Two Years in Purgatory – Q&A With Mark Marek

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In an Edmonton library a man sits at a table with numerous books about him. He is well groomed, well dressed, And completely inconspicuous. Unknown to other patrons this man represents the juxtaposition between an old world and a new: he sits in this library, a building dedicated to the thousands of years old concept of documented and centralised knowledge; but is prohibited from using Man’s greatest Library yet created, the Internet.

Mark Marek reads law books, a subject relatively new to him, but now more relevant to his future than any other he has put his mind to. He looks for legal precedents that might give insight in his fight to defeat a prosecution determined to punish him for embarrassment they perceive was cause by his website,

For two years now Mark has been dragged behind a bumbling prosecution which has promised judge after judge much and delivered nothing. Finally though, his matter will soon be heard, and one way or the other the saga will come to a close. For a man who has called the shots on his liberties to travel, where to reside and when, and who and how he could communicate with others his entire life, the removal of his liberties has essentially been a house arrest of isolation as in times of information technology antiquity. He is living a Groundhog Day stuck in 1915, banned from using anything more sophisticated than a ball point pen to prepare his defence.

And if he loses his matter and receives some form of state punishment, potentially including prison time? Well, unfortunately in a matter like this one, where the very right of public interest publication is at stake, there are no martyrs. Further silencing does not fight silencing. Indeed it will be a victory for government sponsored censorship. It may prove to be a precedent which other publishers including the mainstream media come to rue, despite their current short sighted ignorance of this matter.

After seven years of publication, has manage to develop a significant readership from every region of the world. In fact it has a readership which is the envy of many mainstream publications. Yet it runs on a shoe string budget, funded by the only advertising segment on the internet which dare associates itself with BestGore’s breed of open, uncensored journalism. This helps keep the site in the dark recesses of the Internet where Puritans and Sheep deride the site as immoral and unsavoury. However, the readership also happens to be that part of the social spectrum who don’t care about the restraints of Victorian morality, which makes it all the more ironic, or perhaps moronic, that a Victorian era law should be used to sanction the site owner for corrupting the morals of its readership.

Even this readership though, has very little visibility and knowledge of the man now at the centre of this two year saga of political persecution, so on the two year anniversary of his arrest and attempted silencing, Mark has provided a brief interview to shed some light on his journey from regular law abiding citizen to Internet pariah.

    What did you hope to achieve by establishing BestGore?

    I believe in the people’s right to access to information. I also believe in free and open internet, and free flow of content, ideas and opinions on the internet.

    Every day, events take place all around the world that only receive censored coverage in the mainstream media. While I appreciate that there are people who don’t wish to receive full, uncensored coverage of the events, there are also people who do.

    The internet allows the users full control over the content they access. It takes physical, deliberate action of the user to access a particular website – either by clicking on hyperlinks returned by search engines, or referenced by other websites, or by typing the URL into the address bar.

    People form their views and opinions from the environment and information they expose themselves to. Those who are satisfied with forming their views from censored news coverage, do so by accessing sources that censor their content to only show what they deem is suitable for the audience.

    Those who wish to see the full, uncensored picture before forming their opinion, do so by accessing sources that show the full, uncensored picture.

    Both have full control over their choice of content they access. BestGore seeks to offer access to uncensored content, so those who wish to get the uncensored view of the world, can do so. It’s an option, based on the principles of free and open internet.

    Did you envisage seven years ago the level of success BestGore would enjoy?

    Not in the slightest. I was told it couldn’t be done, because the niche was already over-represented on the internet, and dominated by the established websites like Rotten, Ogrish, Nothing Toxic, etc.

    Numerous descriptions are used to described the phenomenon of unregulated news and opinion sites that have sprung up on the Internet: blogging, new media, alternative media, new journalism, amongst others. How do you describe your site and yourself and why do you feel it is important for this form of media to be available and protected from censorship?

    Large media networks have corporate and/or political backers, who put them in a significantly stronger financial position than any blogger. It would however be naive to think that all these sponsors are pumping money into the news networks because they have a good heart. No no. It’s business.

    Bloggers don’t have corporate sponsors, or advertising partners. At best, they can put Google Adsense, or similar ad delivery network scripts on their site, and receive a little money for each click, or conversion.

    At the end of the day, bloggers have no shareholders or other special interest groups to appease. Whereas mainstream media networks would risk losing a major sponsor if their reports focused on exposing sponsor’s shady side, bloggers have nothing to lose, nor anything to gain from duplicity.

    BestGore, in its most fundamental definition, is a reality news website. It reports on real life events that take place in various places around the world. Videos and photos are published without any part of them being removed or filtered out, affording the reader the opportunity to form their own views and opinions, by providing the most complete picture of reality available.

    When access to reality is censored, one doesn’t live by facts, but by myths.

    There are many sites on the Internet which provide uncensored and graphic content. Certainly, they have existed on the Internet since as long as content could be uploaded to bulletin boards or URLs could be purchased. I can remember being introduced to in 1996, for example, and it certainly wasn’t new at that point. What makes BestGore different, more successful and more relevant than these other sites?

    On BestGore, not only is the content real, but so are the authors. BestGore authors are straightforward and sincere. They don’t seek to win the popularity contest. Instead, they lay it out the way they see it. This forthrightness and integrity appeals to the readers, because even if they often disagree with author’s point of view, at least they’re not being lead on with pretentiousness, hollowness, or editorial agendas.

    BestGore authors respect the readers by not playing mind games with them. They don’t pretend to be someone they’re not. In return, BestGore readers reciprocated the honesty with ongoing support and loyalty.

    There has never been a time when we would all agree with each other. But thousands of readers still stick around, because they know they are getting the real deal by dealing with real people, not with some mechanical writers who bleach their reports and wash them down to not offend some do-gooder’s moral standards.

    Articles which accompany each story certainly do give the content a greater relevance to readers than simply posting uncensored content for the sake of it. Is there a particular article or series of articles that stand out in your mind as something you are proud of more so than any other?

    The Holohoax series. Even though it got cut short with the Canadian regime silencing me.

    The first five years of BestGore saw virtually every published story penned by yourself, how has it impacted you personally to hand over to other contributors, and how do you believe this has impacted on readers?

    There have always been other writers involved in publishing on BestGore. I can’t speak for the readers, but I see plenty of old timers supporting the site now as they did back then.

    You are currently before the courts in Canada on a matter related to the publishing of an article in 2012. Can you provide an update on the progress of the case and how much longer you believe it will be before you return to publishing?

    The trial is scheduled to commence in January 2016. My prosecution is political, not criminal, hence I’m not preparing for my defense in any way. I have no problem going to jail for what I believe in – free and open internet, and the right to access to information for everyone.

    Canada is not a safe country for any independent thinker, and certainly not for an independently thinking publisher. So long as I continue being held hostage in Canada, my return to publishing is out of the question.

Two years and counting. If Mark was a corrupt politician who was caught taking a bribe he would be out of the justice system by now and no doubt utilising his network of cronies as an official government lobbyist. Apparently free speech is more dangerous than corruption.

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      1. Mark I don’t agree with a lot you say on here. But I respect your rights to say it. No one should take your rights way for speaking your mind. A political crime as you said, is correct. It’s a sad time for freedom. Yet, at the same time we do have the internet, for now.

      2. This site captures the news that informs me of what really goes on in this world. Sadly, this is just one part people want to put their heads in the sand and don’t want to see. To each his own. I get it. So do a lot of others. I pray that Mark will be found not guilty.

    1. Mark this website is the most unbiased real information I have on current events and I think you’re a saint for putting yourself on the line. I like knowing what’s actually happening and what reality looks like because it gives those of us who can’t everywhere everyday to witness everything a valid perspective on what our world is really like.

      1. This is the most important website on the internet. And those who oppose it are actually dangerous because they’re a stick in the wheel of human advancement. They’re too much risk for what they’re worth.

      2. Oh dont give me that bullshit…this website is ridiculously bias…almost every post has to have Mark’s spin on it whether it’s the I.S. supposedly being the work of Israel or all black people are less intelligent then monkeys…the point isn’t about whether it’s bias or not I for one dont agree with many of his conspiracy theories BUT freedom of fucking speech and in the end, he may put down my race routinely, he is an equal opportunity hater and is consistent…I have been coming to Best gore for 2 years now and fucking love it…if they shut down this site then they have to shut down sites like vice news since they dont report on bullshit and dont hire mannequins whores pushing their ten pounds of makeup and tits to tell fictitious stories they are paid to regurgitate…if they want to go after bestgore then they have to go after everything that is real on the internet. fuck them all…BG fucking rules, if they shutdown this site, we need to take to the streets and create best gore

        1. @luvherlongtime

          there is no such thing as zero bias. Not on this blog, not on any other blog, not on any mainstream news network – nowhere.

          I’ve always been up front with my bias. I’m pro freedom and anti police state.

          Mark has always had strong anti gun bias. I’ve never share this part of his bias, but that’s exactly the thing – we each have our biases, but at Best Gore encourage the readers to do their own research and trust no one but their own gut (you can find many mentions of this on the site).

          Our commitment to the readers is to be honest and straightforward. We are humans and we have our own take on things which we present the way we each individually see it.

          This is in contrast with siding with a popular opinion in order to win the ass kissing contest, regardless of whether we share this opinion, or not.

          The content we post is uncensored. The accompanying commentary is always an opinion piece by each individual author. We don’t play mind games with the reader, we lay it out the way we see it. But if you adopt the belief that what an author on BG says must always be true, then you have completely misunderstood the goal.

          Verify, double verify and trust no one but your own gut. Develop your own bias that resonates with who you are. Because we can only open up the door for you, bu you are the one who has to walk through it.

          1. it’s a damn shame that we still find ourselves having to explain this site to every ass that wanders on here. everything is right up front, yet we are constantly assaulted by these…members who have been “lurking forever” but don’t even know the basic fundamentals of this site.

            this is why i was always against this site becoming too big. because look what it has caused. Mark is treated like the worst criminal to ever walk the earth and we now find ourselves under constant assault from newbs, social networkers and SJW’s who think they will tell us how shit is going to work or how it should work.

            we will not change for you, ever. you want your little faggot loving, rainbow world where everybody watches what the fuck they say so no one gets their feelings hurt, then this is not the place for you. you have the whole rest of the internet to be a special fucking flower. we, however, are reality. and reality does not cater to fucking crybabies.

    2. Stay strong bro…the only reason they have delayed this politically motivated bogus charges so long is because they know they don’t have a case against you that any jury would ever convict….no doubt they thought if they silenced you this site would be silenced as well…I am sure you can’t wait to get your passport back to get the fuck out of jew ruled Canada now…just make sure the next country you go to isn’t ruled by their Jewish money masters that opposes truth and facts for a reason…

      1. Fuck Canada. Been there many times. Like America, the people who inhabit the country are for the most part decent respectful people. However, also like America, fuck their government. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    3. Tried to sign the petition, but it’s closed. 🙁
      I would think they’d drop the case since it’s doing nothing to stop BG. There is still new material to read and watch every day, and the moderators or whoever runs this site now are doing a great job in my opinion.
      I hope Mark gets his freedom returned, and counter-sues these cowards. I hope he never has to worry about money again, and these slimey politicians learn to not fuck with the freedoms of the people.

  1. good interview. good update. nice to know what’s going on. the Luka case is over. he’s in prison posting on dating sites looking for an outside sugar daddy. so, why is this bullshit with Mark still ongoing? all of Mark’s answers were on point. he needs to get dafuk out of Canada when this is over. plenty of other places he can regain his throne as King of GORE!

    1. @hung yeah unfortunately you might be right my jizzing friend, and personally that’s a sad blow for all of us Canadian S.O.B,it was a pride for us that BG and Mr.Marek is a Canadian thing…just one thing tho; I have a pretty big criminal record and am not allowed to leave the country,I wonder if Mark is gonna get that?

        1. @mike wow, really eh? For their hitmen? See, thats why I think the whole Iran nuclear deal friction between the states and Israel is nothing but mind games. They’re pretending to not be on the same page so somewhere along the way they can screw Iran&Palestine over which will then cause a major conflict which will then trigger the start or a strong prelude to WW3!

          1. The Mossad agents that killed one of leaders of Hamas in Dubai used Canadian passports…actually the hit is on YouTube with Mossad agents filmed on CCTV ..they broke into the guys hotel room and administered a drug to induce a heart attack…

          2. They best not be playing their school yard games with the Iranians.

            Please pass on to Mark our thanks, support and dedication towards his cause. My hope is that very soon he will be free to continue his calling in the location of his choice.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. Idiots on FB posting how cute they think he (Luka) is and shit. Idiots that have no comprehension of the fucked up things he did to another human being, because their eyes are veiled, they’re all pathetic and ignorant. We saw the video and followed how shit went down and it’s a fucking crying shame that that piece of shit already was sentenced and it’s all over with, and Mark is still awaiting trial. I truly hope that in time things get better for Mark. And you’re right, he should leave Canada after the dust settles.

  2. It bums me out that we don’t have an estimated time of when he may return to publishing, I really got a lot of the Holohoax series.
    But, in any case, it’s refreshing to get an update on Mark’s situation.

  3. I truly wish Mark the best and I really hope he can find a place to rule his kingdom without bullshit governmental interference. We’re all rooting for Mark hope you come home to us all soon.

  4. Two days ago, Mark filed a civil lawsuits against cops and probation officers involved in his false arrest and imprisonment. He also filed an application challenging the constitutionality of his prosecution. That application will be heard before the court in October. He’s not a lawyer and has no legal training or education, but does pretty well self representing. Canada is not America, where civil liberties organizations would step in to help defend human rights. So Mark is left on his own devices.

    1. I’ve written to a few here in the US about marks situation they all responded until he’s here in the states there is nothing they can do not even write to him with advice… Still bs in my opinion.. But with how well mark can speak with opinion and truth her does indeed do well for himself as the Q&A shows.

    2. the legal system in the US is not that good either I believe Mark should move out to another country to be able to fix his problem permanently even if he was in the US he’d have to deal with the police state 😐

    3. You have to be kidding me! U.S. legal system is better than that of Canada? US has the biggest record of denying invokes of the First Amendment and the habeas corpus! US Patriot Act alone gave the repressive apparatus the means to detain a person indefinitely, without due process, against all established and basic human rights and prisoner right conventions, especially in cases of sedition. Canada has a much better human rights record.

      That’s why some people here that comment about the wonder of the 1st Amendment have no fecking clue what they’re talking about, freedom has no legal or logical substance.

      I’ve just read a bit about the Magnotta case and Marek’s involvement, and there really shouldn’t be any case against him, this was in simplest terms an act of court moral crusading. Which makes me wonder who represented this guy, did he seek any legal counseling?

      However law and righteousness are two things, right now he’s facing a trial not just for obscenity and withholding a murder video, but also charges of sedition, hate speech and defamation, all punishable by law. He probably won’t serve jail time but after that he MUST sue for damages – this is after all an absurd case and an attack on Internet freedom, freedom to inform despite how insulting or shocking is the content.

      1. Canada has much better human rights record? Canada is better at masquerading its human rights abuses, but there’s a monster under that friendly mask.

        Canada has in fact one of the worst human rights records in the world. Canada forced hundreds of thousands of Aboriginal children into brutal residential schools. Kidnapped them from their families, and subjected them to systematic torture to assimilate them.

        But that’s just one small fraction of what is known. What’s less known are the attacks on bloggers and journalists in Canada. Outside of Best Gore, not many people know how many Canadian bloggers are currently in jail for their beliefs, views and opinions. But just because Canada is good at hiding its true face, it doesn’t make the monster that hides behind the friendly mask any less vile.

        You really can’t compare human rights in America and Canada. In America, the ACLU has represented many citizens, including those accused of anti semitism. In Canada, the CCLA would not represent anyone whose views they don’t approve of. In America, freedom of speech organizations, such as the Committee to Protect Journalists lobbied on behalf of jailed bloggers, such as Roger Shuler who wrote about corruption in Alabama. But in Canada, the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression publishes annual Review of Free Expression in Canada, in which they intentionally ignore attacks on Canadian bloggers like Mark Marek, or Arthur Topham, thus creating an illusion that no attacks on free speech take place in Canada.

        In America, judges are subjected to public scrutiny before they are voted into the office. In Canada, judges are appointed by the leading party. Their competence or suitability for the office are not scrutinized in any way, and the public have no say in whether they should be appointed or not. Likewise, in America, judges can (and have been) subject to being held responsible for their actions in the office. In Canada, there has never been a case of a judge being held responsible. There is no independent body to oversee Canadian judges, and no mechanisms to take actions against them in case of abuse of the office.

        Canada has one of the worlds least transparent and least democratic justice systems in the world with judges facing zero accountability for their actions. The regime has sole and absolute power to appoint judges, which is why no lawyer who’s ever defended free speech in Canada has ever been appointed one. Only those who can be relied on to rule in a way that’s favorable to the regime ever become judges in Canada.

        But more than anything, no other country, not America, nor any other place in the world, but Canada prosecutes the person who published the Luka video. You can tell that Canada is one of the worst places to live in for bloggers from the fact that if Mark lived in America, he would not be prosecuted, just as many American bloggers who published the same video have never faced any legal challenges. Just as no webmaster, regardless of where they live did. Only the one from Canada, even though he was the only one of those who published the video, who actually did it in the public interest, whereas the others did it solely for the shock value.

        Also, Mark was charged with a single offence – Corrupting Morals contrary to Section 163(1)(a) of the criminal code. No other charges against him have been laid. I really have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

    4. The ACLU does nothing for the little guy if it does not fit their agenda. There is a reason it is better to represent yourself because most lawyers sellout their clients. Learn the Law or Burn is my motto – seems it is Mark’s as well.

  5. I remember when I discovered the website for the first time about 3 years ago. I thought to myself “holy shit, this place is fuckin awsome!” The more I lurked, the more hooked I became and now BG is almost like a way of life. Mark you have done us all an outstanding service with the site and I wish you the very best.
    If I could die for your freedom I would do it in a heartbeat.

    1. Jack Doe,
      I still remember my first time, maybe 3 or 4 years ago, I was just innocently looking for some autopsy videos when I accidentally linked to this site. After taking in maybe ten videos, I went to the beginning and binge watched everything. Being sleep deprived on top having to process everything I had just seen put me in such a powerful mental state. It was not unlike the clarity and profundity of mind I experience in the final phase of a prolonged acid adventure. Truly, this is a wonderful place, something hopeful and glorious born out of horror and decay in the midst of darkness.

  6. I gues I’m not getting this…if Mark has been banned from publishing on this site, how is it even possible for BG to even still exist? I mean, WHY Mark and not Obli and all other contributors? Is this all from the Magnotta case? So obviously, there really is no such right as Freedom of Speech…

    1. @mamason01 since you are a new user you don’t remember he’s the founder and the 1st administrator of the site back then he managed to run the site till he got arrested if it wasn’t for supporters/contributors this site would’ve been dead years ago

  7. I really don’t know what to say, but at the same time I do! I have not made many comments on “my” best gore site or to the friends I have made on best gore in a long time This is because I have repeated myself (and my beliefs) in many past posts, many times. It was getting redundant. I felt I made my point. I have googled and other things to follow what what was going on with My (what I consider friend) Mark(no kiss ass lol) to see where things stand with him and us. I still believe in power to the truth and showing it in it’s true form, without the media bias and bullshit. I thank obli, aneska, and all the contributors for keepin’ this truth telling site going. I have a lot more to say, but if I talk any longer you motherfuckers will tell me to go fuck myself so I’m outta here! Laugh out fuckin’ loud! love you guys (and girls!)

    1. He pissed off the yahoodi’s that’s why they wanted to silence him if you notice lots of gore sites just focus on gore stricly that’s why they’re not being bothered with but here you get news/truth articles that you won’t never see in your Mainstream Media

    2. Very well said @luna. I have also been away from the comments for some time, due to some reasons both within and outside of my control. But you stated pretty much what I was going to, so I will not repeat you in entirety. Just wanted to give a shout out to Mark, and to everyone who has contributed to keeping this site going!! Much love and respect to all!!

    1. He stopped posting after he got arrested, his last post was from July 16, 2013 he was meeting up with COP/Detective thanks to the community BG still lives if I wasn’t so busy and such I’d have a become a supporter as well long live BG!

    1. Is gwtrr cute? Hell yea! But brains are better than looks little horny bros. How we know this woman isn’t some kind of Alien? Learned my lesson watching Men In Black 2. If the skirt is too high, your chances of actually knowing you’re going put with a dude dressed as a chick are 0 to 70%.. The other 30% means you’ll prob bang with the thing. Mark run as fast as you can bro lol

  8. Hope all goes well for you Mark..
    They seem to be dragging it out for as long as possible to put you in a place that you feel that you no longer want anything more to do with this site or put some kind of ban on you from running it..
    Well it can,t last for ever hope to hear from you soon rather than later.

  9. ” I have no problem going to jail for what I believe in ? free and open internet, and the right to access to information for everyone.”

    Damn! not many people would choose that path we need more people like him, am hoping someday he’ll return and everything would go back to like it used to

    after his legal trouble I realized Canada was just as bad as the US or worst in the end they’re both yahoodi’s puppets 😐

  10. I’ve been scratching my head to give a sense to the expression “He is living a Groundhog Day stuck in 1915”. I suppose it means something like “We miss you, Mark!”

    1. A few years of daily torment and prosecution whilst under indefinite house arrest and not being able to work for a living thus depriving him of the means to attain a normal, healthy life tends to cause some change in people.

      1. I agree,it looks like its taken its toll.It seems that you can rip into just about anyone,but when you start making too much noise about ‘certain events’ or a ‘particular group of people’then someone’s going stomp on your life.I don’t wish it on anyone.

  11. We come on here to see the truth. Anybody who is going to make that a crime is a criminal themself. It is our right to see what is real. Pretty much every event on every corner is being recorded. It’s gonna be posted. The truth will set you free.

  12. I just graduated from law school here in Canada, and just starting my legal career. Maybe I can help somehow. I haven’t kept up with what he has been charged with but I believe it is distributing obscene materials. I know there are 2 supreme court of canada cases that deal with this topic that go way back to the early 90s I believe. those cases had to do with obscene sexual materials being distributed included violent pornography which were banned, and also distribution of books dealing with homosexuality. The judges determined that freedom of speech must have a limit because in certain cases the potential harm is greater than the benefit of free speech, for example in violent pornography they said it has serious potential to harm society by perpetuating violence against women.

    1. So. You learned nothing in law school to add to this except for some videos r harmful to health? The fuck outta here. You will never be great in life. Maybe at trying. But succeeding is a grown mans game son.

  13. I just graduated from law school here in Canada, and just starting my legal career. Maybe I can help somehow. I haven’t kept up with what he has been charged with but I believe it is distributing obscene materials. I know there are 2 supreme court of canada cases that deal with this topic that go way back to the early 90s I believe.

    1. The judges determined that freedom of speech must have a limit because in certain cases the potential harm is greater than the benefit of free speech, for example in violent pornography they said it has serious potential to harm society by perpetuating violence against women.

  14. The judges determined that freedom of speech must have a limit because in certain cases the potential harm is greater than the benefit of free speech, for example in violent pornography they said it has serious potential to harm society by perpetuating violence against women.

    1. Persian…it has more to do with silence him by delaying these bogus charges that they know won’t get a conviction…. No doubt this site and Mark was on top of Abe Foxman hit list at the Anti Defamation League for publishing the truth and facts which Jews hate the most…

      I don’t know if it would help Mark having a Persian lawyer while he is up against the Jews persecuting him in Canada but the irony would be comical…

      1. ahaha i don’t think most Jews have a problem with me. I know quite a few jews fro law school. and most people don’t guess i’m persian until i tell them, they think i’m some kind of european. oh and there are a lot of “persian” or iranian jews, half the people in LA that call themselves “pesians” are actually Jews from Iran.

        1. this would be an interesting case that i can see going up all the way to the supreme court of canada. I think the Crown will try to argue that the material on this site is not only obscene but it is a “hate” site. a news article I read was saying that the site is run by neo nazis and people that post on the site are anti-semites.

          1. Any website that exposes Israeli war crimes is called by Jewish press a hate site run by neo nazis and anti semites. Nothing new there. Truth is the new hate speech.

        2. and I don’t think Canada actually has many jews…. i think official stats in canada show jews to make up less than 1% of the population. Harper kisses netanyahos butt though but doesn’t make him a jew. there is a video of Harper playing the piano and singing for his master netanyaho lol, while netanyahoo claps like Harper is a circus monkey performing.

        3. Persian…Bibi has been saying Iran is the evil monster for years…actually, I just read where 47% of Israelis wants to attack Iran now…

          The zionists in DC and Tel Aviv won’t stop until there is another USA/Israel puppet back in Iran…

          Who do you think sponsored all the Arab springs? retired Gen Wesely Clark was told 10 days after 9/11 that the USA would take down 7 govts in 5 years after Afghan was already targeted…the countries to topple were Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia and end in Iran….do you think the USA spent trillions to surround Iran with 35 military bases in Iraq and Afghan for the USA benefit…

          1. well doesn’t look like there will be a war with iran in the near future. Iran is also much more powerful than the usual countries the US picks on. It is the only country in that region that produces it’s own weapons (missiles, drones etc) and after israel it is the most powerful military in that region. plus obama signed the nuclear peace deal with iran, unless it falls apart there won’t be a war with iran anytime soon.

  15. All independent bloggers should take notice of this case because the silencing of Mark undermines the entire idea of free speech and the blogger?s right to exercise it.

    Here we have the internet, the greatest form of communication since parchment and quill, and it has been infiltrated by faceless suits who enforce their master?s will via control and misdirection.

    The horror of the above is only fully understood when we realise that there are very few places left in the physical world where we can speak freely without fear of punishment and now they are doing the exact same thing to us in the virtual world as well.

    Much like how it was for the warriors of feudal Japan, if you were a Samurai you served a master and did their bidding and this would afford you protection against prosecution. However if you were a Ronin you had no master and therefore, as independent warrior, you could act independently but this also meant that you had no protection as well and could easily be crushed by those with influence in court and law.

    It stands then that those who take up positions of independence in a world where such things are frowned upon automatically become isolated and therefore vulnerable to attack.

    It is analogous to the nerdy boy at school who always puts his hand up to ask questions when everybody else around him just sits there with a vacant look on their faces in that the lone questioner automatically becomes isolated and will be targeted by all the bullies.

    The sickening moral of the story?, those who blend in and don?t ask too many questions get left alone whilst those who stand out get crushed.

    My conclusion, the entire world is a playground and the bullies control almost every part of it.

    There is only one way to beat a bully and that is to take a stand against them because those who submit out of fear give power to their abusers and in doing so increase the chances of themselves getting bullied.

      1. If a post receives more than 50 first level comments, the comments get split into pages. If you scroll to the bottom, you will see a link to navigate to the next page of comments. You will find your other comment there. This prevents the pages from growing too long.

        1. @Stomper.

          Thanks for that mate, he is right, nobody’s sued him a nd all his articles are still online.

          I will be there on the two days.

          Please support this man it’s in all our best interests in the bigger picture.

  16. journalists are considered more dangerous than murderers/serial killers. that’s what i have learned from all of this.

    Canada has no First Amendment like in the States. you have “free speech” as long as it conforms to the PC norm. Judges in Canada are not elected by the people, either. they serve as sentencing automatons, who dish out “justice” based on the agENDas that have been downloaded into their heads by their overseers.

    Best Gore teaches us what other institutions cannot: that we must find our own Truth. Reality is cold and hard and will chew you up and spit you out. the world does not care about you, you are not a special flower. Living in a politically correct society, with your rosy shades planted firmly on your nose…you are in for a rude awakening.

    Hails to my Brother. you are always in my thoughts.

    and Bad Ass props to those behind the scenes as well as up front. McTreblar, thank you so much for this post.

      1. Ditto from me as well to everyone that has picked up the ball for M…..Perhaps this article can stay on top all weekend to get full exposure and the well deserve attribute to the founder of BG that is fighting for his freedom and for the freedom of speech…

  17. Mark, i wish you all the best. Hope everything turn out well. The truth will always prevail. This site is the best thing that has happen to me and all the gore family. We are all supporting you. As for the people trying to scilence you may they burn in hell with their dicks and cunts in their mouth.

  18. Mark, wishing you all the best. Be strong. The truth will always prevail. This site has been the best thing that has happen to me in a long time. The Best Gore family is behind you and supporting you.

  19. Wholly shyte! Its Agent 47! 😯 Just kidding… 😆

    He goes to court knowing that hes powerless against the zio-government, and hes gonna face a long time in jail for telling the truth… You dont fall into a pit of hungry lions, and expect to come out of it alive, but others will see his attempt, and try to fight against the lions…

  20. Outstanding update! Thank you very much for shedding some light on the most important issue we face here, McTreblar!

    Mark, I’m glad you are as well as can be expected and I hope you are no longer enduring the health problems you had before from all of this. Suffice to add, we all think about you often. I know I do.

    This will all be over soon with you coming out on top. The longer these douchebags stall and delay and wait, that just shows everyone what they really have.

    I hope you sue their asses off and they all have their wages garnished to pay you for decades! You have been on the proper path here since day one. If that isn’t enough to keep you going, maybe our support will help in some small way.

  21. I’m surprised Canada still allows M to use the library, they seem to like to play the game with a stacked deck. Good luck fighting the good fight Mark and thanks to all the writers and mods who keep this site running. Fuck, Mark’s even starting to look like a lawyer now. Not the creepy jew kind that runs commercials late at night though, the cool looking get the innocent dude off on a technicality kind. No schlomo bro. I’m gonna shut up now, thanks for the update @McTreb.

  22. Canadian Regime: ” Change the channel(BestGore), I want to watch the NEWS”. BestGore Community:”This is the NEWS!”….Great job everyone, I will make sure to treat this site with more respect because you all have made a legacy worth fighting for.

  23. Free press or journalism is one of the most basic, fundamental rights of any nation which wishes to be considered free and democratic. Any nation that witholds that fundamental right can only be classed as a dictatorship.

    All the best Mark.

    1. That is absolutely right @ewe. Who would ever have thought a Commonwealth Brother like Canada would be declared a dictatorship ? Shame on you Canada, I thought you were better than this….

      Mr Mark, all the best of luck fighting the faceless suits who are so threatened by you. I sometimes think we wait for our leaders to tell us what we can expect from them when it should be the other way around. We need to tell our leaders what we will not settle any less for. But that takes organization of alot of people and that my friend is hard to do, unless you are a popular figure with a forum to express your ideas to the masses, which wakes them into action because it rings true. And there you have it – exactly what they are
      afraid of……truth always prevails Mark. D

  24. “When access to reality is censored, one doesn?t live by facts, but by myths.”
    Mark Marek 2015

    That kinda talk really bones me up. I’m gonna have to crank one out while chanting those words. Mark Marek you are of true worth. If you are ever coming to Scotland you must get in touch. It would be a privilege to show you our Scottish Hospitality.

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