Human Rights Violations in Canada

Human Rights Violations in Canada

I received a letter from Mark so I’m sharing:

In 2012, after the Chinese political dissident Chen Guangcheng sought refuge in the US Embassy in China, the Chinese government granted him safe passage to leave China and live in the United States of America. Once in the USA, Chen Guangcheng gave an interview to the BBC World Service, in which he spared no opportunity to blame the Chinese authorities for violations of human rights, while praising the US for protecting them. Chen Guangcheng told the BBC that in China, a citizen can be arrested and detained for up to 6 months without due process and exclaimed that countries like the US, the UK or Canada should publicly condemn such human rights abuses.

Apparently, Chen Guangcheng is unaware that in the USA, a citizen can be detained indefinitely without due process, even threatened with assassination or made to “disappear” without a trace.

Chen Guangcheng is so disillusioned about the West being the “Beacon of Human Rights“, it has not occurred to him that this awful, human rights violating Chinese government granted him safe passage, while Julian Assange is still confined to the Ecuadoran Embassy in London, despite having been given political asylum by Ecuador.

Human Right Violations in Canada

I myself have become a living proof of just how little human rights mean in Canada and how ready and willing the authorities are to violate them when it comes to dealing with political dissidents, aka people who expose a little bit too much to too many people.

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, even though not a binding law, is a document considered internationally to be the foremost authority on fundamental human rights, says in Article 14 (1) that:

Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy, in other countries, asylum from persecution.

Article 14 (2) then clarifies that the right does not apply to criminals who committed non political crimes, such as murder, assault, robbery, rape or war crime. Who it does apply to are people who face persecution based on race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular group or political opinion.

While as demonstrated by Chen Guangcheng, this fundamental human right to seek asylum from political prosecution is respected by China, when I attempted to exercise it in Canada, I was harassed, threatened and imprisoned.

What I did was walk into a foreign consulate in Edmonton to inquire about the possibility to obtain political assistance after my release on bail, when it became clear that I had no one to protect me in Canada, and that I would be mistreated and have my rights violated left and right, apparently as a payback – a personal vendetta if you will – for my audacity to expose the incompetence, lies, brutality and corruption of Canadian law enforcement.

Police State Will Not Protect a Citizen From Itself

I briefly shared a detention cell with a sex offender who was arrested a day after me, yet he got his bail hearing before me and was released on the day his bail was posted. I got not only my bail hearing and released delayed, I was also treated to such perk as no mattress in cell so I had to sleep on a cold, steel plate.

Fully aware that the Canadian authorities would not protect me from themselves, which meant that I had no one to protect me, I exercised my fundamental human right to inquire about the possibility to obtain assistance and protection against human rights abuses from foreign authorities. This is very much why Article 14 is part of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights – because when you are persecuted for political reasons, when it’s the authorities themselves who hunt you, then your only hope lies abroad.

While in China, the government respects the fundamental human right to seek refuge in accordance with Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and grants the citizens exercising it safe passage, in Canada, the government officials violate this fundamental human right and imprison the citizens who attempt to exercise it. And no… this is not me jumping to unfounded conclusion based on third hand accounts. This is me sharing my first hand experience. This happened to me personally exactly as said and there is a video to prove it (which will be available during trial, if it comes to it).

Sheep Funded Machinery

Chen Guangcheng still thinks that countries like Canada are the “Beacons of Human Rights“. And indeed, a bountiful dose of “democracy” and “freedoms” is afforded to each Canadian, certainly at least for as long as their freedom of expression looks something like this:

Canadian cops are the most amazing cops ever. They are 100% dedicated to serve and protect the citizens and never abuse their badge. Prosecutors never waste tax payers’ money and only use all they have to keep criminals off the streets…

In other words, for as long as you act like a sheep, stick with the script and know your place, then you will get so much freedom and democracy, it will flow out of your ass like a beer on diarrhea.

I am the living proof that failure to act like a sheep can quickly lead to a smear campaign at first, and if that doesn’t shut you down – harassment, threats, torture and imprisonment with conditions tailored in such a way so as to keep you silenced.

However, while I am the living proof that human rights violations are readily used to silence political dissidents in Canada, people who act like the sheep will have all their so called freedoms respected and protected. This is because the sheep pay taxes with which this vast, yet cleverly designed machinery is funded. For as long as the sheep pay taxes, the prosecutors will never run out of funds to keep the dissidents silenced. With the dissidents silenced, the sheep will remain ignorant of what is really going on, further funding the machinery so there always is money to crack down on politically troublesome individuals.

I’m sure the idea of having me assassinated has been tossed around, but I have become so high profile, any mysterious accident in which I would have died or sudden, unexplainable illness that would have claimed my life would become subject to very close scrutiny and that would undoubtedly lead to major exposes. The machinery can’t afford it if the status quo, whereby the populace remains ignorant and continues to fund it, is to be maintained.

Never Trust Law Enforcement – They Lie

Shortly after my delayed release on bail, I was re-arrested again in what to me appeared to be a desperate attempt by the authorities to counter the mounting support for my cause from the ranks of general public. While the mainstream media maintained a vastly neutral stance in their reports, reluctant to take sides despite realizing that if prosecution was successful in shutting Best Gore down, the precedent the case would set would have a negative impact on them too, when it came to the general public, the support has been overwhelmingly on my side. And what better way to counter such massive support than by making a big deal all over the media out of me allegedly breaching my bail. It’s like screaming: “Look at that Mark Marek guy. He breached his bail, what a crook he is…

The problem was – I was sticking with my bail conditions 100% so since they couldn’t catch me breaching them, the only option appears to have been to “fabricate the breach”. I can’t think of any other reason why they would resort to utilizing untrue statements about my alleged place of residence so that’s what I think was behind the idea.

When it comes to the Canadian police, they should list them in a thesaurus as a synonym to LIE. You may recall a number of instances of Canadian cops resorting to lies to destroy and bankrupt civilians, such as the one from Barrie, ON whereby a cop assaulted a non violent civilian and then lied that he’d been attacked by him to also charge the innocent man with a crime he had not committed. As if assaulting the guy as a boost to the cop’s ego was not bad enough.

I have no doubt that because I exposed this abuse of power and disseminated the video proving what really happened far and wide, as well as dozens of other similar reports I posted which exposed the malpractice of Canadian police, including their incompetence during the Luka Magnotta manhunt, that I’m being silenced and prosecuted.

Speaking of Luka Magnotta – the recent use of untrue statement by the authorities to re-arrest me was not the first time they had resorted to this type of abuse against me. You may recall back after the Luka case was blown out of this world, there was likewise a lot of support for me and Best Gore from the general public because people saw just how out of our way we had gone to get the alleged murderer off our streets and how we had had direct hand in his timely arrest after the info and images posted on Best Gore spread all over the web like wildfire, contributing to his recognition in Germany.

What we also did back then was embarrass police and expose their incompetence because we had the perpetrator’s identity nailed before anyone even suspected that something major was brewing and after our report to have him investigated was ignored, the police were caught looking like a bunch of tools.

We did not swear to serve and protect the public, police did, yet it was us who spent countless hours in the service of the public protection, while police were too busy eating donuts to deal with it. Likewise, we do not get paid from the taxpayers’ money, police do, yet still we acted in the best interest of the public because we didn’t want for there to be another victim subjected to such horrific treatment.

With their incompetence exposed so publicly, the retaliation was swift. Montreal police held a press conference in which they allegedly told the media that “I refused to take the video down”. I suspect that the intention was the same as with my re-arrest on the alleged breach of bail conditions – to counter the mounting support from the public by picturing me as a bad guy.

Fact of a matter is – I had not been contacted by Montreal police, Edmonton police, RCMP or any other police in any way, shape or form anytime in relation to the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video prior to that press conference. Another fact of a matter is that at the time of the press conference, the video had been down for days – I took it down myself, on my own terms, without being asked. Had any such request by police to take it down, as alleged, been made, I would have just told them that the video had been down for days.

Likewise – if the allegation that I “refused” to take it down was true, then there would have to be a proof of my alleged “rejection”. How did they contact me to have heard me “reject” the request? Was it by phone? If so, then I would like to know what phone number they called because I had no phone at the time so there was no phone number in the world that could have reached me. If they indeed called someone, then I would like to know what number it was they used to have my experts trace if it was in use at all at the time and if so, whom it belonged to. If on the other hand they received my alleged “rejection” by email, then I would once again want to know what email it came from so I can have my experts trace its origin. Either way, I have never “refused” to take the video down so any such allegation is false and certainly provable as such.

Back then, when this allegation of me “refusing” to take the video down was made – it worked. It made the people to forget the incompetence of police and instead they went on with the untrue allegation that I was a bad guy. I suspect that Edmonton police felt encouraged by the success of Montreal police to have the public opinion swerved away from their misconduct and onto their chosen victim and tried the similar trick with their all out “he breached his bail” allegations.

It’s ironic how they go out of their way spreading lies in order to silence me so I can’t spread the truth.

Vincit Omnia Veritas,



Mark still cannot use the internet, but I sometime talk with him so send an email to vasilykirov187 {at}

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  1. great to have an official update, but dude… i would tread lightly. maybe get your buddy to post these types of messages somewhere else? you know they must be keeping a close eye on the site.

    regardless, thanks for the update.

    1. Even if they are, what are they going to do? Lock us all up?
      Of course they are keeping a close eye on the website, but as long as we don’t start yelling to burn down cities in order to avenge Mark , we should be fine. Worst case scenario, in my opinion, is that they shut down the site ( and some people have already got that covered it seems )

      1. To Mark: Hey Mark i know that you cant use the internet and that somebody is going to tell you this or at least i hope so I can see that the fund isnt going very well its still early to tell but i think you are not getting all the support because honestly the media is really good in misleading people and one of the things they said is that when you were arrested they found you with some money and i think thats something that you need to clarify, also i think bg lost a lot of support because its been so much since any educational video or story has been updated try to see if any can be posted by your friend to see in we start getting more support. Take care Mark

        1. @karloz1047

          We shouldn’t get too caught up in the money that he had in his possession issue.

          In the online news articles it reports that he withdrew his lifesavings, a total of $18,000 Canadian Dollars, from a bank after the meeting with the police, even if this is true ?18,000 Canadian Dollars is a very small amount of savings for a man in his late thirties to possess, it also stated that he was of no fixed abode, in other words he had no place to live, again, without any other assets of worth apart from the $18,000 Canadian Dollars I would definitely classify him as poor, relatively speaking of course.

          The legal bills that he will face will certainly dwarf the pitiful amount of savings that he owns however regardless of personal wealth on Mark’s part it makes not one bit of difference to the fact that he ran a website that was unashamedly candid in it’s portrayal of life, authority and politics and he was punished for it, and you are right, the, bought and paid for, media will always side step the bigger picture to inject an element of mistrust into the situation through character assassination, it is what they get paid to do.

          Sadly it is the general public who are ultimately to blame for they believe everything at face value without ever probing deeper, the few control the many only because the many refuse to think for themselves.

          1. @Empy,I could read your replies all day long. They are so well written and informative, you could make a career of it and do very well for yourself.
            Keep em coming Empty.

          2. Hey empty soul your right with the money but i kind of wanted to hear it from mark because that money had a purpose and i feel that the bg community need to know what that purpose is and you are right in the end people would believe anything our lizard leaders want people to believe

          3. @Brokeback, thanks for the kind words but I am not someone to hold in high opinion for I am ultimately an hypocrite and despite my hatred of the system and my long winded armchair theories and social musings I still take part in the system, I still work, pay taxes and buy things, I am akin to the baby that throws their toys out of the pram in disgust and yet still ultimately depends on the people providing those toys and pram.

            Children we all are for we refuse to take that important step into the world as individuals, we would rather be looked after by our “caregivers” and given lots of distractions so that we don’t get bored, babies in prams indeed.

          4. I don’t give a shit how much money he has, he is exposing the truth about the Jews and they have unlimited funds because they control the banks. Give Mark as much money as you can everyone.

        1. then all mark needs to do is tell his friend where he usually got his info from, his friend will be the one doing everything!

          also, incase this whole thing goes sideways but the site remains, perhaps some other admins should be instated, they could even post more gore for us

    2. Why should he or we go to another platform? It will result in decreasing numbers of traffic which in turn will result in the site being closed because cannot be supported financially any longer.

      This whole case is an conspiracy against Mark. He probably painted a little too much Jews red. Then again those people calling themselves Jews and commiting direct or indirect crimes against humanity are no Jews anymore. Let’s call them Ferengi. As with te famous race those people do absolutly everything to make a little more profit for just a little longer. Even of the expense of fellow jews. Non of them will ever be seen in full battle gear in Tel Aviv, Haifa or Jerusalem.

    3. Good points Empty.

      And yes, the establishment are reading all comments and they need to for a gauge on public opinion.

      Public opinion for freedom of speech is powerfull and the establishment need to tread carefully in this case.

      Otherwise, all media outlets will be a disaster for them.

      I can’t wait for the September court case and it should be thrown out if they had any brains.

      1. A petition is not needed because of sites like best gore that get looked at by millilons of humanoids every day.

        Not to mention that a government created the internet and now they want to do what ?…….. Shut us up……. Too late methinks.

        Awarness is a good point but it’s already out there in abundance.

        The point is………. How dare they think they can charge a person for ‘public awareness’ and then ( after the fact ) try to include it into a law that is so out of date it’s laughable.

    4. The Canadian police are headed by freemasons. Jews control freemasonry. Mark is exposing Jewish control of all white countries so these corrupt freemason traitor cops who spy for Israel will do anything to bring Mark down. Shame on the race traitor freemason cops.

  2. I have only recently created a username here, news reports about Mark brought me to the site. I haven’t seen everything here; some I avoid intentionally; some I have seen and wish I hadn’t. Much of the material should be required viewing as a teaching tool for the foolhardy.
    I will admit I find some of Mark’s comments quite callous and hurtful, and some of his beliefs a bit of a stretch.
    My opinions aside, I would be the first to stand up and defend his right to voice his opinions here, wether I share them or not is not the issue, it is very much about rights.
    Also, It is quite obvious that no law is currently being broken here, or the site would be down, besides the cries of many who would demand it’s removal. I am thankfull for that fact, and will follow Mark’s court proceedings squarely in his corner.
    What I would suggest to Mark is to avoid making public statements until after everything is said and done. Until the people in robes and gun belts have wasted Canadian money and exhausted what seems like a futile attempt to bring him down.
    Mark, I am pulling for you, but for fuck sakes shut up for a little while, I am only concerned that it is not doing you any good.


    1. Just to be clear, one particular Government cannot take a website down, even if they use the army to try and do so. As long as the site is not hosted in their country, they can basically just fuck off and die!

      That’s the whole point in looking for asylum, chances are there will always be one country with completely different laws, so justifying or enforcing them on someone who disagrees with them, who no longer wants to obey them and live on your piece of land, is simply put an act of terror!

      1. The United States of America government has shot down websites in other countries due giving away movies and music that’s copyrights things and kidder Porn but this I haven’t see anything like that on this site besides the Porn ads hopefully the government there is not as much power like USA

  3. i suggest you keep talking while you have a voice to do so. scream as loud as you can.

    ZOG will make you vanish without a trace, while the sheep are too busy checking out the new app on their idiot phone to notice.

    we are all fucked anyway.

    go your hardest, mark.

      1. Scream as loud as we can and certainly not small potatoes.

        I’m sure they’re doing everything to shut BG down but hey……… It would be another avenue in court as far as suppression laws is concerned.

        Let’s fight to amend these archaic laws or at least alter or amend or include new ones..

        Democracy or bullshit…….

        Your choice.

  4. The investigators believe in what they are doing because they don’t know any better. If they see an opportunity to bend the rules to squeeze a little tighter they will, because they believe they are justified. The only thing worse than a crook is a crook who believes they have the moral high ground. They won’t back down because they think they are justified.

    Don’t go quietly, but don’t do anything stupid, Mark. So long as your friend is choosing to post the letters you send him, you are not commiting an offence under the terms of your bail .Especially if your friend is choosing to edit your correspondence to read as being to a wider audience than just himself.

        1. no i meant just because i ahvenet seen you in a while i still think your cute alicatt ,and how am i? feeling fucking angry at the world at the moment listening to slipknot more and more and last night took an acid tablet just to escape and think about this bullshit world we live in . working my way up to salvia ….

          1. yeah its pretty pissy isn’t it? its good to have the occasional escape – just make sure you are careful about it my friend….I don’t have many guys crushing on me…would hate to lose one! lol errmmm oh and of course your safety is paramount..yeah…lol

          2. watchin slipknot goin crazy with their masks on as the acid flows into my brain sure gives me a brief escape but the shitty reality of this world soon comes back ,we need to tear these governments apart worldwide they are all scum and see us as insects to manipulate and crush . oh and alicatt you wont be losing me lol when the mark was 1st arrested i asked for your email in a comment so i could keep in touch cos i thought the site was gonna shut but it was chewed by the gnomes lol

          3. @Joln you don’t know slipknot? You should indulge and see for yourself. Cunning metal music is my opinion. Worth the listen honestly.

    1. For centuries I have walked this planet and rarely had a crush on any woman , but if I’m going to start I too would like to add my name to your ever growing fan list Alicatt . As for Mark – your strength with lead to your success . Just keep it up and let no-one judge you unless they truly know you .

    1. Not if Fox News gets involved. They had a reporter from california covering wildfires in BC. She was more interested in finding people to go on camera with guesses and suppositions concerning places on the fire they had not seen than she was with getting any ‘news’ type info, from the Ministry of Forests media relations personnel. Don’t trust the media. Don’t trust the police. Not saying every one of them is deceitful but their titles are no assurance of integrity. Fuck em if they want all assets declared, they get what they get and you keep your shit to yourself. They often have to cross the line to pursue investigations of that nature. As soon as a cop has more ‘splaining to do than you do beat the fuck outta em. IF you don’t take their gun(s) or badges as trophies, and stick around till they’re awake to make sure no one else does, they tend to have a better attitude.

  5. I read a bit and thought……… Ok, I will digest it properly later.

    I think the ‘nuts and bolts’ is about the original law which should be contestable in said court of law………. Go figure ๐Ÿ˜†

    Who’s up for one :mrgreen:

        1. What’s insulting is a 100 year old law being used to charge a person who uses current technology for freedom of speach.

          Fuck me but he doesn’t make up the stories and videos.

          Yes, that’s right fuckstick law enforcement……. They get sent to him.


          1. totally agree, but its not my world, I just live in it, but if it were my world…..well there would be instantly about 6.5B fewer humans

          2. 100 year-old laws are everywhere, and used when THEY see fit.

            Example: When cars were invented they had to create a law where it’s illegal to beep your horn at or around a horse.

            Now that law is used here in Wisconsin for the Amish community. You beep your horn, the Amish horse freaks and hurts someone, you are responsible for that damage your horn has caused.

            They are trying to make an example out of Marc.

            If he was living in the States this wouldn’t have happened…

    1. @ Catabis

      Agreed……….. Over population and the need for greed creates global warming and our demise.

      Heads up gorians……….. It took millions of years for nature and only 200 years for us humanoids to burn those fossil fuels to fuck up the ozone layer and heat the planet to eventual critical heat levels.

      I’m far from a scientist but hey………

        1. I don’t like my given name either but who gives a fuck right……

          Speak for yourself in future.

          No shit sherlock……. I can only talk shit like this on BG……. Love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Mark please be safe, keep your head up. Don’t stress we got you. I know the whole BG community will pull together and fund your needs. I turned in my timesheet on the 15th Im expecting my check anyday. So just as soon as I get it. I’ll be contributing as well. And will contribute each check til time runs out. I get paid every 15 days and actually will have had 3 checks of $900 in a matter of 35 days. So I’ll be contributing something good and big. Love you Mark. Keep your head up. * Huggs….

    Sorry if it’s a Repost
    But it said error code 1
    So I assumed it didn’t post so here
    I am reposting!

  7. And guess who likes to prison people so much for no reason what so ever. No it’s not the liberals. Its the conservatives ๐Ÿ™‚

    they are called conservative for a reason. it’s their old traditional way or its the jail highway.

  8. I would shy away from using the Chinese Government as some kind of beacon of decency and fairness. If this guy were in a Chinese prison, he’d already be missing a kidney (sold to pay for his meal costs) and his family would be paying the bill for sewing him up after they removed it.

    1. The misconceptions are mutual as the majority of Chinese population consider Canada as one the most liberal countries in the world. But even if Mark was convicted and thrown into prison, I’d still say Canada’s human rights records are 1 million times better than China’s.

    2. I think that the use of China as an example makes the desired impact. I think that Mark is showing that even though China commits awful human right’s violations against citizens, it respects that law where Canada does not…so what does that say about Canada?

  9. The general public can be defined by what newspapers are in circulation and by how well they sell.

    The more intellectual newspapers use well reasoned statements and arguments to convey information and require that the reader possess the ability to discern and analyse whereas the cheap and nasty tabloids use bite sized information and sensationalism to spoon feed their brain dead audience.

    The former would not be fooled by character assassination plots or half baked stories but sadly the latter are, they would read their used toilet paper, sorry, tabloid and go through the usual cycle, breasts, breasts, some more breasts, sport, some more sport, which celebrity is fucking who that week, and then a tiny bit of news followed by a bit more sport and breasts.

    The tiny news article would state something like, “a man arrested for corrupting morals on the internet wants to see your spouse buggered by an overfriendly burglar and your mother spanked in front of her window” and the reader would see red and stamp their feet up and down in rage never taking the time to enquire as to what “corrupting morals” referred to.

    The conclusion, it is very easy to influence the general public because they are forced to lead such busy lives due to low wages and long working hours that they no longer stop to think anymore, they find analysing to be a tiresome activity and as long as this continues the media will continue to make use of them for their own ends and we will continue to see false charges and injustice taking place.

      1. Good to hear from you Obliterator, we certainly do live in interesting times when the public orators can be caged for their remonstrations whilst the perpetrators of misery and violence tend to be ignored and even promoted.

        Humanity throughout history has been defined by their era, are we going to be the era that allowed the very rich and elite minority to control and dominate the majority just like previous generations or will we separate ourselves from the system that would have us enslaved from birth, that is the question.

  10. Bestgore should be bigger than CNN or Facebook. Mark Marek should be bigger than Mark Zuckerberg. The guys behind Facebook and twitter should be the ones facing ban and persecution. Just my humble opinion. Maybe in alternate universe it would be like that. Surely the people of the West deserve better than what is being force fed to them (through mass media).

  11. Thanks for the update Vasily. IMO Mark should definately keep speaking out now. Why “wait until it’s all done”? The problem with that is, if he did stay quiet until it was over, and he lost the trial and was imprisoned, he wouldn’t be able to speak out! Why take chance ya know? Get your side of the story out every chance you get buddy!

  12. fukcing sick of this censoring shit on the internet ,its all to accomodate kids after that girl off topped herself. hers a fucking idea … the internet is for adults ,ban fucking children from the web ,dont bend over backwards to accomodate children and what they might see ,give them a fucking permenent ban until theyre 18 and if theyre caught on the web fine them and their parents . fuckin censoring everything just cos kids might see it fuck that get rid of the kids ,they dont close ann summers shops because of what kids might see if they walk in so leave the internet uncensored .

    1. @skull
      I totally agree with you…its getting ridiculous the amount of ‘parenting’ society is doing because kids actual parents suck ….. im so tired of stuff being banned because a child could potentially be hurt, fried, maimed, or corrupted…if their parents would just parent the kids we wouldn’t have all this bs! Urrggh it annoys me! And im not referring to child items that are dangerous to kids…like toys being choking hazards or whatever – of course fix those puppies but hands off the adult stuff…fuck man – let us have a little fun

      1. i know my sweet , for that 14 year old to commit suicide she must have had real issues anyway and her parents must be not worth a toss anyway if they didnt see their little cherub was on the verge of topping herself ,and if she felt so bad fucking close your account . so now the web is demonised and adults like me and you who want to see the real world for what it is are being unduly punished ,fucking stupid brainless kids and liberal fucking sheep should be fucking banned from the internet if their weak egg shell thin persona’s cant handle the real fucking truth. oh and how is my alicatt doing today are you ok gorgeous?

          1. It’s a cool show on Syfi channel about a warehouse where artifacts with supernatural powers are stored (like Picassos paintbrush could be used to make whatever you paint come to life, etc.) But I asked because the head people on the show all have the eye of Horus tatted on their wrists so I thought it was cool that you did too ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Yout grammar is abysmal and you mindlessly follow around some random girl on this website and yet you have the audacity to talk about censorship of kids on the Internet. Hopefully you would be included in the censorship.

          1. Did you just refer to @alicatt as some “random girl”? You’ve got a lot to learn around here buddy. How about instead of criticizing a respected members grammar or internet crush you post a tangible thought or opinion, or maybe you don’t have one.

  13. im happy to see words from him at least. and to whomever is behind the screen making them appear. i love you. <3 mark, we are all still here for you. i know ive not been here long, but know ive been through nearly all of this site in a little more than a year. I am going nowhere.

  14. To understand free speech and expression requires an understanding of the human mind and the historical significance of freedom and expression and the majority of people nowadays are not educated in such matters, they perceive freedom as anarchy and terror, they believe that control is a prerequisite to peace and understanding.

    The educated mind understands that humanity is without moral boundaries, we are creatures of habit and self experience, we satisfy our egos through the pursuit of pleasure, both intellectual and physical pleasure, our job is the prolongation of our species and everything else is secondary.

    We also understand that true freedom would create a world akin to a mad max movie therefore we conclude that societal cohesion is necessary for a prolonged life and the prolongation of our species and we allow a certain amount of interjection on our egos.

    The end result is a battle in that whilst we understand that control is necessary for prolongation of species it can be detrimental when used as a means of repression of thought, we, as an individual race, require self experience and actualisation, indeed this is what creates advancement and prolongation of species, however we are taking a step backwards in life at this moment, we are becoming self restrictive.

    The conclusion, we are undermining our ability to advance by allowing a small group of very wealthy people, who have influence over our authorities, to control what can be thought and said, we are our own worst enemies.

  15. Although technology has brought man such a long way, it has never been more true that “The pen is mightier than the sword.” you better believe that M is more dangerous than a rapist. Not to the common man, but to his puppet master.

    1. Good to see you piglet.

      Mark is indeed a ‘rapist’……… of a 200 year old war.

      One swipe of a pen can fix that…….. if canada lawmakers want to come to the party without trying to dictate terms.

  16. Hi gore members! Oh I’ve been a member for soooo long however never got involved with the comments…… Why I ask myself now, The gore family that I have been following all this time deserved to have my two cents;) To my main commenters love reading everything you have to say with every post!
    Here I say I support M in every way and will also make a donation to support. I mean lets face it, we need M back to give us some updates!!
    Well thanks for the updates on how M is doing and love to all my fellow goreans! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. @vasily kirov: I know that Marc (yes!) has a brother. Can you confirm if he has a sister (whose panties he had snifffed and some years later he lost in a bet)?
    I claim for my human right to know!

    1. All is good.

      Go back 3 posts and start with the ‘Meeting with a detective’ and you’ll soon get the picture.

      I’v got to say that we’re not gonna keep spoon-feeding you people who are too lazy to go back 3 or 4 stories and read stuff about how shit happened.

  18. Hi, i am a visitor of this site since it almost begun, and i just want to wish you the best of luck, i hope you win you battle agaiunst the assholes of the government, and i wanted to say that it seems that facebook is on the sheep side too, because i cant link this on my facebook to everyone to see…

  19. An interesting musing for you malnourished souls to ingest.

    What is freedom?, the word freedom keeps on appearing in our media outlets, our presidents and prime minsters use the word all the time, it is used by social groups and people far and wide but what does the concept of freedom actually entail.

    Freedom for the psychopathic murderer is the ability to exercise want and actualisation of want, freedom for the born rich is the continuation of riches and position of power and social stature, freedom for the middle class is the ability is rise whilst looking down on the poor and freedom for the poor is the ability to rise whilst hating on the middle class and rich.

    There are many more examples, freedom for homosexuals, freedom for paedophiles, freedom for the pro gun lobby, freedom for the anti gun lobby, freedom for pro and anti anything, the list goes on and on.

    The conclusion, the word freedom is ultimately worthless, it is a concept that means a different end result to all of us and so why is it used as a blanket term for our “leaders” to get away with anything, freedom is an hijacked concept, we look at the word and envision an individual meaning whilst it is used in a wide spread partition, an obvious ploy to hide biased action.

    My individual ideal is to look at societal consent, does the wider society consent to such action?, this indeed would depend on the society and action and sense of advancement whether it be science oriented or religion oriented or a combination of both.

    The end stance, we should judge upon what is accepted and adhere to that stance, we should ask first that such understanding is given and act upon it, Best Gore then is an act of freedom for it is requested for the web server to give consent first before content is shown.

    The Canadian government therefore are undermining the free choice of society by their action against a consensual action, freedom they are against for they reject free will, those who request such material should be presented with such material, societal choice and given action it is.

    The question is this, do you consider freedom to be an exercise of freewill? or a societal agreement based upon consensual activity?.

    I must state that societal cohesion is un-natural to self gain and ultimately against freedom, the stupid public therefore should be wise to such corruption and act in a unified manner, who they wish to become are flies to flame.

    Thus the question is, what does freedom mean to you and how does this translate to a better life? , is freedom of consensual activity given or forced?, are you controlled or fired?, are you alive or dead?, are you hated or loved?, do you live free or not, that is the question.

          1. @YourNextExGirl ^__^ I missed your awesomeness too < 3 I've been around mostly staying up at night with friends and enjoying the summer nights here in California (: what have you been up too ..?

          2. @misfit Lucky you! I wish I were in California instead of yucky swampy LA. You sound like you’re enjoying your summer then. I’ve been staying up at night too. Well.. nights at a time. But I’m not having as much fun as you.

            You need to start making more appearances on here. I miss you!

  20. I enjoy trying to guess Marc’s (osooo!) position about current events.
    He never wanted us to be unconditional supporters of Assad’s regime, but supporters of true. As he once said, “in every war the first victim is true” (or something like this). Then, in the case of the supposed use of chemical weapons in Syria, he would suggest us to do our own research. Not to believe in the media stream jew-directed propaganda, not to believe in him, but to do our own research and find out what the true is.
    That is fantastic but… I’m so lazy!
    Can anyone please tell me what is going on really in Syria?

    1. @Uli, What is happening in Syria is exactly what happened in Libya and Iraq before it, we have to overthrow these evil dictators that would enslave their own people because we are kind and peaceful and they are evil and horrible.

      The above is our governments and media’s standpoint, the reality is that we are waging war against the Arab nations because they have lots of oil and natural resources, both of which are running out in our own countries.

      The Arab regions are split into segments, The United Arab Emirates are on our side and will do business with us on favourable terms, Pakistan is somewhat on our side, for now at least, and most of the rest are not.

      The answer is thus, our governments seek natural resources to sell at extortionate rates to us fools, buy cheap and sell high is the capitalist way, plus there is the added bonus of taking control of the last part of Earth that is without capitalism/Zionism, the Muslim region.

      The Muslims however are easy to manipulate because they are simple minded idiots, they hate each other, tribal resentment, more than they hate the invaders and thus we back them in one country whilst killing them in the next, divide and conquer,

      With the conquest of the Arab regions complete our true leaders, not the puppet politicians, will have an abundance of resources to sell at extortionate rates and Israel will be able to extend it’s territory into all of Palestine thus completing their plans of returning to their promised land, their biblical birth.

      Make no mistake, what is happening now is a game for power and control, for continued wealth, for the expansion of capitalism/Zionism, for the corporations to find new markets, what we have now is akin to empire building, exploitation of the poor by the rich is what it is.

      Most of the world however will believe that we are entering the Arab world for kind and peaceful reasons because they are not willing to acknowledge that their own governments wish to see them enslaved or dead, out of cowardliness and fear they will keep on pretending that life is rosy and that their governments care about them.

      Those who fear change will always keep their eyes closed.

  21. When i was about 8 years old, we were shown a video at school. this video showed a few different scenes with different messages.

    One act was showing the consequence of trespassing on a railway track, obvious ending.

    The other showed a scene about a trespassing into a sub power station. this scene showed a little boys legs burning and frying after he touched the live parts.

    The point is these were shown to educate us, yes i was now shit scared to get on a train, i would never trespass in a power station and i was also scared to touch the kitchen sink and any other thing that was metal in my house.

    when we watch these videos they allow us to make better, informed choices.

    I had a bike for 5 years, I had crashed a few times, but nothing serious happened to me thank G. now after watching these videos, i now decide not to ever ride a bike again, i also will not let my wife get a scooter. i also drive at a very safe speed and i no longer speed along feeling invincible in my big metal machine. i know that we are not as safe as we think driving around.

    i’m sure that there are some people who will now never go back to a random strangers house for fun after watching some videos here. maybe that new perspective has saved their life without anyone ever knowing. if this saved one life, than this is justification for sharing this video

    i think the answer would be to include some statement about… ‘this site may fuck with morals or what ever shit they are on about’ and just let people get on with it.

    just my 2 cence rant

    i could go on and on

          1. Oooooh my. Contortionists are hawwwt. More possibilities here. ๐Ÿ™‚ The path is gettin’ mucky now. Marshlands next. ๐Ÿ˜›

  22. I don’t get it! I mean I just can’t get my head around the charge. I’ve been pondering it all week.
    The news seems to say the charge is corrupting morals specifically for posting the Luka Magnotta video. Meanwhile I just watched some Mexican get his head cut off with a chainsaw, and the other day I saw a post of some young woman proudly trying to cut her left index finger off.
    If I look at the ads I can see a gif of someone fingering some woman’s anus.

    Am I missing something here? It seems to me if Mark were to be charged with this strange law it would be for the content of the entire website, and hundreds of people would also be up for charges.

    Someone tell me wtf is going on here!

    1. @Obnoxious bitch, I think he’s referring to the Luka vid, 1 icepick, 1 lunatic. That was a year ago, before he was arrested. His not being able to access the web is a recent condition of his bail. Or did I misunderstand what you meant?

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