a few simple tips that anyone can do to prevent the government from knowing about your every step before you even take it. And while none of what I’m going to suggest is a secret – to the contrary it’s perused often by privacy minded people – you won’t find many (if any) mainstream media outlets bringing it to the people’s attention. They must not want you to keep your private life private. I wonder why…

I will avoid getting too technical and will only focus on easy things to do so anyone, including the non technical types can take these steps to help safeguard their privacy on line and protect conversations with one another from eavesdroppers.

As a disclaimer, I would just mention that this will not be an exhausting guide to privacy and I can make no guarantees that by following these simple tips your privacy would be unbreakably secured. They are likely to protect your communications, but governments including the U.S. and Canadian have made progress in breaking or circumventing some cryptographic technologies and because they are inherently secretive, we plain and simple do not know what their capabilities are.

But because I suspect many of you may have been tricked by the corporate media to adopt the (extremely dangerous) “I’ve got nothing to hide” mindframe, let me address this first.

The “Nothing to Hide” Argument

In its December 16, 2005 article published by the New York Times titled “Bush Lets U.S. Spy on Callers Without Courts: Secret Order to Widen Domestic Monitoring” by James Risen and Eric Lichtblau it was revealed that the Bush Administration secretly authorized the NSA to engage in warrantless wiretapping of American citizens’ telephone calls. This event started the tsunami of mass surveillance.

Communication surveillance however is not the worst of thing. The real danger lurks in the rather innocuous sounding “Data Mining”. Data Mining involves what the government refers to as analyzing personal data for patterns of suspicious behavior.

On May 11, 2006, the USA Today published an article by Leslie Cauley titled “NSA Has Massive Database of Americans’ Phone Calls” which was reported to be the largest database of customer records in the world.

Then on June 23, 2006, the earlier mentioned Eric Lichtblau and James Risen reported in an article titled “Bank Data Sifted in Secret by U.S. to Block Terror” published by the New York Times that the U.S. government had been accessing bank records from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Transactions (SWIFT), which handles financial transactions for thousands of banks around the world.

It was after this revelation when people finally started to question the government’s data mining practices, however they were quickly shut down by the complacent ones who struck back with “when the government engages in surveillance, it is no threat to privacy unless you are involved in unlawful activity, in which case you have no legitimate justification to claim that it remain private.”

This type of thinking was beaten into people’s heads by the governments who used it to justify the installation of millions of CCTV cameras. The program in Britain was launched with a campaign based on the slogan declaring that: “If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear.

That you’ve got nothing to fear if you’ve got nothing to hide is however a ridiculous argument, as it’s based on the underlying assumption that privacy is about hiding bad things. Even if you truly have “nothing to hide’ legally, you’re still a private person with the right to the sovereignty of your individualism, personhood or autonomy. Everyone has thoughts and emotions they don’t want the society to intrude upon.

Surveillance can create chilling effects on many freedoms, including freedom of speech, freedom of association, etc. Even if people only engage in legal activities, sole knowledge that all these activities are under active surveillance can inhibit these people from engaging in them. Chilling effects can reduce the range of viewpoints expressed and the degree of freedom with which the people engage their activities.

An even more frightening concept of data mining is the fact that none of us knows how all this data is used. None of us has access to the data that’s been collected about us, nor what the system has profiled us as based on the data collected. The sole fact that the very existence of data mining was kept secret for years is telling. And even now, we are told little about how long the data will be stored, how it will be used, and what it could be used for in the future. From that standpoint, it is impossible to assess the dangers of the data being in the government’s control.

Murders of Rebecca Shaeffer and Amy Boyer further prove that there are dangers to mining data of people who “have nothing to hide”. Rebecca Shaeffer was an actress killed when a stalker obtained her address from a Department of Motor Vehicles record. Amy Boyer was murdered by a stalker who obtained her personal information, including her work address and Social Security number, from a database company.

How We Found Out with 100% Certainty That Our Email Conversations Are Spied On

That Canada is a very dangerous place to live in we found out very early after Mark’s arrest. While protection of the right to freedom of speech is virtually nonexistent and attacks on journalists which resulted in scores of them bankrupted and in complete ruin are more frequent in Canada than in any other first world country, making Canada an absolute hell hole for reporters who dare inform the public about the truth, Canada also stands out like a sore thumb from many other jurisdictions, including the United States, by having no constitutional protection of the solicitor-client privilege.

We observed that hearing after hearing, the enemy (the Canadian government represented by its henchmen in form of the prosecutors, police and judges) appeared to constantly have an advanced knowledge of Mark’s strategy and plans for defense. Whereas in democratic countries the accused has the right to privacy within which to prepare the case and plan strategy without undue interference, we found that in Mark’s case, this democratic right is not respected at all.

To determine whether this is just us imagining things, or whether all Mark’s electronic communications, as well as all electronic communications of the rest of us who have been assisting Mark with his defense against the enemy are indeed spied on, we put them to a little test.

For that, we used the .onion based self destructing messaging service called SMS4TOR (I’ll explain what it is and how it can help protect your privacy in the following paragraphs).

Server that houses SMS4TOR is hidden behind the TOR proxy wall and is therefore untraceable by normal means. An untraceable server cannot be gotten into by authorities because they have no means to know where the server is located or who it is hosted with. SMS4TOR also stores messages in an encrypted form so even if someone did manage to hack into it, all they would find would be sequences of characters that doesn’t make any sense without a decryption key. To crack an encrypted text with brute force is possible if the password is weak, but it would still take a very long time (months or years).

The way this service works is that you write a message and when you’re done, it gets encrypted and you are provided with a link containing the decryption key. Once the decryption key is used, the message self destructs (gets securely deleted from the server), therefore each message can only be read once. In other words, the moment the content of the message is displayed on a screen is also the moment it is destroyed. Any subsequent attempt to access it again will fail for that message no longer exists. As such, if you send a message to someone and they read it, you know for sure they were the only person in the entire world who read it. Nobody else but you who wrote it and he/she who read it will know what was in it, unless you decide to share.

In a perfect world, email communication would flow between intended parties without being spied on, so if you emailed a decryption key to the one person you want the message to be revealed to, they would use the decryption key they got in the email, and use it to reveal the message as it self destructs. But if your email communication is spied on and the spy really wants to know what you wrote, they would feel pretty upset if you used self destructing messaging system as that presents them with but two options:

  • Never find out what you wrote
  • Find out what you wrote, but reveal to you and your contact that your email communication is spied on

In our case, the spies who monitored our email exchanges were way too eager to know what we wrote so for them, giving us the 100% proof that our email communications are spied on was less important than not knowing what was in the self destructing messages we exchanged.

I first sent a self destructing message from my email address to a supporter with a Gmail. By the time he opened it a few hours later, it had already been self destructed, which means it had been read by someone else. I then did the same with another supporter with different mainstream email address and the outcome was the same.

I then sent an email from an email address to a based email address (servers in Russia) which I have access to. It was once again read by a spy. However when I tried the same by sending yet another message from one Russia based email address to another Russia based email address, the code revealed the content on the message, thereby proving to me that email accounts hosted on servers in Russia are not spied on.

After a bit more testing, if I used an email address hosted on a server physically housed in the USA, Canada, Australia or EU, regardless of whether I was on the sending or the receiving end, the content of the email was read by a spy who opened the self destructing message, thereby revealing to me with 100% certainty that this email communication was intercepted and the content of the encrypted message accessed by an unauthorized third party.

The trouble was that email providers from Russia had all their websites in Russian, which made their services vastly inconvenient to use by people who don’t speak Russian. So I did some further testing and found that emails sent to and from the TOR version of email service were also not read by spies. After that, I instructed people I needed to have confidential email exchanges with to create an account there.

We each created an email account on and used self destructing messages to share with each other aliases of new accounts, thus ensuring nobody but us knew what our email addresses were. Since spies no longer had the means to know what email addresses we switched to (which means they didn’t know which accounts to try to hack), we’ve managed to keep our conversations private without the technical knowledge we’d need in order to set up personal encryption system, such as PGP on our local computers.

Unfortunately, since then, the TOR version of email service has stopped working and the website, which is hosted in New Zealand can now only be accessed directly. I don’t see New Zealand as messed up Canada or the USA, however their recent raid on the Kim Dotcom’s residence at the bidding of the American ZOG makes Kiwi government untrustworthy.

Steps You Can Take to Lock Authorities Out of Spying On You Easily

First, if you don’t have it yet, download the TOR browser from here:

TOR stands for The Onion Relay because all requests made are passed through several layers of privacy servers (layered like an onion to protect the core), securing the end users with a great level of anonymity. Just download, install on your local machine and run it. It will bootstrap to the TOR network and will open an internet browser that is based on Mozilla Firefox so it looks and works in a similar way, except that instead of accessing websites directly, it accesses them via a network of some 5,000 privacy servers.

The way you use TOR browser is exactly the same as you use any other browser (be it IE, Chrome or Firefox). But if you use TOR, no one, often not even your ISP or the websites you are visiting will be able to identify that it was you who visited them. This could prevent easy spying which can be done on the ISP level.

This can also be used to circumvent any censorship or access ban. For example, if you tried to access by using free WiFi at McDonald’s, you wouldn’t get through because access to sites deemed “adult” in nature is banned. But if you used a TOR browser, you’d get on the website without any problems because now McDonald’s WiFi cannot see what websites you are accessing, nor which computer requests are originating from. All they can see are encrypted, unidentified packets coming in and out. No source (your computer), nor destination (websites you are accessing) can be determined from them.

While TOR is not 100% fool proof, as at one point the US spies hacked into a TOR server located in France and were able to monitor traffic passed through that particular server (though it is questionable as to what extent they were able to decrypt it), good thing about TOR is that it changes which servers you are being passed through all the time so you’re never in one location for too long. Plus even if there are occasional hacks into particular servers, techs that manage them usually find out that someone hacked in quickly, kick them out and patch the exploit.

In general terms, TOR provides pretty solid anonymity and it’s also a gateway to what’s known as the deep web. The only way for the government to get access to deep web servers is by luck, as there is really no straightforward way to trace route to the deep web servers. TOR network, even though government sponsored, is open source, meaning it can be independently audited. As such, it is known to be secure and with no backdoors. Many governments, including the US and Canadian contributed to the TOR network because it’s a way for activists in what first world government’s would call “dictatorships” to eluded censorship.

How ironic that Canada fits right in there with the world’s most ruthless dictatorships in that activists in Canada face brutal repression and persecution, that Canada even forces prior censorship upon journalists, which is a tyrannical practice not even the most notorious autocracies resort to, so activists must rely on tools like TOR in order to continue serving the public good.

The only downside to using TOR is that every website will load slightly slower than with a straight browser. However what you gain in terms of privacy for literally zero effort on your part is immense. All it takes to start using TOR is to go to the link I provided above and download and install the browser. It’s that simple. Just download, install it and start it up. Use as your regular browser, although if you really want to stay anonymous, you will need to change a few habits as there are exploits TOR has no control over. Such as if you downloaded a PDF file and opened it while connected to the internet, it could reveal who you are to the owner of a remote host, for the document could have remotely hosted images embedded in it and the remote host can be set up to trace which IPs are accessing these images.

If you don’t mind sacrificing poshy features of your Gmail account for simplicity and more privacy, you may consider setting up an email account with, however bear in mind that while it’s owned by Brazilians, it’s hosted in New Zealand. If the website was hosted in Brazil, the level of privacy would be significantly higher:

A safer privacy minded email option would be a service that’s behind TOR proxy, such as TorBox:


Note – this is an .onion based URL. It will only resolve in the TOR browser (will not work in straight browsers). Also note that many of these hidden services are provided free of charge with owners having little to no means to monetize them. As a result, they are hosted on inadequately powered servers and are sometimes unavailable as a result. If the website doesn’t load, try a few moments later.

SMS4TOR self destructive messaging system can be accessed on the following URL:


SMS4TOR is also sometimes down but it works most of the time and has been very helpful in keeping our conversations private.

An important part of preventing the governments from profiling you would be to stop using Google, as well as other mainstream search engines, including Bing and Yahoo, but Google is by far the worst. Many people who use TOR recommend, which is a great service which I don’t have major reservations against. I do however like Start Page better. Start Page is also said to fetch the search queries with Google so you get Google results less Google spying and data mining:

If you own an Android smartphone, head over to the Guardian Project website and download the TOR proxy router (Orbot) and a browser that works with it (Orweb) from there:

As for people who own an Iphone of other Apple products… good luck with those. If privacy and sound future are of any concern of yourn, I’d be looking for the fastest way to get rid of them.

I hope you guys found this article helpful and found in it something of value. Remember, you have nothing to lose by keeping your private life private. Whereas allowing the governments to continue stockpiling private data about you for undisclosed use in the future – you just never know in what fashion this could backfire.

This should be especially of concern to people who live in Canada for as we see from what’s happening to Mark, that fact that you commit no crime, that you cause no harm or loss to another, that there is no victim to your actions – none of this matters. In Canada, it’s not necessarily people who do something bad, wrong or illegal that become targets.

There will be another post we’ll make which will address how bad it really is in Canada for this quest to assist Mark lead us to dozens of other victims of tyranny that has no match in the world, but that’s outside of the scope of this article.

Also, there is much more one could do to safeguard their privacy, such as loading your computer up with a Tails OS and setting up a Mozilla Thunderbird email client with PGP encryption, but the latter is tricky to properly set up even for experienced computer guys, which can be extremely frustrating when attempted by the less tech inclined people. So to avoid confusion, I intentionally limited the guide to tips easy to implement by anyone.

Let me know what you think,


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  1. this is fascinating and scary shit, Vasily, thanks. but i’m afraid i’m a bit of a computer retard. i thought that anything that existed on the internet is traceable and can never be completely deleted…so isn’t the CIA or whatever just as capable of trolling/controlling TOR sites as well as any other? wouldn’t they have their own people running these systems? it’s hard for me to believe that the general public has more advanced tech than the governments that are building the shit, this isn’t the matrix… also, doesn’t joining TOR send signals from your original browser to the authorities?

    1. Lil’ Obli. You can’t defeat the MIC.

      It’s already here and it ain’t goin’ nowhere anytime soon, babe.

      I think you’d best hide under the covers with your anorexic goth chicks, let them suck you off and head for bed, kid.

      Your time to raise up and revolt has passed.

    2. If you recall Mr. Snowden was an outsourced, third party working for an IT xompany that the NSA hired . Monitor and run the servers the data recording was kept on. The NSA is primarily xomprised of companies that provide IT support. Each person who works for these xompanies has security clearance. Mr. Snowden wasn’t an outsider who haxked the system. He was an insider who worked for a contaxted company entrusted to program, monitor, and maintain the system that the NSA uses to do its work. The government itself had little to no knowledge on how to do what they wanted to do, so they hired outside companies that peovide this service to do it foe them. I will bet that actual NSA employees have no idea how to do what they do. They onky know how to open the file the hired companies wrote and programes for them.

      Currently, the largest IT provider is Hewitt Packard (HP). That’s right. The xompany that sells printers makes nearly all thier profits not on xomouter and print sales but by peoviding IT support to companies big and small. HP breaks irs services into accounts and works with evey type of plave from geocery store chains, radio stations, to government offices like the Mayor, the Governor, and yes, some top agencies like CIA. althoguh most places do have IT departments of thier own, those departments are for password resets, updating software, and general help desk. Ever call you company help desk and just get a ticket number? That’s because they are outsourcing the real work to an outside IT company like HP or the one Snowden worked for.

      The most requested service from .companies is to have employees email and browser use monitored and rerouted so it xan be.monitored. favebooom accounts and other social media are now starting to be monitored too. There have been a number of lawsuits for wrongful firing based on facebook postings that were uncovered by the company the ough the use of a third party IT company. It has been deemed legal. A favorite. Activity is emerging. Investigation of those on medical leave. Companies minitor facebook postings to determine if an employee is abusing medical leave. In aome cases the emploee was fired, medical leave payments terminated or asked to be paid back all because of a favebook post. And sadky, many people agree with this. Many people are willing to allow a company to rake control of your life, even when you are not a work and your activities are.not illegal. Say something against your boss ? There have been terminated people for that too.

      Too many people are willing to hand.over.freedom, priva, y, and other.liberties.

      I know this doesn’t quite answer your question. But at least it will give you some insight on how government does what it does. Even the CIA has outsorced IT to third party companies that monitor o. Thier be half. HP has an account that works.with several organizations within the government that monitors drug trafficking via email correspondence.

      And HP is also the largest support for BlackBerry., which is most popular with government employees and oddly the.easiest to hack and quickest to crash. Nearly all government employees use BlackBerry phones and not a sin gle of thier help desks prov ide suppirt. You have to call, get a ticket number, and somebody feom HP calls the person back. HP even supports Google I some areas.

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          Hiya! Thanks so much for the kind reply back on February 17th, likewise. If you need to vent I am here for you too, sweetie! I hate seeing good people like yourself in chronic pain. Sorry I haven’t been on BG, been too tired ๐Ÿ™ It looks like I have a lot of gore to catch up on ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. Awesome. The more people use Tor, the more safer all of them will be. For email privacy, people use GPG ( Even if your email service is insecure (Google, AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft), the contents of a message encrypted with GPG can only be read by the right person. There is Whonix ( In Whonix, even exploits in applications, like Tor Browser, can’t reveal your private information.

    1. I’d like to point out one minor correction for you; most will be safer, not all. The more that use it, the more relaying partakes, resulting in more people being inevitably busted as they were caught, or recorded on one of the many relays, or servers; it’s not new, it’s just something I figured I’d better point out. The bigger TOR becomes, the better for those luckier individuals – there’s no way to avoid detection without ending your use thereof telecommunications, and of internet.

      Let’s say 20/20,000 people are detected, recorded and obtained every day on the TOR Network; we can not determine on if we’d be one of those unlucky few singularities – likewise, we are more likely to be one of the 20,000.

      The same applies as TOR grows – 40/40,000, 100/100,000 – ETC.

      Additionally, had I an army of my own, I would undo these security flaws – there’s just too much ZOG-controlled, and US-manifested bullshit now days for one person to deal with; to even play with such an idea; that being – fixing things is maddening. Things will only further deteriorate, and rapidly, however more so, decline as time ticks away.

  3. thanks so much for looking out for us Vasily…I really appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚
    good thing I have tor already….and I always thought it was a bad thing so I didn’t use it as much…
    yayy for privacy!

        1. I highly doubt that….

          You look smooth, creamy and tasty.

          Obli and I both love pale white women, he just loves his starved until their ribcages protude like emaciated grayhounds.

          I’m sure you’re healthy.

  4. That was an extremely well written informative article brother and I really enjoyed reading it… I for one have always believed someone is always watching or listening… Whenever someone tells you this phone call may be recorded it always sounds hollow and echos a lot… I always wondered why my phone just pops into that sound during certain conversations… I was always told growing up to live your life like someone is watching, and as it turned out these motherfuckers were watching all along… Fukemol

    1. my phone actually was tapped for sometime a few years back….there was a rash of suspicious robberies at the store I worked at, and the supervisor was under suspicion so apparently they tapped the employees….
      …its a little disconcerting when you realize how easily it can be done…

    2. I’ve worked at large corporations doing cust. Svc & such before I was disabled and you can always tell when a line’s being recorded. The biggest indicator is that “hollow” sound. The second indicator is any clicking or popping sounds. That’s always when we used to throw our super polite game face on. There’s other ways to tell also but that hollow sound or an echo are #1 suspect ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I suppose we could go back to writing letters. Or use carrier pigeons, they’re trustworthy, and capable of transporting small volumes of narcotics. All this modern world stuff makes me want to go live off-grid and grow my own food and have nothing to do with the “powers” that be. And what a boring job it must be to troll through endless amounts of emails.

    1. That sounds good, Jonny. A lot of people are starting to do that, live off the grid. I feel like moving up to the Yukon to a small town away from all of these Facebook addicts and reality tv show addicts that have nothing interesting to say and don’t know about the zionists and what is really going on in this world.

      I already live in a small city but so many people are moving here and it is getting bigger. Also it is a Freemason city. They have their symbols on buildings here and the all seeing eye in the pyramid is right on the crest of our city hall.

      I just remember reading something where a lady is using solar panels and collecting rain water and the gov is making her use the electric co and water companies. So I think she is going to court. What a joke!

      1. That’s bullshit that the government are making her use electricity, she should fight it all the way. I just don’t want to do what others tell me to, like those in “power”. Every human was born a naked crying baby, so for me it is ludicrous that someone else should have jurisdiction over my actions, I have as much right to tell them what to do as they do me. Obviously that applies if I’m not hurting anyone else, if I am then I should be stopped, but otherwise no. These government fucks act like they own the earth and you owe them your life, well they can piss off, their actual power isn’t even tangible, it’s given to them by themselves and enforced through their actions, but that is all. I could say I have the same powers, it’s whether the masses agree or not that makes it so. Right, time to get working on this log cabin…

  6. Sad that you couldn’t claim those hacked emails as invasion of lawyer client privilege. Although it sounds to me that it was very close to that. Even our prisoners in state prisons get that right here in America. Written letters only obviously but still. Thats some horrible shit to know that basically what mark considers his arch enemy knows everything mark knows even before he does. Pathetic really that they couldn’t create a case on the info they used to ostensibly ban him from internet use to begin with. Should show they never had/have a case to begin with..

  7. Intelligent article regarding the capabilities of the governing bodies to penetrate the personal wall of privacy. Another great tip to maintain your defense against onlookers is to cover your laptop camera lens with masking tape when not in desired use….

  8. I downloaded the android tor thingy but I’m not sure how it works!…I also don’t mind that I’m being spied on…I hope those fuckers choke on their coffee when they see the shit I fap off to on my phone….haha…how you like that shit cia..nsa cop ffucks?!!….I see you as well!!…

    1. I think this whole ” government spying on me” crap is just paranoia, I have a schizophrenic neighbour who thinks the same shit, or shall I say same mentality. Just like the illuminati crap you see being spewed on youtube by high school kids.

      1. You mean when you send an email to someone with a self destructing message and the message gets read by an unauthorised party – that’s just paranoia? When official documents are leaked that the government conducts massive scale spying and data mining, that’s just paranoia?

        Do you know what the definition of the sheep is? The sheep is not he who has been mislead, but he to whom the truth presents itself, but he rejects it to make himself look like a cool anti conspiratard.

      2. speak for yourself, sir. these actions of the government are known for some time and so much more proof has just been revealed concerning us and BG, but as i said, i’m just computer illiterate so i don’t understand all the technical stuff too well, i need help. but i’ve made my decision. Download.

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  9. Why is everybody so surprised? I mean come on people wake the fuck up!! This is happening from the beginning of the internet. You know why it’s called the world wide WEB? Because that’s what WEBs do. They catch the unaware prey.

    1. People knew, just not what to do about it. This article is very well written for everyday users – I believe that was the intent – but vasily needed to give some background about how very serious this can be, especially for the falsely accused in the court of law who expect at the very least to have privacy during their case.

  10. I am neither a survivalist nut job nor a left wing Loon/global warming/climate change clueless liberal But…… it is a fact no govt. now or ever has more destructive power than Mother nature! so she & her twin sister mother earth or old man winter must be laughing @ all the poor humanoid life forms
    who fear govt. spies
    more than
    them; along with their crazy hothead spanish great
    great grandpa `EL SOL`… and only talk about wanting to try to live off grid. unless you know some old volks who can teach you some basics
    now it will be too late to try to jewgle it when the lights go out!
    and all your encripted e-mail will be useless as John Wayne toilet paper (`dont take shit off nobody`) or to help start the wood stove. or wipe your ass!
    but 1 box of real paper junk mail or a few old egg cartons filled w/dryer lint & soaked wax will.
    most city folk who dont know & never even
    met a real redneck/hillbilly/longhaired country boy/retired german batchelor-farmer !
    should at least check out or better yet call 1 800 835 2418 & subscribe to th real paper mag.
    p.s. they hate th fuckin govt. too. esp. obama

    also #1 unless you can find a reliable source
    of H2o nuthin else matters ! i am lucky
    i could drive my diesel tractor to lake superior in less than 20 hrs.
    the big lake only ices over once evry hunnert yrs. 2014 gonna b a very ‘special` year in many ways…
    try to have some fun?

  11. There is a documentary called “Esoteric Agenda”. It’s on youtube, i Highly recommend people watch it.
    There is an esoteric agenda behind our facet perception of “reality”. History is a mystery hence why we live in misery.

  12. Danka
    herr Kirov,
    m.m. & all @B.G.
    some friends i fwd.
    b.g. posts to also very much appreciate all the facts & knowledge on this site, others say they are too busy wrkn. to feed the kids but most are clueless sheep sad but true!

  13. Holy shit, this is exactly what I was looking for all these years, a site where I can look for all the porn I want w/out having to search thru google! By the way, an OFFICIAL member now, but have been a CONSTANT fan of BG since 2010.
    I truly am grateful for Vasily’s links to hidden gems in this world, I’m already using DuckDuckGo and StartPage, so I thank you.
    Yes, I know all about the CCTV cameras being everywhere. I sometimes get a bit paranoid and try to hide my face but it’s just no use, they made sure there are NO blind spots. The city recently made a new campus for a college, took a tour in this new school, could not find a “quiet place” where students can study w/out a damn black bubble in their face. But is the saying “if you’ve got nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear” the same thing as “if you see something, say something?” I recognized the importance of not just our information that we put out in the WWW but also our reputation, feelings, and even opinions. Our existence. The only thing I am really grateful for, for being alive is the ability to dream and not having to share those dreams with anybody but with myself. But what about this other quote I see on billboards? Shouldn’t that be included in a similar discussion as this one? What should be said if you do see something?
    Personally, I really don’t know what the hell I would do if I did “see something”. Would it depend all on what I saw? not really sure, because I haven’t experience that type of situation in my life, but that is possible. Anything (good or bad) is possible.
    I try to tell my mother to change her phone at least and close any apps that she’s constantly logged onto but, well, she’ll listen someday. Hopefully. I just want to say to Best Gore Community that if I have never found this site, I would have probably not even be alive anymore. Just thinking back to when I would question the world and why it function the way it does and not having an answer drove me (almost) insane. But having a source I can rely on and always come back to to find comfort and truth revealed gave me my drive in life. Just do good, give equality to both genders (as from the other article I read on Societal Misandry) and other living things (except spiders and shit), train yourself in ALL fields that will help you survive in this cruel world, don’t even blabber or show off about what you know as the truth, some people may not like that!
    It’s just sad that common sense is not at the forefront of the system’s mind and having to resort to such measures “for the sake of security”. Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. If it wasn’t for BG as I said, I would have left my mother long ago, but I don’t want her to suffer in this place alone after seeing what life has to offer! sorry if this became off topic, first ever rant on this site, please forgive me! LOVE the rest of you guys tho

  14. Good read………

    I have always known that jewgle tracks me but always used it for it’s search power of course.

    You can see it in jewgle when you type in a search query and then click the link you want and as you watch the top address bar it is ‘thinking’ and tracking all future ‘click through’s’ which also makes browsing slower.

    Well, not anymore you low life meddling scum tards.

    Finally, after all these years I am now free of the monopoly and my new full time search engine is now STARTPAGE…….. It’s much faster and response time seems to be ‘snappier’.

    Another thing to keep in mind ( if you use gmail ) is log out of mail before continuing to browse the web ๐Ÿ˜‰

    FUCK YOU jewgle, your gone.

    Thanks Vasily.

    1. Hushmail is NOT secure. Hushmail turned over PGP keys and 12 CDs of data containing email communications to the US authorities in 2007. The encryption used by Hushmail resides on Hushmail servers so they have the decryption keys.

  15. Might be a stupid question, but if I set up an email account on this private one that can’t be hacked, but then use it to email someones gmail account, will it still get hacked and read ?

    1. There are no stupid questions, there can only be stupid answers.

      Based on our experience, whether gmail was on sending or receiving end, the email was read. So it really doesn’t matter how private your email address is if you communicate with a person who has a gmail account. Unless you and the person you communicate with sets up end to end PGP encryption on each of your computers.

      It also must be said that while some platforms are more ressiliants to hacks than others, and some are virtually wide open to government snoops, no platform is 100% safe. Not so long ago, all servers of Freedom Hosting were seized in Ireland, including the server on which TorMail was hosted so all previously private and secure communications that were not encrypted were compromised. PGP encryption is by far the best way to protect your emails from being read by unauthorised parties, but it is a bitch to set up and needs to be set up on both receiving and sending ends.

  16. Strictly in terms of the trust model, there is no way to know whether SMS4TOR is not in fact keeping copies of all notes.

    Furthermore, the expiration of the links could just as easily be due to automated crawling mechanisms in place at many email providers rather than malicious surveillance. For ex. Gmail is interested in knowing which links are being sent around, generating previews and keywords based on their content, and preventing spam and phishing.

    On another note, I wonder if BestGore has an IRC. Would like to chat with you some time, as these interests converge with mine.

    1. This idea is fundamentally flawed in the fact that SMS4TOR link would only resolve in a TOR enabled browser after a connection to the deep web has been established. If a bot just followed the link, or if you just clicked it like that, your browser would display an error that the URL is invalid. The server that houses SMS4TOR would not be accessed, thus the message would still stay there.

  17. I wish most read and followed this post. This would really help a lot when it comes to the basic knowledge of privacy and security issues. I was basically a privacy retard until I saw this. It’s surprising how many websites use Google AdSense and try to sniff your personal information. They know what search terms you use and use it for ads or future search terms. In fact, they know you so much that all they need are two pictures of you, and they can tell you fourteen things about you.

    To block Google AdSense, you can download NoScript on Firefox as an Add-on and you can manually block Google Adsense from there. But, the downside is, a lot of sites who use JavaScript and Shockwave Flash as a way to display their content would be blocked, and you have to change the settings for that. I’m not so sure with Chrome, though, as I discontinued using it.

    Also, I know a lot of us members use our smartphones to browse BestGore and would want to stay anonymous still. If privacy is such a great concern for you, you should ‘root’ your phone using Framaroot or Vroot and follow instructions there then download Orbot, it’s Tor for mobile phones. The PC version of Tor is much, much superior in safeguarding privacy, however. If your phone can’t be rooted then you have to download Orbot and Orweb. But, Orweb is greatly underdeveloped. This only works for Android phones, by the way. For Apple, and I quote Vasily, good luck with those!

    Another great software Vasily mentioned here is Tails. Tails stands for The Amnesic Incognito Live System. It’s an operating system that’s based on Debian (Linux) and Tor and it is indeed one tough bitch to set up if you don’t happen to be technically inclined but in the end, it is really, really, really worth it, especially on those sensitive files only obtainable from .onion websites. Also, one great thing on Tails is you can use it on any computer – as long as you know how to change the Boot Order. I really encourage everyone to give it a try. It would involve a lot of reading, though.

    Alternatively, there is the I2P or the Invisible Internet Project. Different features and functionalities with Tor. If Tor uses the onion relay, the I2P uses the garlic relay of connection. If Tor uses HTML, I2P uses JavaScript. If Tor has the Hidden Services, I2P has eepSites. But since not much academic research was put into it, I guess Tor would work better with anonymity, even those who aren’t skilled with computers. I2P Is sort of more complicated than Tor, in my opinion.

    I wish Vasily will continue this and make it a series. It would be nice for members to know about the technicalities involving safeguarding privacy. It would really seem intimidating at first but eventually, through continued use, it would all flow smoothly and become part of daily routine.

    Lol, my comment is one year late and is horribly long. Hahaha. ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. I don’t understand why Mark is in jail What are the charges? Are gross-out photos and videos illegal now?
    Or is it the anti minority anti liberal stuff?
    I don’t agree with a lot of the viewpoints posted here, the racist stuff etc, but I don’t think its illegal to have an opinion. I mean, the West is aleays bragging about its freedoms, right? That “nothing to hide” stuff is really Orwellian, its scary to think about what kind of world were leaving our children.

    1. Mark is in jail because they`re scared of V…
      Or the vendetta that`s coming…….
      When that Magus can form a committee….

      Now that Tor is a tool…that we all can use…
      Or if you live in Glastonbury….
      Than maybe a dog on a string is an abuse…

      What is he saying?? You all may think…
      Well…..get out your Thesaurus…
      Because nobody wants to be thrown in the clink….

      For freedom of expression…or the right to say “Fuck”….
      Can we just leave those retards…..
      On Twitter…Tumblr…and Facebook……

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