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Today is the first day of Mark’s trial. It will start in a few hours. It will likely be a short one, and quite possibly the only one. Mark intends to plead guilty to the charge of corrupting morals.

Under normal circumstances, a guilty plea is the admission of guilt. But when you live in a police state and your prosecution is political, not criminal, a guilty plea is the admission that you understand your human rights will not be restored anyway, that you’re not gonna get a fair trial anyway, and that you’re willing to sacrifice yourself for the greater good.

Mark had an opportunity to fight his case with strong chance of acquittal, because several Supreme Court decisions, which would be binding on his judge, mandate that when interpreting domestic Canadian law, the courts must comply with international treaty norms, whether they’ve been ratified by Canada or not.

So even though Canadian law doesn’t provide adequate protection for freedom of opinion and expression, the international law does, and multiple Canadian Supreme Court cases are very clear that explicit rights in international treaties are the minimal extent of that right for Canadians.

Canada acceded to several international treaties, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which defines fundamental human rights and gives them legal force. Canada also signed a declaration that recognized the competence of the Human Rights Committee, and quoted its General Comment #34 in a recent Supreme Court decision. General Comment #34 sets out rules for interpreting Article 19 of the Covenant in a way that would make it binding on Mark’s judge to acquit him of the charge.

Mark has also spent the recent few months meticulously preparing for legal challenges in court, and successfully challenged several aspects of the prosecutor’s case against him, delivering weakening blows to the case before it even proceeded to trial. This came at an enormous cost in time and toil, as Mark is not a lawyer by trade, and does not have legal education. Because he’s self represented, it was up to him to research all applicable case law, prepare his written arguments and then argue his position against the prosecutor in court.

But despite this investment of time and toil to weaken the prosecutor’s case, and despite there being several Supreme Court decisions strongly in his favor, Mark intends to plead guilty on the first day of his trial. Doesn’t make sense? It will in a second.

Mark was lucky to get fair and objective judges to preside over the challenges he had filed, and the trial. But a fair judge is not a guarantee of a fair trial. If the state is allowed to run smear campaigns against the accused to vilify, objectify, damage and destroy his reputation, and if it’s allowed to bankrupt the accused financially so he can’t afford a lawyer, and bankrupt him emotionally until he’s broken, tired and defeated, what it will lead to can hardly be considered a fair trial, even if the judge is fair and objective.

Furthermore, which was a strong concern of Mark’s, there is the website. Regardless of his strong chances to secure an acquittal – once he struck a bargain with the prosecutor that involved punishment for him, but the website would not be touched, he didn’t have to think twice, and accepted the bargain.

So what’s about to happen in a few hours from now, is Mark sacrificing himself so the site can continue running without interference. This will come at a cost to Mark’s freedom on various levels, but the people will continue to have access to the information the site provides.

Seeing as Mark has had his liberties severely limited for 2 and a half years, this extra time added to it will not crush him. The good news, if it can be called that, is that once the punishment is over, it will be over for him. Whereas if he carried on with the trial, and secured the acquittal, the prosecutor would appeal, and the case would go to the Court of Appeal. If Mark won there too, the prosecutor would appeal again and the case would go to the Supreme Court. If Mark won there as well, then that decision would be final, but that would likely add another 3 years of legal hassle to his life, and a lot of uncertainty to the site.

The plea deal offers a chance of a finite date to the legal hassle. And a surety for the site carrying on. We all hate the idea of having Mark under full house arrest and other restrictions, but when we weighted all the pros against the cons, we too saw the guilty plea as the best overall option.

The one thing that would deter most accused from pleading guilty, is that it lands the accused with a criminal record. However since this prosecution has proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Canada is not safe for anyone capable of forming an independent thought that does not mirror the regime’s preferred rhetoric, none of us would want Mark to stay in Canada a day longer than absolutely necessary. The ultimate goal will therefore be to get Mark safely out of Canada, and into a country that respects human rights, in particular the right to freedom of opinion and expression. Canada is not that country, so lingering there is nothing short of suicidal.

For that reason, a criminal record in Canada, which is for a crime that is not prosecutable anywhere else in the world, and is a victimless thought crime, would mean fuck all in the rest of the world. Mark will be able to apply for political asylum in a safe country that respects human rights, renounce his Canadian citizenship, and never set foot in unsafe Canada ever again. The criminal record that will linger there will mean a big fat nothing.

So this is what to expect from the first day of Mark’s trial. However, per Canadian law, it is ultimately up to the trial judge whether the plea will be accepted or not. So until the judge accepts it, nothing is set in stone. I will try to inform you on how it’s going as much as I can. Stay tuned…

Author: Acneska

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  1. Fucking light at the end of the tunnel. He suffered so long for something we get to just log into and enjoy everyday. What you guys have done to keep this community and movement of truth alive and strong will have long lasting effects. Get him the fuck outta there and back into the company of those who don’t fear what he does.

    1. I love you Obli. I respect you & Mark & I get where you’re coming from, kind of. I suppose being in SoCal its TOTALLY different. I’m not going to pretend I know your Canadian laws BUT, I say fight, fight & fight some muther fuckin more. In the long run, you have taught & showed us the real world in all its glory & I for one, will never forget that but you HAVE to stand up for YOUR rights, nevermind us. You can start another site or I dunno but you CAN NOT PLEAD GUILTY!! You did nothing wrong. My morals were corrupted loonngg before BG came around. Please think about what you’re going to do & don’t do it! Let them prove their so called case….

  2. First time commenting, but, I wanted to show my support and say Good Luck Mark. Thank you to everyone who contributes and who have busted their asses to keep this site working great. I find it necessary to have this reality check of what really is going on and where. Thank you again.

      1. I just came back today from a one week trip to SAFE and beautiful CUBA. I,m sure our friend would love it there, and the girls,,, whoa! Thank you so much for the update @ Acneska, you rock darling 🙂

  3. So fucking sad to know someone has been treated this way and all for creating a site that shows the world the uncensored truth and sharing opinions. It’s disgusting that he’s forced into a decision like this because he most likely wouldn’t receive a fair trial. I truly respect him for what he’s going through and that he has put the site first – that says a lot about him. I hope this plea goes through and he can finally end this. Thank you for the updates and to everyone who has kep this site going.

  4. Omg Acnesca, not only was that informative it also became real for me, having been born and raised here in Canada and thinking Canada was like the other few places in the world that respects Human Rights has just been proven to be false. Having read this I too wanted to get the hell out of this BS Lying Deceiving Pretentious Country and follow Mark to a better Eden. Who knows maybe after selling another house or two, I too may pack up and look for a more promising land. God speed Mark.

  5. The meaning of a guilty plea is pleading guilty to the accusation of a crime. No more, no less. Apparently there IS a limit to the willingness to fight for what one claims to believe in. Reality is a bitch sometmes….

  6. It’ll be one sweet day when the founder of this site will be back with his fellow Gorians…

    “No one can love to a greater extent than to give up life for friends…”

    You exemplify this statement Mr. Marek…

    Hail Victory!…

      1. I concur Mr nightmare sir and Gnat. And like was stated in the narrative once this is over then its over completely. I find the hypocrisy of the other sites (prochan) revolting. It’s only ok if they say it’s OK.. But still do what they hate you for doing.

  7. I don’t comment often but I have been here for about 3 almost 4 years. I wanted to of course share my support for this remarkable man who has opened the eyes to many including myself. I once saw this site and others as a disgusting exploitation of human suffering and gore. Till I realized after many visits with morbid curiosity, that It was brutal honesty, non objective news and alot of great story’s too. Mark is no different than many great men who have come before and surely will come after. He is wrongfully vilified because people would rather be under the foot of oppression rather than face sometimes cold reality. He is an inspiration to many and I hope you don’t say your guilty, don’t become another statistic. We love you

    Yours truly: your family at bestgore

  8. I actually screamed NO at my computer screen when I read that Mark is pleading guilty. But BG is going to be safe? I actually had suspected that Mark would sacrifice himself for this site. I wasn’t here in 2013, I wasn’t here when all of that happened, but I still read all about it. And I sure as hell still care about it. This site changed me. It opened my eyes. There’s still a lot of things I don’t know, things I may be wrong about, but I can think for myself now. I’m not a sheep anymore. Mark is a true hero. I can’t really see him being found not guilty, so it’s up to all of us to continue spreading the message and speaking the truth. Thank you, every single one of you.

  9. So does this also mean Mark will be able to go home turn on his computer and be with us again or is that part also still up in the air ?
    Also lots of innocent people plead guilty even when their not. Courts love to impose draconian Trial Taxes on those that dare want their day in court and are convicted.
    If it all wasn’t so damn serious with such real and lasting consequences it would be hard to even take the governments prosecution seriously.
    Wish you the best Mark…please hurry home.

    1. Technically he could re-join us right away, but he’s still in Canada. Canada is simply not safe for people who don’t lick government boot on their face. So until he’s out of there, it would be unsafe to express any opinion he holds.

      1. Well someone needs to scoop him up and bring him to the US. But I’m sure that’s one more country move he wouldn’t want to do or can do. I don’t know what the conditions will be for him after his release of legal duties. This shit started on my birthday thereabout. May 31st

  10. An understandable sacrifice, why prolonging the inevitable when he can just do it now and end things sooner? And if that ensures the site’s safety then its even benefic for us all. But we’ll see what his final judgement is…

    After all this is over, maybe he can go meet with Snowden in Russia. That country seems to be the popular safe place for political exiles. 😛

  11. Did i hear house arrest??? Omg datzs LOVE!!! Get it over with. Having a criminal record (i was young), i could think of 100 things worse than house arrest. Good luck to all the very good people who have struggled to keep this site up. Thank you and have blessed day

    1. That’s exactly why – this is Canada, not the USA. He doesn’t have the same rights people in the USA have, nevermind the fact that none of the American webmasters who published the same video have ever been prosecuted. USA has its faults, but it’s nowhere near as bad as Canada when it comes to literary inquisitions.

      1. So true, I guess this is the reason my parents chose to move to USA and not Canada, in the USA people have the right of freedom of speech and not worry about punishment for their views, not like that in Russia, one can be put to death for speaking their views in public.

      2. That’s what kills me. We wouldn’t be subjected to this ever. Although here in the US we take many of our civil liberties for granted…many. Mark would’ve excelled in the US. Free to say whatever whenever and still hold his freedom of press and freedom of speech. I am very grateful to be where I’m at. It took watching scenarios like Marks and others to play out in from of me over the years to really appreciate it

  12. Guilty as you say is not always guilty and innocent is not always innocent when these definitions come about as a result of social/economic inequalities.

    Was OJ Simpson innocent?, is Mark guilty?. The former ruling was the result of millions of dollars and expert lawyers whereas the latter ruling comes about as a result of the defendant?s lack of resources(financial or otherwise).

    As a law corrupting morals is not worth shit, It?s far too ambiguous to be applied properly. However, that particular law was never the problem to begin with because the real power lay in the hands of his accusers, the government, and it was this fact that made Mark?s ability to defend himself so difficult because one side possesses unlimited resources whereas the other side possessed none.

    Pleading guilty in the above situation then is just another form of defence as you are effectively negating their ability to destroy you completely.

    To end on a Bestgore theme, Mark basically decided to go along with the cops rather than risk getting shot to death for resisting arrest. However, self-preservation is never a choice, it?s a biological imperative and that is why he will still be not guilty regardless of the plea and resulting punishment.

      1. Mark should hold his head up high as Socrates was also prosecuted for corrupting morals a few thousand years ago because he dared to speak out against his government and question their actions, therefore a quote seems somewhat fitting given the circumstances.

        ?I do nothing but go about persuading you all, old and young alike, not to take thought for your persons or your properties, but and chiefly to care about the greatest improvement of the soul. I tell you that virtue is not given by money, but that from virtue comes money and every other good of man, public as well as private. This is my teaching, and if this is the doctrine which corrupts the youth, I am a mischievous person?.


        In other words, if attempting to show people the truth about the world they live in and persuading them to think for themselves rather than act out of conditioned habit is considered to be ?corrupting morals? then a corrupter of morals I am proud to be.

        I, myself, take a similar stance of course in that if being against mass uncontrolled immigration makes me racist a racist I am proud to be.

  13. Mark is a brave man, sacrificing himself for the people who love this site. What a fucked world this is, weak pathetic humans not being able to handle the uncensored reality of all the shit that goes on. Makes me sick. It’s people like Mark that make being the same species as these cowards not so unbearable.

  14. When M gets out of that hell hole he can crash on my couch if he wants. Fair warning though, I watch an average of 10-14 hours of Canadian Parliament daily while screaming “what’s this all aboot!?!” in a thick Canadian accent about every 30 seconds. People tell me it’s really fucking annoying. : (

  15. Do not yield brother Mark. Stand your ground and fight for what you believe in. The justice system is corrupt as it gets, and they do a great job of making you think you’ve won, by implementing a plea bargain. In essence your as guilty as you would be standing trial, both publicly and on paper. No man should be convicted of a crime they did not commit. That’s exactly what is about to happen. Be that symbol of injustice and keep fighting!!

  16. I can hardly come up with the words… I’ve seen the “justice system” work in all its glory and too many people without wealth get the shitty end of the stick, so I can see where Mark’s coming from. He has to do what he thinks is the best for him in the long run so I support what he’s decided to do. Thank you Mark for creating BG and sacrificing yourself. I just hope the 2 & 1/2 years he’s already done are enough for them.

  17. Check this quote I found on the cbc news website:

    “Edmonton police Staff Sgt. Bill Clark said a “complex” investigation that lasted more than a year led to the charge against Marek
    Clark said it’s the first time he knows of that the corrupting morals charge has been laid by Edmonton police. In fact, before the Marek case, he’d never heard of it.”

    I think no other explanation on the guilty plea is needed.

    I look forward to seeing Mark Mareks posts and commentaries soon, I first started looking at BG just when this whole episode had literally kicked off.

  18. Mark , and everyone keeping BG together , I love you all so much, my whole family does. Without this site we would be just more sheep in the herd , what you’re doing is not going unnoticed , my family along with others , I’m sure , are awakening to the horrors of the world and finally getting uncensored truth. Mark, you have opened my eyes to Zionism, without this , I really would have been an idiot, I’ve learned so much here on BG than in school. I can’t even begin to fathom the stress you’re going through to keep BG going , I have so much love and respect for your endeavors, I have awoken to see the raw truth of humanity , and what you’re going through is proof that the truth is oppressed by the evils that be , all for their own gain.. You have changed the world Mark , you have changed the minds of people , for this , I swear if I get rich enough, I will help you as much as I can , if you ever need a home in the U.S , I’m right here in California and you’re more than welcome to stay. You have family all over the world. It’s the least I could do for someone that has literally made me question the status quo and think on behalf of my own morals. You have enlightened so many people in the world and you deserve to be honored , respected and praised !

    1. Jesus Christ relax will ye,its only a site with dead peple and a couple of documentrys and some porn lol,i love this site but for fuckin hell he is only on house arrest,,he isnt on hunger strike,its not Bobby Sands we have here or Gandi as someone said above,take it easy

      1. It may seem that way to you but what’s actually at stake is the ability to distribute information that may go against the grain of what the governments of many countries want you see. If we lose our ability to have access and distribute information that certain parties find undesirable, it can have some pretty shitty ramifications. You need to consider all facets of this and not the narrow point that you brought up.

          1. That’s not how I roll 🙂

            I understand the point you were trying to make, I just wasn’t sure if you understood how far this may possibly reach. I wasn’t trying to be a dick, I was just explaining the perspective that I see.

      2. I don’t expect you to understand , you’re fairly new to this site compared to me. I’ve been here since ’08.. Mark’s documentaries are amazingly credible and his art is beautiful , and as someone who was not initially paid to get this started , I have mad respect ,and for the community that has come out of it. There are great people on this site , as well and this is Mark’s baby. You may take it all for granted since we are now in an age where sites like Facebook,Twitter etc, are all owned by multi millionaires and are a hit within the close minded and retarded who never consider the hours of code and programming it took to make this and keep it running. but tell me , is there another site as credible and uncensored as Best Gore ? Of course not. on top of that , look at how smoothly this site runs during attacks, it’s never been inaccessible . This site has a lot to be appreciated for.

        1. ive been viewing this site over a year Nini,thats not that new,i agree with you on everything you said,the site effects everyone differently,i do be drunk postin comments half the time take no notice of me

          1. Lol it’s okay FIghting Irish , you’re a fun one , I can’t be mad or bothered by you.. I actually enjoy it when someone comments back , it means someone actually took the time to read through my shit

    1. It didn’t fit because the glove literally shrunk because it was soaked in blood! Some pair of expensive leather gloves, they shrink when liquid of any kind gets on them, that murderous black bastard is where he belongs at least. I’m not having a go at you @No Cuntry, my blood boils when I think of him getting away with that, is all.

  19. This is my first comment ever on this site and I just want to say that this site has saved my life and deterred me from suicide, seeing first hand here failed and completed attempts of it has told my inner voice that I would be much better off just living my life even if it is filled with pain. This website is important because it doesn’t sugar coat news and actually shows people what the world is really capable of, ignorance is not bliss. Mark, I really hope the trial goes good because this website is very important for multiple reasons for a lot of people. As dark as the content is on this site it is also enlightening and eye opening.

    1. Thanks @GC – you can just read the venom in the prosecutor’s statement about watching Mark like a hawk and putting him in jail if he gets any chance whatsoever. Guess they have so much money and manpower they think it’s in the best interest of citizens to waste resources like that. WTF! What a power trip they’re all on.

    2. Nice link amazing that 80 % of the comments on that links story condemn Mark and these people have never even visited this site.
      The Government Sheppard must love the fact it’s flock are so lazy to not check things out for themselves, question or stray…cause there are wolves out there ya know.

  20. Floored by the choice to plead guilty to a crime he did not commit. However all the torment of the wait and restrictions weigh heavy and have some say in the decision. The restrictions have been harsher than that of the murderer himself. I hope Mark can fly away from Canada and resume his life hassle free once this is over. Good Luck to Mark and Best Gore.

  21. Acneska….thank you for keeping us in the loop and breaking down the situation so we all understand the ramifications of what’s going on. I love all the staff here but your clarity and insight are irreplaceable. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, I absolutely love the work you do to shine light on this situation and many others as well. Mark must be very proud of the work you fine folks have accomplished in his absence.

    I’ve said it many times before but I will say it again… Long Live Best-Mother Fucking-Gore.

    1. Thanks DOS. I can’t be the only one taking credit, though. All authors have been involved in assisting Mark, I just happened to be the one to make the post about the first day of trial. Good thing about the guilty plea is that it will free some of the time we used to spend on helping with Mark’s defence, which we will be able to spend on publishing more content.

      1. I figured it was more than just you but I just wanted to make sure and give you kudos for how eloquent you are in your delivery of information. I think I speak for many other members when I say this site has given me a place I feel at home, without fear of my opinions. My biggest concern, besides Marks fate, was what the fate of BG would be as a result of the trial…it seems I can rest a little easier at the moment but I know it’s still not over yet; we are just a little closer to a victory, even though Mark had to basically martyr himself in the process.

  22. I just recently joined this site, I also live in Canada too. I am honestly appalled by all of this persecution against Mark! Then, you have Prochan, who has/is deleting videos here on BestGore..Bunch of F***ing Hypocrate’s; the content/material they post/support, is No different—It’s just disgusting all around! Lots of support, & good luck, Mark, et all!! XoX

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