One Year of Sustained Human Rights Abuses and Soft Detention

They Want to Keep Freedom of Speech in a Cage, We Stand Up to Them

On this day exactly one year ago, Mark Marek, the founder of Best Gore was arrested and charged with “Corrupting Morals” by the Canadian authorities. One year later, and Mark is still held hostage; persecuted and terrorized by the enemies of free speech for his views, his political opinion and his historical research. And for acting upon his duty as an investigative journalist to inform the public.

Today mark’s one year of sustained human rights abuses, and soft detention which make China look like a beacon of democracy. In fact, Vasily asked a representative of a prominent non-governmental organization that maps the government-sanctioned censorship around the world for her qualified input on which other countries measure up to Canada in how dangerous it is for journalists there, and how severely the journalists are attacked, persecuted and destroyed if they fail to get on with the government “approved narrative”.

The question was formulated thus:

Other than Canada, are there any other countries that attack freedom of expression by putting inconvenient journalists under prior restraint? Mark Marek is a very specific case of a journalist who’s under full prior restraint for his views, political opinion and historical research.

He’s been prohibited from publishing all together, not only to the website the Canadian government attacked by using the dubious “obscenity” provision, but also to all of his other websites, regardless of niche, as well to any other website on the internet, with no exception. He’s been completely muffled and stripped of the means to survive in today’s fast paced world.

Are there any other specific cases of full prior restraint and attacks on journalist’s life that are equal in severity to that of Mark’s?

The answer was telling:

Off the top of my head nothing is springing to mind but leave this with me and I’ll speak to my colleagues over the next few days and try get back to you asap.

Please note that I am purposefully not mentioning the name of the NGO due to the fact that several NGOs withdrew their support after they had been attacked and threatened. As of this post, we have not received the follow up but if the person who’s been mapping censorship around the world on a daily basis for several years can’t think of another country that violates freedom of speech as severely as Canada, you can rest assured that the country is at minimum one of the most dangerous terror zones for independent journalism, if not THE most dangerous.

You may have also noticed that we have been slightly stingy with updates on Mark lately. This is again because intimidation, threats and harassment he’s been subjected to have greatly escalated over the past few months. Thus at this point, our priorities shifted entirely away from Canada. We now focus exclusively on talking to foreign governments and international treaties bodies.

Over the course of one year, Canada has proven that its constitution is a bill of sale, and the rule of law is a smokescreen term used to camouflage the deeply entrenched tyrannism. Whereas one year ago many of us would have considered the possibility that Canada was a lawful country, after one year of every single court date, without exception, having been a kangaroo clowniada, and every attempt to address something as important as violations of fundamental human rights, having resulted in escalation of violations of fundamental human rights, any further attempt to fool ourselves with the illusion that constitutional and human rights were anything more than an afternoon joke for the Canadian authorities, would be an assurance of delusion.

Thus, Mark remains under soft detention, violations of his human rights continue uninterrupted, but despite all the attacks and threats against him and everyone contemplating to stand up for his rights and for free and open internet, we know they won’t be able to hold him hostage against his will and against the international law forever. As such, our priority is to get Mark out of the most dangerous terror zone for journalists in the world before taking any further steps. This is why we have been stingy with updates.

But rest assured – we know who the abusers are, and we never forgive, and we never forget. For as long as any of us still breathes, none of us will rest until justice has been done. They’ve attacked and threatened many people to achieve their goal of destroying freedom of expression on the internet by crushing the researcher that exposed a lot of their misconduct. But there are many of us who understand that when faced with injustice, doing nothing is akin to siding with the oppressor.

Samuel Adams famously said:

The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil Constitution, are worth defending at all hazards; and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors: they purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood, and transmitted them to us with care and diligence. It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of false and designing men.

We believe this applies to the whole world and all those who oppose the subordination of the individual to the state. The sole object and only legitimate end of government must be to protect the citizens in the enjoyment of life, liberty, and property. When government and its cronies assume usurpation and oppression, when the mission of the law is to oppress the citizens, it is up to the oppressed to stand up and fight.

Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.

~ Robert F. Kennedy

What unites us in action is human dignity. The same dignity of which the oppressors have none. It is dignity that makes us understand that none of us is free when some of us are oppressed. It is dignity that moves us to intolerate the intolerable. For to stand on the side of the oppressed is the most dignified thing one can do in life.

Where do you stand?

Author: Acneska

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          1. @cheeky

            Yeah that’s pretty much it. You have to follow their rules whilst under the illusion of freedom. And yes I remember one such case of Chen Guangcheng back a few years ago. That’s the last public house arrest which gained so much notoriety I can remember.

          1. basicaly send a email to the UN and other international authorities that and international human rights groups… (hate to say this) but even some nazi’s may stand up for mark…

        1. I was on that for 4 months as a juvie, could not leave my shitty little apartment without an ‘adult’, and I would be left completely alone for weeks at a time. It’s fucking shit, worse than prison imo. I was not allowed any electronics, subjected to random drug-tests, unwarranted searches, and the fucking whore that is my p.o. refusing to let me go to the hospital for my little niece’s birth. All this while being told I was ‘lucky’ and that they could put me away for 50+ years. Just like they’re fucking lucky that I didn’t bomb their asses when they know damn-well I could have.

    1. Damn right Obli!! πŸ˜‰ I can’t believe it has only been a year, feels like forever! Also I would like to give mad props to you, ate, acneska, nastypersuasions, and any other members who take time out of their personal life to keep the posts coming daily. Thank y’all so much for your contributions to keeping this site up and running, and of course, for the awesome gore, otherwise we would all be stuck cruising around the old posts with nothing new for our gore fix. I’m sure that M is very proud of y’all, I know I am. Just wanted y’all to know how much I appreciate your hard work!!

  1. This site is one of the very best on the internet for saying, AND SHOWING, the truth, and nothing frightens the elites who hate truly free speech more than someone daring to tell the plain, painful truth. As Mark said years ago, truth is the new hate speech.

    Just go and watch American Idol, worship the latest moron sports hero and support the latest meaningless war; do and think as you’re told and shut up, sheep.

    1. You put it great. Whenever a news story rolls out, I can expect best gore to have the uncropped pictures and the full story up the same day.

      I fucking miss the shit out of Mark though. I hope he’s not too bored, I’d be pulling my hair out after a year.

  2. Mark, you are a hero. Thank you for sharing the reality with everyone. Been around this site for a long time, never posted yet, though. But this time is different….. it’s been a year of torture for Mark, and I feel that I need to post my support. I wish you the best,Mark.
    ps: sorry for my bad english

      1. @the judge
        Thanks!! I always turn off the subtitles when I watch english movies, so my english is okay in everyday conversations, but when the conversation get technical or complicated, you can tell I’m not a native. And somtimes I use wrong idioms and slangs, so sometimes I sound wierd, I even offend people withouot knowing it.

  3. off the topic: I’ve been around this site for a long time and besides reading the post, I also read every single comment. I understand what is going on globally so it was no surprise that there is a lot of WN going on here.
    I agree with most of your values and I am aware of Jews, Blacks as a whole. But that doesn’t mean there are no “good jews” or “good blacks”. Call them individuals, call them exceptions, call them mutants of their race, I don’t care. But those people are not lying kikes or gansta niggers, they are just decent people born
    into a race that I dislike as a whole. I would still love to know those individuals and be friends with them, despite their skin color.

    So it kinda got onto my nerve when Boozer replied “don’t let the black man fool you” despite that IP-Config made a clear statement about his character.
    See here:

    I do not mean to start a debate, nor do I mean
    to offend you, Boozer. But I just needed to know… do you hate the black race so much you need to deny them all, neglecting the presence of “good black” people that distance themselves from ape behavior? You also made comments on wanting to wipe out the whole black race.
    If I have misunderstood you in any way , I apologize in advance. If you could, please leave a reply. I really want to know what you think, thank you.

      1. Do you think boozer will reply?
        You’ve known boozer for a while right?
        He seems like a decent man, but sometimes I think there’s too much hate going on….
        and Judge, good to finally chat with you, I’ve always enjoyed your posts, they’re filled with good stuff worth reading.

        1. Thanks bro, likewise πŸ™‚

          boozer is a stand up guy I’m sure he will reply to you when he reads your question. But it may not be the answer your hoping for if you get what I mean.

          Diversity is also what separates us, Not from the animals but from ourselves.

          Anyway I’m off to bed… Goodnight!

    1. @dennytheaws
      Don’t forget that a lot of comments here are made in sarcasm and pushed to extremes for fun and to get a rise from the less seasoned chaps. I am just trying to say you can’t take everything word for word. I agree with you that there are good people in every race, and I can honestly say there are horrible people in every race. And not just race, but organizations, groups, clubs, etc.

      I want to say welcome aboard and glad you finally signed up. I look forward to your participation. I can tell you are intelligent and well spoken (even if English is not your first language).


    2. @dennytheaws,

      You are right, there are good people to be found in all races and religious groups and whereas logically it makes sense to treat people as you find them emotionally it is quite different.

      If someone has had a bad experience with another person who belonged to a certain race and/or group they tend to reflect emotionally on the matter much in the same way as a person may never get on a plane again after experiencing a bad flight.

      The best way to look at it is through the ideology of the various breeds of dog. If you had experienced first hand that a certain breed of dog put you in danger, maybe it attacked you or frightened you or had a violent reputation, you would want to avoid that breed of dog in future even though logically you knew that all dogs have their own distinct personalities and behavioural traits you would still view them all in a similar way because it is safer to mistrust all than to possibly invite danger by trusting some.

      Like I said, it’s not a very nice way to operate but it is a very human way to operate therefore Boozer is only guilty of being a real human being with emotions and if I were to cast away his viewpoint on these matters I would be casting away my own humanity.

    3. @dennytheaws First of all welcome. It’s a long story why I hate nigg’s so I’ll make it short. I grew up in L.A my brother was killed at the age of 17 by niggers for no reason! I repeat NO REASON. Then a year later I was shot 2 times, again for no reason & was lucky to survive, just to let the niggers have there fun. Now you ask me why I hate them? I do know there is good & bad in every race, but when I see niggers doing shit I go mad! About 70% of niggers do nothing but rape,kill,rob…etc & i’m not the only one on here thinking this way. Are you black? If you are well, maybe you’re a decent one. But to say it again I still hate niggers & always will! just like I will always hate the hooked nosed blood thirsty jews. πŸ™‚

      1. I am sorry to hear about your brother Boozer. And as for you being shot twice,,, and for NO reason,,, that is just all kinds of bad brother! ;( I don,t blame you at all for the way you feel, and hopefully this will clear up any confusion anybody has about your dislike for some of the colored among us! You my friend, are a class act ! πŸ™‚

          1. I knew you were a fucking gangster lol @boozer. Yup I can’t help it but down with the niggs there a bunch of out of control apes. Maybe there are a few decent ones but if I had it my way then there would be none. That go’s for all other colours…

          2. I think it’s a damn shame that you had to explain yourself and your reasons for any comment you have made here. We’ve ALL said things on here that have upset or offended others on the site and with that being said we all have our own agendas and our own reasons for why we may or may not have offended someone on here or why we may or may not have been offended by someone on here.

            @Boozer, as you know I already know of some of the tragedies and horrors you have gone through and defeated in your past and I think it’s awesome that you felt comfortable enough to share said information with the BG community as I’m sure we all know that you are supported and loved by so many of us here no matter what and the lot of us have your back whole heartedly but I have to say that I am quite sick of seeing people calling you out in particular as I’ve seen on several occasions. They’re are offensive comments made by members on almost if not all posts on this website and I don’t like seeing you being the only one singled out in certain situations. Maybe I’m just being protective over you because I care for you and don’t like to see bullshit and faggotry thrown your way and although I know you’re perfectly capable of standing on your own and defending yourself I felt it was about time I put my two cents in about this.

            So with all that being said, if you do not know Boozer personally or have been a member long enough to know the type of man he is or have ever had a discussion with him then I will politely say that you have absolutely NOTHING to say to or about him – Please & Thank you.

            @Boozer MUAH! Xo

  4. I stand firmly on Mark’s side. I didn’t always agree with his ideas or comments but hey, I’m not a sheep for anybody. People should view this stuff. ANY action (or comment) by any human being on the planet should never be censored because it is a form of truth on its own; whether it is truth of occurrence, or truth of opinion, it is a part of all of us and we should be allowed to process it on our own, without government interference. The one true freedom every one of us has when visiting Bestgore, is the complete freedom to leave the site, and study things that are more pleasing to us.
    I am happy that persons have stepped in to keep the site rolling. Thanks eh?

    1. Yeah, there’s no such thing as the First Amendment in Canada. But the actual sad thing is that even if Canada had strong freedom of expression laws, it would still mean nothing with judges this corrupt.

  5. I usually don’t say much but I always look for a update about Mark here and other places. They cannot keep him silenced forever. I know when everything is said and done he will be liberated and they will reap what they sowed:)

  6. The best defense is usually putting on a good offense….Luka’s murder trial is set to start Sept 15th….no doubt the trial will generate global attention which would be a perfect time for this site to generate millions of viewers by showing the Luka video…show the video with explanation on how mark was trying to help the police and now faces bogus moral corrupt charges…let’s just hope they will be smart enough to resolve Mark’s case before the trial starts….if not I say show the video again and shed the light on Marks situation to the world…

    1. Although i agree with the sentiment, i believe it is actually illegal to post the video here as it will i’m sure be used in evidence against Magnotta.

      Hopefully, as you say Marks’ case will be resolved soon and he will be back here doing what he does best.

  7. mark educates people about what is going on in this world. I appreciate what I have learned. I am glad to come on here freely and know what is going on without all of the fucking censorship. It isn’t fair to punish him for being honest. so Canada doesn’t have freedom of speech?

  8. soft detention…. confusing. so who is doing the writing? I am so confused and worried about mark and the future of best gore. I am in the U.S.A and don’t know anything about Canadian laws or government . Anyone who can help me understand please help.

      1. There were some petitions that were posted when all this went down. They had the emails and addresses of all the Canadian officials. I wrote each one individually and got great responses back. Probably wouldn’t hurt to keep sending them emails letting them know that we will not stop and we will not forget. I am going to write them again this week to see where things are at. I would like to hear what Mark and the moderators think we can do together.

    1. I don’t think it can hurt. Except that you and I are on their list. lol. But he mentioned to me that he got hundreds of responses/petitions. I was under the impression that they responded to the handful of people who did more than cut and paste. This site is about freedom and doing what you believe. I am proud to be part of it and proud that others share a common interest. I don’t know Mark, don’t know anything about him personally, but I do appreciate what he built here. I stand up for the freedoms I want to protect. The images and videos on this site are my news. I take each with a skeptical side, but over time you can really see things here you would never normally see. I wish Mark the best and no matter what happens to him, he played a huge part in mankind. Best of luck Mark and team.

      1. I don’t want to be on any list but I can’t sit back as Mark helplessly suffers for bullshit. This site has helped me deal with death and has educated me and making me appreciate life more. This site doesn’t have a twist on it like the news.

  9. As soon as Mark gets out, I swear that I am going to throw a party. But I won’t be living in Canada much longer after that! Probably stick around in Dildo (a small town in my province) until I work out where these horrible violations don’t happen like it does here and probably go there. Likely Texas, as it can leave the USA. Hold up, Mark!

        1. Glad to hear it my dude. I’m doin’ alright myself, was just busy for a while trying to bring Lebron back & drafting Manziel (Yep that was allllll me!) πŸ™‚ I can’t believe it’s been 1 year for Mark already. Un-fucking-real!

  10. Democracy doesn’t actually exist, only the illusion of democracy.

    At first sight there appears to be choice in our societies but on closer inspection that choice can only be made on a predetermined list of options and if all those options were created without your input you never had choice to begin with hence no democracy.

    This extends to all facets of society including the government and courts and that is why you will not get a fair hearing or treatment in this system because the cage was constructed to contain and control you, not to support and free you.

  11. Soft Detention, do not let the words fool you. I would rather do Pen time, than go through what our mentor Mark, has been dealing with. In jail you have access to the internet, phone, you get free room & board. Shit, they will even give you a job, if you want, and pay you for it. SAD MAN! Imagine, a guy who never broke the law, spends endless hours reporting on the evils of our society & helping the downtrodden, only to be shit on, and have all his right trampled on. If that is not enough,,, The Canadian government finds it amusing by taking away his right to make a living via the internet. This man Mark Marek, should be given a medal, or an Award for all he has done for the greater good, but instead he is portrayed as a monster by the courts. I will continue to support you my brother until my final breath!

    1. Agreed! I’m a little late to read and post but I absolutely support Mark, the BG writers, most BG members and freedom of speech and journalism. Best wishes to a speedy resolution in favor of Mark. Thanks to all those keeping BG alive!

  12. It seems longer than a year.
    While we all miss him, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say how much gratitude is owed to @Acneska, @Vasily, @Ate and all the other members who stepped up and have kept the site going in Mark’s enforced absence. Thank you, for your dedication to ensuring Best Gore continues to truthfully inform and educate!

  13. “Where do you stand?”

    Everywhere I do not sit, kneel, lie down, walk, or run, same as you, Acneska!

    But seriously, I miss Mark and hope he is well. Perhaps they are attempting to wear him down with endless delays and similar bullshittery. It’s what they do, especially when they have nothing. They had nothing when this began, and they have nothing now. It’s beyond pathetic at this point.

  14. Soft Detention as defined by Wikipedia:

    Effectively, this form of restraint is exercised when an individual pending trial or investigation presents little risk to public safety but is still regarded as a criminal.

    Presumably, Mark Marek has been instructed (by court order) to not travel, passport possibly revoked, curfew, abstain from drugs and alcohol, scheduled meetings with an officer of the courts and other restrictions. This may or may not include limited use of a computer for fear that he might use a PC to post further content to rustle the jimmies of whatever draconian political office is behind his persecution.

    I’ll look into it further, but from what I’ve gleamed thus far the term “Soft Detention” is not used in Canadian criminal code. It does have many similarities to ‘House Arrest’ and ‘Conditional Sentences’, but the federal government (in their less than infinite wisdom) eliminated those forms of punishment in 2007 and 2012:

    Reading through the abstract and some of the legislation, it clearly defines what offenses are covered, but no where does it indicate that the antiquated charges of ‘Corrupting Morals’ and posting upsetting pictures/video online would apply.

    Funny how we still have laws being applied today that were first struck to paper on old mechanical printing presses with little metal tiles for setting the font. And can you imagine BestGore being played on a “phonograph record”?

    Welcome to the ancient year of 2014.

    (Just to add, I’ve been lurking here since day 2 of BestGore, never commented but feel that I should be adding some relevant information as to the context of criminal charges that Mark Marek is facing for posting the ‘1 lunatic 1 icepick’ video THAT WAS SENT TO HIM and not produced by him.)

    1. Yes, the term “Soft Detention” is typically associated with China, but it’s time to realize that China is far more democratic that Canada. Take respect for Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for example – after Chen Guangcheng sought refuge in the US embassy, the Chinese government granted him safe passage out of China. But after Canadian government learned that Mark walked into a foreign consulate, they immediately arrested and imprisoned him. Then they threatened him that he sought refuge for nothing cause they would get him no matter what.

      Soft Detention basically means that a person is so restricted with where he can go and what he can do, that he’s basically a prisoner although not physically in prison. This is a trick used by the second generation of tyrants because it creates an impression of due process while keeping the target under sustained abuse of human rights and unable to survive. It’s a case of – you’re in prison, you can’t go anywhere or do anything, but unlike in prison, you have to provide for yourself. Meaning – we stripped you of all the means to make a living, but at the same time also stripped you of provision of life necessities. Thus we condemned you to slow and agonizing death by slow decay while you watch yourself being completely helpless. And despite all that, in the eyes of the observers, we look like we uphold the rule of law. It’s the second generation of tyrannism, or what Mark named Tyrannism v2.0

      Instead of executing dissidents and be seen as tyrants, the second generation of tyrants cripples dissidents so they can’t survive and let them die on their own, thus avoiding being seen as tyrants cause the dissident doesn’t appear to have died by their hand.

      1. ‘Soft Detention’ as per what is happening to Mark does seem on the surface to be a willful ignorance to basic human rights and to the Canadian Charter of Rights that protects all Canadians. If the courts have imposed a restriction on travel, movement, curfew or associations, then Mark is effectively being told that he isn’t allowed to exercise his rights to freedom of movement and freedom of association within Canada. Don’t question the rules of the rulers and you’re labeled as a rule breaker and legislated into a life of oblivion.

        China is a mixed bag; sometimes they come off as complete tyrants, others they seem quite sensible.

        I’m still curious to know if Mark has restrictions preventing him from using the internet or other digital communications devices.

        1. This is another great example of Tyrannism v2.0:

          To create a false impression that Mark was allowed access to the internet, they allowed it to him, but under incredibly inconvenient, impractical and costly conditions – he can only use it on the premises of a specific lawyer and under supervision…

          Then immediately after that they attacked the lawyer and said that because Mark was using the computer from her office, she’s now a witness to the case, thus Mark can no longer use her office to access his case files and has been left with no access to anything at all. It was a case of manufacturing an impression that he’s allowed access and then quietly cancelling the access with sly tricks that left Mark completely cut off, unable to communicate, prepare for defense, etc. but what the public is told is that he was allowed some access. That’s second generation of tyrannism.

          It is similar with other communication devices – they allowed him to use a phone, but it can only be a phone that doesn’t have access to the internet, which basically means a phone that doesn’t exist anymore. Nobody sells these phones anymore, not even pawn shops have them, but Mark was able to get one from a flea market, however after he took it to several providers, each told him that it won’t work on their network. They tried, but it doesn’t connect anymore.

          He then found another old phone that was hardwired to a specific network and took it to their office. The outcome was the same – these phones no longer work. Thus he’s left with two old phones in his possessions that don’t work.

          So again – second generation of tyrannism. They create an impression that they allow him something, it gets OK’d by corrupt judges, but what they allow him is basically what doesn’t work or can’t be used. The outcome is the same – soft detention, complete inability to prepare for defence (no access to any prosecution materials either), but an illusion that he got it all.

          That’s how modern tyrants do it. They don’t execute dissidents anymore. They cripple them and wrap the crippling up in a ribbon with balloons so it looks like due process. It’s anything but.

          1. Considering that I personally have run data forensics for IT service (to retrieve lost data for customers when I worked in PC repair some years back), can sniff the wireless transmissions of practically any wireless router or device (thanks to Linux) and even built a simple in-line key-logger, it seems rather odd that the court would restrict Mark’s digital communications rather than simply observe and log all of his data traffic pending review. I’ve even used some of the low-level recovery tools that police use for salvaging data from all manner of computers/devices, so the police aren’t powerless to observe Mark’s actions.

            It appears to me that what Mark is facing is political motivation from an overly conservative government body that still believes strict Judo-Christian morals should govern every aspect of our lives.

            And he must, by law, be provided with all of the evidence the prosecution has collected against him.


            It’s the first line in the “General Principles” and repeated numerous times that full disclosure of any and all relevant evidence must be made available to the accused and their legal council. Failure to comply may result in a mistrial or adjournment pending release and review.

            And where is the ‘Corpus Delicti’, that burden of proof indicating that Mark’s actions in posting a video that was sent to him constituted measurable harm to the safety and or well-being of an individual, their property and or livelihood? Could it not be argued that if Mark had not released the video Magnotta might have been able to evade the police and possibly kill again?

            To drag out an old idiom, it seems that the court/prosecutor/government can’t see the forest through the trees because they’re too focused upon some little sapling that is in the way. They all need to stand back and look at this objectively as impartial observers of modern society and not through the dirty lens of politics.

          2. @Brilliant Bugger

            That’s the thing. All prosecution documents are in digital form. But Mark is prohibited from using a computer, so while the impression has been made that all documents have been provided to him, it’s all useless cause he can’t access any of them. That’s how they’ve been doing it for a year and counting. Tyrannism v2.0

  15. I haven’t seen 1lunatic video until recently on another site, doesn’t hold a candle to Best Gore. Why are they able to show this if it interferes with their investigation and not suffer any repercussions? The other site must not have never taken it down cause it had well over a million views. Piece of shit canada is singling out Mark because he tried to help, they didn’t listen, their pride got crushed and their arrogance exposed. Hopefully after this lunatic faggot gets locked up, the broken crown will stop terrorizing a man that’s infatuated with seeking out the truth. Mr Mark Marek, you have my utmost respect and gratitude. Thank You.

    1. Luka Magnotta (aka The Lunatic) is locked up. In fact, there is a video from a documentary (available here on BestGore) that details how some anonymous geeks spent an entire year tracing and tracking Magnotta.

      Originally, Magnotta had posted videos of himself torturing and killing kittens. Some animal rights activists and geeks tried to inform the police who couldn’t care any less about some internet weirdo killing cats. The animal rights activists told the police that people who display malevolent and sadistic tendencies towards animals often graduate towards humans.

      Magnotta did so, killing and dismembering the body of his victim Jun Lin, sending one of his feet to a school, some body parts to political offices, stashing the rest of the remains in a suitcase or garbage bag which was later discovered. He was part of an INTERPOL investigation (The International Criminal Police Organization) which quickly found him hiding in Germany, arrested and deported back to Canada. Magnotta is currently being held pending trial which should begin this fall.

        1. Finding hard to find information is my specialty and something I do freely for the positive benefit of society.

          If you want to see more just ask the Google for ‘luka magnotta killing kittens’. Some of the video clips still remain. They are somewhat disturbing, but the poor video quality does soften the impact somewhat.

  16. @ Acneska

    Canadian Human Rights Act (which is almost 30 years old).

    The initial “PURPOSE OF ACT” indicates that none shall undertake “discriminatory practices based on race, national or ethnic origin,”. It further states in section 5. that none can “(a) to deny, or to deny access to, any such good, service, facility or accommodation to any individual, or (b) to differentiate adversely in relation to any individual,”.

    Though the Charter is intended to protect individuals from the potential prejudice of an employer it also protects us from our government should they ever try to deny inalienable rights to any Canadian. And as Mark is being denied reasonable access to the legal documents to which he is entitled, his council could claim that he is suffering discrimination by way of his “national origin”, which just happens to be Canadian.

    Mark and his lawyer could then file for a Human Rights Tribunal to have the case presented, claim that he is simply trying to exercise his right to freedom of expression via BestGore and full disclosure of evidence from the prosecution, all simply because he is Canadian.

    I can look into it a bit further, but a Human Rights Tribunal is pretty easy to start, consisting of about a dozen experts in human rights. Since those people are appointed and not elected or hired, they should all find it quite odd that Mark is being denied fair and equitable treatment within the criminal justice system. I would wager that when told that Mark can access this disclosed information via computer, but is ordered by the courts to not use any computers, the tribunal will either issue a ruling to lift Mark’s digital ban or order the prosecution to provide paper copies to him, and at their own expense within a set time frame (which is usually 30 days).

    He could also file for a Freedom of Information request as the evidence being held by the prosecution is in reference to Mark and therefore reasonably entitled to him.

    Maybe the prosecutor doesn’t know how to operate a photo-copier, or they’re trying to save money on toner?

    This tactic the prosecution is using harks to the carrot and stick approach, or perhaps the noose and guillotine would seem more fitting.

    Or try telling the prosecution that Mark has new evidence that will exonerate him, but it’s private information and they can never see it.

    1. Makes one wonder what the hell his lawyer is playing at here . To have documents pertaining to his defence withheld is beyond ridiculous. Yes this is Canada , but surely , if the courts represent the crown , those documents should be in Marks hands without further delay, otherwise, the case, when it comes to court, should be thrown out , which leads one to believe that stalling tactics in the name of keeping him quiet for as long as possible are being applied.

      Corruption plain and simple.

      1. The “stalling tactics” they’re using seem to imply that they’re either having trouble establishing a credible case or they’re still trying to collect evidence to built a credible case. Either way, the charges against Mark should be reviewed by an independent third party to ensure that proper jurisprudence is being followed.

        There is an election come September to choose the next leader of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta. Perhaps they’re stalling so as to use the case against Mark as promotional material for their tough on crime position.

        But the question still remains, who did Mark harm by posting that video? And who is harmed by the far worse content on BestGore?

        Warning: Life is intended for an adult audience and contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing, viewer discretion and media censorship is advised.

  17. If a government can justify silencing speech under the pretext of “corrupting morals”, one can only conclude that government will find a similar pretext to punish any action it chooses and guide society to a political correctness by force of a gun.

    The idea isn’t any different than a rapist who uses rope and knives to force apart the legs of his victim because he deems it best to grant him access.

    The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny.

    1. I do agree that government does frequently legislate some laws into its own favor (tax code). There are many rather benign laws that we simply live with because they are reasonable to accept (speed limits).

      But one thing the Government of Canada cannot manipulate is freedom of speech en masse. If only a couple people speak out against tyranny, hypocrisy and corruption then they’re considered zealots who can easily be silenced. If dozens standup to the face of oppression it becomes a fringe of some group that might have a valid position to their argument. But if thousands rise forth and demand a change for the better, that’s a movement that cannot be easily stopped.

      We, not just as Canadians, but as a collective human species, we are in desperate need of a new zeitgeist, something to define our chorus of voice in this the 21st century. It must be heard that the free and open exchange of information in all forms is the foundation that has built our modern society.

      Take as example the ban on stem cell research in America during the eight year reign of Boy-George Bush. Because his antiquated beliefs in an invisible biblical best friend (hailing from the target practice region of the Middle East) somehow implied that a few cells of dividing zygote goo has a mystical eternal soul of divine concoction, that science shouldn’t be allowed to do the science it does best. It may have stalled that science within America for almost a decade, but it did give Canada (and a lot of other nations) opportunity to explore stem cells, to understand the science, and to develop actual science that helped contribute to the economy and future prosperity of those nations upon the global stage.

      In brief, freedom of expression, the exchange of information and pursuit of knowledge must not be censored. Just think of Luca Magnotta and the near endless parade of psychologists and neurologist who are all lined up waiting to examine his sociopath neurology so as to better understand the human brain and possibly produce better diagnostic and treatment regimes that may prevent the next lunatic from taking a life.

      I’m curious and will be checking to see if Magnotta is being examined by mental health professionals who may be authoring case-study papers on the subject of abhorrent psychology traits, each of those papers published in peer-reviewed journals, easily available and openly shared information that will benefit society greatly.

  18. Good luck on your arraignment on October 17th, 2014. Though I am not a fan of Bestgore, any attempt to censor free speech rights for citizens of an advanced, industrialized society on and off the internet is a sign of disintegrating democracy and the rise of a coercive form of thought policing. Bestgore represents a neutral space providing opportunities for consenting adults who subscribe to a service, to access the circulation of ideas and materials that may be erotic and often fall into fictitious portrayals of fantasy. That a criminally insane ‘lunatic’ decided to put his fantasies into reality is not anyone else’s fault but his own. If the Canadian authorities continue with these false and fictitious charges against you, my community of free speech advocates and media consultants in the United States are prepared to assist you in any future appeals. But I trust these interventions will not be necessary, and that justice will be served. In any event, we are watching your case closely, and are confident that constitutionally-secured free speech assurances will prevail, and that Bestgore will be in a position to continue to deliver its’ erotic (albeit bizarre) fantasy content to its’ community of subscribers, without the illegal and unethical intervention of anachronistic Draconian censorship by state officials. Any Canadian efforts to legislate monocultural sexual myopia and impose sanctions surrounding the absence of prudery are an assault against free speech effecting citizens around the world, and we will engage in influential policy analysis and legal opposition accordingly.

    1. Hello Leeza,

      the October 17 date is not very significant. It was set solely to cause further delays to the progress of the persecution. Mark had a preliminary enquiry on September 2, but instead of setting the date of the trial during the prelims, the judge scheduled the October 17 date on which the trial date is to be set. In other words, instead of setting the trial date, they set a date to set the trial date so as to put the case off as much as possible.

      So all we’re expecting will happen on October 17 is the system, represented by the prosecution and the judges, will put the trial date as far into the future as possible. They gave themselves a month and a half to figure out how to do it.

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