Update on Mark – Fraudulent Breach of Bail Charge Dropped

Update on Mark - Fraudulent Breach of Bail Charge Dropped

I finally got a note from Mark so here’s an update. This is my interpretation of what went down but I estimate to be at least 90% correct.

Two things happened on his September 12 court date:

  1. Fraudulent Breach of Bail Charge Was Withdrawn
  2. Full Disclosure Was Provided to His Legal Defence

After he was charged with corrupting morals, the prosecutors also charged Mark Marek with breach of bail conditions, a charge that was fraudulent, fabricated and likeky part of an attempt to counter mounting support from the members of the public. People could see that the corrupting morals charge was a pile of poop so support for Mark was piling as was the dissent for the authorities responsible for the charge. Something had to be done to portray Mark in the eyes of the public as a bad guy and going all out with a yell that he had breached his bail must have seemed like the right course to take. A year earlier, Montreal police was successful with altering the public’s perception by lying to the media that Mark refused to take the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video down, so trying a lie of their own must have seemed like a worthwhile strategy to the Edmonton authorities as well.

Because they were caught lying, it is difficult to ascertain who was the primary instigator of the lie as each faction that had their hand in Mark’s fraudulent arrest and imprisonment points their finger at another. It would seem, however that Mark’s then probation officer decided that judge could go wipe her ass with her ruling and he would decide himself by what rules Mark should abide by instead. With that in mind, he would tell the cops that Mark was in breach of his bail – much to the pleasure of the latter – although he would fail to disclose that Mark was only in breach of conditions he himself made up. And the rest is history.

It must be said though that the police don’t have their hands clean either as they chose (seemingly intentionally) to ignore provided evidence that Mark was not in breach of bail. They themselves were so happy to take part in the altering the public perception of Mark Marek stunt, their goal was to arrest, harass, threaten and imprison him at all cost even though it was clear beyond any doubt that no breach had taken place.

Prosecutors, like police likewise participated in the stunt and opposed Mark’s release and remained opposed to it seemingly until the threat that the lie would be exposed en masse to the mainstream media became so real, they had no other option but to withdraw the opposition which lead to Mark’s release and yesterday’s drop of the fraudulent charge.

It is however remarkable that no party cared about justice, only about their personal vendetta against Mark and kept him in jail seemingly fully aware that they had imprisoned an innocent man. It is even more disturbing that if it wasn’t for his high profile status, Mark would likely be still in jail. That he was fraudulently imprisoned bothered none of them as none made any attempt to give the evidence that he had not breached his conditions any second thought. Only once their actions were threatened with massive exposure in the mainstream media did they stop their illegal, forceful containment of Mark, it would seem.

Makes you wonder just how many more innocent Canadians are currently in jail simply because power-tripping officials feel the need to compensate for their insecurities by showing them… It also makes you wonder what fabrication they will charge Mark with next.

After two months, prosecution also at last provided Mark’s defence with full disclosure which documents everything they have on him and will provide his lawyer with an idea of how strong a case they have against him. The documents are presently studied by his defence.

Up to this point, after two months, Mark has to my knowledge not gotten any of his confiscated electronics back.

In conclusion, what this has taught us is that Canadian authorities not only readily violate fundamental human rights (Mark was imprisoned in violation of Article 14 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights) but won’t hesitate resorting to lies in order to impose fraudulent charges if they want to silence a dissenting voice. At this point, it remains to be seen just how independent and fair Canadian judges are, but as far as law enforcement and prosecutors are involved, Mark is the living proof that they are some of the most crooked in the world. How do they sleep at night?

Canadians need to keep that in mind when they go to the polling stations in the upcoming elections. Edmonton police report to the mayor of Edmonton. Prosecutors and judges to the justice minister and the Alberta premier and all as one to the prime minister of Canada. Perhaps it’s time for a shake up in all levels of the government if they allow for this to happen? As a voter, keep in mind that if things stay the same, tomorrow it could be you who gets fraudulently imprisoned just because…

Cause as far as I know, the probation officer who lies to imprison an innocent man is still a probation officer collecting paycheques from the taxpayers’ money, Edmonton Police Service officers and detectives who don’t care about justice, only about their personal vendetta, paying no heed to the evidence proving the innocence, only to whatever advances their goal to silence a dissenting voice are still officers and detectives collecting paycheques from the taxpayers’ money and prosecutors who object to the release of unjustly imprisoned people and have no intentions to withdraw objections, thus intentionally prolonging the unlawful imprisonment are still prosecutors collecting paycheques from the taxpayers’ money. Do these the types of people act like someone you want your tax dollars to fund? Wouldn’t you rather see your taxes used for justice instead of someone’s personal gratification?

In the closing statement I would like to thank Best Gore member nastypersuasions for the George Orwell graphic and his undying support behind the scenes in ways too numerous to list.

Author: Acneska

I'm new here.

78 thoughts on “Update on Mark – Fraudulent Breach of Bail Charge Dropped”

  1. It seems then, in my drunken opinion, that they have not got shit on him, which we knew to begin with.

    ?Corrupting morals? ha, ha, a fucking good old joke, try taking the illogical into the court of law, how could it have gone down, ad hominem attacks are worthless, prima facie without the needed burden of proof, assholes.

    It seems then without absolute proof that they must let him go, and so the conclusion is thus, Canadian police please focus on criminals and less on protecting your own egos you complete and utter dickheads.

    1. I apologise for turning the first comment into a drunken, nonsensical ramble and now that I am sober, for now at least, it appears to me that he still has to fight his side in court and convince them of his innocence, an hard task when evidence is falsified and half truths provided by the Edmonton authorities.

      The corrupting morals law could be best tackled by his legal team by showing the court how old and out of date that particular law is and how it was once used to imprison and kill innocent people for the silliest of reasons, include a few well known examples from the history of law to back it up.

      Remember that he doesn’t have to try and explain his thoughts and opinions or his website and it’s content because his charge is not based upon the actual content or his opinions, is charge is about whether or not he corrupted morals, focus on destroying that piece of shit law and the charge should be beaten, I say “should” because we all know how things work in our societies.

      1. FREE MARK!
        He is in a situation like here in the USA. Example :conspiracy to distribute narcotics.You can go to jail 5 to 15 year’s for someone saying you sale drugs. Someone I know 馃槈 got sent to prison for 3 year’s cause some junkie said he or she sold him drugs and he wanted to stay out of jail. They charge you cause you won’t name people name’s.

        1. The reason they put him in jail now, Was only to keep mark quiet about the truth about the war in Syria? Cause bull shit they just scooped a random snuff and said “hey this right here, Oh this right here is illegal.” MY ASS! out of the 200+ pages and other videos of people getting killed in much more violent ways. Think about it!!
          p.s. FUCK THE POLICE.

  2. excellent to see a progress report with Mark. We are all behind him in this fight for justice and truth.

    “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.”
    Henry David Thoreau

    Thats what my experience,in a nutshell, BG has given me and the rest of my fellow SOBs. TRUTH

    Much Love

  3. @Acneska-Thank you for the update!! Missing you @GorePapiChulo, please let him know I send my love (I can arrange sending panties through snail mail?! Lol) In all seriousness though, I’m rooting for him and will continue to be here through the hard times!!

    @NastyPersuasions- You rock my “hard cheese” friend!! I’ve always thought so! 馃檪 <3

        1. A toasted English muffin with peanut butter and jelly is what I just had for breakfast at 1:30pm, and about the best you will get out of me… unless bakery-bought. The photo is just some random pic I spliced off the internet. I believe it was a charitable site called Crops for Love. The founder’s vision was to provide avatar photos just respectable enough that people with Michael Moore Syndrome could pass for ordinary. Bless his ugly heart!

  4. The shitty part is that he’s gonna have to go to trial. By sheep, bad situation.. Leaving it up to sheep with the gore they have to twist against him does not bode well. I vote for a trial by judge. To some extent he has to leave his personal view out of it

    1. but? with full disclosure he can prove all activity and back it wth the timeline and his statements during its post. And hopefully the police aren’t deleting the record of their request to have luka pulled from marks email trail. I’m sure with all the information they gathered to damn him should work in his favor basically… Right?

  5. I have very high hopes that the corrupting morals charge will also be withdrawn or dropped.

    Thank you, Acneska, nastypersuasions, Ate and vasily kirov, for your dedication to this site and the time and work that you put into posting. It is very much appreciated!

  6. I don’t know how it works in Canada, but I can say that in the states, after you get found guilty by 12 people that are too stupid to get out of going to jury duty, then you can appeal (which takes about 2 years if your wallet can still afford a decent attorney) during appeal you finally have 3 judges read, & examine evidence to make an “educated” decision.. It’s a gamblers wet dream.. Hang in there mark.. Any guy that would dive to shield his girlfriend deserves a fair trial HaHa.

  7. I think the corrupting morals charge is BS. After seeing the snowden post my suspicion is that mark pissed off the Kenyan big time. The Kenyan and killary the obtuse are behind this. Look at what’s happening in Syria and all the truth mark told here. Ask the man who is still in prison over the YouTube video “Innocents of Muims”. That lie put an innocent man in jail.
    The us govt spies on everyone. Snowden spilled the secret of the USA spy program and fled to Russia. Putin made the Kenyan his bitch last week.
    How did snowden know about BG and mark Just coincidence?
    Gotta go. I think I hear a drone overhead!!

  8. I continue to hope that all of this gets straightened out. I have lurked for years, and finally made an account a month or so ago. (I am also curious, how can I send pics? The contact page is now down, so I don’t know how or where to send anything…)

  9. *After he was charged with corrupting morals, the prosecutors also charged Mark Marek with breach of bail conditions, a charge that was fraudulent, fabricated and likely part of an attempt to counter mounting support from the members of the public*


  10. Canada is still a great country, regardless of what people might think. Every police force has their bad apples and the law is’nt always fair to everyone but these kind of things happen in all countries of the world so please don’t condem a country that has treated me well all my life. I’m not happy with what’s going on to M either but in the end true justice will show it’s fair hand and this will be a lesson learned for everyone involved, including our legal system.
    Sheesh, I’m starting to sound like Empty Soul…guess I should always put this much thought in all my replies. Nah…pussy!
    That one’s for you lunatic.

    1. It would not be Brokeback without the female anatomy being brought into it at some point and I am rather fond of your contributions particularly when I have made a long rambling speech about a subject and you come along and talk about sticking your face between a woman’s legs, it does brighten up my day some what, so keep up the usual Brokes you legend you.

  11. A lot of the police, lawyers, judges, parole officers belong to the secret society freemasonry. They take an oath of loyalty to each other. Jews control freemasonry, so they just tell their masonic brothers what to do and those traitors to Canada do it. The parole officer assigned to Mark is probably a freemason. Freemasonry must be banned. No government employees should be allowed to belong to secret societies, especially ones controlled by foreign govenments…ISRAEL. All of you gentile govenment employees who joined freemasonry are fucking losers and traitors to your country and race. Hopefully one day, you will be the ones on trial.

  12. Hypocrites! Every fucking day tones and tones footage’s, messages and countless shitting stuff on TellEvilSion corruption people morals!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where is Mark? My English is not quite well so i’m not catching what’s happening with Mark: Is he free or in jail, when will they allow him to use internet?

    Jesus Christ man, like we living in hell. -Man is forbidden to use internet.

  13. thanks for the update empty , but it still sounds like he has a long way to go , the cops are doing a major cover their ass thing so they are going to push harder to try to save face ! they know they have to win so the bull-shit is about to get deep ! good luck mark we are all behind you !

  14. Has anyone herd anything about another court date, i read the documents were being studied by his defence ,but I’m not sure how long that would take. There was so much anticipation for the 15th, i was hoping for another day to look forward too

  15. I’ve been coming to BG for a few years now and finally just made an account after hearing all this about Mark. True, there is always a few bad apples in the bunch, and that applies to every policed country out there. I support the right to free speech and though the Nigger and Jew comments get pretty fucking old, it’s still should be protected, once that right is taken away, we lose our right to view this kind of content anywhere..and Mark, though you may or may not read this, know that you’re supported and I think you’re fucking cute 馃檪

  16. So….WTF started all this shit with Mark??? And where can i find info regarding his situation??? I love this site….despite the racist comments & rhetoric, i believe EVERYONE should have the right to voice their opinion!!! FREE MARK!!!!

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