Illusions of Democracy, Free Press and Justice

The Illusion of Free Choice

Violence begets violence.

So too does ignorance beget ignorance.

And of course, apathy begets apathy.

You are a prisoner within a societal construct specifically designed to limit your natural desire for freedom and relevance. Your brain is the most sophisticated in nature, and you are wasting your potential by living the way that you do. You are a tiny cog in a giant machine, being grounded down until one day your paltry usefulness will expire and you will be replaced without anyone else noticing. That machine exists for the sake of existing. It gives you a warm and cosy feeling of belonging to something bigger, but it is nothing but an illusion to keep you busy and quiet.

If you believe you are free, living in a democracy, living in comfort and relative happiness, ask yourself some questions about your democratic voice. What is the name of your local representative in your national government? Do you know them personally? Do you know what they stand for? Do you know how they voted on the last piece of legislation that came before them? Did they read it? Did they understand it? Did they have a choice in how they voted? Who sponsored the legislation? Who gained from the passage of the legislation? Who petitioned for the passage? How much money was spent by the various interest groups and advocates to gather the votes needed?

If you are like the majority of your friends, neighbours and peers, you may know the name of your representative. If you don’t know the answer to any of the other questions you are well seated within the majority too. Sadly, even your representative is unlikely to know the answer to some of those questions, especially with regard to who the lobbyists were backed by.

What does it matter? Well, it matters. It matters because the way your representative voted on that last bill that came before them was done in your name. You voted on that bill. You don’t know what that bill was, you don’t know what that bill will do, you don’t know who it will benefit, who it will marginalise, how it will impact you, your family or those you care about. But you voted on it the exact same way as your representative, because your representative represented your voice and your vote. You voted on that bill when you voted to elect your representative, however long ago. How is this modern democracy?

I am permanently connected to the Internet by my mobile phone. I am just like almost everyone else in a first world country in this regard. We are living in the 21st century, with access to any published document from anywhere in the world. The mechanism of convenience that representative government once provided by sheer necessity is no longer required. Why can’t I vote on a bill myself? Why can’t you? If I choose to give my vote by proxy to an elected official, so be it. But if I want to vote independently as my own tiny voice, why can’t I? Why can’t you?

A listed company sends shareholders ballots to vote on a variety of issues that may affect the company from time to time, as well as to vote in and out directors and other positions within the company. Shareholders may choose to vote however they wish, or, nominate a proxy to vote on their behalf. Any shareholders who don’t return their ballots have their votes automatically allocated to the director to vote on their behalf. This system works with the added complexity of weighting based on individual shareholdings. So why can’t similar systems be used to allow all registered voters to have buy in to their legislation in the same manner? It is entirely possible to have secure electronic voting. It is entirely possible to facilitate such through personal mobile apps. It is entirely possible to have checks and balances to ensure fraud is nigh impossible. It is also possible to keep elected representatives to be the voice of those who would rather not vote on each bill.

Democracy should be about choice, the right to be heard, and the right to determine the laws that govern you. The form of government held in esteem in the West is not a true democracy. It is a facade of freedom with true power vesting in people you do not even know exist. But for now, without a revolution in thought and processes to give more voice to each individual, this facade of democracy is the best we are going to get.

The media holds itself to be a magnifying glass to the actions of government, however mainstream media has become equally as problematic as the officials they should be keeping watch over. Sanitised news cycles give you what the media enterprises want you to see and hear. They have political motivations and do not shy away from severe bias when it suits their agendas. And never doubt for a moment that government and media reside in each other’s pockets.

A recent example of cynical media and government backscratching occurred in Canada. Mohamed Fahmy, journalist with Al-Jazeera and (former) dual Egyptian and Canadian national, recently had his passport re issued by Canada following its confiscation by Egypt last year when he was charged and prosecuted along with two other journalists for apparent bias and anti government reporting. It was also alleged by prosecutors that the journalists had faked footage to suit the anti-government sway of their stories.

I haven’t seen the evidence or sat through their trial, but I am also not so naive to think Al-Jazeera does not have a habit of doing exactly what the three journalists were accused of doing. There are noted examples demonstrating that numerous big name media empires regularly pull the same tricks to promote their specific brand of truth.

What is interesting here though, is that the Canadian government has reissued a passport when according to their regulations, a passport was not to be reissued while Mr Fahmy was the subject of a criminal investigation. Mr Fahmy is currently on bail awaiting retrial for his poor journalistic choices. He is on a no fly list and is restricted from travelling outside of certain regions within Egypt.

Mr Fahmy has already renounced his Egyptian nationality so he is now effectively a foreign national within Egypt. This enables Egypt to deport him, similar to that which occurred with Mr Fahmy’s co-accused, Australian Peter Greste.

So what? Indeed, so what. Who cares about some middle eastern journalist who probably did exactly what he was accused of, or something very similar? Well the answer to that question is to ask another question: who told the foreign department to reverse their decision not to reissue the passport? The answer would seem very likely to be Prime Minister Harper. Mr Harper has so far refused to comment on the issue, which is political speak for ‘I inhaled’.

So why would he do this? Is the Canadian government so concerned at the legal process within Egypt that they feel they need to set a precedent by issuing a passport to an alleged criminal within a foreign country to potentially circumvent that country’s sovereign due process? Is Canada now going to push for deportation so Mr Fahmy can avoid a retrial and subsequent further embarrassment for Al-Jazeera, the sponsors of Egypt’s Arab Spring uprising and the current Egyptian government?

The Canadian government is clearly extending politic influence over an administrative branch of Canada’s public service. So who are the voices in the ear of Mr Harper? Who has lobbied for this international political interference? My first guesses would be the International Federation of Journalists, Canadian Freelance Association, and the Canadian Association of Journalists. I doubt this is an exhaustive list, and I doubt the pressure was strictly domestic or only from within the journalism profession, but the reality is that journalists have substantial power over governments though their clear ability to influence. But they are far from consistent in standing up for all people in the media.

Take as an example, Mark Marek, proprietor of Mark is a Canadian. Mark operates a successful ‘new media’ blog site. Mark publishes a wide variety of articles dedicated to uncensored reporting of international events and affairs. Has assistance been extended to Mark by any press associations? No. Despite his plight being raised with such organisations, it seems Mark’s failure to adhere to a collective’s ideals of censorship and sanitation has left him isolated, even though he enjoys a far wider and global exposure than virtually every individual mainstream journalist in Canada.

So what about other fellow line crossers in the international new media realm? Surprisingly Wikileaks doesn’t care. Despite seeking their advice and assistance, it appears Wikileaks tends to be very quite unless there is something in it for them. But they are only one high profile name from a long list of organisations around the world who surely would be interested in the plight of a Canadian Blogger being prosecuted for publishing material available on other sites.

What about Reporters Without Borders, Article 19, Freedom House, Committee to Protect Journalists, Index on Censorship, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, International Modern Media Initiative, PEN International, and the United Nations Human Rights Council?

None of these organisations show any interest in promoting freedom of the press in Canada. Each has been contacted and each has failed to provide any assistance to Mark’s situation. None will ask any questions about the motivations of the prosecution, the balance of the prosecution or the political influences of the prosecution. It seems that Canada is exempt from scrutiny from any of these organisations in this matter because Mark possesses the wrong views.

I don’t agree with everything Mark says. But I don’t need to in order to respect his right to express his opinions. And that is what this all comes down to. The Magnota case is a trumped up prosecution in the face of a real agenda which is to silence a political viewpoint. The police gave this away when they held a media conference and focused on the political views expressed on instead of the specific video that all of this kerfuffle is about.

What the above organisations don’t seem to appreciate is that when you cherry pick your advocacy based on a particular, sanitised view of the world, you erode your relevance and integrity. Thoughts, opinions and expression occupy a wide and diverse spectrum and every single one is equally deserving of protection. Surely it is about time that some of these so called advocates re-read their charters and helped stop the rot which is happening right now to Mark Marek.

Vincit Omnia Veritas : Truth Conquers All

Omnis Vox Aequalis : Every Voice Equal.

Without universal freedom of expression there is no freedom at all.

43 thoughts on “Illusions of Democracy, Free Press and Justice”

      1. What happened to Mark was an injustice and was done not because he refused to take a video down it was because He Published so called “anti-Semitic” material and even on BG Wikipedia page it say “Neo-Nazi” when there are only a handful of actual Nazi related Material and just because You publish a few things that may be related to Nazism and You have a handful of Members that have opinions or are sympathetic to or support Nazi Ideals Does NOT make Anyone automatically anti-Semitic it only means the ADL or Israelis Knee jerk reactions to censure and shut up anyone that doesn’t support their point of view and they use the 6 million (really 1.2 million) Jews who Died during WW2 as a whip of conformity less they be made to Apologize or Face being charged with a Crime and have their access to information and their lively hood completely taken for daring to speak out and the Jews are Not the only Group that think the world owes them an apology there’s a group of People in America that want the same power the Jews have and want it handed to them and everyone to be made to bow before them and apologize to them for something that happened 150 years ago that WAS rectified by the blood of the very people they accuse of not letting them do what they want without having to pay or work for it! That they should receive Sympathy and be Paid and serviced because it’s not fair they should have to work hard and follow the Law when there relatives were used as free labor even knowing the Fact that there were others who fought and died tearing apart their country and lives to Right a Wrong and worse is that was good enough for their people at that time and 150 years ago they didn’t expect Handouts THEY WORKED FOR IT a Fact that their Future generations have forgot and now expect to be Respected and pitied for their Inability to Achieve ANYFUCKINGTHING without someone there to change the rules for them cause They refuse to follow the rules and Work like everyone else and it’s not all of them by no means but a Majority! God forbid they be held accountable for their own actions and get bent out of shape when they are Judged and are made to account! I’m through shleping!

          1. Mark Marek and what happened to him can happen to anyone. Anyone who has the courage and willingness to expose the lies and lay them bare.

        1. Ill agree that the shit happened in the past and it should stay in the past. But you should educate yourself before schlepping. The reason black communities are so fucked up is due to exactly what the article is talking. Government controlled media, as well as the American governments want or need to keep the majority of the blacks as second rate citizens. The welfare system (especially section 8), was designed specifically to destroy the home lives of the black communities. Think about it, if you destroy the home life then there can be no home teachings, and that would mean the media will raise the kids, ultimately feminizing the black male. That has been a mission of the government for quite some time. For example, section 8 was designed to keep the adult male out of the house hold. Tell a woman that she can have a place to live for almost nothing (in some cases they are actually paid to live there), as long as there isn’t a man in the house. After they hear about that program, the first argument she gets into with her man, she gonna leave and do it on her own. Now you got entire communities of families without fathers… which means the mothers and the media are raising the next generation of black men… SMH! Now you gotta think about the man that got no place to live, now he has to do illegal shit just to survive. I come from the projects, most of the people are not bad people, just raised in bullshit. And that is because of the American government population control and the medias constant bias to make black people look like savages.

  1. Very interesting points.
    Talking of Registered Companies. Canada itself is probably registered as such. The political parties within Canada are also likely registered in the same way, as money making organisations. Mr Harper I imagine is probably registered as the Chairman of that Company.
    This is the truth of modern, western nations and politics. They act in exactly the same way as any large company because that is exactly what they are.

    Dun & Bradstreet , Canada.

    I imagine that’s where they’ll be found.

  2. Great article, McTreblar. Indeed, watching that news conference confirms his arrest for the video was a ruse and chillingly exposes why he was actually arrested.
    “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” – George Washington

  3. If you give the people a choice on irrelevant topics you trick them into believing they have a voice when in reality they have no voice when it comes to matters of any importance.

    In the above the people may choose what foods to buy, what clothes to wear, what music to listen to and indeed which political party to represent them.

    The above choices however are of little importance because firstly consumers do not work in unison with each other enough to influence the demand/supply direction and if they did the corporations would only monopolise further restricting the demand/supply chain even more and negating alternate choice in order to prevent reverse hierarchical influence.

    The choice of political party is also irrelevant because whoever gets in power will have to contend with the system that is already there and the system is utterly driven towards profit before life.

    Whenever a political party moves into power the only thing that changes is the political seating positions because all the other relevant infrastructure still functions as it did before with the same people at the helm.

    The financial institutions and all other official bodies still remain the same regardless of the political party at the helm and they have far more influence due to them not being tied to any particular timeframe.

    The above turns politics into a game of musical chairs and it is the people who run the game and play the music that get to choose who the participants of the game are due to every political party requiring borrowed finance in order to even play.

    “Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws,”

    Amchel Rothschild

    It is no small wonder then that we can choose what to have for breakfast and which colour undergarments to hide our modesty under but we cannot choose which wars to get involved in or what level of immigration we want in our countries.

    Neither can we choose whether or not to sell our state owned infrastructure into private hands, or whether or not to increase state snooping levels etc.

    My conclusion, democracy is the right to have choice over things that do not really matter.

    Freedom and justice is merely a small area of space in what is otherwise a very large cage and naturally the more money you have the more freedom and justice at your disposal.

      1. ?Do you see a way for the pigeons to seize back the coop??,

        There are quite a few different ways but they all involve people working together in large numbers and the people are not ready to do that.

        The system by its very nature is its own worst enemy in that it was designed to exploit the many for the benefit of the few and there lies it?s weakness, the rule of numbers.

        The governments understand that there is power in numbers and that the working class are the majority which means, on paper, that the working class are the most influential element in society.

        If you look at the French unions and their ability to bring their country to a standstill it is quite obvious what co-operation in numbers can do.

        There was a simple way to crush that advantage though, divide and conquer.

        You first divide by creating class systems and social/political differences which causes the people to turn on each other, you then further divide by bringing in large amounts of immigrants who undercut the indigenous working class putting a lot of them out of work and thus you have a population at each others throats instead of at the government?s throat.

        You then prevent any social uprising by bringing in ?isms?, racism, sexism, terrorism ect.

        A bit of propaganda spread by the schools and media outlets at the behest of the government allows them to brainwash people into fighting ?isms? because to not fight against them would make them an ?ism? themselves and therefore an outcast.

        The above creates a situation where the working class population keeps each other down without the government needing to do much work themselves.

        My conclusion, in order for the pigeons to seize back the coop they first need to stop fearing ?isms?, they then need to start thinking and acting for themselves instead of simply obeying all top-down instruction and they need to work together for common goals rather than against each other.

        However, I?ve personally got more chance of getting a blowjob from Anne Hathaway than the working class ever standing together.

        1. It has happened before @Empty.
          From the Tolpuddle Martyrs to the Dagenham Ford plant Women, among many other examples I could give. It would be nice to see that brand of solidarity in this day and age for sure.

      2. Not without a revolution most wouldn’t take part in. Is a real person going to step up in 2016 and change everything? Nope. Too much working against them.
        Much like Spring cleaning it’ll be total chaos before things can be set straight.
        Just my opinion

      3. Well stated, I think that you’ve touched on one of the most important problem of democracy and that is the relevance of the political process. Let me be perfectly clear, representative or parliamentary democracy is essentially flawed but convenient. It never includes the constituency in to the process of ruling, and yet it provides the privileged and those deemed as “excellent” to reap the benefits.

        This current form of democracy is funnel shaped, in it we have the right to vote for our representatives and thereby to introduce more layers between the constituency and the government, decision making process is getting more narrowed. Until this funnel reaches its most narrower point, the top of the hierarchy, the heads of government. On this level everything that we might have proposed or suggested to our representatives is being weighed, judged by the criteria of feasibility or how it stands with the market logic, political reality and foreign policy goals (policy unlike politics is usually not a matter of debate).

        This is why I believe that we don’t need politics. That’s why I am disappointed that none of you ever mentioned democracy at the working place. That is the fundamental basis of democracy, without the right to participate in the process of production and capital management, politics will always serve the classes that own the bulk of the capital and the means of production. Any political process that claims to be democratic is in itself a paradox. This is even mathematically provable, the first one who grappled with that paradox was Condorcet (Condorcet paradox). In simplest terms he stated that in any democratically mature system where we have to choose between minimally three candidates, we will always end up with a discontent majority (he assumed that candidate preferences were distinct so that any coalition wouldn’t be possible, hence one has to win; that represents only the 1/3 of the pop. while the 2/3 remains discontent, it becomes worse with more distinct political parties).

        But the best proofs come from economists like Amartya Sen (liberal paradox) and Kenneth Arrow (impossibility theorem) . They both proved that voting preferences could never be formally pacified, or that it’s impossible to link individual rationality with collective choice. In fact they’ve come up with a conclusion that it’s mathematically or in any way, impossible to find a system of collective decisioning that wouldn’t degenerate in dictatorship. This is a necessary outcome when we have more than two options, and even when we have just two options (parties) the result is monotony and democratic irrelevance.

        So this current (representative) democracy is deeply flawed but the question remains, are we (people) even capable for a more direct form of democracy, aren’t we just to greedy, stupid and arrogant to cooperate on a satisfiable level.

        I see that we have only two options: either we’ll have to change the educational paradigm and ethically imbue our citizens with responsibility towards the concepts of justice and equality OR we’ll have to introduce the element of violence, break down the system and make it better (a dangerous proposition). As a Marxist I believe in a revolution and would support it with my know how, but I would be against any form of dictatorship, which reintroduces the question: Are we capable to be efficiently governed without dictatorship, whether it’s proletarian, capitalist or cultist (Nazi)?

        1. “either we?ll have to change the educational paradigm and ethically imbue our citizens with responsibility towards the concepts of justice and equality”

          I agree with this statement. Getting everybody to go along with it proves impossible, so my suggestion would be to assign this privileged educational system to those who deserve it and are willing to work to earn it. There are a lot of citizens in America that abuse the privilege of ‘free education’ (mostly Blacks and Hispanics which I think is sad).

          “we?ll have to introduce the element of violence, break down the system and make it better”

          It has its pros and cons, but you can’t get the people to go on board without a little push to get them there. Reconstruction of violence may cause an outbreak, but for whatever reason it changes our view of death and violence. I have a question though: What’s this new integrity we are to teach suppose to look like? Who are we teaching it to?

          Another question would be: How do we reach the masses to give them the absolute truth?

          “Are we capable to be efficiently governed without dictatorship, whether it?s proletarian, capitalist or cultist (Nazi)?”

          To answer your question, I honestly believe we’d be lost without any form of dictatorship. They are the face of the public – you read about them, you watch them on TV, on the internet. They are leaders that have major influence in politics and public hearing. A leader is a leader and without it we’d be leaderless. No one to assure us that whatever is going on in our country, weather it be good or bad, has effects on our economy. We’d basically be leading ourselves, which I think is dangerous. Not that dictators today aren’t, but they do basically what their told.

          So I think, if you have a solid structure and know where to take it, then there is a need for leadership.

          1. I wasn’t aiming to back the claim that dictatorship is justified, rather that it’s simply impossible to reconcile individual interest with that of a collective. So if we wish to ethically evaluate government as “good” or “bad”, and how it deviates from ideal democracy we’re basically confronted with either changing human nature by force or letting it evolve.

            Leaders or individual dictators detract from that ideal, they’re just perpetuating politics, trying to keep themselves in power. It’s known since Machiavelli that politics is necessary linked to power, and that political power corrupts. However some leaders may have a positive effect, like Josip Broz called “Tito”, the only powerful statesman I can think of that worked to gradually decrease his own power in favor of the people.

          2. A mind without instruction can no more bear fruit than can a field, however fertile, without cultivation.

            ~Cicero, the great believer in Republic.

  4. If voting made any difference, they would have made it illegal…

    Im sure the iventors of “democracy” didnt had the corruption in mind in order for it to work… but like everything else, it has its flaws, and with great power, comes great resposabilities… So if one is not ready to take such power responsably, they will corrupt the entire system… It was supposed to be a system for the people, and those that runs it ended up using it aganst them for their own personal gain…

    So i think its time we find a new system to destroy this current one, either that or downgrade to a monarchy… but it will not be possible either because aparently its not the people’s free choice anymore, and things like that wouldnt be brought out without a conflict.

    I’ve said it before, but absolute freedom is not better than chaos… so if one wants a peaceful resolution, they better forget about being free…

      1. Democracy was a system that was based on trust, wich is something that you can never count on in a large society, specially a large society composed by people with different political views and cultural backgrounds. Its a severely outdated system… but people still feel confortable with that because they only want to worry about paying the next bills, and earning enough to bring food to the table, and not worry about getting into trouble after they cut off their debt chains.

  5. Democracy is just a ruse, a fancy word used to enslave us with our consent. Whether we know it or not. In order to enslave a man make him believe he is already free. We think we are free, personal rights. Free also.means not costing us any money. Freedom lets us live on our own accord. “Nothing in life is free” we all know that phrase. that phrase has so much meaning. Implies that we humans, are not free..

  6. Ich bin ja daf?r das alle Menschen frei sein sollten. Ich bin normalerweise f?r kein System. -So wie die Indianer z.b. ..sch?n leben im Amazonas 😀
    Ist aber unm?glich in der heutigen Zeit. So muss man das beste drauss machen.. Zu einem Volk geh?rt ein F?hrer oder Kaiser, der die Interessen seinen Volkes vertritt. Leider werden solch Staaten kaputt gemacht. Siehe Gaddafi und Hitler +..Iran, maybe next.
    Hier auf der Welt z?hlt Zinsknechtschafft im J?disch/Amerikanischen System, und Versklavung mit Manipulation der Medien.
    Ja viele Menschen haben auch leider eine Meinung aufgebaut auf Medien.. Also aufgebaut auf L?gen.

    sry i write in German.. but my English has become..more stresset for me, since i read to much about Hitler and Co. 😀

  7. I waited until I was home from work for this one which could go either way. I’m tired.
    I trust no one anymore to “tell me” what’s going on because everyone has an agenda for doing so. I don’t get TV news or Cable. I was a long time stalker of BG until recently. I never knew these things went on until I got here. I still have trouble keeping up with who’s who & the middle East confuses me but where else would I see this?
    There are alot of different personalities on here from a plethora of countries and it’s awesome to see those perspectives. Sometimes it gets ridiculous but that’s people.
    If you don’t wanna see it, skip it.
    Best advice ever on here.
    I want to see most of it & think I deserve the right to do so. I do live in the land of the “free” right?
    I do not back all views on here but I do back your right to have them.
    What is happening to Mark in Canada is some shady dealings and should worry us all.
    Great post.

  8. Speaking of corruption how about that massive chimpout that happened in Baltimore last night? Seems the media is not too keen on reporting on it. The world is becoming more chaotic, and the information being fed the general public is becoming more and more filtered despite the best efforts of alternative media. When you control the information you control the public. In the grand scheme of things no one person is really all that important no matter who they are. Doesn’t matter if they’re the Pope. And no one cares about you, so you need to look out for yourself.

  9. well done. that’s why even ascribing to a country or race is also folly. you are only yourself. “identity” is always external and irrelevant. look how easy it is to control a person just by talking “bad” about their “team”. i am only obli.

    being social creatures by evolutionary standards for support and protection, it is understandable why we congregate now and seek out like minded individuals for support and sense of belonging. So there needs to be a return to the “by the people, for the people” ideology. We need structure, we need law, but when there is a division between the people and the ones in power, we must amend that government.

  10. I work, I clean, I build. All for the purpose of the people we conform. So that each and every individual feels responsible for the welfare they’ve set forth, for the future of a promised land.

    Some people forget that our choices are determined by state. In the end, all rights are reserved.

    Reserved by media, and only media. We can voice our opinions, that’s our natural right from birth, but voice them in the favor of a higher power. I speak subtle, but not obvious.

    It is the choices that we make and the voices that we speak that affect our family and the ones we love. That is, to be and feel completely responsible of the peoples well-being.

    It is time, my friends – to start making the right choices.
    A first world is not free, unless the people are.

    In a economy mostly run by government, you know there is a need for governing. People would be running around naked and killing (joke).

    A leader is the face of the public. Without a leader, a people will lead themselves – into something they don’t understand.

    In a free market economy, anything you buy and anything you sell affects the market economy as whole. In a free market economy, competition thrives.

    McDonald’s compete against Starbucks. Coca cola compete against Pepsi. Microsoft competing against Apple. Growing market economies compete against each other.

    Big markets vs small markets affect the economy. Growing big markets vs small markets growing affect the economy. The ability to produce and sell in line with the supply and demand chain adds to the snowball effect.

    In a free market economy, democracy is just a facade.

    We work so we can be responsible, we see the need for governing. Why is democracy a lie?

    My friends, look at your surroundings. Would you agree that we all are different?

    Indeed, we are. Our color defines our nationality, our characteristics. If you agree that race is different, then you see there is a need to help your own in times of crisis. Would you help your fellow brother if he had fallen on battleground?

    You see that intermixing races can be harmful. You see that there is an even bigger reason for all this, and you know that there is a need for helping your own race.

    Jews are a very smart race (they average 130 on IQ test). Anybody who’s a non Jew are deemed inferior to the ego of a Jew.

    They know that all this is happening. They take it upon themselves to help their community by acquiring money – one of the things they value. These Jews however, have no intention of helping anybody but themselves. Helping no one, but the greed that empowers them.

    Money equals power, and the money acquired by Jews has given them the power to control. Media is now marginalized by Jews. Banks and million dollar corporations are marginalized by Jews.

    By acquiring enough money, the Jews are now able to push people over the edge and change the view to however they please. In that idea, in that retrospect, democracy is just a facade that is ruled by wealth and greed to circumvent the reason for abusive power.

    There is a certain part of us in which we value that is far greater than money, and that is love and knowledge. Love not for human kind, but for your own. Knowledge for you not to sit back, but to spread the seed and grow.

    A part of us that no one can take – our nationality.

    So I tell you, work to your responsibilities, grow your business markets, speak with your hearts, install knowledge to the masses, love your race, love your nationality, but please change the democratic system. They are not living in it, but we are. That is why I propose to change the political system to something more convenient to our nationality. Equal opportunity are imposed to those who will work to get it.

    Then there will be your leader to lead, and government to govern. Having your origin in one community makes the economy more efficient and durable. We the people are there to endorse it.

    So again I say, it is time to start making the right choices.

  11. Thanks and welcome back McTreblar! It’s been a while since you’ve written for us.

    Best Gore has been chiefly instrumental in shining a tremendous beacon of light on the police state. It has shown to all of us just how brutally corrupt LE and the entire judiciary are now, not just in Canada, but also worldwide, and how it has been like this for far too long. So much in fact that the listing ship of MSM is riling the sheep about it now. I would rather be considered obscene and see this and be able to communicate about it than have it censored. We won’t just disappear. We are growing with this knowledge every day. It is an invaluable place to see the way things are instead of the way those in power want to show.

    Mark’s efforts have not been in vain. Neither has his endured torments. Rather, he has begun a potential paradigm shift in the way we train, see, trust, elect, hire, fire, prosecute, and ultimately imprison these modern, corrupt, and barbaric traitors. The corporate profiteers running the greedfest in this global Shawshank Redemption and their status quo days are numbered thanks to Best Gore. It’s happening now because people everywhere are recording and exposing this systematic treachery. Now if we can only clear Mark’s name and record, and get him fairly compensated, the cleaning up of this sociopolitical mess can begin.

  12. 35 years of fighting a duality designed to make me choose and concentrate on what i think is the truth, Just to realise there is no left and right,, Good or bad,, There is no tangeable reality,, No earth , No universe, Only my inner conciousness holds any degree of reality and value for my human exerience. I now only follow my heart and know that the external world is nothing more than a holographic stage show attempting to distract me away from my own divinity..

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