It’s Been More Than Three Years

Girl Fails to Save Her Naked Hanging Friends

Hello S.O.B.’s,

Remember me? I can barely remember myself.

I’m Mark, and whatever you may have heard about me in the past is irrelevant. Past cannot be changed, and thus dwelling on it would make no sense. What holds possibilities is the future.

To make the long story short – the good guys who operated the website in my absence are retiring, so I’m be taking over and will carry the torch forward from here.

As a newborn citizen of the world, my primary focus in life right now is to field-test existing, and acquire new skills in self-sufficiency, so for all intents and purposes, I live in the jungle, far far away from civilization, where worldly troubles, and dependency on the system never cross my mind.

During the course of the next few months, I will be in a state of permanent movement, often with no, or only slow internet access available to me, so there will likely be odd periods of no updates lasting several days. But I will get right back to posting as soon as I’m on line again.

The one thing that will be different from the way things were in the past, will be the lack of political analysis and insights. Those wishing to have these discussions are encouraged to start them in the appropriate section of the forums.

For me, the most liberating thing about getting out of Canada has been that I’m no longer the target of systematic brainwash. It doesn’t matter what you do, when you live in Canada (and supposedly similar other countries as well), you are constantly, permanently and inescapably bombarded with shit like female privilege propaganda, army worship propaganda, homosexuality propaganda, Holocaust propaganda, etc. It’s constantly in your face even if you don’t watch TV, don’t read newspapers and don’t access mainstream sites on the internet.

As a rainforest dweller, who only comes down from the mountain to a remote agricultural village with shitty internet access in a DVD rental store, I really enjoy the complete ignorance of the big world’s affairs, and the fact that what occupies my mind is which is the best clay for self made pottery, or when to harvest bamboo to avoid termites destroying your shelter (I learned from a Rastafarian who’s lived and survived in a mountain for 40 years, that only certain lunar phases are suitable for certain things), and not that it’s the (s)election year in some big bad country out there.

I enjoy my new life as a man free from corporate, political and societal slavery enough to have a part of me wishing to cut all the ties with the “civilized” world, and live free from the painless concentration camp for societies, in which ordinary people are but pawns indoctrinated to enjoy and worship the rigged game, but recent return of tens of thousands original Best Gore members sent a clear message that I also belong here with you all. Check this out: Ranking on Alexa

It’s a screenshot from the page analyzing’s traffic by Alexa. The original page can be accessed HERE.

Alexa is a third party service that uses its own, proprietary algorithm to provided an overview of a website’s ranking in terms of traffic compared to other websites. The lower the number, the more traffic the website receives. While in order to get exact analytics one would have to install a tracking script on the website, Alexa provides a reliable overview of how much traffic a website realistically gets, and whether its gaining or losing readers.

There was a time in recent history of Best Gore, when the website was being plagued by snowflake feminists and knights in shiny armors, who were steadily turning the website into an SJW central. Best Gore suffered greatly during that dark period, and hundreds of thousands of staple members left because of it.

When it got to the point where every post got nuked with an SJW circle jerk, the administrators cleaned up their act and cleansed the site up, allowing the matters to quickly turn around. Staple members returned by the thousands, new members kept joining every day, and the number of people who once again felt comfortable sending in their exclusive content has risen to the highest numbers the site has ever seen.

The feedback received by email since the site was restored has been nothing short of mind-blowing, and in this type of climate, I could not just disappear into the jungle completely. It’s gonna be a challenge, which has been demonstrated to me clearly over the last 3 days, as that is how long it took me to publish this post, because I couldn’t get internet access stable enough to handle the simple request in this middle of nowhere, but I’m determined to keep going at it and making the best of what I can get when I can get it.

Thanks a lot again for all your ongoing support, and I’m looking forward to running the site anew with you all as my sidekicks. I’m not mentioning any names, because so many of you have done their bit to support me and/or the site over the years, I would surely forget to mention someone and I’d never forgive myself for it.

So here’s to new Best Gore. Past cannot be changed, but the future holds all the possibilities. So let’s kick its ass.


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

266 thoughts on “It’s Been More Than Three Years”

      1. No matter what state you find yourself, just make damn sure it isn’t Pernambuco!

        I believe I owe much gratitude to those that kept the site going, but I’m not getting all fucking mushy. It’s been a very long time. I am most relieved that you are now free, safe, healthy, sound and back at the helm, steering the ship of chaos that is Best Gore. It wasn’t the same without you, but they did very well indeed. I will miss them, but am very grateful you are back. Patience was rewarded with your safe return to us all.

      2. Seeing this first time today. I am happy to see you again brother, really happy.
        Glad to hear you’re out of Canada somewhere in safety.
        Remember: You can always ask Russia for shelter.

        God protect and bless you Mark. Stay safe brother.

    1. Hi everyone long time lurker here, had an account back in 2009 I think and kept meaning to open a new one, don’t know wy its taken me this long to get back on board.
      Anyway cant wait to converse with the legends here such as Brokeback, hung like a mouse and of course the one and only mark marek big welcome back indeed.

    2. Nice one Mark, this place was being invaded by feminists, beta males , and sjws crying about videos and feigning offense , I believe some of them fucked off and started a new site there is one male admin ‘ obli’ there and the rest are whiny females that left BG in tears. Poor bloke he’s going to end up as a beta male sjw when they’ve finished brainwashing him…. Good luck out there.

      1. @zipzap Same old Zipzap BS! You’re like a puppet saying the same old crap.
        Chapter 10: My name is Zipzap bla bla bla
        Chapter 11: I hate Americans
        Chapter 12: Brazil is the biggest shit hole on earth.
        Chapter 13: I lived in Brazil for 5 years and taught there, bla bla bla..
        Chapter 14: Feminists here, feminists there, SJWs everywhere..
        Chapter 15: I’m a teacher
        Chapter 16: A she-male tried to rob me and I showed him..
        Chapter 17: Fucking third world scum Brazil is, bla bla bla..
        You’re a broken record you sad sad thing.

          1. Canada is great if you’re a faggot. Or a nigger. Or a privileged female. Or a Jew. But a white, straight, male, and Christian – then you’re a presumed rapist by default, and you deserve the worst because you’re responsible for all the world’s ills.

          2. It’s the same here in the U.K white males are bottom of the ‘ stack’ lefties are making sure we stay there. They should all be shot for treason.

          3. Fucking corporate owned puppet governments.
            There will be some kind of global revolution against them in the not too distant future. I hope I live to see it.
            I’ve been a long time lurker on here, so keep up the good work.
            Great site this btw.

  1. Its great to see you have made the step i am contemplating about making.
    Im getting tired of beeing lived by the system, ticking the boxes required to sustain life.

    Respect to you and the site you made!

  2. Dominica…FUCK YEAH. So fucking amazing Mr. Motherfucking Marek – a few weeks ago I was disheartened when I think acneska said that once you were “untangled” that he and the others didn’t feel so much like running the place as much anymore and that if you hadn’t stepped up they were likely to let it languish in lieu of anyone else taking on the burdens. And trust us, we know it’s a huge fucking burden…fucking mammoth….elephantiasis gigantism type shit…so speaking for myself I’m grateful and I personally thank you. Pitchers and lapdances on me anytime I find myself in the prettier, quieter parts of the world. Cheers, MM!

    I’ve only been registered maybe two years at most but have lurked for three times as long – I appreciate the work all the more and wouldn’t mind throwing your way some server fees or whatever-the-fuck-else you might need to help the site or even you personally. Glad you’re back. Fuck Canada.

    1. Yea Fuck pinchè canada bro! So many people are waking up to what disgusting filth rule that land. What canada needs to do is have their very own revolution to earn their CANADA back!…..Sadly canada is “too nice” to pull something like that off.

  3. welcome back mark
    since acneska’s “The Good and The Bad” update a few weeks ago, a lot of us have been unsure, and unsettled about the sites future (even, in some cases making our “goodbyes” to our BG friends just in case).
    So its great to see this post from you, reassuring us that there IS a future – even that future could be somewhat less prolific due to your circumstances.
    Congratulations on your complete opt out from from this so called “civilization”, i hope one day that i can summon up the strength to do the same. You enjoy yourself down there pal, you deserve it. (with fruit and fresh water in abundance, i hope you have a crack at some homemade wine!)
    Best regards

  4. Well it’s about time. Glad you finally left that sorry ass territory. 3 years, wow. Glad your administrators were able to handle the load while you were indisposed, especially Ackneska. I look forward to the continued existence of this place. Hoo Rah!

        1. So fucking happy to see some of the “original” SOBs!!! I have missed y’all dearly!!!! I’ve been away for quite some time, but definitely am back now!! Congratulations Mark, for finally making your way through all the bullshit and red tape, would love to know what brand of boots you were wearing, cause they must be some badass fuckers! 😉 So happy!!!!!

  5. Well done Mark, and a big Welcome Back my man, as you were truly missed brother! I am so happy to see YOU again, and to begin this new journey with you on Best Gore Again. The good old days are back Boys & Girls! 🙂

    1. This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time. I’ve been supporting Bestgore from afar after the first year of Mark being gone because I hated how incapable I felt in regards to getting him out of the bullshit he was pulled into, even after signing petition after petition and doing my best to spread the word of the injustices that were happening to Mark to anyone who would listen.

      To say that we’ve missed you is a complete understatement. I applaud and so appreciate those who carried on your legacy in your absence but you are truly irreplacable. I am so relieved to read a post on here beginning and ending with your name and to see that you still have the same fire in your belly that made attracted me to this site in the first place. I am also ecstatic to hear that you are out of canada and living off the grid, just as you’ve always enjoyed and quite frankly, absolutely deserve. If having you back means going a few days without new content, I’ll take it as any post from you is so satisfying in and of itself just knowing that you’re back here with the crew.

          1. Whoa, always wondered how many people were still lurking around. I don’t say much, but after 8 (holy crap) years of bestgore, it really is like a second family. Curious to see who else pops up.

      1. Wow! The old BG fam back together! I lurk a lot but been around for a lot of years. I didn’t realize it had been that long. I cannot believe Mark was gone for 3 years! I guess I do need a life! SenorPiggy, lunatic, Thedre, ali, and of course rotten! Good to see all of you. Brokeback- you too!
        Above all, my heart is warmed by your safe return Mark. Way to escape the lion’s den.

  6. I don’t write much, but I’ve been a member for years. It was a great shock when you went away, and I read all the updates about you with — sorry to say — no hope that you’d ever come back. So this is quite a pleasant surprise! Lol. Very glad you’re back — and most importantly: FREE!

  7. Welcome back mate. Reading this has made me a happy little Aussie. I don’t care how infrequent the posts are. But I do care that the reins are in the hands of someone who gets what it’s all about. Enjoy your time off the grid I’m sure you will learn plenty about yourself and life too. Hope everyone continues to support the site and the numbers continue to grow. Fuck the sjw’s and shills. Best gore is here to stay.

  8. A very, VERY long awaited return. You’ve survived, and so has The Site……and as with ALL things Fleshy Virus related, both entities have been completely bombarded with huge amounts of unnecessary stress and strife, simply due to how well humans fuck everything that we come into contact with.

    Collective teeth are showing on this side of our screens, as the Students Of Best Gore welcome back our founder, our friend, and our now battle-weary example of just how allergic to reality & truth the world truly is.

  9. Welcoming home mark. I only joined the site last year but I remember reading your posts back in the day, it’s damn good to know your gonna be posting again! Thank you for creating this amazing website and thank you for coming back! Stay safe out there, we don’t wanna lose you again

  10. Beautiful post @happy Mark! Sounds like you are living in a slice of paradise. You more than deserve the tranquility you seek. I’m sure everyone is and will continue to be thankful for what content you bring us, no matter if it takes you a while to post things. I can say with enthusiasm that I’m just glad the site will still be kickin. If you ever decide to shut things down for good, it’s understandable. I wish you the best life going forward. One that will make the struggles you have been through fade away as you look to a pleasant future. Long live Best Gore and long live Mark the motherfuckin man Marek!

  11. This is a moment reminiscent of, dare I say, The Lion King. The king has returned. King isn’t the appropriate term, obviously, but the analogy is accurate enough. Welcome back Mark! It’s good to have you back, and just in time to save the day. Although you say there will be some changes in political discussion I sincerely hope that you find the time to participate in the forums. I know that I joined not long after you left. However, it was your, along with a few other, opinions and views that had me reading daily long before you left. It would be great to hear your thoughts on current events. Enjoy freedom and catch your breath…you’ve certainly earned it. Again welcome back!

  12. Fucking A! The King of Best Gore is rightfully back on his throne.
    Long live King Marek.
    Enjoy your newfound freedom from the brain dead zombie horde called “civilization”.
    I hope everybody that has fucked with you dies a slow, horrible and agonizing death.
    All hail the King!
    P.S. Thank you for bringing joy into my life with all this gore.

  13. Great to hear this, Mr. Mark Marek! I’ve only made a few posts these many years, but I’ve loved this site and everyone’s rants and posts from my first visit. I’m glad you’re out of Canada and I hope the future is gold for you!

  14. Welcome back Mark!

    Hopefully cunts will be put back to where they really belong. I know what you mean about Canada. Cunts seem to be controlling the media and many things these days. Cunt whores seem to be deciding so much these days. It is bad.

  15. It’s Been More Than Three Years but it appears to be just another day like yesterday .
    Ya ain’t a loner buddy .I know from hereon the site will oxygenate again with no pulse lost .

    But what’s with obli man ?
    where the hell he is?

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