Sample Email Sent to Edmonton Officials in Support of Mark Marek

Act Now, Dont Let Mental Chains Prevent You From Doing The Right Thing

Props to everyone who responded to our call on the free peoples of the world to take action and send an email to Edmonton government officials in support of Best Gore founder Mark Marek. One person also cc-ed his email to Vasily and I would like to share it with everyone in hopes that it would inspire those of you who have not yet added their voice to the cause:

To Whom It May Concern,

Your officers have gained worldwide attention for screwing a good man who should never have been prosecuted. I am an investment banker in Los Angeles who reviews the material every day on Best Gore so that I can learn about what goes on in the world and also to remind me of the transient and impermanent nature of human life.

Mark’s website has helped me and is more “newsworthy” than Fox or CNN. Your attempts to censor him are not respected by the community at large and the effort is bringing undue attention to the credibility of your officers.

We respectfully ask that you drop the charges and discontinue your mistreatment and illegal prosecution of Mr. Marek.

I have redacted the name and company info for privacy reasons.

That’s how little it takes to do the right thing and help protect the most valuable weapon we have in the strife for global freedom. Evil Canadian government wants to censor the internet to incapacitate our ability to stay informed. We must not let that happen. Not now, not ever.

Let us let the world know that we are not afraid and that we will not tolerate no government trampling on our freedoms. History is not shaped by cowards. The simple fact that we are not afraid to live with our eyes open proves that cowardice is not in our nature. Let us not stop there. There is time to wait and listen, and there is also time to act. The time to act is now and it’s really not that hard nor time consuming.

A simple email of a few sentences fired off to provided addresses is all it takes. Take a few minutes of your day and do it. Do it for Mark, do it for we the people, do it for yourself. You gain nothing by doing nothing. Don’t file yourself with the mundane. Act now, for the day will come when you’ll be glad you did:

Edmonton Police Commission: [email protected]
Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht: [email protected]
Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson: Use This Contact Form
Edmonton Councillor Dave Loken: [email protected]

Author: Acneska

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82 thoughts on “Sample Email Sent to Edmonton Officials in Support of Mark Marek”

        1. Calling someone a scumbag is surely less than I’d accept and/or for a response to such a comment.

          I’m not accusing you of anything but merely holding you to account for your comments and everybody is entitled to they’re opinion.

          Whether you or I agree or not could be relevant but either way at the end of the day I don’t give a flying fuck.

          Chillax folks.

    1. @ Obli…….

      Agree to disagree is cool sometimes.

      I do agree with you on some points and at the end of the day it’s about getting our points across on BG and support for Mark.

      Whooooo Hooooooo……….. C’mon Mark

      1. i love how mayor rob ford was caught on tape smoking crack and talking about having someone murdered and i get attacked and called disrespectful for calling him a scumbag? are you fucking serious? i was not talking about him in regard to M and his case, i called him a scumbag because that’s what the fuck he is. this is a man you think is worthy of representing the people? really? he’s deserving of respect as an elected official?

    2. Rob ford actually wasn’t a bad mayor. He gave out his personal cell phone and ppl could call him anytime with problems and he would take the calls personally. Not saying he’s totally innocent, obviously, he’s a crack head. But do you think he’s really the only corrupt mayor in Canada?? If only you new what the rest were up to. You’d fucking puke. I think he got put out to dry BC he wouldn’t completely sell out to communism

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  1. It would be great if charges were dropped and the whole situation was written off, it would be a great victory for society and us. What seems to work on the sheep these days is getting some “celebrities” behind the cause. I’m not condoning getting some idiots like George fucking Clooney or that gobshite from the black eyed peas to jump on the “bandwagon” to draw attention to Mark’s plight, but the shallow celebrity obsessed vast majority would be swayed into action if these idiots were telling them about it. Get P Diddy or whatever the fuck his name is these days to do a rap about it and start a “free Mark or die” campaign and we would have Mark free by the end of the week. Sad but probably true.

      1. Kanye West might be a little too divisive for our cause. We need someone big who also has widespread appeal amongst all demographics. So we can get them to thinking, “how the hell did they get Al Roker?”.

    1. I wonder is it beyond the realms of possibility to think southpark might do an episode on Mark and bestgore and the police. It would be fucking awesome! They do a great job annihilating the church and American military etc., I’d love to see their take on this whole situation.

          1. @stagedoor jonny.
            i was only kidding
            seriously i’d love to see marek and his attrorney on piers morgan, asking how come cnn and abc and fox news are not likewise being charged for broadcasting live saddam hussiens murder..

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  2. I have been visiting this site for years and never made an account to comment on things until recently I am going to school for my bachelors in criminal justice and specializing in forensic science my professor introduced us to this site the very first day of school they use it as a teaching tool we see some pretty fucked up shit in my classes to get people used to the crime scenes we come across they say you can have your heart set on a career and get to the first step and lose it just by how fucked up people are in this world. We even are REQUIRED to pick a video and write a 2 page paper on how we will handle a situation example a child being killed, a murder scene, car accidents just to name a few. I am a mother of six wonderful children one was taken from me and laid to rest as a baby his killer still is not behind bars due to lazy fucking police so I decided to take matters into my own hands and personally learn how to track down my sons killer and give him justice. It amazes me how fucked up some officials really are today. These videos have helped me get over the fear of how someone can truly hurt another individual and make me more determined to never give up. With that being said THANK YOU MARK AND ALL OF BEST GORE FOR BRINGING THIS INFORMATION TO ARE ATTENTION KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

      1. Lol sorry Rsking first time writing in here n it just pisses me off so I typed it fast on my IPAD 😉

        Jew Baiter alright 😉

        Ty for the wishes about my son I can’t wait till the day I find the one who did it because it’s not going to be a pretty site.
        I emailed my instructor this post to get backing from the university I think it will be better to get a letter from professor and dean since we use this site as a learning tool all we can do is try.

      1. @crzyblueeyez wow the class you are taking sounds really fun and after hearing about your professor introducing you into this site rather than tabooing it I should sign up for it. Anything having to do with forensics has always fascinated me, I worked with this cleaning company for a day I ended up finding out that they clean crime scenes as well.. I think there is something wrong with me because I was happy and volunteered to clean up an armed robbery turned into homicide Crime scene. shit the guy that i was working with didn’t want to do it so i was like fuck it ill volunteer no one else wants to do it* he said he had to clean up a crime scene before and he explained to me that it was a fucked up sight and the smell of blood stayed with him for 2 days. I didn’t get to tag along because it was my first day and they claimed I was too young and would end up emotionally crippled by the *horrific sight* yeah ive seen worse shit on here.. but what I ended up finding out was that a guy broke inside a drug dealers house. the owner found out and they got in a huge gun battle inside the house and it turns out they both shot each other the robber ended up dead and the owner is still in critical condition. I’m really sorry to hear about your son I would do the same thing you are planning to do if someone hurt or even worse killed one of my little brothers. this world is really fucked up and cruel to those who are good, but you have to remember this isn’t the Wild West where one solves his problems with the end of the gun the person who ends up retaliating always ends up getting caught and one one who actually deserves to get punished will always end up free. But then again I do approve of justifiable killings.

        1. Misfit- it is fun some people ask how can I do it and go to crime scenes and be ok with what I see truth is you never get “used” to what you see we had to take a course on how. To separate our emotions from our studies and work you never know what you will have to investigate I have seen a lot in the few years I been going to school for this field and I can tell you the blood does smell bad and the longer the body sits as we all know it decomposes I will never be able to get that smell out of my mind my first case was a child who’s mother shit him he was 3 she then went on vacation for 2 weeks and told her husband there child was with her sister so they could rekindle there marriage out of all f them that one was by far the hardest. I know I can’t get the man who killed my son on my terms but waiting 7 years so far and nothing had advanced on his case it gets to u my goal is to get him behind bars n the help he needs before he takes anyone else’s life.i could never forget or forgive expecally how the police handled it so all I can do is try to get a few real police officers on a force.

          1. My condolences to you and your family in regards to the loss of your son. I am so sorry for what happened to him, I can’t even imagine your pain even now 7 years later. I never understood how we can have a name for someone who loses their spouse ( a widow) or a child who loses their parents (an orphan) but what do you call a parent that loses their child? It’s hard to imagine something more horrific than that of losing your baby. I truly hope you and your son get justice and put away the evil man who took him from you for life.

            I commend you on your choice of career. I’ve always been interested in the same career path myself which leads me to my next question…
            If you don’t mind me asking, what exactly happened in regards to your son? Forgive me for asking if your not comfortable answering. I completely understand! I’m just wondering what happened since you mentioned it.

            I send my best best wishes to you, your family and your son that has passed.

        1. We just brought. Him home from the hospital I ended up with ammonia so I had him in his nursery and not in my room I didn’t want him to get sick since a baby can’t fight off something that bad at a few days old. My husband was on night duty we had the monitor.and everything in his room someone broke in our house we woke up I looked at the monitors and to this day I can see him perfectly standing over my sons bassinet I jumped up ran in there after I realized I wasn’t dreaming if u ever have ammonia you know it makes you so sick you are out of it 🙁 I guess he heard us and knew it was over because he looked at the monitor and point blank shot my son in the head I had my gun and I just shot and shot him as he was jumping out the window I got his blood the fucking video of him doing it a clear picture of his face and STILL THEY DONT KNOW WHO HE IS or where he is it was in the local paper one time and no leads so I took matters into my own hands and I am going back to school to get my degree I am paying 53,000 for every degree I will need to be able to track the sorry fuck down and every penny is well worth it I was taken to court 9 xs by the county it happened in for getting information out to the public they say it’s to gruesome of a crime for there little fucking town and to let the police do there job I have had to pay a shit load in fines to the town I have had it with these corrupt officials they wonder why this world is going to hell since they won’t do their job I will do it for them everyday and night I live the night mare all over again I feel as if it was my fault if I wasn’t sick he would of been in my room like a newborn should of been and if I didn’t hesitate when I seen the camera and realized I wasn’t dreaming there’s a chance he would be here today. Sorry it took so long to reply I started as soon as you posted it I just can’t sit there and type it all out at once it breaks me Down bad

          1. A parent who loses their child is called lost/Insane every word in one it should never happen a child loses their parents it’s the natural order of life a parent should never have to say goodbye to a child 🙁 I have other children that I have to put a smile on my face for it isn’t there fault this happened but it never gets easier I don’t care what anyone says I live this night mare over and over every second of the day u just learn to put one foot in front of the other and to redo daily things you are used to doing I tell parents never take any day for granted even if your child is the baddest kid on earth it’s still your kid and still with you because you never know when your last kiss or I love you will be 🙁

          2. You are such an amazing woman and even more so an amazing mother. Thank you so very much for sharing your powerful, heart wrenching story with us. It absolutely brought me to tears. I cannot even fathom the pain you must be living with inside your heart and soul. I would never wish even half of your pain on my worst enemy. Your baby boy is so lucky to have a mommy like you who is still fighting just as hard today for him, 7 yrs later, as when this first happened.

            I know it’s easy for me to say this but in no way, shape or form are you or your husband to blame for the horrific tragedy that you, your son and the rest of your family endured. You were being a wonderful mother for thinking of his well being an not wanting your little angel to get ill. There was absolutely no way of knowing that something so horrifying would or could happen sweetie.

            You are truly one of the strongest human beings I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to and I feel blessed to have heard your story and shared words with such an astonishing woman. I hope nothing but eternal happiness and love for you and your family. I hope with all of my heart that you get justice for your precious angel and that that disgusting bastard who took your son for your suffers the agony and torture of 1,000 horrible deaths.

            My prayers and best wishes for you and your amazing family<3

  3. @crazyblueeyez2005. some nice wordlings.

    if you love this site, approach your professor and have him/ her send the curriculum syllubus with Best Gore both referenced and highlighted to the above email addresses mentioned above.

    ** at the sake of sounding redundant, that curriculum volume SPEAKS volumes

  4. I say all the dip shit censors everthing can go to hell minus the CPS (child porn sites) those need to either
    1. get linched (if they adults posting it)
    2. get a there ass beat (if they kids posting it)

  5. A picture tells a thousand words and the letter is equally relevant.

    I’m sending my thoughts with links back to here.

    If they disregard the public outrage then we’ll just have to step it up a tad and respond accordingly.

    We’re not going anywhere and if they think money is a object or barrier………… Think again 😉

    Take note……….. Let him go and amend the laws accordingly……….. Not the other way round.

    We put you people in government to ‘do the right thing’.

    1. ‘redacted’ ……….. Cool word and never heard it before……… Jewgle it if you dare.

      I’v now read the rest of the post and it seems I’m spot on.

      Keep the pressure on until common sense prevails.

  6. What I see here is an opportunity. I’ll do another round of emails but that isn’t the core of the problem. We need to get the press involved. I’m not talking about local press, I’m talking about national and worldwide press.
    A lot of this issue is at Mark’s expense, which is bullshit and they know it. Don’t underestimate the power of publicity. I’m willing to bet that if it manages to reach a worldwide broadcast that the Canadian butt fucks will get the message as to what they are doing wrong and every one will know about it. I think it would require a significant amount of embarassment for the corrupt assholes who are detaining him and confiscating his stuff.
    Throughout this process I have lost a lot of respect for our northern neighbors. Looks like they are just as bad as the countries they came from. He is a prisoner of conscience, which is an international law violation. He needs to have someone step up and provide him with asylum he needs. The Canadians don’t like the idea that they were so inept they couldn’t listen to a simple tip on a criminal then blame Mark for it.


    1. Canada is a massive joke, we discovered what we all knew already, that our supreme court deemed our last election to be fraudulent and current Prime Minister to be a complete twat. Yet nothing can be done about that and we just have to “deal with it” in the meantime, we have corrupt officials in mayoral positions, smoking crack and hanging out with gang-bangers. This Country is a goddamned joke and totally opposed to freedom, democracy and justice.

  7. Free Mark Marek!!! I sent 3 emails and all were successfully sent. You people on Best Gore should all sent your thoughts to Canada. Without Mark on our side. It’s one more victory for them and one more lose for us. The gap between us and them gets wider and harder for us to someday claim victory.

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