15 Year Old Stabbed in Shoulder at Endcliffe Park in Sheffield, UK

15 Year Old Stabbed in Shoulder at Endcliffe Park in Sheffield, UK

15 Year Old Stabbed in Shoulder at Endcliffe Park in Sheffield, UK

At around 6:45pm on Friday July 24, 2020, a 15 year old lad was stabbed in the shoulder at Endcliffe Park in Sheffield, UK. The wound is said to be non life threatening, but still going to sting.

No backinfo as to the motive at this time. Best Gore member @tndfan shared his thoughts:

The park is well known for gangs of Pakistani, Eastern European and Somali immigrants with drug use and fighting a common event.

Many thanks for the video of the stabbing, @tndfan:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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70 thoughts on “15 Year Old Stabbed in Shoulder at Endcliffe Park in Sheffield, UK”

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  1. The trashiest elements of society are in that place. People who emigrate to a 1st world country but still have the shittiest lives possible because they couldn’t be arsed to go to school even though it was free.

    Even when I was at school there were these scummy kids who didn’t even bother turning up, and then the Bleedin’ Hearts Leftards claimed that ‘the system failed them’, ‘the school is racist’, blah blah. .

    1. It wouldn’t help even if they did go to school though as there are no jobs left in Sheffield, lol, which is why most new arrivals desperately head to London.

      The biggest problem with half of Poland moving to England was that all the low skilled jobs got taken so now every time a new low skilled migrant arrives they add to the decay and rot of unemployment and crime.

      Many of them are also from peasant stock back in their own countries and so don’t have the brains to attain an education and get skilled work which lets be honest is somewhat of a relief because they have already undercut and destroyed the low skilled sector with their slave labour presence and put many of the working class British out of work so those of us in more skilled roles should be feeling lucky that they haven’t been let loose on us yet.

      Still. Sheffield really is a shithole. Maggy T started the rot. The Muslims ripped it apart and the Polish finished it off.

        1. The work got done before mass uncontrolled immigration though and its only the state sector workers that are lazy bums, lol.

          Its common place now in England for employers to ask for Polish, Romanian etc fluency when recruiting for low skilled work. Premier Inn got lambasted for it a few years back in fact and many English companies advertise their England based job vacancies in Eastern Europe via overseas recruitment agencies.

          The above is the painful truth and is the reason why most working class English people voted Brexit so as to pull away from the EU Freedom of Movement Act and close the loophole of English companies having access to unlimited cheap labour from Eastern Europe. Whether the Brexit will actually have that effect, who knows.

      1. Good point @empty.
        Yes, sometimes I forget that life is much tougher in other British cities like Sheffield.
        London is a financial hub, so although jobs are lost, new ones are created all the time, so we have it easier. I understand how badly the white working classes suffered and why Brexit had to be voted. The influx of foreigners from abroad did not have mortgages or other high fixed living costs so they could undercut our working classes quite easily. Also, most companies these days will do anything to keep costs down.

        1. @mrspock

          Yeah. Its all about fairness and opportunity at the end of the day with the ability to move upwards in life via hard work.

          The above however was taken away from the working class of England because having to compete against millions of people from Europe for jobs within their own communities massively increased the odds of attaining and keeping employment. The wages for many sectors also got pushed right down due to the supply of workers far outstripping the actual demand for work and with the ever increasing cost of living the working class became unable to survive never mind move upwards.

          I have never been against immigration, just uncontrolled immigration and for economic reasons mostly because you can’t run a country properly without having a firm grasp and grip on the numbers living within it.

          You hear politicians saying all the time “we are going to build 250,000 new houses by 2050”. OK. But what if in that time you let in 10 million more people?. You are still going to have a housing shortage issue which is pushing up the cost of rent and house prices far beyond the average wage. The same thing applies to all state infrastructure questions in general that being predicted building/funding projects in relation to an unknown, uncontrollable and constantly rising population count.

          The above is completely unsustainable and the path to economic ruin, Brexit needed to happen then for all of our sakes.

      2. Ironically, Polish elites are looking to up their own migrant worker intake (Indians and Pakis etc) because poles are ‘too lazy’ to fill entry level jobs. The circle of fuckery won’t end until every white worker is destitute or in the ground.

    2. Schools don’t make succesful people. Stable families do. The black community is plagued with single motherhood. Being single moms they are most likely giving up a higher paying career to take care of the “accident” they made and going straight to low pay, no skills work part time and collecting from daddy government for the rest. Because poor single, generally promiscuous women go through with having a baby they can’t afford. Their kids wind up being exposed to violence, drug usage, lack of proper resources be it higher education, food. Poverty takes a physiological toll on the kids, couple that with no guidance or protection of a father . They wind up straying from the path becoming most likely gangsters, thieves and drug addicts. The vicious cycle keeps continuing.

      1. There’s nothing to be done on that one though since black men hate their own women. In fact its rare to see a black man with money who has a black girlfriend/wife. They almost always go for a white woman or a Latino and the ones who do stick with their own race almost always go for the lightest skinned black women they can find.

        That niggers are irresponsible profligate bags of shit also doesn’t help.

        1. Fair points guys.

          Family values do matter, I agree with that. If your parents are divorced or you have just one parent, it’s a LOT tougher to go through childhood. That single mum will have a tough life, be a disciplinarian, and she will have a low income.
          Also, the mentality she has can also be transferred to children “I ain’t raisin’ no doctors or lawyers, we got bills to pay in this house right now”, i.e. short term survival, she won’t be able to save enough for her kids to make it to college. And being a struggling parent, she won’t be spending money on a shelf of books, so her kids don’t read for pleasure. It is indeed a massive disadvantage. So yeah, school by itself isn’t everything.

          Also empty is right. There is nothing wrong with the calibre of black women in the dating world. Nearly all of them are worthy of black men, in every sense, but they are generally over-represented by about 5 times their actual demographic. Quite telling.

        2. There is just a vicious cycle that generally effects the African American community the most even though no race in America is spared from this. That single mothers beget the bad boys and naive, guillable girls that will most times promulgate the next generation of impoverished, disadvantaged people to keep the cycle going. Only a small percentage break the cycle like myself. Generally most go on to make the same mistakes their single mommy and bad boy absent father did. Alot of single moms actually encourage their daughters to make the same mistakes they did as they get jealous of their daughters and hate the fact that they may live a decent life with a decent man. I know my single mother grandma destroyed my moms life. h

    1. The demographics of my town 312 (89.9%) White, 0 (0.0%) African American, 20 (5.8%) Native American, 1 (0.3%) Asian, 0 (0.0%) Pacific Islander, 7 (2.0%) from other races, and 7 (2.0%) from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 35 persons (10.1%).

      Barely do I ever see a sheriff, most of the time it’s a forest ranger.

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    1. And who let them in? Rich white people in high positions. They brought Africans all over the new world and even parts of Europe. What did the average joe white do? Nothing. Like we continue to do today. Silence is consent. Failure to take action makes us just as guilty.

  2. Just close your eyes and repeat after me. Diversity is our strength, diversity is our strength, diversity is our strength, diversity is our strength, diversity is our strength, diversity is our strength, diversity is our strength…..

    1. Just had a liberal brag about Japan. Saying there is no racism there. Clearly liberals are effing retarded and don’t realize that Japan DELIBERATLY remains a homogeneous nation, they dont even like having the tiny amount of Koreans they have there and They look just about the same as an ethnic jap. Also the Japanese are EXTREMELY racist people maybe not all are meaning to be offense to foreigners but whites wouldn’t get that kind of break. God liberals are dumb.

    1. With the influx of sandniggers they’re probably better off with the blades. I always think about how often shootings are here in US then wonder how bad it would be if a bunch of Muslims got shipped here.

  3. This has to be expected in Sheathffield when all the retards there who live in council dwellings made out of Cow excrement have to listen to Phil Oakey (ex Human League frontman) blasting out his hits from the 80’s 24/7 from the roof of his mansion in Dore screaming he’s knobbed both joanne catherall and susan sulley.
    That park is actually referred to as Endoflife Park.

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