Police State Canada vs Mark Marek – Summary of Persecution

Not All Police States Torture, But All Police States Censor - Quote by Mark Marek of BestGore.com

Introduction by Acneska:

Over the past few weeks, Vasily and Dr. Nasty have worked relentlessly on a document which will be used as the basis for a counter attack on the Police State Canada, which is currently engaged in a vicious, politically motivated witch-hunt against Best Gore founder Mark Marek. As was hinted by the Edmonton Police Service Staff Sgt. Bill Clark (as per July 17, 2013 article by National Post titled Best Gore website owner charged for posting grisly dismemberment video in Luka Rocco Magnotta case), who said he doesn’t think police have the authority to shut down Best Gore unless Mark Marek is convicted in court, the actual goal of the witch-hunt clearly is to shut the website down.

In other words, Canada doesn’t believe in freedom of expression on the internet, the Canadian authorities want the internet censored and they want to be the ones deciding what should stay and what should go. Keep in mind that if Police State Canada is successful and Best Gore is shut down, it will set a dangerous precedent that will negatively affect all common law countries, opening the gates of hell to wide spread censorship in most of the so called democratic world.

Approximately 2.3 billion people, or one third of the world’s population live in common law jurisdictions. If Best Gore is shut down, any website owner who lives in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Malaysia, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Burma, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Cyprus, Barbados, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Namibia, Botswana, Guyana or Israel will face a very realistic threat of having their website shut down using the precedent set by the shutdown of Best Gore.

Because the perception of what’s obscene can be very subjective, and laws defining obscenity are often unreasonably broad, if Best Gore is shut down, authorities who don’t like what you say on your website can easily find something on it that has a potential of being perceived as obscene and down you go.

However even if the consequences of Mark Marek’s persecution were not this far reaching, the simple fact that Canada wants to play the role of the internet morality police, pretending that their pretentious white-knightery and moral faggotry somehow makes them the guardians of the public interest, should raise major alarms and concerns in the minds of every decent human being. I mean – how can depriving the public of the source of information they trust be in the public interest?

As Mark Marek himself says – censors are snipers with a bazooka, or surgeons with a chainsaw. When they start sweeping, they sweep big and don’t care who else gets caught in the sweep. Thomas Emerson once stated that:

Those who seek to impose limitation on expression do so ordinarily in order to forestall some anticipated effect of expression in causing or influencing other conduct.

Governmental censorship is almost universally an attempt to stop an unintentional effect of certain speech or expression. By resorting to censorship, the government opposes the idea of individualism in society. An intent to control what people read or view, whether in a book or on a computer monitor, is an attempt to limit people’s ideas and their thought capacities. Frederick Schauer, a law professor at the College of William and Mary, stated:

Freedom of speech meant not only freedom from any form of governmental control, but also freedom from private social pressures that could also inhibit thought and opinion.

The fight to stop the persecution of Mark Marek is the fight to protect our right to be free from governmental control that inhibits thoughts, ideas, and free expression. Governmental regulation of thoughts and ideas results in less freedom, therefore condoning less wisdom. These, in turn, result in the absence of individualistic character which is necessary in a democratic society.

Canadian government wants the public to perceive their attempt to censor Best Gore as an act of doing what’s best for society. Yet history proved us over and over again that it’s a way for those who are in power to retain their power. As a means to terminate individualism, wisdom, and the marketplace of ideas, censorship is a restriction that is not for greater liberty, but for the deprivation of liberty.

To enforce laws that make it illegal to express one’s opinion, or ideas is to deprive us of our ability to facilitate the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

With that in mind, I present to you the excerpt from the document prepared by two of the most dedicated supporters of Mark Marek in his fight against internet censorship. You can help by sending a few emails – more info on this link. Mad props to Vasily Kirov and nastypersuasions:

Police State Canada vs Mark Marek – Summary

This letter is a petition on behalf of Mark Marek, a Canadian citizen of Edmonton, Alberta to have charges against him dropped and to have the authorities involved in violations of his fundamental human rights investigated for possible abuse of power and gross professional misconduct..

The implied misconduct may have included targeted harm to Mr Marek’s reputation, a show of authority, a threat of force, improper issuance of a warrant for arrest against a private person, illegal denial of personal liberty, arbitrary imprisonment, failure to determine the lawfulness of the imprisonment and more.

We further suspect that the public officials involved in the case, as part of their personal vendetta against Mr Marek, violated his fundamental human rights, subjected him to a smear campaign, intentionally ignored evidence that he was innocent to ensure he would be likely to be imprisoned, treated him as guilty until proven innocent, and utilized intimidation and threats to make an example of him.

As will be substantiated later in this document, we strongly believe that the persecution of Mr Marek is a selective, politically motivated witch-hunt that is being employed to discredit him as the police have failed to appreciate that Mr Marek’s disclosures have triggered a necessary and long-delayed public debate about the acceptable boundaries of policing in a democratic country.

Mr Marek has published numerous critical reports on growing police brutality, and made public dozens of videos that subsequently cascaded throughout the World Wide Web or Internet, in what is known as a viral progression, where thoughts, information and trends move into and through a human population collectively accessing the internet.

Mr Marek also exposed incompetence and an astonishing lack of interest by the police, salaried and appointed public servants whose purpose is to serve and protect the public, and highlighted a number of cases of policemen filing false reports to cover up for their abuse of power by burdening their victims with lawsuits.

Based on our review of Mr Marek’s case to date, we believe that the public officials involved in his case may have committed the abuses described, and call on the Canadian administration to have these individuals investigated and, if the allegation are found to be substantiated, punished appropriately.

To quote Mr Marek:

We’ll know we’re ruled by criminals when those who expose crimes are treated as those who commit crimes.

About Mark Marek

Mark Marek is a prominent Canadian blogger, human rights activist and the founder of the Best Gore website (www.bestgore.com), a totally independent media website that exposes the grim and, often, un-savoury nature of humanity.

Mr Marek established Best Gore in May 2008 with the goal to communicate uncensored information to the public. The website has been one of the most trusted sources for reality news, ever since; the information published is meticulously researched by the sites authors, using a variety of methods, and a story is never, simply taken at face value.

Best Gore is often days or weeks ahead of the mainstream media in publishing, and does not and has never relied on ‘Press Releases’ from governments, which are usually heavily biased and promote their own agenda.

Best Gore has millions of readers from all over the world, including doctors, lawyers, scientists, criminologists, forensic experts, pathologists, police officers, armed forces personnel and many others who study, observe and learn from the darker aspects of life and human nature.

With the website’s content and accompanying commentary, Mr Marek initiates insightful discussions by making the readers contemplate their own humanity and life struggles.

The website is free to access and approximately 10 million individuals elect to use it, each month, as their source of choice for information they can trust.

They choose it over the large, mainstream media networks because Mr Marek has the courage to seek the truth no matter where the information leads him, and he declines to follow the false left-right political paradigm.

He is an internet reporter, or ‘blogger’ grounded in peace and liberty, with the communication skills and platform to affect real change.

Despite some natural differences of opinion which serve to promote discussion, by members of the Best Gore website, he provides a unique bridge to otherwise difficult to access or ‘forbidden’ knowledge, and deserves recognition for his efforts and commitment to inform the public.

It is rare to have such a talented voice leading the search for truth, liberty, justice, and peace.

The Luka Magnotta Case

In May 2012, the Best Gore community identified and reported to the police a suspected murderer, Luka Rocco Magnotta, a Canadian pornographic actor and model accused of killing and dismembering Jun Lin, a Chinese international student.

Long before the case exploded into international front page news, Best Gore had requested the Canadian Police undertake an investigation into the activities of Luka Magnotta; the police ignored Best Gore’s request, until Canadian parliamentarians began to receive severed body parts through the Canadian Postal Service.

We believe that Best Gore’s involvement in exposing the incompetence of the Canadian Police in investigating this murder case, together with Mr Marek’s exposure of cases of police brutality against ordinary citizens, led to retaliation by the Canadian authorities.

This involved imposing bogus charges against Mr Marek, to divert the focus away from the incompetence of the Canadian Police, and a desire to place Mr Marek in a position in which he would be unable to embarrass them in the future.

On July 17, 2013 Mark Marek was arrested and charged with Corrupting Morals.

The police made no attempt to hide that they were charging Mr. Marek with this section of the Criminal Code because, quite simply, there was nothing else he could be charged with.

In other words; the police and other authorities desperately wanted to silence him, but because Mr Marek has always been a law abiding Canadian, who has never committed a single crime, not even anything as minor as not wearing a seatbelt, the only way to go about it was by charging him with a rarely used, obsolete and outdated section of the Canadian Criminal Code which is still so poorly defined, it can be used almost indiscriminatingly, against absolutely anyone.

This selective pressure to silence Mr Marek, despite the fact that the crime he is accused of is victimless, and that none of his past or present actions caused loss or harm, nor any possibility of loss or harm, and that his reporting has always served the public, even when his life and wellbeing were threatened by the authorities, suggests that his prosecution is an act of personal vendetta on behalf of agencies whose positions of power are threatened by Mr Marek’s reporting.

It is an act of tyranny when the State, State authorities, Public Prosecutors and police silence a dissenting voice until it is completely exhausted and bankrupted, to set a precedent for anyone else who might, in the future, copy Mr Marek’s stance and dare to stand up to them.

The Publishing of the ‘1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick’ Video

When it comes to publishing of the ‘1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick’ video, which is cited as the reason for Mr. Marek’s persecution, it is worthwhile to consider the following, as it applies to other content as well:

  • The ‘1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick’ video can be found on a number of websites.
  • None of them, other than Best Gore, posted it in the public interest; the other sites published the video in what might be described as sensationalism.
  • None of them, with the exception of Best Gore, sacrificed time and effort to write an accompanying article with an appeal to determine if the video was real and if so, to see if the killer could be identified.
  • None of them, with the exception of Best Gore, invested additional time to make a follow up post with findings of possible killer’s identity and likeness to engage the community in confirming the findings.
  • None of them, with the exception of Best Gore, reported the findings to the police.
  • None of them, with the exception of Best Gore, removed the video after it had served its purpose.
  • No other website, with the exception of Best Gore, contributed to the capture of the alleged perpetrator, by serving as a source of background information and images; leading to timely identification of the perpetrator before he could murder another individual.
  • Despite the existence of the same video on a number of other websites; not one person, other than Mr. Marek has been charged, harassed, threatened, arrested, imprisoned, censored and silenced for posting the video.

We are convinced that if Mr Marek lived anywhere in the world, anywhere other than in Canada, he would never have faced this type of persecution and, in all likelihood, would have been commended for his unconditional commitment in identifying and, thereby, contributing to the subsequent arrest of Luka Magnotta.

The Right to Freedom of Expression

The rights to freedom of expression and information are fundamental and necessary conditions for the realization of the principles of transparency and accountability that are, in turn, essential for the promotion and protection of all human rights in a democratic society.

Through membership of the United Nations (UN), and accession to major international and regional human rights treaties, Canada is bound to respect and protect the rights to freedom of expression and information.

International law holds that freedom of expression must be protected in all forums, including online i.e. based within the World Wide Web. On July 5, 2012, the UN Human Rights Council passed a landmark resolution on the promotion, protection and enjoyment of human rights on the Internet.

This resolution was supported by 82 States, including Canada.

Although the UN Human Rights Council resolution reaffirmed the need for the protection of expression online, international law has long provided for the right to freedom of expression regardless of frontiers and through any media.

The right to freedom of expression is guaranteed under Article 19 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and further elaborated and given legal force under Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which states:

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; the right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media regardless of frontiers.

Whilst the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights is not a binding treaty, the right to freedom of expression as defined in Article 19 is widely recognized as a rule of customary international law, meaning it has become binding on all States (as per Filartiga v. Pena-Irala, 630 F. 2d 876, 1980, United States (US) Circuit Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit).

In September 2011, the United Nation Human Rights Committee, the treaty body which monitors the implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, interpreted the minimum standards guaranteed in Article 19 in General Comment No. 34.

The Human Right Committee found that Article 19 protects all forms of expression and the means of their dissemination, including electronic and Internet based material.

This means that the right to freedom of expression applies in the same way online as it does in print, or through speech.

Withholding Information Is The Essence of Tyranny

History demonstrates that censorship is often unjustified, and is used simply to stop truths or ideas emerging that draw attention to powerful people or governments, or undermine ideology.

This is inexcusable.

As James Madison, who framed the US Constitution’s protection of freedom of expression, wrote, it is often prudent to permit some abuse of freedom of expression in order to ensure that legitimate use of this right is not discouraged:

Some degree of abuse is inseparable from the proper use of everything, and in no instance is this more true than in that of the press. It is better to leave a few of its noxious branches to their luxuriant growth than, by pruning them away, to injure the vigour of those yielding the proper fruits.

Prior censorship poses special dangers to freedom of expression. If the authorities are able to suppress reports which nobody has seen, it becomes impossible for others to verify whether the suppression was indeed justified; it is a question of time before such an unchecked power is abused to prevent criticism of government.

To make the authorities’ decision subject to a Court Appeal provides the authorities control of the timing of the flow of information and that is a considerable power.

Challenging a decision to censor information is an expensive and slow process; but what is even worse is that news is a perishable and time-limited commodity; so even if a censored reporter is successful in court, after lengthy and costly proceedings, at the end of the day this is likely to represent a merely pyrrhic victory.

In a report on the Republic of Korea, the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression stated that ‘any system of prior restraint on freedom of expression carries with it a heavy presumption of invalidity under international human rights law.

The ECtHR ruled that ‘the dangers inherent in prior restraints are such that they call for the most careful scrutiny.

Although the right to freedom of expression does not require an absolute ban on prior censorship, this should be a highly exceptional measure, taken only when a publication threatens grave harm, such as loss of life or serious harm to health, safety or the environment.

An article deemed defamatory, blasphemous, obscene or overly critical of government would rarely if ever meet this threshold.

Harm to freedom of expression by a system whereby media content is restricted under the pretext of preventing the corruption of morals would plainly far outweigh the benefit of its goals.

Millions of Citizens Around the World Rely on Best Gore for the Truth

The other side to freedom of expression is the right to information.

The right to freedom of information is based on the fundamental premise that a government is supposed to serve the people. Information has been called ‘the oxygen of democracy‘, essential for openness, accountability and good governance.

Information makes it possible for people to make informed decisions about their own lives.

We had the time to carefully review Mr Marek’s bail conditions and concluded with utmost certainty that the primary objective behind his prosecution is to silence him for his outspoken criticism of out-of-control inter-governmental personal privacy encroachments, continuous erosion of civil liberties and the ever growing descent into a police state.

As a result, the millions who rely on Mr Marek’s unrivalled ability to expose the truth, are left without the sole source of information they trust; a ban that broadcasts Canada to the world as a leader (and horrifyingly, also a trendsetter) in prior censorship.

Corruption is caused by an absence of freely available information, and no ability for the public to hold corrupters accountable. Best Gore supports people to access the information needed to hold corrupters to account.

It is therefore deplorable that criminal charges have been filed against Mr Marek; especially under the vague and overly broad Obscenity Section. The charges against him flatly contradict international standards on freedom of expression and information.

Attempts to obstruct Mr Marek’s freedom of movement, his right to seek asylum, including the confiscation of his passport and electronic devices, and other forms of retaliation also violate Canada’s obligations under international law.

The tendency of the Canadian government towards obsessively controlling information flow and an aversion to public discourse is both undemocratic, and unsustainable, in the digital era.

Taken together, we conclude that these actions have set a dangerous precedent for freedom of expression and the protection of reporters and journalists worldwide.

We are seriously concerned that governments will subsequently use the Canadian precedent to justify attacks on journalists and bloggers who put themselves at significant risk to expose or report government wrong-doing, corruption, or other dangers to society.

Best Gore – The Leader in Positive Change

Whereas we appreciate that Best Gore is not for everyone and some may find the content of the website offensive, it must also be appreciated that the content of the website depicts nothing less than pure human reality in its truest form; raw and uncensored, much as life itself.

To paraphrase Mr. Marek:

To find Best Gore offensive is to find living on this planet offensive.

Millions of monthly readers, and hundreds of thousands of subscribers, many of whom are experts in their field, and whose daily professionalism saves lives and protects the innocent, are a testament to the need for frequently updated content that focuses on the reality of everyday life on this planet we call Earth.

Thousands of testimonies provided by readers of Best Gore paint a story of a website that contributes to more respectful and safer societies, more so than any other:

  • Hundreds of members admitted to having had a bad habit of speeding, but after becoming regular readers of Best Gore, the images of mangled corpses of traffic accident victims kept popping up in their minds, prompting them to reduce their speed back to the legal limit until it became a second nature and they have never broken set speed limits since.
  • Motorcyclists who used to routinely slalom at high speeds between cars, often without the benefit of a correctly secured safety helmet, now ride cautiously after they saw images of motorcyclists that had mortal head injuries or were ripped in half having run into another vehicle or guard rail at excessive speed.
  • A fork lift operator recently confessed on Best Gore that he and his work colleagues used to ‘horse around’ the warehouse where they worked on their forklifts, almost every day, but after he saw a Best Gore video of a forklift operator crushed by a knocked over rack loaded with heavy crates and, furthermore, a video of a worker impaled by a forklift in his workplace; he made his co-workers watch too, in order to alert them to the dangers and, thereby, avert a potential tragedy; none has contemplated ‘horsing around’ since.
  • A young parent sent a ‘Thank You’ email to Mr Marek for publishing a video of a man whose neglected teeth shattered, exposing maggots in his gums, a number of months ago. The lady said that she had experienced an incredibly hard time in motivating her two children to follow sound personal dental hygiene habits. After seeing the video of the man with bad teeth and maggots in his gums, she showed it to her children, and, not surprisingly, they have brushed diligently ever since; never once missing their evening and morning meetings with their toothbrushes, without the requirement for a parental reminder.

There are thousands more positive confessions, similar to these, from ordinary people whose lives have been positively altered by Best Gore.

On a broader scale, there is no other website that contributes to global safety as notably and as verifiably as Best Gore.

It is, however, important to remember that although its Uniform Resource Locator (URL) would imply otherwise, Best Gore is not about the shock factor, but about the democratization of publishing whereby the website acts as a media publisher through firsthand accounts, multiple sources, checking facts, debating important public issues and seeking to publish information on matters of public interest which are often ignored, downplayed or twisted by mainstream reporters.

In a world where the traditional media is heavily influenced by corporate agendas and bias toward the interest of lobbying groups and financial backers, Mr Marek provides readers with a rare opportunity to receive information untainted by favoritism and propensity.

During a short interview with DW News in Germany a few weeks ago, former US National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski admitted that due to what he called ‘Global Political Awakening’ brought upon the general public by alternative media spearheaded by websites, like Best Gore, warring efforts of world’s military superpowers are being stalled.

As Mr Marek, and his website, endeavor to highlight atrocities and the abuses instigated by individuals and organizations in position of power, they prevent needless suffering but that does not fit well with the agenda of the military-industrial base that constantly seeks to convert wars into profit.

The disclosures made by Mr Marek make them uncomfortable, defensive and, ultimately offensive against the ethos of the website, hence the charges under the false pretext of ‘protecting morals‘.

Unfortunately, because of his politically motivated persecution, individuals have become frightened to show Mr Marek support for fear that their own States will target them. As such, Mr Marek would have significant difficulty in obtaining witness testimonies from the millions of users of Best Gore, because they are afraid of the influence that their own authorities may exert on their careers and lives.

We are further gravely concerned for the safety of Mr Marek’s confidential sources, who in the past entrusted to him sensitive files that exposed corruption and abuses of power, that Mr Marek subsequently made public.

Our concern centres on the confiscation of Mr Marek’s personal laptop, which holds email communications with his confidential sources, and Mr Marek’s external hard drives on which he stored incriminating files.

We believe that nothing would prevent the Canadian or other national authorities to go after his confidents using similarly vague provisions that they are using to silence, character smear and bankrupt Mr Marek.

A Personalized and Targeted Smear Campaign

On July 26, 2013, less than a week after his release on bail, Mr Marek was re-arrested, in what appears to have been a deliberate set up, by a team involving a potentially corrupt probation officer, two potentially corrupt EPS detectives and two potentially corrupt prosecutors.

The goal was clearly to counter the mounting support for Mark Marek, from the members of the public, and calls for the unfounded charges against him to be dropped.

A year earlier, after Canadian authorities had been embarrassed by ignoring Best Gore’s request to initiate an investigation into Luka Magnotta and examine the ‘1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick’ video in order to determine if it was real, the Canadian public was offered a candid demonstration of police incompetence.

Best Gore, an internet community that does not receive funding from any government and did not swear an oath to serve or, indeed, protect the public went out of its way, dedicating time and resource to identify an individual, who we believed was a dangerous perpetrator who was potentially, already, seeking his next victim.

After determining his most probable identity and that his location was most likely still in Canada, the response from the Canadian police was usury.

Best Gore, with Mr Marek in the lead, acted in the best interest of the public, whilst the Canadian Police were apparently completely uninterested in an identified and dangerous murderer within their borders.

The public could see this and, also, how much Mr Marek and Best Gore accomplished before they were even made aware that Luka Magnotta was operating freely in their neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, instead of accepting that their initial disinterest in the information provided by Mr Marek and Best Gore was a mistake on their part, the Canadian authorities, with the Montreal Police taking position as the vanguard, adopted a media smear campaign to take focus away from their incompetence by portraying Mr Marek as the guilty party.

At that time, support for Mr Marek was significant and reached every corner of the globe as it became clear that, not only was Best Gore instrumental in identifying the perpetrator, but also directly assisted in his apprehension through background information and photographs that, originating from best Gore, rapidly spread across the Internet.

Unlike the Canadian authorities, the German authorities took Best Gore’s information seriously, and acting on the images, information and reports from the public, rapidly located and arrested Luka Magnotta before he was able to seek a second victim.

The Montreal police’s character assassination of Mark Marek did, however, yield results.

They held a press conference in which they told the media that they had contacted the owner of Best Gore with a request to take the video down but alleged that he refused to.

For the police to hold a press conference, with the sole intention to disseminate a lie, in order to save their own face, by turning a decent Canadian citizen into a villain, is the lowest order of attack to which an organization could descend.

To this day, the Montreal police or, indeed, any other Police Force, have not provided any proof of having contacted Mark Marek, in person, telephonically, by email or by post prior to this press conference.

Even if such contact had been made, Mr Marek would have informed them that the video had been down for days; he had taken it down on his own terms after learning that Luka Magnotta had been arrested, and that, therefore, it would have been impossible for him to ‘refuse’ to remove the video from the Best Gore website.

The video had served its purpose; there was no further need for it, and it has not been available through the Best Gore website, since.

But the damage has already been done and the public forgot all about police failing to investigate Luka Magnotta, allowing him time and means to safely leave Canada, because now the papers were full of reports of the sinister webmaster from Edmonton who refused to take videos down when requested to do so by the police.

Fraudulent Breach of Bail Charge

Encouraged by the Montreal police success in altering the public’s perception, by lying to the media, the Edmonton detectives appear to have acted in a similar vein.

We believe that the EPS collaborated with Mr Marek’s probation office and the Prosecution, to silence Mr Marek in order to prevent him from continuing to expose their corrupt ways, and launched a media smear campaign of their own.

Only an ignoramus would fail to see how quickly, after Mr Marek’s first meeting with his probation officer, during which this officer suggested that Mr Marek should check the Edmonton Young Man’s Christian Association (YMCA) and two homeless shelters for bed availabilities, did the police launch a major media campaign to smear Mr Marek as a criminal who breached bail.

Mr Marek’s unreasonably restrictive bail conditions prohibited him from accessing the Internet or possessing a mobile telephone, thereby rendering him unable to find suitable accommodation.

Support for Mr Marek, from the public, who could see that unlike the police, he truly acted in their best interest, putting his own life and well-being in danger, was almost unanimous.

The corrupt trio must have believed that a character assassination, using a massive media smear campaign, even if based entirely on a lie, was the only way to counter this public backing.

It is by no means a coincidence, and certainly not an oversight or an unintentional mistake, when a reporter who is being witch-hunted by law enforcement, gets falsely labeled a bail jumper, with the largest media campaign the agency had launched in years.

To the contrary, it is a deliberate, autocratic, egotistic and vindictive act executed with an intention to intimidate, dishearten and bully the target; it is their way of saying ‘nobody messes with us‘.

The detectives who issued the warrant for Mr Marek’s arrest, based on a fabricated breach of bail accusation, did not do it in order to administer justice; they knew full well that no breach took place.

We believe, based on what followed, that they were looking forward to the opportunity to boost their egos by intimidating Mr Marek and demonstrating their power over him, having removed the means for him to receive fair and just treatment.

Proof of Police Misconduct

Mr Marek’s second interrogation bears the proof that the detectives were not looking for justice, only to delight in tormenting an honorable man that they were seeking to discredit.

Mr Marek was completely and entirely in their hands and they treated this as a form of personal gratification to show him that, from this point on, they were the ones deciding his fate, and as men of power, they would crush him if, and when, they chose to.

After consulting with a number of Edmonton based lawyers, we have learned that it is completely unheard of for a person arrested for alleged breach of bail, to be interrogated for a second time.

The detectives who re-arrested Mr Marek however clearly could not wait to terrorize him and once they had him in custody, subjected him to systematic mental and emotional abuse involving among other things verbal intimidation. They clearly demonstrated that they would, under no circumstance, investigate the lawfulness of his arrest, knowing full well that it was unlawful.

This, in our opinion, is an indication that they were implicated in the planning of the fraudulent detention and smear campaign themselves.

As can be proven by reviewing the video of the interrogation, Mr Marek repeatedly asked Detective Andre Francois to review the video of his meeting with the probation officer in which he made it clear that he was homeless and was unable to find suitable accommodation due to the excessively restrictive bail conditions. He explained to the probation officer that in this day and age, few people advertise their rooms for rate in print.

Prohibited from accessing the Internet which would allow him to check classified-type websites like Kijiji or Craigslist, and banned from possessing a mobile telephone to leave a call back number, Mr Marek found it impossible to secure any type of residence, within the short time frame assigned to him, before reporting to the probation officer.

During this meeting, the probation officer turned his computer monitor toward Mr Marek, downloading a map/satellite view map of Edmonton and navigated through it to show Mr Marek where the YMCA and the homeless shelters were.

The meeting was concluded with Mr Marek telling the probation officer that he would check to see if any of the suggested places had beds available. Mr Marek also stated that, if he was able to secure himself one, he would let the officer know during their next meeting which was scheduled for the following week.

It is our understanding that a probation officer is someone who deals with cases like Mr Marek’s on a daily basis, week after week. There is, therefore, no other way to explain why he would, shortly after Mr. Marek left his office, inform the police that Mr Marek had breached his bail conditions because he was not staying at the YMCA, other than by concluding that this was a deliberate set up.

It is however highly alarming that if it was not for the threat of the set-up being leaked to the media, Mr Marek would be still unlawfully detained.

The Crown Prosecutors vigorously opposed Mr Marek’s release on bail and only stopped opposing this after the threat of the mainstream media finding out became too real. This, ultimately, resulted in Mr Marek’s release and withdrawal of the fraudulent breach of bail charge; we see no other way but to conclude that the re-arrest was a set-up.

It is impossible not to see that for the set-up to work; all three guilty parties had to be corrupt enough to put justice aside to give way to personal vendetta. If any one party cared about justice more than about discrediting the individual concerned; Mr Marek would not have been unlawfully imprisoned for six days. It took all three, working in unison to effect this, which makes the whole situation so much more shocking.

The probation officer had to be corrupt enough to file a fraudulent report that Mr Marek was in breach of bail conditions.

The detectives had to be corrupt enough to ignore and not investigate the possibility that Mr Marek could be innocent.

The Crown Prosecutors had to be corrupt enough to oppose his release, whilst ignoring the evidence that Mr Marek was innocent and continuing to oppose his release to keep him in jail until such time that their plan become unsustainable.

Personal Vendetta

Further proof that Mr Marek’s arrest was an act of personal vendetta can be seen in the video after the interrogation was taken over by SSgt Clark.

Mr Marek told SSgt Clark that it is likely that an individual is already planning to emulate and surpass the ‘achievements‘ of Luka Magnotta.

Mr Marek expressed that, thanks to his unique position as an owner of the largest and most popular gore site, as was the case with Luka Magnotta, it would be likely that his sources would be the first in the world to learn about it.

Also, as was the case with Luka Magnotta, Mr Marek would like to continue using his unique position to serve and protect the public. Mr Marek offered SSgt Clark close co-operation should such a threat emerge in the future, thus allowing the Canadian police to respond quickly to neutralize the threat.

The response from SSgt Clark was total disinterest.

Absolutely nothing, not even a hint that he would consider it, or talk about it, or bring it up with his superior, to see if it could be an option.

In retrospect, using all available means to ensure public safety is, apparently, of little interest to SSgt Clark.

Instead, he spent invaluable time with Mr Marek, making it clear to him that he did not appreciate what Mr Marek had made public about police misconduct and hinting to him, in no uncertain terms, that for his own good, he better revise his point of view.

SSgt Clark continued by uttering verbal threats and intimidated Mr Marek by implying that he had nowhere to hide and ‘that they would get him no matter what’.

This belligerent attitude was substantiated by Crown Prosecutor Julie Roy, who told the Judge presiding over Mr Marek’s first Court hearing, that she was ‘sure’ more charges would be filed against Mr Marek.

To paraphrase the prosecution, it was almost a public statement that ‘We want Marek silenced for good, and we intend to achieve this, even if we have to fabricate a case‘.

The apparent breach of bail fabrication suggests that this process did not take long and, for this reason, we request that the Canadian authorities undertake a timely and thorough investigation into the facts behind this case as Canadian citizens have a right to be treated fairly under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Constitution Act 1982).

The Legal rights of people, in dealings with the Canadian justice system and law enforcement, are namely:

  • Section 7: right to life, liberty, and security of the person.
  • Section 8: freedom from unreasonable search and seizure.
  • Section 9: freedom from arbitrary detention or imprisonment.
  • Section 10: right to legal counsel and the guarantee of habeas corpus.
  • Section 11: rights in criminal and penal matters such as the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.
  • Section 12: right not to be subject to cruel and unusual punishment.
  • Section 13: rights against self-incrimination.
  • Section 14: rights to an interpreter in a court proceeding.

Bearing in mind, that Crown Prosecutor Roy continued to discredit Mr Marek with whatever could be used; she knew Mr Marek has never in his life committed any crime before she charged him with corrupting morals, and she also appeared aware that she was sure more charges would be filed.

Once again, as the EPS detectives who fraudulently imprisoned Mr Marek, Crown Prosecutors don’t, apparently, care about administering justice, only about silencing the reporter who exposed how corrupt and incompetent the Canadian authorities are and demonstrated their intention to achieve their aims, by any and all means necessary, including by lying or fabricating crimes.

Violation of Mr Marek’s Fundamental Human Rights

What are further gravely disturbed violations of Mr Marek’s fundamental human rights by Detective Andre Francois and SSgt Bill Clark who harassed, threatened and imprisoned Mr Marek because they had knowledge that while on bail, Mr Marek visited a Foreign Consulate in Edmonton.

Article 14 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that:

Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy, in other countries, asylum from persecution.

This fundamental human right is respected even by countries like China (the Chinese authorities recently granted Chen Guangcheng safe passage to leave China and live in the United States of America after he had sought refuge in a US Embassy).

For the Canadian authorities to harass, threaten and imprison one of their own citizens using politically motivated persecution, violating both the individual’s Fundamental Human Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, focuses the spotlight of democracy on a First World Country, suggesting that Canada is lead by tyrannical sociopaths, is ‘democratic’ only on paper, and shamed by the tolerance demonstrated by other countries around the world.

How Canada Fits Into the Global Picture

  • In Sudan, dozens of human rights defenders were arrested and tortured by national intelligence and security forces.
  • In Ethiopia, two prominent human rights defenders were convicted on false charges and sentenced to nearly three years in prison.
  • In Somalia, a prominent human rights defender was murdered.
  • In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the government attacked and threatened human rights defenders and restricted freedom of expression and association. In 2007, provisions of the 2004 Press Act were used by the government to censor newspapers and limit freedom of expression.
  • In Myanmar, thousands of citizens were detained, including 700 prisoners of conscience, most notably Nobel Laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. In retaliation for her political activities, she was been imprisoned or under house arrest for twelve of the last eighteen years.
  • In Algeria, refugees and asylum-seekers were frequent victims of detention, expulsion or ill treatment.
  • Twenty-eight individuals from sub-Saharan African countries with official refugee status from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees were deported to Mali after being falsely tried, without legal counsel or interpreters, on charges of entering Algeria illegally.
  • In Canada political dissent is repressed, independent alternative media pressured and shut down, reporters are harassed, intimidated and imprisoned. The authorities vigorously enforce prior censorship, crack down on freedom of expression and grossly violate fundamental human rights.

Our Thoughts on Section 163 Under Which Mr Marek is Charged

Section 163 (1) (a) is a dangerously broadly defined, old-fashioned obscenity law that prohibits making, printing, publishing, distributing or circulating any obscene written matter, pictures, models, phonograph records or other things what-so-ever.

Section 163 dates back to 1892; Canada’s earliest criminal legislation (the relevance of the ‘phonograph record‘ really does confirm that this is an up-to-date piece of legislation).

Even though the times have changed, Section 163 still includes subsections outlawing ‘advertising in medicine, drug or articles for causing abortions or miscarriages, curing venereal diseases or restoring sexual virility‘.

Canadian television broadcasts advertisements for Viagra (Sildenafil) and Cialis (Tadalafil) on a daily basis demonstrating that, although these should be in direct violation of Section 163, enforcement of this law is highly selective.

According to international law, any limitation of the right to freedom of expression must meet the three part test which consists of the following criteria which have been endorsed by the UN special rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression in his 2011 report:

  1. Restrictions must be provided by law and the law must be formulated with sufficient precision to enable an individual to regulate his or her conduct accordingly
  2. Restrictions must pursue a legitimate aim, as exhaustively enumerated in Article 19(3) (a) and (b) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
  3. Restrictions must be necessary and proportionate in a democratic society. There must be a pressing need for the restriction and if a less intrusive measure is capable of achieving the same as a more restrictive one, the least restrictive measure must be applied

As a restriction on freedom of expression, Section 163 is so broadly defined it violates all three requirements.

As such, Section 163, in the way it is currently worded, should have no place in a society that calls itself democratic as it serve no purpose other than allowing corrupt institutions to silence and bankrupt anyone who voices their opinion against their misconduct.

The special rapporteur clarified that the only exceptional types of expression that the States are required to prohibit under international law are child pornography, direct and public enticement to commit genocide and enticement to terrorism.

Furthermore, the special rapporteur emphasized that the legislation criminalizing these types of expression must be sufficiently precise and that there must be adequate and effective safeguards protecting against abuse or misuse, including oversight and subject to review by an independent and impartial tribunal or regulatory body.

The special rapporteur stressed that all other types of expression should not be criminalized and that instead States should promote more speech as a means to combat offensive speech.

Not All Police States Torture, But All Police States Censor.
~ Mark Marek

At this time, Mr. Marek remains restrained from expressing opinions which he holds; an act known as prior censorship, even though they do not advocate or condone personal violence.

Freedom of expression, and also access to information should not be a privilege, but a fundamental human right.

Full unrestricted enjoyment of this right is crucial to pre-empt oppression, maintain democracy and achieve individual freedoms.

Censorship is essential to tyranny because the abuse of power, which is embodied in censorship, can open doors to all the other abusers of power.

Attacks on, harassment, threats, imprisonment and silencing of journalists and reporters pose a very significant threat to independent and investigative journalism, to freedom of expression and to the flow of information to the public.

Complicity by government and police in these attacks is a gross abuse of power.

Because free, unhampered transmissions of thought, including criticism of government, administrations and institutions are imperative to the advance of the world toward true freedom and the spiritual well being of mankind, to ensure that we can enjoy both in perpetuity, authorities must be stopped from inhibiting and preventing critical voices under the guise of protecting the community.

It is with that in mind that we call on Canadian administration to take the following actions:

  1. Drop the charges, with prejudice, against Mark Marek.
  2. Return Mark Marek’s passport and seized electronics, and cease all attempts to obstruct his right to seek asylum in any country of his choice.
  3. As Mark Marek’s laptops and external hard drives, containing emails and files from confidential sources, are among seized electronics, ensure that these sources and files are not accessed or used by the Canadian authorities; as per a ruling by the Ontario Superior Court Judge Robert Sharpe (St. Elizabeth Home Society v. Hamilton (City), 2008 ONCA 182) who wrote in the court’s decision that: ‘The media has a vital role in gathering and disseminating information in a free and democratic society and, as the Supreme Court of Canada held in Canadian Broadcasting Corporation v. New Brunswick (Attorney General) (1996), 139 D.L.R. (4th) 385 at para. 26, “measures that prevent the media from gathering that information, and from disseminating it to the public, restrict the freedom of the press.” Canadian courts have recognized that journalist-informant confidentiality is important for effective news gathering.‘.
  4. Initiate an executive public consultation on the activities of all Police, Prosecutors and Probation officers involved in the arrest, detention and case against Mark Marek.
  5. Commit to seeking the redefinition of Section 163 from vaguely worded edicts, whose scope is unreasonably broad, to standards of clarity and precision so that people can foresee the consequences of their actions.
  6. Issue a press release with a public apology to Mark Marek for fraudulently picturing him as a breaker of bail conditions, to be published in all National and local Canadian newspapers and on all Canadian government, including Police, websites, and on all channels of Canadian television.
  7. Return the bail payment to Mark Marek.
  8. Provide sufficient remedial restitution to compensate for Mr Marek’s mistreatment, Human Rights abuse, damage to reputation and lost revenue.
  9. Continue to support the adoption of a strong and robust “media shield law” with narrow exemptions for national security information in accordance with the Johannesburg Principles.

Civil right to freedom of expression is not only important, but also necessary for the preservation of other human rights, such as prevention of torture or other inhuman treatment; both of which Mr. Marek helped to expose when they occurred.

If freedom of expression is suppressed, the ability to identify other Human Rights violations is eroded.

The hallmark of a democratic society is freedom of expression.

Suppression of expression, ideas and concerns, on the other hand, is a hallmark of a tyrannical or repressive government.

We thank you for your understanding and are looking forward to a more democratic Canada.

Vasily Kirov,
Editor Best Gore

Take Action

Help justice take its course and send an email requesting thorough investigation of the Edmonton Police Service detectives involved in possible violations of Mark Marek’s fundamental human rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. More info on this page:

Edmonton Police Commission

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (780) 414-7574
Fax: (780) 414-7511
Mail: Suite 171, 10235 101 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 3E9, Canada

Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht

Email: [email protected]
Mail: Police Headquarters, 9620 103A Ave, Edmonton, Alberta, T5H 0H7, Canada

Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson

Email: Use This Contact Form
Mail: 2nd Floor, City Hall, 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 2R7, Canada

Edmonton Councillor Dave Loken

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (780) 496-8128
Fax: (780) 496-8113
Mail: 2nd Floor, City Hall, 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 2R7, Canada

Faced with what is right, to leave it undone shows a lack of courage.
~ Confucius

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53 thoughts on “Police State Canada vs Mark Marek – Summary of Persecution”

  1. Amazing, you guy’s did an absolutely outstanding job in your efforts to create this article. This needs to be read by everyone! I’m so glad to see that there are still individuals out there working along side Mark to expose the truth behind what’s really been going on. Mark would be proud as I’m sure the rest of us are. I cannot wait to see the impact this article has on not only all of us here at Best Gore but also the rest of world that is involved either negatively or positively in the case involving Mark Marek. Thank you for taking the time to write this. This article is exactly what Mark needs right now to further help him with his case. Kudos to you & please, keep up the good work!

    1. P.s Mark Marek is so sexy. (minus the picture above. He has better ones) I have to confess, I had the most intense, most satisfying & sexiest dream last night and Mark an I were both in it meow. Needless to say, it was the best dream I’ve had in a long time

    1. I have read this just now. Emails sent to Canada. I have also told my facebook friend network on what’s going on in the Mark Marek case.

      I am no one’s bitch and i take this shit personally, so should everyone.

      This whole debacle has made me 10x more determined to fight for freedom of speech & against oppression. Hang in there, Mark!

  2. I will not back down, I wish I could offer more support than my voice and comments and well being to defend best gore, human rights and Mr. M. If people back down from the government,it’s all over, and I hate to say it but the way things are going in this world it seems like it already is.

  3. Time for the cold hard truth, we, the people, deserve whatever happens to us because we refuse to take any form of action other than to simply continue on in a similar manner, in other words we are robots and we do not ever try to overcome our program.

    The reason why I personally think using the law is unlikely to bring about the desired result is because the law is the government’s system.

    The law, the courts, all the various legislation, politics, these are all just administrative tools and were created to administer the general population and by administer I mean contain, control and keep the people following the status quo system, whether it be a religious or economic system.

    The problem is that those who administer the system are, for all purposes and intent, above the law, have you not ever wondered why high level officials such as politicians always seem to commit acts that would see us lot jailed and get away with it, it’s because the law can be changed to suit the situation, it is never static but rather flexible, not for us of course, but for them.

    Just look at the world at this moment, our leaders keep on invading other peoples countries, stealing their assets and killing their people and they get away with it, but when Russia and other Slavic countries did the same they were vilified and threatened and hated and even prosecuted for war crimes and the difference, our countries were democracies and they were communists, just two opposing systems of control but both most definitely autocratic totalitarian systems.

    Our population are forced to endure without ever getting a chance to vote on social engineering and economic manipulation tactics such as mass immigration, multiculturalism, tv shows and adverts that show interracial relationships and homosexual relationships all day long, not that I have anything against these relationships per say, just that it shouldn’t be actively promoted as best practice, leave people to make their own choices in life but don’t fucking try to bully and guilt us into thinking and acting in certain ways.

    When you get right down to it, we have very little freedom of choice over anything of importance and that is why voting is worthless, if the vote had the power to change anything they would never have let us have it, your vote chooses the person who will fuck you in the ass but make no mistake, you get to choose only from a predetermined list of candidates and each one of them will fuck you in the ass regardless.

    To get to the point, the system is not a way to win, people power is, power of numbers, if you don’t like the fact that your companies keep employing cheap foreign staff at the expense of the indigenous population then simply choose not to buy from those companies, if a company ships your jobs aboard to make cheap and sell high back to you then don’t buy their products, if you support your own people by way of your spending power then you will create an home-grown economy and you will find that your companies start employing the indigenous populations again and they will bring the jobs back home to your country because, and this is the important part, if we create the demand we will control the supply, make it profitable to support the indigenous people and they will support the indigenous people because that is where the profit can be found.

    How does this relate to Mark and Best gore, simple, people power, if a large enough pool of people make a loud enough noise it will be heard, and if a large enough pool of people take a stand it will be felt, power of numbers.

    Sadly however I expect that there will be more chance of Elvis returning from the grave than the people ever working together, our societies are fragmented, we don’t give a shit about each other and all we care about is surviving in the current toilet that we call home, even if that home smells and looks like shit and piss.

    Oh well, have another gulp of that corporate brand soda and carry on citizens of the world, at least living as a slave saves you from thinking and acting for yourselves.

  4. What a fabulous article summing up the entire unfortunate situation with Mark. When I first stumbled across the site I will admit, I was a little appalled. During further inspection I realized that is not just about the gore, this website can opens people’s minds. BG exposes things that corporate media would never dare to report on. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the comments section and getting more insights, thoughts, and opinions. I have lurked on this website for quite some time now I just recently made a profile and started posting. This website is so much more than what the Canadian authorities are portraying to be.

  5. The time, effort and research that went into this document is obvious, thank you for sharing it with us. In addition, thanks to all of you for keeping this site up and running in Marks absence, you’ve done an excellent job. Hard to believe on the 17th he’ll have been missing from the helm for four months, it seems so much longer. In the end, I have faith that right will triumph over might and he’ll win this case.

  6. Here’s the full truth about Canada and every other white european country. World Wide Jewry is in control. Jews control all of the corporate media. They control the movie studios. The own all of the publishing houses and print the text books for all of the schools and universities, they write the history. Jews control all of the politicians. Jews own the banks and print the currency. Democracy is a fraud. Democracy is pushed so every four years, the person in power lays down that power, letting the Jews swoop in and seize it. All of our european ancestors used to be ruled by kings and queens of our own race. They didn’t step down from power every four years. They stayed in power and that’s what kept our white countries strong. The Jews knew that they had to destroy the european kings and queens so they brainwashed the masses to embrace democracy. Another thing the Jews did was to take control of the secret society freemasonry. This way they could get all gentiles in any sort of rich or powerful position under their control. Jews control freemasonry, but they get non jews to join. That’s who’s persecuting Mark, their freemason puppets. The probation officer, police officers, and prosecutors are getting their orders from their Masonic brothers. Anyone who writes about the Jews and exposes the truth about them to the general population is considered an enemy of Masonry. Any of you who still don’t believe that the Jews control our countries is naive and in denial. For all of you people who want to know the full Jewish plan of action and how they operate, you need to read The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion if you haven’t already. You can read it here: http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/przion1.htm

  7. Mark is welcome in Wadiya. I would present to him my most beautiful livestock and then proceed to give him all the alone time he required. all the wonders of Wadiya would be open to him. unless, of course, he proceeded to start some shit by investigating and exposing the doings of the great Aladeen. then he would b beheaded but let’s not go there……yet.

  8. The Edmonton police force is full of absolute SHITHEADS.
    ESPECIALLY SSgt Bill Clark.

    These stupid fucks are wasting tens of thousands (probably more) on this bullshit while rapists rape and criminals violate?

    Someone go into Edmonton and start shotgun-blasting these stupid police fuck’s in the face! PLEASE.

    Mark has never done anything wrong and deserves a Nobel Peace prize.

    As for the Edmonton police… the prosecutors, and the D.A., they should all have the piss beat right out of them, then executed. None of the people involved in this case against Mark are professional at all, they’re disgusting, bureaucratic, pieces of shit with no morals!


    Rat bastards!

  9. you’re right LilMiss… he is cute in some other pics, couldn’t believe Mark shaved his head! but anyway, read the whole thing, truth echoes into eternity, if the damn government wasn’t so ANAL about silencing vigilantes such as Mark and Co. It’s very scary to think about what could happen if the Police State would do if Mark is imprisoned and BG is shut down for good, must be prepared for that……. Mark should be getting all the respect and all the rewards the public has to offer him for exposing wrong doings and the truth about our own govn’t, but alas, as with everyone person who has tried, they have been neglected as criminals themselves. Good luck, Mark Marek, we LOVE you for what you do, who you are, and I take small moments in my daily life to pray for your return of freedom and personal items.

  10. There are 187 pages of rooms for rent in Edmonton offered in Kijiji. It’s pretty much as if you can’t walk along a block in any direction without stumbling with a place to spent the night.

  11. Mark is like Larry Flint but from Canada. Larry Flint wasn’t well thought of by police agencies and other such ‘authority’ figures because he published the blunt truth. Ugly or indifferent, truth isn’t what some folks to see. I think he has a valid claim to asylum in a different country.

    I used to have respect for Canada, our northern neighbors. Now I see they are no different than their repressive policies. Why are they so afraid that someone would post the truth on a website?

    As far as Magnotta the maggot goes, it isn’t Marks fault you failed to take his information seriously until after the maggot got loose. That’s the police’s fault, not Mark’s. I guess they don’t like facing that they fucked this one up so they use Mark as a scapegoat.

  12. Censorship makes me feel like a child. I’m not a child. I’m an adult and I’m responsible enough to know what to do with the information that’s made available for me. I do not want to be kept from knowing the truth about the world in which I live. No matter how ugly. I can take it. Governments, and other nanny-like organizations, have some nerve treating the rest of us like they know what’s best. They don’t.

    I support Mark. I thank him, too, and all of you who are managing Best Gore while he’s away.

  13. In life , If people do t like what they see , they can look away, it realy dosnt matter what advertising is on this site, have the opinionated never seen a dirty magazine , or herd a cus word , people that dont like this site can go to a different web site , one with flowers or whatever , if something is stollen and its put on the internet it kinda becomes public , im sure if Mark was asked to do something by authorities , he did , i have not seen the video in question , im sure i seen worse , through out history people that show or tell what is really going on when others are trying to cover it up are usually met with reprisal or in some places death , this web site is about the world , and what happens in it , it shows all forms of good , bad , and really ugly , for u people bitching about it , fuck off, go to a different site , nobody forcing you .

  14. If the verdict is guilty, then you know society is headed to ‘police state’ – and not ‘freedom of speech and thought’ state.
    But if you have don’t it right, it wouldn’t even get to trial. I trust your lawyer immediately countersued the gov’t for harassment, intimidation, AND discrimination – that one mostly because that’s what THEY did to YOU FIRST! (and keep hammering on all those good reasons you list as to why they’re really going after you. Remember – you’re the dutiful whistleblower they’re trying to suppress!)
    The point – hell, you’ve been posting gruesome things for years, and now they’re coming after you for THIS ONE. Why. That’s selective discrimination because it involves THEM. Why, any good defense lawyer would be having a field day with this one in making sure that THAT side of things was getting just as much valuable air time as THEIR side of it – right?

  15. Hello Mark, greetings from Brasil.

    After read about the shit the police is doing to you couse no reason i just remember a case when some cops just killed a blogger couse he posted some pictures and a video of a family murder and the killers who have the same proof of the crime was in a negotiation with an TV station to SELL the video and the guy just ruined the profit for that shit cops… maybe ur case is something like this, anithing is possible…

    Best Regards keep up the truth work, the world need a million people with your courage and compromisse with the truth!

    **sorry about my bad english, i’ve learned by myself.

  16. I have read this just now. Emails sent to Canada. I have also told my facebook friend network on what’s going on in the Mark Marek case.

    I am no one’s bitch and i take this shit personally, so should everyone.

    This whole debacle has made me 10x more determined to fight for freedom of speech & against oppression. Hang in there, Mark!

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