The Verge Interview with Mark Marek

Exposing the Illegal Things Your Government Has Been Doing Is Illegal

Exposing the Illegal Things Your Government Has Been Doing Is Illegal

Mark was recently interviewed by Adrianne Jeffries, a reporter from The Verge, a news site based in New York, USA. She said she was working on a story about Mark Marek’s case and the implications for free speech on the internet.

Adrianne Jeffries had interviewed Mark before, shortly after the Luka Magnotta fiasco in 2012, and we found her to be a fair and balanced reporter. However she’s reluctant to link to our site so we’re returning the favor and are not linking to theirs.

We don’t know how much of Mark’s answers Ms. Jeffries will use, or if her articles undergo higher editorial review so in the spirit of transparency, we are publishing the full interview here:

Laurie said the prosecution is considering adding a charge for another video. Do you know which video that would be?

To understand why the authorities are desperate to pin me with more charges, it is first important to understand why they are prosecuting me in the first place. But first, allow me to clarify why they chose my posting of the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video as the basis for prosecution.

When the video was first brought to the public’s attention, it created quite a bit of outrage. Not among the aware, for before the mainstream media made a big deal out of it, the video had been on Best Gore for over a week and while it appeared to have been made with an intent to upset, the readers of Best Gore are well aware of what humans are truly capable of, as we see the proof of our inherently violent nature on the website every day, and as such we just did out civic duty and tried to identify the perpetrator. We did all in our power to get him off the street before he could hurt somebody else, as opposed to bleating all over the internet about how outraged we were that such video had been filmed.

As aware individuals, we don’t engage in herd mentality, which has in its core the determination to be mouthful and loud about showing outrage with what we anticipate the herd would disapprove of, so as to make sure that we’re never suspected of deviating from the herd’s expectations. This type of behavior is exclusive to whom we refer to as “the sheep”.

The sheep are terrified that the herd would disown them if they were not loud and clear about demonstrating the undisputed outrage at what the herd is perceived to be outraged at. Therefore when the existence of the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video was brought to the attention of the public, no sheep passed on the opportunity to “prove” their worth to the fellow members of the herd by decrying the video in places where fellow sheep were expected to see them do it.

Because evil doers have a very solid understanding of how herd mentality works, they are able to successfully abuse it to turn the public perception in their favor.

Best Gore has, since its inception, exposed the evil doers for who they really are and what they really do. On the pages of Best Gore, evil doers of all levels, including unconstitutional governments, abusive, power tripping policemen, bankers, corporations and international lobbying groups who corrupt politicians to enslave people in injustice are exposed. As an owner of Best Gore, I have always been independent from corporate interests which made it impossible for people with money to influence my reporting, I have never given in to the death threats despite receiving them almost daily and have always presented the news of the world in the form that’s the most resistant to manipulation – raw and uncensored.

This open and sincere approach ensured the steady growth of the website which is now read by 10 Million people a month. All with never spending a penny on advertising or other means of promotion. People simply appreciated being shown the truth about what really goes on in the world. For when you see the uncensored version of reality, you start to understand just how mislead you had been by the corporate interest of the mainstream media and systematic indoctrination by the government and schools. And this is when former sheep step out of the golden cage, take off the rose colored shades and become the aware.

That however doesn’t bode well with the powers that be. They want the populace to be the sheep, for the sheep are predictable and easy to manipulate. The aware, on the other hand see too much and know too much and are therefore a threat. They are a threat to the establishment, a threat to corruption, a threat to lies, a threat to abusive policemen, a threat to the military industrial complex that seeks to profit from wars, a threat to bankers profiting from governments and a threat to men behind the scenes who pull all the strings.

With my website, I turned too many people from being the sheep to being aware. I exposed too many cases of police brutality that lead to the public enquiries and got the abusers in hot water or fired. I exposed international racketeers who profit from sustaining lies and waging proxy wars. I exposed dirty schemes that lead to endless suffering of innocent people and deaths of thousands. I plain and simple ruffled too many feathers and did it in such a way that was impossible to downplay and for that… I had to go. I got on the nerves of too many people and institutions with power by undermining their system of profiteering at the expense of the public, that they could not afford to let me go on anymore.

But there was a kicker – I have never in my life committed any crime and there were too many aware individuals covering my back.

My posting the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video clearly presented an opportunity. It was an opportunity to move forward with step one of the ultimate goal – to silence me. The step one was needed in order to avoid making it too obvious that my persecution was politically motivated, that I was being persecuted because of my ideas and the inconvenient disclosures, and not because I had committed a crime. It had to be done in such a fashion so as not to awaken the bleating herd, but instead stimulate them into perceiving me as a malevolent webmaster who needs to be locked away.

The sheep are still the majority. To persecute someone for political reasons in a country that broadcasts itself as democratic could be damaging to the maintained image, therefore the case had to be handled delicately. If the herd was inspired to look below the surface, the results could be devastating.

As I have explained earlier, evil doers understand the nature of the sheep really well, which allows them to manipulate them effectively. Every sheep will quickly jump on an opportunity to object perceived immorality, because sheep mentality dictates that violent opposition to potentially questionable subject matter will make them look in the eyes of the fellow sheep like they have exceptionally high moral threshold.

And so the decision was made to use my posting of the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video as the means to manipulate the sheeple into perceiving me as a malevolent webmaster who needs to be locked up, and with the minds of the sheep properly manipulated, the witch-hunt could proceed.

Pressing of bogus charges against me was however only the initial step. Because this original charge – one count of “corrupting morals” – would only silence me temporarily, there was a pressing need to come up with additional charges to either prolong the silencing period, or (preferably), have me silenced for good.

I have become too inconvenient, if not downright dangerous to their evil games so the need arose to shut me down before I could do any more damage to the establishment. The aware public cannot be kept in voluntary servitude easily. Therefore the source of their awareness had to be cut off and that’s why I’m being persecuted. And that is also why they are working day and night to pin me with additional charges.

What those new charges will be is unclear at the moment. The only thing that’s clear is that they need to charge me with more bullcrap, or else I could be back to undermining the establishment in a few years again. And that’s a horrifying concept for them to accept. Death threats didn’t work, bribes I wouldn’t accept… instead I just keep exposing the reality to more and more people. No! Cannot be! Must be stopped! Period!

How did you get the 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick video in the first place?

I got the video the same way I used to get dozens of other submissions every day.

Best Gore is a community powered website. Reality happens. None of us is immune to it, none of us can avoid it. Before any content is published on Best Gore, it is witnessed by someone and captured on stills or video. We often do not have the say in what we witness, nor how “offensive” or “morals corrupting” it may seem in the eyes of the law or morality police. One often simply happens upon it because that’s the way it goes in life. Our bodies are fragile and the unpredictable happens.

Just before I published the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video, I received an email with a link to a YouTube video set to be private, and an instruction to download it asap because YouTube staff would remove it soon. The email was not signed and it was sent from an email address I had not had any previous contact with. The IP address suggested it originated from the UK.

It’s not unusual for people to send me tips on content anonymously. I made nothing of it. But after viewing the video, I realized that there was a potentially dangerous person somewhere out there, and he could be potentially looking for his next victim…

Do you regret posting it now?

After I watched the video, I realized that I was perhaps the only person in the world, or one of fewer than there are fingers on one’s hand, who are now aware that there was a potentially very dangerous individual who resorted to a horrific defilement of another human being among us, and the rest of the world had no idea.

Because each and every day I used to get more submissions than I could publish, I had an option to also give this video a pass. I would have been the only one who would’ve seen it and the life would have gone on. If the perpetrator from the video found himself another victim and did the same or worse to them, I could have just pretended that it was none of my concern and by doing that I would have spared myself the harassment from police and media. But that’s not who I am or how I do things.

There is this famous line from the movie Spiderman which has it that with great power comes great responsibility. I had the power of having had the proof of a potentially horrific crime having been committed in my hands, and the power to engage a community of millions which includes doctors, scientists, forensic technicians, pathologists, criminologists, armed forces personnel and police officers from all over the world.

Yes, I could have not published it and just played ignorant, but knowing that I had the power to engage the community to determine if the video was real, and if believed to be, to try to find out anything we could about the perpetrator to at least know which county to bring him to the attention of the authorities to, and with it possibly stop him before he could hurt another person, was worth the risk.

In hindsight – would I do it again knowing it would land me in jail? Hell yeah! I’d rather end up gagged and bound by the system, than live a life of falsehood. What is two years in jail for a guy like me compared to the lifetime of heartache and sorrow for a whole family? I’ll sacrifice my life and wellbeing for the greater good any day. If it wasn’t so, I would have quit after the first death threats from the drug cartels or the Zionists sponsored terrorism groups came following my disclosures of their activities.

From its inception in 2008, Best Gore has been saving lives and has a track record to prove it. Content posted on Best Gore is real and as such, leaves a deep imprint on the viewer. Over the years, I’ve received countless testimonies from the readers who told me how material on Best Gore changed their lives for the better. Many drivers who used to routinely speed each time they drove in their car found themselves sticking with the posted speed limit after seeing a few images of mangled traffic accident victims. Motorcyclists who used to enjoy cutting in front of cars at excessive speeds no longer do that after seeing images of other motorcyclists ripped in half or decapitated by a guardrail. Operators of heavy machinery don’t horse around a workplace like they used to after seeing the video of a man crushed by a cargo container.

There even was a man who seriously contemplated suicide by hanging but was put off by grossly deformed necks of hanging victims, and despite how shitty his life was, after seeing on Best Gore what happens to others, he realized that he really didn’t have it all that bad and has not had suicide on his mind since. He’s been a regular ever since, using Best Gore as the only therapist that ever succeeded in curing his depression and used it as a daily reminder of how amazing his life really was.

There are literally thousands of testimonies similar to those that I’ve received over the years of running Best Gore. Depictions of real life simply work better as deterrents than even years of counseling. There is a reason why even governments themselves often resort to using these “obscene” images – because nothing simply works quite as effectively. You can find them on cigarette boxes, available in full view to the minors, or in public service announcements encouraging drivers to drive responsibly, refrain from texting whole driving or refrain from driving impaired.

Ironically, the prosecutors, masters of hypocrisy, who are after me for showing graphic images to the public do the same as part of their work routine. When dealing with accused murderers, they always make sure the jury gets a clear, vivid view of the gruesome, graphic images of the victim, because they know exposing the jury to reality without censorship will leave an impact. Funny how selective the prosecutors as well as the public are about whom they condemn.

Best Gore is also routinely perused by professionals as a means of professional advancement. Yes, it would take a person, including minors 5 minutes to dig out a criminology or surgery textbook in a library that’s full of graphic images like those posted on Best Gore, but professionals appreciate the frequently updated content on Best Gore because it’s different from what they have regular access to and it allows them to learn more about their profession by studying, observing and testing themselves by scrutinizing a broader range of cases.

Furthermore, Best Gore is also a “tool” for future professionals whose duties will involve dealing with death or injuries. It is not unusual to feel queasy or downright sick after being exposed to real life physical trauma and it takes time to detach oneself from it. Best Gore has long been used by medical school students as a way to desensitize themselves. It assists them in being able to move forward with the hands on practice faster.

Likewise, the ability to remain collected in the wake of a tragic accident often spells the difference between life or death. By being used to seeing horrific injuries, as well as by observing the negative responses to being a witness of one, the readers of Best Gore are more likely to contribute to saving lives if they themselves witness or become involved in accidents.

Bottom line is – if you get into an accident, it will be uncensored. There will be no pop up window to warn you that what you will have seen may offend you. As there will be no law to “protect your morals” from what you will have seen. Real life is uncensored. Best Gore is real life on the internet.

Everyone, including those who persecute me, and including the indoctrinated ones who go on a bash spree badmouthing Best Gore to impress the fellow members of the herd with how oh so anti evil they are, benefit and have benefited from Best Gore. They may never realize that the reason they returned home from work and found their child there, excited to tell them about their day in school, is that the driver who used to drive drunk down that alley chose to take a cab because he doesn’t want to end up looking like what he had seen on Best Gore.

Yet I do it not for accolades. I do it because it’s the right thing to do and because knowing what I do saves lives makes my life worthwhile. Would I have taken back contributing to safer communities to spare myself from unlawful, politically motivated persecution? No. I’ll accept my jail time in exchange for your ability to come back home and find your child there, instead of finding a note that your child’s brain has been splattered on a road anytime.

What is your plan for a defense?

When I was originally charged with “Corrupting Morals“, the authorities made themselves heard that they are charging me with this section of the Canadian Criminal Code, because there was nothing else they could nab me with. What they essentially said was that I had gotten on their nerve with my ongoing exposures of their abuses of power, and since they don’t tolerate dissent, they would silence me no matter what.

Section 163 (1) of the criminal code I was charged with states that “Every one commits an offence who (a) makes, prints, publishes, distributes, circulates, or has in his possession for the purpose of publication, distribution or circulation any obscene written matter, picture, model, phonograph record or other thing whatever; or (b) makes, prints, publishes, distributes, sells or has in his possession for the purpose of publication, distribution or circulation a crime comic.”

Section 163 (2) further states that every one commits an offence who “(c) offers to sell, advertises or publishes an advertisement of, or has for sale or disposal, any means, instructions, medicine, drug or article intended or represented as a method of causing abortion or miscarriage; or (d) advertises or publishes an advertisement of any means, instructions, medicine, drug or article intended or represented as a method for restoring sexual virility or curing venereal diseases or diseases of the generative organs.”

Under this obsolete and outdated section of the criminal code (phonograph mention should hint you of its obsolescence quite clearly), crimes such as selling comic books or advertising Viagra are illegal. By virtue of section 163 (7) a crime comic includes any book that shows in pictures a crime, real or fictitious, being committed. As such, making the sale of virtually every issue of Batman or Spiderman is a criminal offence in Canada. Similarly, advertising Viagra is also a criminal offence in Canada. Yet you’d see both Viagra and Cialis advertised on TV here daily.

What this tells me is that this section of the criminal code is enforced selectively and because it is too broadly defined, it can be used almost indiscriminately and is therefore open to abuse by the authorities. All they need to do is burden a person they don’t like with the charge and that’s typically enough to bankrupt them or otherwise ruin their lives. Even if after the lengthy and costly proceedings the ruling is made in favor of the accused, the damage will have been done. It costs the authorities nothing to charge anyone as they are funded with the taxpayers’ money, so they have no incentives not to. Therefore as a reporter who exposes their wrongdoing and the gradual descent into tyranny, it was only a question of time before they’d come up with something to charge me with. Certainly in Canada it would be.

In the latest report on the criminalization of dissent by the International Network of Civil Liberties Organizations, which details a global crackdown on dissent through excessive police force, Canada got a special mention for its tyrannical suppression of dissent that makes much of the rest of the world look like the Gardens of Eden in comparison. Events such as the non-violent G20 Summit protest in Toronto, to which the authorities responded by arresting more than 1,000 people – peaceful protesters, journalists, human rights activists and downtown residents – are a grim reminder that Canada is slowly but surely turning into a police state. If it’s not one already.

Just a few days ago Canada sent armed paramilitaries wearing camouflage and carrying military grade high-powered rifles to clear out a group of peaceful anti-fracking protesters in New Brunswick. According to reporter Lauren Strapagiel, the RCMP officers sprayed dozens of protesters with pepper spray during the melee which began after the chief of the Mi’kmaq tribe was manhandled by the cops. All together 40 people were arrested.

Canadian authorities clearly adopted the “if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem has to look like a nail” mind-frame and crack down hard on dissent. Bill C-309 bans the wearing of masks during a “riot or unlawful assembly” and carries a maximum 10 year prison sentence. That’s right, Canada is so hell bent on criminalizing dissent, the citizens face a 10 year sentence for concealing their face during a riot!

Would it really surprise anyone that in a country that does not tolerate dissent, a reporter who exposed too many cases of police brutality to too many people would become a target?

After the Luka Magnotta case exploded into the front page news in early June 2012, the public learned that Best Gore identified the guy long before the Canadian parliamentarians started to receive packages with severed body parts by mail and brought him to the attention of Toronto police, but the police ignored it. Later, the public learned that it was the info and photos of Luka Magnotta disseminated by Best Gore that spread throughout the internet, bringing the alleged killer’s likeness before the eyes of the Germans, which lead to the arrest of the individual, potentially preventing him from targeting additional victims. The fiasco made the Canadian authorities feel embarrassed and look incompetent.

Because Best Gore was the root of their embarrassment, it started an avalanche of events that culminated with me being charged. That dissent will not be tolerated and that there will be no lines over which the authorities won’t step when it comes to silencing troublesome reporters became clear soon after the Luka Magnotta embarrassment – Montreal Police held a press conference to counter the growing support for me and my site and told the mainstream media that they had contacted me with a request to take the video down but I refused.

Just when I thought the Canadian authorities could not descent any lower, they tried to save their face by holding a press conference to disseminate a lie. Not only did they not make any contact with me, whether in person, by email, phone or other means of communication, at the time of the press conference, the video had been down for days. I took it down on my own terms and it has not been available through Best Gore since. Luka Magnotta has been arrested, the video served its purpose, there was no further need for it. Therefore even if any official did contact me with a request to take the video down at the time, I would have simply told them that the video has long been removed.

And that brings me to the answer to your question – my alleged crime is victimless, I have never caused any harm or loss, nor a possibility of harm or loss, but I got on the nerves of the Canadian authorities. Their purpose is to silence me so I can’t embarrass them anymore, and to set a precedent for other reporters who may in the future follow my example.

It is the system itself that wants me silenced and because it is also the system itself who employs everyone involved in my persecutors – detectives, crown prosecutors, probation officers, judges, etc. – the chances of me getting a fair trial are minimal. And since everyone who doesn’t live with rose colored sun glasses on their faces can see that my persecution is politically motivated, people have been reluctant to come to my defense publicly.

A plan for my defense? Thinking outside the box and believing in whom I always believed in – We the People!

What kind of impact has this had on you?

I have observed and criticized the gradual erosion of civil liberties and descent into police state that Canada is becoming for a few years. I have also raised my voice for truth and compassion against injustice and greed. On the pages of Best Gore, I have exposed countless cases of police brutality and the readiness of power tripping officers to use lies to burden their victims with lawsuits as a means of cover up for their abuses of power. My disclosures ruffled too many feathers and lead to many inquiries. It was a given that sooner or later they would turn on me.

Voltaire once said that “It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong“. To add to the quote, Leonardo da Vinci said “Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.” The growing number of the aware are a testament that my voice is being heard. Obviously, it doesn’t bode well with the powers that be, hence their politically motivated persecution under the guise of “protecting morals“.

I believe in what Martin Luther King Jr. expressed when he said that (whoever wrote the speech for him):

An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law.

I was fully aware that my persecution was coming. You can’t dedicate your life to exposing the police state brutality and not know you’re next. Hence the only impact the persecution had on me is that it provided me and everyone who’s listened to what I had to say with undisputable proof that everything I’ve ever said about the police state is true.

And since I’ve quoted many a wise man in this answer, let me quote one more. “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.” – Benjamin Franklin.

Do you believe in the concept of an obscenity charge? Why or why not?

I don’t believe in the concept of censorship (Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?), which is what this camouflaged obscenity charge is all about deep in its core. All censorships exist to prevent anyone from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently, the first condition of progress is the removal of censorship – said George Bernard Shaw.

Censorship is telling a grown man he can’t have a steak just because a baby can’t chew it. 10 Million people access Best Gore voluntarily each month because it is a source of information they trust. It shows them life the way it really is – raw and uncensored. To find Best Gore offensive is to find real life offensive.

Best Gore is only badmouthed by those who feel the need to hide reality from themselves and from others, or those who have something to hide themselves. Their fear reflects their inability to face the actualities of life. They use the disdain as a shield against the facts of existence exposed on Best Gore. They are doomed to spend the rest of their life staring at the tip of their nose, never understanding that there are whole horizons laid out before them, if they only plucked up the courage to look further.

Censorship of Best Gore will not get rid of evil it exposes. Pretending that the atrocities exposed on my site did not happen by banning me from continuing to expose them will not stop them from happening. I am but a messenger. I show uncensored reality to those willing to know what really is happening in the world, as opposed to what corporate or other interests want the populace to think is happening. A head in the sand approach, which is what the proponents of censorship are advocating, can only lead to decreased awareness and that always leads to more tragedies. Censorship can never really get at evil, as censorship is evil itself.

The only valid form of censorship I advocate is the right of an individual not to read what is not up to their momentary expectations. I personally find Justin Bieber fansites obscene, but I respect other people’s choice to read them and socialize on them. They hang out on these site because they appreciate what the sites provide them with.

It is the same with you, the readers of The Verge. I could never lower myself to the level of advocating a ban on another website, regardless of how much I find their content repulsive or abhorrent, as it is exclusive to the sheep to want to put an end to things they don’t understand, but for the sake of an argument, imagine I got possessed by a great spirit of mutton and start screaming from the top of my lung that The Verge should be banned.

You, the readers of The Verge choose to hang out on this website because of the style, the topics, the layout – whatever it is that brings you back to this website as opposed to any other, it is your choice, which is yours as individually as is your uniqueness among men. Who am I to tell you that where you get your news from, what news you choose to read, with whom you choose to interact or where you spend your spare time is wrong, because it doesn’t pass my moral standards?

And this is precisely what readers of Best Gore are asking. Many of them professionals. Many university students or professors. People from all walks of life, from every corner of the world have relied on Best Gore for information they could trust. They rely on it for information that reflects reality and is as such trustworthy.

You can take the publishing of the chainsaw beheading by the Syrian rebels propaganda team who claimed that this atrocity was committed by people behind president Bashal al-Assad. The video stirred major outrage in the ranks of the sheeple, but it didn’t fool anyone on Best Gore, because we know where the video is really from. It’s been on Best Gore since before the Syrian fraudulent revolution started and we have its full version, including the original audio and know it’s from Mexico. It was the same when Best Gore busted the rebels about the publishing of the domestic gas leak explosion which they also manipulated into looking like the aftermath of alleged indiscriminate bombings by the rulers. Or more recently, when the whole world was revving about Muslims being slaughtered by Buddhists in Burma (Myanmar) – the propaganda fooled everyone, except us on Best Gore because we recognized the lynching video from Kenya, the earthquake in Tibet and the tsunami disaster in Thailand which had been used in unrelated context. You can fool anyone, but you’re not fooling us. We know, because we see it on Best Gore.

That is why people who peruse Best Gore trust Best Gore, while people with agendas hate it. On Best Gore we see the truth, the real truth and are therefore difficult to manipulate. And it pisses the evil doers off cause just when it starts to look like their dirty little plan is working impeccably, Best Gore busts their scheme.

Yet some wannabe morality police are telling all of us that we are wrong. That we need to go back to the downplayed, pink hued news reporting where propaganda runs unchecked because the website we trust focuses too much on reality and not enough on the idiot TV.

The yin to the yang of happiness and love is blood and guts and gore. You start caring about love and happiness much more intensely once you’ve had your dose of gore. The deeper the gore, the more vivid the love.

I watched the world change quite a bit and I’m proud to have played a pivotal role in the change. Despite systematic brainwash by the educational institutions, corporate media and the movie industry, people are becoming more and more aware. The difference between when I started Best Gore and now is immense and the numbers of the aware keep growing week by week.

Journalism is by design a check on those in power – a torch that shines light on what the powerful are doing, to prevent them from lying to those over whom they are ruling. From time to time, a journalist pops up that puts into full public’s view that which those in power want to keep hidden. Depending on where he hails from, if he remains adamant about the right of the people to be fully informed, he could easily end up charged and put under prior restraint.

Censorship is to journalism what lynching is to justice. It is a destructive force which fosters hypocrisy, fears and barrenness. The pretense to protect tender hearts, to shield children from sex and violence, to keep the righteous in the right path, to guard against temptation, to preserve virtue by tearing out tongues is done today for the same reason as it has throughout history – so the ones with power can preserve their privileges and hoodwink the world.

To return back to the concept of the obscenity charge – people who point fingers and readily issue the “bad taste” labels are often people who do so in order to build up a public image of being a person of high moral standards. This is done to conceal their true inclinations, to ensure nobody suspects a thing about what they do in private. This is why the most vicious serial killers and child molesters are people never in the slightest suspected to be by their friends, neighbors or coworkers (Ted Bundy, anyone?).

If you want to be hinted of your next neighborhood rapist, you’d be on the wrong path looking among the regulars of Best Gore. Instead, look at those too eager to call for the ban on Best Gore and ask yourself just why they would want the site that exposes the evil doers shut down, and why are they so desperate to be seen as do gooders?

And yes, you are getting my hint correctly. I more than certainly suspect that those who persecute me with their obscenity charges have something to hide themselves. Criminals have always been afraid of the truth. But they protect the law, right?

Why do you think policemen who work on child pornography cases are so eager to “explore” the collections of captured individuals when they’re hidden from the eyes of the public, but go all out denouncing the awfulness of child pornography before the media? See, and this is why Best Gore exists. Because nobody else dips into the unthinkable to ask questions that may expose evil hidden in plain sight.

Crucifixion of Christ? Ban it! It could corrupt the minds of children, this obscene gore!

What kind of feedback have you gotten since this started?

Tremendous support. I think that as much as I don’t believe in the concept of censorship, neither do most people. It has also become clear that many people in Canada have had enough of their government systematically destroying their liberties one step at a time. The steps are intentionally small, but many significant changes have been achieved with this gradual descent into tyranny.

Although I will never reach the greatness of Aristotle, Ovid, Pythagoras, Plato, Socrates, Antisthenes, Heraclitus, Voltaire, Huxley, Hesse, Sade, Machiavelli, Rousseau, Nietzsche or Dumas, like me, they each faced the same mockery and attacks from the ranks of the sheeple, and had their work censored by the powerful.

Mordechai Vanunu, Mahatma Gandhi, Liu Xiaobo, Aung San Suu Kyi or Nelson Mandela were each, like me, imprisoned by the system for exposing to We the People the inconvenient truth the powerful want hidden.

All bloggers, journalists and reporters who use the internet as their medium of information dissemination, and their readers should stand up and voice their opposition to the authorities trying to censor Best Gore. Authors should have the freedom to publish information and ideas, and readers should have the freedom to read what they want.

This issue should particularly concern all bloggers. It affects bloggers disproportionately because bloggers are the ones really pushing the boundaries of journalism. Bloggers are the ones publishing without the protective veil of the label with financial backing and on duty legal counsel. We bloggers only have each other.

Vincit Omnia Veritas,


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    1. If you had read the entire interview, I believe you would have found it more interesting than the comments on BG. Mark gives his minions more than they care to read which is unfortunate. Most of you are here for the shock value rather than Mark’s philosophy.

        1. Since news of Mark’s arrest, and subsequent bail release, Best Gore had an influx of curiosity seekers hit the site. I admit I’ve been a member of the site but never left replies until now. The reason was that I have a problem with the racist, sexist and jew hating ideology that is spewed here. Aside from all that, reading Mark’s interview was tremendously enlightening. The bottom line is that Mark’s freedom of speech is being tread upon and THAT is a violation of his 1st amendment rights. Off topic: What are you going to be for Halloween Spiderman?

          1. The racist part I understand, I dislike it too, but the “jew hating ideology” is oh so true and real. Have you not read the article about their 6 trillion death lie? Or the gas chamber myth? After taking the redpill on jews and their ego, I would never make a bet with one. P.S. Stay strong Mark! Don’t let the authorities silence you. ΩΩΩ

  2. Hoorah for the divine Mr. M. Hang in there man, hope to have you back soon. This is really a big deal and you can bet a lot of media are keeping an eye on this case. Though they won’t admit it because of political correctness. The outcome could severely impact an already diminished freedom of the press. Thank you Mark for your sacrifices on behalf of the truth.

  3. This pisses me off and with much to say, it remains ever instilled. Your word have echoed through my head and I feel it. I created this account to say im absolutely proud of how loud your soul speaks. It speaks in a way that tells what the hidden eyes dont “see.” Hang in there buddy im not wodering what they’ll do to you because your spirit and passion is so great I nearly chocked. Ill keep you in mind and prayer. Good luck and dont let the truth stop.

  4. Most videos on here are of non-whites beheading people. Then you have a White Man, Magnotta, cutting up a non-white into pieces. That could be a reason that they chose that video, it could give other white men ideas. The next thing you know, white men will be beheading Jews, and we don’t want that to happen.

  5. Thanks to Mark and BG, I feel not better about reality, but I appreciate my own life more. Makes me thankful to be sitting here talking to y’all and not worried about who’s busting my door down ready to rape me and cut my damn head off. They can’t hold you forever (at least I think so, from personal experience). You can’t keep a bright light like that extinguished. Fuck the sheep and Viva Best Gore!!!

  6. Glad to finally get some news on Mark’s situation. I think the whole police thing is bullshit. Besides, I find viagra commercials offensive yet they are aired on public channels.
    Then there’s the growing disgust I have for how Canada has handled this situation. How much are they costing the taxpayers for their little tantrum? Ultimately the people of Canada will pay for a bogus charge because the police didn’t do their job and now look stupid for it. At least Germany had it together and caught maggot.

    1. Well said. Since coming here I’ve noticed a lot how my country is nanny/ police state and it disgusts me as well fucking liberals and their control everything attitude, more like commies. But I love my country and I am glad to live here despite these issues, there are definatley worse places to live.

  7. I was gonna leave my comment at that, but this kinda shit pisses me the fuck off. And I’ve had a few drinks… These mother fuckers act like if you see a nipple or hear a curse word, then your going to hell and your whole family will be gang-raped. Think if you never saw blood and all of the sudden one day you break your leg and your bones are sticking out of your fucking leg. You’re gonna freak the fuck out! I can remember when I was working at a factory and this girl got hit in the head by a running board. She started leaking like a faucet, and while everyone else was panicking, I helped her get bandaged up and even cleaned the blood off the floor. Censorship is for little children. Why the hell should we, the aware, be subjected to this folly? I like what Mark said about the subject; that life is uncensored. When your arm is hanging on by a fiber, Walt fucking Disney won’t be there to paint singing little faggot birds over your peripheral.

    1. This is why many other news stations in other countries keep in the gore, blood, violence in their broadcasts. It’s reality. Yes, the shock value is there for their ratings, but we need this ‘reality’ here in the States too. I’m so tired of having been a sheep. I was initially disturbed and turned off by Mark’s rantings here, many of which I disagreed with, but his interview today really, REALLY showed me how smart Mark is and educated. I wish him well.

      1. I gotta be honest, when I first started coming to this site I found myself irritated by Mark’s words but the more I read, the more I realized what a sheep mentality I had back then and everything he wrote made so much sense to me whether I directly or indirectly agreed with it or not. Now I find myself going back to older posts just to get a taste of Mark’s thoughts since they aren’t here anymore. I even had a dream about him last night which woke me up out of a dead sleep in the middle of the night. I just love these post about him that include his thoughts so much and I can’t wait for the day that we see a new post from him signed Vincit Omnia Veritas. This site and his words have opened my eyes in ways unimaginable to me before and I am forever greatful to him for that. It makes my blood boil when I think about what’s happened to him and what continues to happen to him. When he left, it compelled me to start making my thoughts more known on here but I wish I had done it sooner, while he was still around. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all the hard work put into this site to create these new post in his absence but Best Gore will never be the same without Marks rantings. Come back soon doll <3

  8. There is a strong philosophy to this. I’m glad I read this whole transcript, it compelled me to register, even after viewing this site’s content for a long while and not registering.

    Those with power, and those whom they influence particularly in the media spheres, love to portray themselves as protectors of the Truth. They see the citizenry (I hate boiling down the myriad of peoples into one word) not as a people with aspirations, dreams, and desires, but as a faceless mass that needs to be “dealt” with and manipulated. A part of this is hoodwinking the people with censorship such as political correctness.

    I saw a great video on political correctness (read: bullshit) by Bill Whittle that I recommend. Also, he made a video on the Trayvon Martin case exposing the misinformation spewed like 3am, post binge-drinking Taco Bell diarrhea, by the lamestream media. Do check them out on youtube.

  9. The adults are grown children, the physical form tends to always be further ahead than the mind.

    I have met very few people who could understand reality from an unbiased viewpoint, most people tend to view life based upon the experiences of their formative years when those years comprised of an unflinching acceptance of the norm, for the child knows not to question but to follow for following is the way to survive for the new born fledgling.

    The adult therefore is a grown version of the child, an unflinching, non questioning existence, why then when the fledgling leaves the nest does it not seek independence, why does it seem to always look for support among the norm, because it is safer to be that way, their life is secured if they follow what is and what has been.

    I therefore conclude that the sheep, the non questioning, those who blindly follow, do so because they are afraid of independence, they are scared to view reality in case it destroys their little piece of happiness, ignorance is bliss after all.

    Ignorance also causes the most suffering too therefore the true beacon of humanity is found in those who feel pain in their own existence and by that experience refuse to force that pain on to others, the empathic sufferer.

    Mark is an empathic sufferer and so am I and many others on this website, the majority sheep are apathetic however which is no surprise since they are grown children after all and children like to play house whilst the rest of the world burns.

    Good luck Mark my fellow prisoner.

  10. well im kind of surprised its Canada pressing so hard on one guy…not familiar with Canada law or if freedom of speech applies….but this site exists to prove how terrible people can be…not because we created the videos….because someone did and thought we all needed to see them…I wish the world wasn’t this terrible….I think watching a middle eastern gurgle as hid head is cut off is far worse than two fags eating each other when one takes to much crank…do something about the people making the videos scumbag government

  11. This interview should be on every major news channel around the world. It would be a good way to wake up allot more….everyone should write to the news organizations and tell them to do this. Starting with CNN and the BBC.
    I am so sick of political corruption and manipulation.

  12. An all too familiar story of governments clamping down on freedom of speech & expression to keep their privileges intact. That said, I must admit that i was very impressed with what Mark had to say on his incarceration by the law. IMO, he indeed defended himself very well indeed. Every word rings true and honest. More power to Mark and people like him.

  13. Canada has no ‘Bill of Rights’, so no freedom of speech. Police, the legal system, can arrest you for anything, hold you for as long as they want before taking you to trial and sentences aren’t consistent. They can be whatever the judge or system wants it to be.

  14. Mark is a clever guy! He has his own unique understanding of the world and although I don’t agree with everything he says generally I agree with everything he says in this article! This court case is a good thing! They would’ve been better having an professional killer murder him! Because this is going to make them look foolish and a lot of sheep will sit up and take notice! Good luck everyone! The end is nigh!

  15. one would have to postulate, albeit arbitrarily, that mark marek is as quiilty as CNN,…ABC.. NBC…. CBS…, FOX… Youtube ,yada yada blub blub…

    he posted a vid of a murder.
    okay. And???
    so did they !!!!

    didnt we watched saddam paraded and murdered..
    dont worry mark marek is going nowhere, maybe to burger king for a martyr macmuffin..

    crutch of fuck , rest assured nothing save a small slap on the wrist for postureity sake will arise from this mess of cum-snot the canadian constitution doused mark and best gore with.

    yeah. well cum snot’ is “what built this city” as the song says, built this Best gore.
    …and it’ll be goddamn vietnam of genitalia before best gore goes 😉

  16. Hi Mark seems i know you… but i do not….. love BESTGORE,,,,
    for 7 yrs, i had only a tablet computer that was weak…. now i got a big girl computer. but my old tablet typed for me, making me a weak typer now my new big girl computer does not type for me and that part sucks….small problem
    compared to what this fxxked up GOVT COURT system does to humans,,,,
    that is why their is no justice in this fxxked up planet..
    if i was rich i would support you and send you millions to fight this fxxked up GOVT
    my verdict and truth on the GOVT is their half aliens and half human,
    look at Rothschild shape head like a alien and prince Charles looks like a alien head.
    this planet shits out fxxked up stupid people out like rabbits
    GOVT controlled liars school system
    GOVT controlled church cults ,
    the GOVT CORPORATION is shitting out
    serial killers and drug lords and human sex trafficking PLANET
    i hate this planet it is the bottom feeder of all the planets the lowest
    but fxxk the fake alien govt corporations their out to kill the world of humans and they been doing it for hundreds of generations
    my family are so brainwashed by the govt their insane like the rest of the world who believes in the govt
    bla bla bla
    love u
    the only thing i know that helps me is lighting one up….
    and sending you a big sister love hug….
    i hate this govt controlled planet

      1. my mean ass bitch witch TV govt controlled mom says ;
        mean dumb ass fxxking bitch..
        I can not be around my mean ass fxxking family
        the GOVT brainwashed my family fxxking mean, fxxking serial killers with money…..
        I hate humans, their fxxking mean.

  17. am i funny?
    did i make u smile?
    did i act like a retard fan?
    and i like to wear flip flops sometimes….
    I AM govt brainwashed since birth
    but I do not like to be brainwashed no more
    I get free food from this fxxking church in my town
    and these fxxking church ladys about 4 weeks ago started to
    call me “TROUBLE” for no fxxking reason I hate fxxking churches
    I am ready to kick ass with these fxxking bitches…..

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