Statement from Mark Regarding Guilty Plea

Mark After Pleading Guilty to Being Politically Prosecuted

On May 31, 2012, the day after the news about Best Gore exploded, I was interviewed by Cormac MacSweeney from 1310 News radio station from Ottawa, who asked me this question:

Some MP’s say hosting this video is illegal, do you believe it is?

I responded to him with:

Best Gore verifiably contributes to safer neighborhoods and makes people more respectful. If that’s my crime, then I’ll voluntarily turn myself in. Lock me up cause I’d rather be in jail than share the planet with people who blame me for helping to save their kids…

I never really doubted I’d fail to make good on my word.

History of Corrupting Morals

History, according to my research, suggests strong support for punishment of crimes threatening public morals.

For example, German Catholic priest Rubert Mayer, was imprisoned several times in Landsberg prison, the same prison where Adolf Hitler wrote Mein Kampf, because during his sermons, he had made statements in violation of a 19th century Kanzelparagraphen law, which forbade expression that endangered public morals. His imprisonment, and subsequent house arrest, were necessary for preventing harm to morals in the Third Reich.

In the early 19th century in France, Napoleon enacted rules forbidding “anything contrary to good morals or against the principles of government“. The rules greatly reduced the threat to public morals by cutting the number of Paris newspapers from 72 to 13.

In the 17th century Italy, astronomer Galileo Galilei was subject to an inquisition for his scientific works on heliocentrism, which spelled great harm to the public morals. Galileo pleaded guilty, recanted his teachings, and spent the rest of his life under house arrest.

In the 16th century, German theologian Martin Luther was prosecuted for written attacks on orthodox beliefs of the time, and for denying the power of the state to determine what is right and what is wrong. After his trial, he avoided arrest and continued to corrupt morals with such acts as translating the Bible from the Latin into German, so that the common people could read it.

In the 15th century, Joan of Arc corrupted public morals with cross dressing. In the effort to protect public morals, her accusers arrested her first, and only then searched the law books for statutes to pin on her.

Jesus Christ was a corrupter of morals too, because he was teaching things that were deemed offensive to a particular group of people. The offended group demanded his crucifixion, which they ultimately got.

But the history of morals corrupters goes even before Christ. In 399 BC, Greek philosopher Socrates, father of western philosophy, was charged with corrupting the morals of the youth, for refusing to recognize dogmas recognized by the state. He was executed by being forced to drink poison hemlock.

It is encouraging to see that two and a half millennia later, we still haven’t given up on protecting the public morals and continue to prosecute corrupters, so we don’t have people like Socrates, Galileo or Mark Marek giving offense to dogmas recognized by the state. Hopefully, the ungrateful, but necessary task of protecting public morals will continue for the next 2,500 years.

Giving Offense

Speaking of giving offence, I’m proud to see Canada acting as the world’s undisputed leader and trend-setter in literary inquisition. Literary inquisition is important. Without it, all the scientists, thinkers, agitators, all who defiantly showed their fingers to the dominant ideas of their era and moved humanity forward, would continue to offend against the orthodoxies of their age.

Society’s politicians and social justice warriors have the duty to police the parameters of acceptable thought, brand select ideas offensive, and wage war against them. They have the duty to decree which views are wrong, and use the force of the state to suppress those views, and punish people for expressing them.

Failure to do so breeds people like John Wilkes, the 18th century radical journalist from the UK, who offended public morals with articles packed with sex, violence, and disapproval of the King and the Prime Minister. With his offence, John Wilkes gave birth to press freedom.

That should never have been allowed to happen. As the instigator of liberty, science, and understanding, press freedom educates, informs and inspires. And that’s not compatible with good morals. Case in point – my corrupting your morals. Press freedom inspires criminals like Mark Marek into committing obscene acts, like exposing how our puritanically-violence-addicted society simultaneously reels in disgust at “obscenity“, but spends more time concerned with the topics of sex and violence than with other social concerns.

The crime I pleaded guilty to is not prosecutable anywhere else in the world. Webmasters from the United States, Australia, Chile, Venezuela and Russia, as well as dozens of other webmasters whose country of residence I don’t know, and who published the same video I published – none of them was prosecuted for the identical crime of publishing the video. I’m scared to think about all the harm they’ve caused by being allowed to operate unhindered. It’s a blessing Canada understands the importance of combating intellectual freedom, and did not take the threat lightly. We can all sleep at night the safer.

For this reason, Rene Descartes’ proposition “I Think, Therefore I Am“, could be suitably adopted to fit Canadian moral principles as “I Think, Therefore I Am Guilty“. And… so I am.

No Hatred

I wish to thank the Canadian regime for the experience, and the opportunity to reflect on my own self. I want to say to everyone who’s been involved in depriving me of my freedom and human rights, that I have no enemies in you, and no hatred toward you.

None of the police who surveiled me, lied about me to smear my name, seized everything I owned that looked to be worth more than $20, masturbated to pictures of me engaging in an intimate relationship with my partner, arrested me for a crime that is not prosecutable anywhere else in the world, then arrested me again on a fabricated charge just to teach me a lesson, then threatened to arrest me at will again, and harassed me every time they saw me on the street, I have no hatred toward you.

None of the prosecutors who selectively indicted me, who refused to restore my constitutional rights, who refused to treat me like a human being with feelings and necessities of life, who insisted on higher bail than murderers or rapists are released on, who treated me as guilty until proven innocent – I have no hatred toward you either. None of you are my enemies. I respect your professions and the integrity you have often demonstrated.

I am not ashamed to admit that I’m the biggest fan and admirer of Crown Prosecutor Mr. James Rowan, who’s incredible wit and fast thinking will make him an invaluable asset in fight against crime, as soon as he outgrows the urge to spend millions of taxpayer’s dollars during the economic slump on prosecution of victimless crimes.

I’m also not ashamed to admit that I’m the biggest fan and admirer of Mr. Justice Sanderman and other Justices of the Court of Queen’s Bench in Edmonton, including Madam Justice Ross and Madam Justice Moreau, whose objective and fair treatment of both parties breathed new life into my predicament.

Furthermore, I have no hatred toward the people of Canada. You were the primary beneficiaries of the sacrifices by the Best Gore community, seeing as Luka Magnotta committed the horrific murder within Canada, but when it became known that thanks to the images of his likeness disseminated by, Luka Magnotta was identified in Germany and reported to German authorities, Best Gore received endless thank you letters from people the world over, except from Canada. Canadians were the only ones from the entire world who sent hate mail and death threats. And even after I was charged, after the whole world rallied in my support, from within Canada, the general response was not that we must do something about these senseless human rights violations and persecution of bloggers for their views and opinions, but that we must do something to ensure the world doesn’t find out that Canada champions human rights violations and persecution of bloggers for their views and opinions. Still, I have no hatred toward any Canadian. And I respect that if this is the type of society you want, then knock yourselves out.

With my guilty plea, I admit that in the 21st century, I broke a 19th century law. But I have no complaints, for if this is the path God has chosen for me, I’m ready.


Author: Acneska

I'm new here.

205 thoughts on “Statement from Mark Regarding Guilty Plea”

      1. is anyone moderating this site anymore? what the fuck is going on with all these stupid comments?

        My respects Mark for your work, we all owe you for using this website and seeing the truth about the world… Vincit Omnia Veritas!

    1. πŸ˜† @ big bilateral drool buckets again, Gnat! They must chase and chew on tractor tires for fun. I know I would were I large enough to block out the sun while seated.

      “Victory or Valhalla!”

      Odin is ancient and overrated in my humble opinion, not unlike Mark’s judgement. I’d rather live a full life than be perpetually childlike and petulant like him. He’s no host. Our Obliterator, on the other hand, we can actually learn from him and meet death as an old friend, prepared, if I can remember that. How’s that for divinely inspired power? πŸ˜›

        1. Awareness of the masses is the greatest threat to the jew. And it’s happening as we speak. When it reaches the tipping point, when the people realize how they’ve been had with the holohoax and other jewish bullshitry, it will be the end to their reign. I doubt they have enough hasbara shills to stop truth emerging.

          1. Then you obviously don’t know how to read…troll…

            It takes a STRONG man to forgive his accusers…something you know nothing about…

  1. Very well said Mark. I hope that this will all be done with soon, and you can begin to resume a normal healthy lifestyle again. I LOVE YOU MY BROTHER, and i will always support your beloved Bestgore, and follow in your footsteps, trying to make this crazy world a little better everyday. I will always be here for you if you need me, cheers! πŸ™‚

  2. Welcome back to the real world, Mark. There’s gratitude for you. No surprises here. Many worthy souls have kept the safety of your genius active and to heart. One simply cannot ask for more than to be aware and lack that blinding and crippling wool. Remember, death awaits us all, no matter how powerful or wealthy, weak or poor. Yes, even the thought police will meet their end. And it always happens sooner than we think, unless of course, one frequents Best Gore. As for me, I have miles to go before I sleep, which is more than I can say for most in this wretched world we share. How about you?

    1. Agreed. A couple of comments on this thread and others have seemed so very selfish. How can you tell a man what to do just so you can visit this site? You don’t walk in his shoes and live his life. Much respect to you Mark.

  3. the rcmp were just jealous mark got the pictures before they did. Better teach that guy a lesson by wasting the courts time. Ive been a repeat viewer of this site and had know idea best gore was from my home town. good job mark!!

  4. Cant blame the ones that never learnt from past freedoms if they were born blinded from reality. To those, eternally suffering from the Pollyanna principle, theres nothing one can do. Not a million images shown will turn their heads, nor a thousand videos will make them think. The world was, is, and forever will be a sick place, as long as humanity resides in it, and as long as those that wants to controll its people exists. I trully hope the scourge illuding us with the false masks of “freedom” will one day disapear from this planet… but i see no end in sight for it. This planet needs to die a second time, and hopefully the Third Species that will come after us will learn from both ours and the first civilization’s mistakes. πŸ˜•

  5. Eloquently spoken. I often don’t agree with what you say, but I respect your right to say it. How else can real change come if we don’t at lease start talking about the things that society sees as taboo, yet is the 5 thousand lb elephant in the room. Political correctness has been pushed on us until we choke. And refusing to acknowledge our issues is akin to cutting our own throats. We need to take responsibility for what we do. And make changes where appropriate. No matter what, we all have to share this tiny planet. We can either thrive or die because of our own choice to be ignorant.

  6. I sensed a bit of resentment in your words about forgiving the, very corrupt, hierarchy of politics… Still given your position, I think anyone would agree that it takes a hell of a man to even utter those words in the first place. As an American I dont know how true what you say about the Canadian police state truly is, but it doesn’t take a genius level IQ at all to see that this whole situation has been purely political. The very “morals” they claim you are corrupting have been corrupted by the accusers. It seems to me to be a clear cut case of guilty until proven innocent, even so far as to say that they rushed blindly into an arrest without the required evidence, a make it up as you go scenario. Big wigs sitting around the table saying “we know he’s guilty, but how do we make it stick?” Your own country has turned its back on you. Your very words prove it. The only country that you received hate mail from about the Luka case was in fact from Canada. You should receive a medal for helping your country solve a case yet all you get is a smear campaign for showing that Canada breeds monsters as well as any other country. Its sad the world we live in masks our freedoms of speech and freedom to express thought as a freedom in the first place. Our basic human rights are no longer rights but privileges, privileges that once used, are then used against you. Its like being labeled lazy simply because your the only one who leaves the office at the legitimate quitting time, instead bleating around like all the other brown nosing sheep seeking advancement up the political ladder. The world sees you Mark, we see your struggled and your sacrifices for fighting in what you believe in, we see that you are exercising your rights as a “free citizen”, and we see those invisible shackles they have clamped upon you to try and remind you that not everything is what it seems. One by one we see, we notice, and we remember. They wont be able to get away with these most grievous abuses of the very rights the government was instituted to protect. I read the post about the plea deal for bestgore, and know that I salute you sir. You’re the very definition of a modern day martyr. Willing to sacrifice at your own expense to propel the very rights we have been brainwashed into believing we have. The lies and abuse by big government will one day stop, and its men like you that will get us there. My best wishes to you sire. I truly hope the judge has sense and takes the deal, and not only that they agree to giving you time served and let you go home immediately to enjoy the freedoms they have denied you for the past couple of years.

  7. People are so ignorant. No matter how much they pretend to look down upon your site Mark, they can not deny the facts, they can not deny the true nature of human beings and sweep it under the rug for everyone to forget and they CAN NOT deny the rights to freedom, your rights or any of our rights for that matter, by portraying anything posted on BestGore as illegal. police just seem to bend laws into whatever fashion that desire for their benefit. MAYBE THEY SHOULD VISIT THE SITE AND TAKE NOTICE OF HOW HORRIBLE THE WORLD REALLY IS AND FOCUS ON THAT. This is the first gore site I started on and I haven’t found anything as amazing. I’m thankful for what you do Mark and everyone that helps. Over the past year I have been able to look at Society and see it for what it really is. It has taught me a lot and it has been able to open my eyes , because I’m not afraid to see the truth. And as much as they would like BestGore to go away. It won’t. It’s reality. This site is truely the “Best”
    Sniffle* all this drama hits me I the feels.

      1. There are no “gramar retards” in here, they become obsolete since we developed a magnificient skill based on common sense named “speech perception”, wich allow us to understand what one says, even if they mispell it. πŸ˜†

  8. You’re a hero Mr.Marek! In every way. What defines a hero can be manipulated into anyone’s own image , but as you’ve shown , your righteousness prevails and your positivity keeps you on a higher level than the people who were hellbent on making your life difficult.

    1. one man’s hero is another man’s site adminestrater lol,your so funny Nini,Mark should diffenitly hook up with you,what more would he want,he would be a

  9. I think the members of BG and all like minded people should get together, buy an island with no national jurisdiction and call it home. Fuck any nation that persecutes their people for their own personal vendetta. As long as we ALL stick together no one can touch us.

    A lion does not concern himself with the opinions of sheep.

    1. I bet It would be the strongest country in terms of economy , justice, and collectivity. These people truly are the master race in this day and age , the few that choose to lift the veil of the matrix and see beyond it for its true horror, and to educate the next generations to come about the influential evil that lives and prospers off the ignorance of the sea of sheep. But tbh they’d probably nuke us all πŸ™

        1. Not gonna berate you but think about it like this…this is Marks house imagine your in your house someone comes over partakes in your hospitality on a regular basis and they tell you they don’t care about you ? Just something to think about.

    1. Seems like we’ve got a new member here who doesn’t know the existence of Mark. How I wish Luka Magnotta had you instead of that bastard unlucky Chinaman. @The_Suffering, as your name suggests, you are suffering from brain damage….you are insane motherfucker!!!

        1. It doesn’t matter if he “made a smart comment” or if he was “trying to get a rise from people” or if it was “a joke”…he disrespected the founder of this site…not once but twice…so yeah…he earned his/her dismemberment…

    2. @The_Suffering I think I see where you are coming from. But remember that this site is a pretty good source of news for many of us. What I think to be the important question is that was it for Mark worth of going to jail for Eric Clinton Kirk Newman aka Luka Rocco Magnotta?

  10. Hi Mark. I’d just like to say thankyou for best gore, it has provided an online home for me and many more like/right minded people, sob’s if you will.
    It must be a relief to have the finishing line in sight after such a long haul, you clearly have a great attitude over your ordeal so I hope you really are able to forgive all your oppressors, there is peace to be found in forgiveness.

  11. Markus
    You are a better man than I, and most of all th? other men out there.
    Well done brother, you have done very well.
    Adapt to th? ever changing environment
    And you will always succ?d?

  12. Government loves that people fall in love with all this technology and websites. Just as in Mark’s circumstance, it gives them a portal into your life. The gyroscope in an iphone can be used as a microphone, for starters.
    If they have you in the crosshairs, they’ll make up any lie to keep the pressure on you, because if after all they do– you were found innocent, it would make authorites look bad.
    I used to watch the news and wonder why things happen..plain to see it’s because people are given no other choice. Well said, Mark, claiming them not your enemy in public. That way one day their search for clues when they really need one will turn up fruitless. No one really gets away with anything evil in this world, there’s a power that sees to it.


      1. “cowering like a whipped dog in the corner.”

        You can’t fight the system when the system is setup for the defendant to fail…

        Your nickname and your avi blatantly shows that you’re one of the sheeple…

        Bleat!… Bleat!…

      2. Ohh look! This post is attracting the world wide retards. Unsurprisingly… πŸ˜† Can i make you a question? How can you be THAT stupid and still remember how to breathe? Do you have a machine doing it for you?

        I better stop asking hard questions. If i force you to think too much your brain will be in meltdown…

      3. none of us no the pressure that man was and is under,when your dealing with a government and all the creeps and snakes that they have at their desposil,i dont blame him to take the easiest way out if thats what you would call it,water is the strongest force on the planet but it will always flow the easyest path.Hitler was not gay.

      4. The system especially when it has a hard on for you will convict you.
        Even when innocent if the outcome seems pre-ordained and the prosecutor says plead to this and you can go home today and continue on with your life or go back and sit in your cell for weeks, months or years…where after we have convicted you…were gonna serve you with a trial tax…more months and years gone….Hmm lets revue go home and sleep in my own bed tonight or back to the Jail where me and my cell mate can shit 2 ft from each others heads….Think I’d wanna go home too.

  13. I have been visiting bg for about four years I have not felt the need to post until now this is the best site for true news not the bullshit the sheeple at the mass media try to ram down our throats everyday keep up the good work and I think I speeck for everyone here at bg we stand with you Mark stand talk and proud brother you have created something good

    1. off topic again but im interested to no whats the story,can i buy shares in BG or what?i dont even no if its legal,i no this,its the future,let me no anyway,its an investment id be interested in.

      1. No…you can’t buy shares of BG…but you can donate to the site…

        ProChan is just doing this because it’s the “politically correct” thing to do…that’s why I encourage everybody to email these…*ahem*…people…

        Just don’t spam them and get your point across without resorting to insults and vulgarity…

        1. ok gnat thanks for letting me no,ill donate then,its worth it,but still?why not buy shares? anyway man ye got my email so fuck it this site is the future facebook

          1. You’ve got to be fucking joking.

            I don’t even know what to say right now…my blood is honestly fucking boiling. I’m going to calm myself before writing an email.

      1. To be honest I have been trying to search for the one time Someone called blucon out on something.

        It seems to be lost? Anyone on this site remember which thread it was on?

        I hated his stupid way of talking as well DOS but I never called him out on it lol

    1. Thank you, G. I am sincerely worried about wicked mama. I am, no bullshit, missing her a lot. Seriously. Mama, please come back soon. I wish I knew her email so I can contact her and see if she’s fine. @It Was Me, too. I miss the Purple Rose as well. πŸ™

  14. I have been on this site for years. I only registered today. Thank you Mark for bringing this website to the viewers. I am much more aware of all that goes on in the world because this is the uncensored news. This is the news people are afraid to see. This is the news that gives us self awareness. This is the news that makes me look twice before i cross the street, not buy a motorcycle, step in and out of an elevator quickly, and most importantly respect!

  15. hey mark i hope at the end of the road it works out for you. and us new yawkers do not get along with canadians.. i support you 100% if there is anything i can do to help out please feel free to message me i know i am some what new to this site but i been on it for years just never registered until i saw this thread well anyways good luck on the bumpy road ahead because canada loves nothing more than drama i am sure there is plenty of canadians that are some what decent but i will never know because i cant stand neither of them evenly alright pal i am a click away talk soon

  16. Mark! πŸ˜€ It’s nice to finally hear from him. I am not well versed at all in law or politics but I understand the man has been exhausted long enough. If this is the move he thinks is the best, we all stand by him as a community. I really hope him the best and if there’s anyway at all we here at BG can help, please let us know.

    1. Hi Kay πŸ™‚

      This is off topic but your comment on dating someone 27 years your senior blew my mind.

      I mean no disrespect by my comment either Kay, actually I find it quite awesome!

      1. Oh hahaha I have no problems at all if people are for or against it. So I’m not offended at all. To be honest, most of I know are totally against it. There’s a plethora of stigma around it and there are days where words are hard to ignore, especially from people who you think is on your side. But what matters is, at the end of the day, he’s going to be the one I’ll live, love and sleep with and tiny things such as age wouldn’t really matter.

        Thanks for the support, though. Really appreciate it. Makes me even more glad that Best Gore exists.

        1. True and also being Asian doesn’t help.

          My parents and most older Asian people talk so much shit period, good or bad they always have something to say.

          I’m glad your content and happy and I wish u all the best.

          Ps: anyone find know which thread blucon was blasted on? I’m just so curious to read it that’s all lol

          1. Oh yeah. I’m used to Asians. Well… i’m in Asia so I might as well have been used to it by now! Lol.

            And I’m sorry I can’t help you out with that. Not really aware of that incident.

  17. warning!when introducing people you no to best gore,dont be drunk and dont show them the worst the site has to offer,take it from me they wont take it well lol.

  18. Not sure if any of the admins are reading my comment but there has to be some sort of backup in place for redundancy purposes. If not, this was a calculated move, maybe even in conjunction with the Canadian authorities. Please keep us posted on whatever information you gather…

    1. This is so infuriating! It’s not like BG is advertising all over the place trying to gather more followers unlike some websites. This site minds its own business and just posts the harsh reality of the world. It’d be nice if people just left the fucking site alone. Don’t know what prochan’s deal is but they can kiss my ass for pulling this shit when they’ve been hosting the videos for years. Suddenly, the videos are a problem after all this time? I’m sure they didn’t hear about the trial the day of. Maybe it’s like you said, a calculated move.

      1. I’m at a complete loss for words to describe this situation LF. I was probably the closest to tears I have been in a long time after hearing the news. I do know that we are more than just a website; we are a family and will rebuild but it is frustrating nonetheless. The best thing that we have going for us is the fact that we have a lot of dedicated staff and members on this site who would be willing to help rebuild, brick by brick, should they need assistance. I know I’m down to help…I have a degree in computer sciences so any way, shape or form that I can volunteer or contribute my skill set, I’m all in.

        1. Exactly, this isn’t just a website it’s soooo much more than that. No other site has a community like this. I can’t say enough good things about the people keeping this site together. It’s hard enough to pick up the pieces when losing the creator of the site but to continually fight off attacks and set backs and keep things running as smooth as they have is absolutely amazing. I’m so impressed with everyone’s dedication and effort put into BG. I think your skills could be really useful in this situation too.

      2. I’m with you LF…
        There’s GOT to be a way to re-upload the entire video catalog. It’s not like the gaychan maggots could possess that much control and power. I truly believe that liberty and freedom will prevail and this whole fucking mess will blow over…We’ll be ok, I KNOW IT!!!

        1. We got copies of videos, so re-uploading it will not be an issue, it just will be an enormous amount of work to reupload, and update every post with a new code. A this stage, however, I don’t think ProChan can be trusted with a second chance. It’s gonna have to be a different provider.

          1. @ska I know you guys are very protective of this site and who helps out, as you should be, but if you need any additional assistance in getting things back in order, I can help. I agree that going forward a different provider will be necessary (it may be worth it to look into a dedicated video server that is controlled by BG, although that would require an investment In equipment). You guys have my email on file so feel free to contact me if I can help in any capacity…even if that means re-uploading videos and putting in the proper code to point to the corresponding files. It will definitely be a time consuming and tedious task but with a few knowledgeable people, we could get it done.

          1. Although we do have a few dipshit and drifter members, it’s crazy how tight knit 90% of the community is here.

            As you said, it definitely shows how many of us care about BG.

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