Mark Has Evidence of Corruption Within Edmonton Police Service Involving Det. Camp et al

Edmonton Detective Stephen Camp

I have breaking news involving Mark, although I also have to apologize for being a party popper because I don’t want to divulge too much since Mark is still in Canada, a country where having an opinion that contradicts the majority is a criminal offence. The following is my third hand interpretation of what I understand is happening (or has happened):

Mark has in his possession evidence of corruption within the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) involving our good friend, suspected Zionist Agent Stephen Camp, as well as other detectives who concocted the case against Mark in response to his exposing police brutality and their incompetence in mishandling the Luka Magnotta case. That includes Staff Sgt. Bill Clark, and Det. Andre Francois.

Mark filed a civil suit against Clark and Francois, as well as EPS chief of police Rod Knecht, for his false arrest and imprisonment in 2013. This case is still before the courts. But because their witch-hunt on Mark using the “Corrupting Morals” excuse has come to a conclusion with Mark’s guilty plea, despite repeat orders from judges to return all his seized property back to his possession, the EPS and the involved Crown Prosecutor have repeatedly failed to deliver on their obligations. Four times in a row, arrangements for the property pick up were made, but ultimately Mark ended up going back home empty handed.

But Mark now has evidence that the EPS members have been deliberately delaying the return of his property because they don’t like that he had filed the suit against them, and the property is one of the last things they still have that they can use to terrorize him with. Once that is returned, they won’t have a whole lot.

Clark is the guy who implied to the media that his goal was to shut Best Gore down. He uttered threats against Mark’s life after he falsely arrested him, and told him on another occasion that he will falsely arrest him again anytime he wants, implying that because he’s a cop in a police state, he knows he’ll get away with it every time. The latter happened within the lobby of the EPS headquarters. Mark has been attempting to obtain the CCTV footage of the encounter for a year, but his requests have thus far been denied. I have also seen snippets of the video in which Clark interrogates Mark. What I saw is Clark not being able to get child pornography out of his head, and expressing keen interest in finding out where Mark’s brother, whose daughters (Mark’s nieces) were I believe 7 and 3 years old at the time (or somewhere close to those ages), lived.

In other news – the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, a permanent body of the Organization of American States that Canada is a member state of, has opened a file to investigate the State of Canada in relation to human rights abuses against Mark Marek. The file was assigned number P-1074-15.

If I have more that I can divulge, I will. Once again, though, all of the above is just my interpretation of what I believe is happening. There may be inaccuracies, so take it with a grain of salt until further confirmation is presented by different sources.

Author: Acneska

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76 thoughts on “Mark Has Evidence of Corruption Within Edmonton Police Service Involving Det. Camp et al”

  1. What a pleasant way to start the day! I think we will start to see some changes in regards to Human Rights Abuses in the near future, as the cries, have been a many. 🙂 Rock On Mark!!! It’s not over yet, Brother.

    1. Quite like as the bro@thedre has said ,We all want ya to Rock On hard Mr. Mark!!! It isn’t over yet, Brother.

      To the trio whose mentions have been made up in the write up may have already come to learn of their comeuppance which has come visiting the whole round circle .
      Each night your evidence against ’em must have brought about many an ugly nightmares . which their conscience won’t ever dare dismiss. They know already of their being a dirty lot as the whole Canada might know . (?? ????)

      Rock on & Party Hard!

    2. I hope so but can’t see it. The Zionist have far to much power, and that’s what’s got to be stripped down first. Rabies are in control of mass population. How hard is it to see and to put a plan of action to stop this shit man.

      1. But these mass sheep would rather be lead to the slaughter. Wake up world. The White man can do it by their selfs, but if we settled out difrences that they created in the first place and United, blacks whirs Asian Muslims the hole lot I think they would have a mass brain fart and we wouldn’t need to do shit. Bottler has the right idea!!

  2. Awesome, hang the cunts out to dry, pathetic fucks. Although if the Canadian police force is anything like the US one, I wouldnt hold my breath if I was looking for justice against one of their own.. I hope you’ve got some great dirt on them!

  3. Hey Mark! It’s ‘tiger’ from Australia, yes I’m still coming to BestGore, I just wanted to say hello, if you are reading the comments on YOUR site. It is being looked after very well. 🙂

          1. @zipzap, what is “dp”? I don’t get your shitty abbreviations, ok. Write clearly and try to make sense or don’t reply to me at all, you know the BG rules. Or are you one of those rebellious, faux-gangsta types? I guessed right, didn’t I? haha

  4. I hope if the cops mentioned in the article read that Mark has evidence against them, they decide to quickly return all of Marks possessions with a nice card, instead of stealing a pound of heroin out of the evidence room to plant in his apartment. Maybe Canada will come to their senses and treat people better when they legalize weed. As much of a good idea that was, It is hard to feel confident in a country that arrested Mark and fucked up bacon. As a result of this outrage, I will never visit Canada or eat Canadian bacon, EVER.

  5. What a shitstorm! Their actions clearly show that their egos were damaged by Mark’s involvement. They aren’t used to being questioned, and being held accountable for what tactics they use to perform their job. The days of serve and protect are gone – keep your cameras/phones ready at all times!

        1. Its not ” fact” at all you are talking out of your arse. There is a large French influence in Canada for a start & there are many Americans, ,Russians,Jews,Irish etc. The chances of these cops having purely “British” origins are slim since Canada is multicultural just because they are white doesn’t mean they are descended from the UK. They could just as easily have Italian ,French,Russian or Irish “origins”

  6. @acneska Is there any way we can see any of the evidence obtained by Mark thus far? It’s high time that those corrupt officials are exposed. I may not agree with everything said by the authors of this site, but I certainly respect your right to publish it. And will stand next to you in fighting for the right to freedom of speech, no matter if it is popular or not.

  7. This is fantastic news if this is all true. I’m happy for Mark knowing is still able to fire back at our Canadian Autocrats. If you are reading this Mark, I would still tread softly. If Edmonton police are anything like Lethbridge police I would recommend covering all your bases as best as you possibly can. These fuckers are the closest thing we have to Omega Level mutants, they can bend reality to suite their own needs.

  8. I still find it amazing that they could keep someone under house arrest for years on a charge of corrupting morals when not only is that longer than you get for manslaughter these days the idea of morality corruption itself becomes worthless upon the self proclaimed status of ?progressive? society.

    Canada considers itself to be one of the most gay friendly countries in the world and has many such laws protecting gay rights and allowing for same sex marriage ect, all of which I add were once a corruption of morals over there.

    What the above changes show then is that morality from a Canadian political/legal standpoint is not static and is therefore understood by the consensual nature of events. For example, If I were to flash my cock to a random woman it would be a crime however If the woman in question were to ask to see my cock and I obliged it would not be a crime because the event was a consensual one.

    What does Canada, morality and my cock have to do with Mark?s arrest?, its simple. Mark owns a website where the material itself is not illegal to host so the question of morality comes down to how that material gets accessed and by whom and since Mark doesn?t spam random web users with the material the access is a one-way street(viewer to website not website to random web user) and since it is clearly expressed before the material is shown what type of website this is the end result can only be understood to have been a consensual action.

    My conclusion, the charge of corrupting morals was worthless to begin with and the only reason Mark got arrested was based upon a personal agenda by the prosecution. Had the prosecuting side been an average, normal citizen it would never have got to court however since the prosecution was the government itself it meant Mark was fucked.

    You know democracy is a sham when those in authority can bend the rules to their own benefit so if Mark has strong evidence against them he should get his revenge and what better payback than to go from the hunted to the hunter.

    1. That Mark’s prosecution was selective is evident from the fact that the same section he was charged under, makes it illegal to advertise products that promote sexual virility. Yet the police continue to refuse to investigate corporations and mainstream media that broadcast Viagra and Cialis ads on a daily basis, in prime time and without warning to the public. Broadcast of these ads is an offense of corrupting morals pursuant to the currently valid section of the criminal code, but police do nothing. And they can’t claim ignorance because Mark made them aware of these violations, they just choose to ignore them.

      1. they do nothing about all the porn and its devastating effects on some people and especially younger people but this is fine because porn helps to corrupt and weaken society just like they want it to. ever wondered how they can go after torrent sites and cut them off yet they do nothing about porn. once again an indication of corrupt jews when they’re in ‘power’

  9. wherever jews reside in power there will be corruption and perversion and mass immigration of scoundrel 3rd world mud skinned types to bring down the natural order and let the money hungry corrupt as fork jew control the bastardised (their eventual intention) nations.

      1. There are people who fail at life, and people who have their eyes on the prize. Going head against the wall doesn’t always work. Sometimes you have to strategize and do things in right order. No change in government has ever been achieved without there first being the change in awareness. We’ve been seeing the fruit of that effort mount day after day. Even the biggest flood starts with a single drop of water. But it makes no sense building an arc if there’s not enough rain. But then again, why am I explaining this to you? We all know which type of person you choose to be…

        1. your right acneska. and to the schmuck above who said are you 1,2 or 3. heres my 1,2,3. well at first on here you mocked me and laughed at me, then some of you have started to read the content of what i write and rub your chins and say hmmm actually this is right. and then in 10 years from now you will all be frantically searching what i wrote all over the internet to help with guidance and with help in building your new civilizations. you will chatter amongst yourselves and say remember heydolf he was spot on whoa that fella was right all along and he was just trying to help us to see.

          1. All of you spoke very beautifully today. No sarcasm here.
            Americans dont have the best philosophy in the world thats for sure. But theres one theory that overcomes them all: pragmatism.
            I always look to the world through that vision.
            Look, i am a wealthy person now. You people remind me of my.poor idealistic brother.
            Good luck for you with your dreams.

          2. @jos? cuervo You talk to much, sitting in your lil favela waiting for mamas food, maybe writing from a stolen cell, laptop. do us a favor, dont fuck with the real homeboys… now go eat your menudo.

        2. @Ackneska,

          I tend to lose a little bit more of my faith in humanity with each and every passing day because not only are most people brainwashed they are also too stupid to realise that they are.

          I have lost count how many times in my day to day life where someone has parroted the popular consensus during a conversation and when I press them on the matter they appear completely unable to expand upon it or explain their reasoning for their position, only that they must be right because the media and government hold the same opinion(not understanding that mimicry is not an opinion, just a copy of one).

          They also have no understanding of actual history and instead spout revisionist nonsense from the position of today?s social/political leanings, the list goes on.

          Anyhow, I guess my point is to first agree with you that change is not a simple process and then to emphasise that it is through the questioning of our external reality that we come to understand it beyond the process of simply living in and experiencing it.

          The above is where the main problem lies in that happy, contented people rarely ever question the why and how of it all and those in positions of power have made sure to convince us all that we are happy.

          The American dream is a good example here wherein every poor person today can be rich tomorrow by just accepting their position of poverty and working hard in the present to better themselves.

          The above of course fails to address the offshoring of jobs to the third world, the importing of cheaper immigrant workers, the lowering of wages as a result of that over supply of workers, the rise in the cost of living, the rise in the cost of rents and property prices and the expense of healthcare etc which often means that you end up working for nothing at the end of the day.

          They also give us someone to look down on to make us feel better about our own pathetic lot in life. Be it the niggers, the Muslims, immigrants in general etc, anything to take away our attention from the reality of the situation, that reality being the actions of our governments and the string pullers behind them.

          I suppose my main point is that it is fucking hard to convince people to learn and change their ways when they have never actually opened their eyes to begin with, even more so when that new knowledge will bring them pain and discomfort given that we are biologically designed to seek pleasure and avoid pain/discomfort.

          1. People that want change also want power. No different from the people in power. You may think your eyes are open by they are closed.

          2. @empty soul
            You are right. There is no good future for mankind. Being from the third world, i have reflected a lot about this matter. I am adept of the historic ciclic theory. I get a bit surprised when i read these idealisms in this site. It just doesnt match. This world is all about individual succes. Come on.

  10. The funny thing is whomever does not know the PD’s are majorly corrupt must be living under a rock., or smoking it., But to have evidence now thats a hoe of a different color. Go gettm tiger.

  11. wit.
    it cannot be destroyed, by the witless.

    i think mr. marek he should sit with glass wine and music and let his unique artisry CREATE.
    sculpt political worlds, with your words
    you do this well.
    the aftermath of whats happened, its really nothing.
    because philosophically speaking aftermath its becomes…
    just a afterthought
    so return to your pen and what you enjoy cause
    there’s no real mistakes in life
    _there is only what you do *and what you don’t do

  12. After having read the above, it is my conclusion that the police and the system that support them are, in fact, the biggest power hungry, puny, pissant, pustule packed parading pricks, worthy of the official legal TROLL award of modern times. I am giving you a fapping ovation for your hard work.

    Canadian citizen.

    1. Just read the update on Mark, been a long bloody haul for him. I remember when that Luka Magnotta video came on BG. I did not get to see it though. It was blocked by the RCMP as I recall and it said in huge caps “You are sick” Back then I sort of thought that they were right. I am fuckin’ sick, so are all my friends. I still kinda wanna see it though, never seen a snuff film like that. Anyhow, good luck to Mark. I am quite confident that they will and have screwed him over in every possible way because he challenged their authority , has a point and they hate that above everything else. He’s fighting the good fight.

      1. Didn’t Mark kinda inform the cops that this dangerous little splattershit was killing animals and tell them about the snuff film when he became concerned about it. If anyone knows more about this, please refresh my memory. If that is true they should be kissing his ass, NO?

          1. I want the death penalty in Canada. Hang ’em high. Start off with pedophiles and serial killers. Those two will do me until I am dead. I am pretty sure that’s a good start in my opinion. Won’t happen but ya gotta have dreams. Ya, a few innocents will die. That blows. Doing time on our dime is not punishment. Free food and lodging. Sexual deviants never change. Death, DEATH I say! Did I mention death yet?

  13. Cops here in the USA are no better than Brit cops, at least there they don’t Forge Judges Signatures in order to get a Conviction of Innocent people or commit grand theft auto to justify a crime that never happened, that I know of. lol

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