18 Year Old Norwegian Stabbed Multiple Times by Afghani Refugee

18 Year Old Norwegian Stabbed Multiple Times by Afghani Refugee

18 Year Old Norwegian Stabbed Multiple Times by Afghani Refugee

This happened on October 25, 2019 in Norway. According to the backinfo I got, a 16 year old Afghani refugee stabbed 18 year old Norwegian guy multiple times in the back.

The Norwegian was critically injured, but survived. The video shows mostly the aftermath of the stabbing.


The incident happened in Haugesund, Norway. The 16 year old refugee was reportedly arrested and charged with attempted murder. Many thanks to @mineprairiedog for the update.

Props to Best Gore member @assviolator for the video:

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236 thoughts on “18 Year Old Norwegian Stabbed Multiple Times by Afghani Refugee”

        1. Nice country, good people, solid economy, beautiful cities, wellfare state, peaceful nature, low tensions, fertile lands, fertile minds.
          But a country with no sovereignty as it has been sold by politicians…
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    1. The problem that afflicts Europeans is multiracialism – which has never worked and will never work, see the USA. multiculturalism has always existed in every European nation.

      there is no one wanting to dominate the other, this is a Zionist rhetoric with the farce of the clash of civilizations. what is there are races living side by side and mixing in increasing numbers with the natives. Europeans will be extinct in a short time. that’s the big problem.

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        Now,,, were you joking/playing with me??? or were you really insulting me, cause i would just love to know, in order to respond accordingly, since i got no reply from my other reply to your rude, or joking??? comment!!

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  3. Afghanistan.
    Stone age mentality, recently bombed back into the stone age, NOT that they’ve ever progressed much past medieval times in their history anyway.
    Many attempts from several countries to own and run it, all ending in similar failure.
    No altering the mentality, purge ourselves of this waste genetic material they give no option but.
    Oh the Poppy Fields…

      1. Danaconda.
        Their homes farms schools local gentleman’s clubs bombed.
        Their Goat Appreciating Societies demolished.
        (Equivalent to the Dog & Pony Shows in the United States of Arseholes).
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        In all this, The Poppy Fields didn’t miss a beat…

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      1. You are right in both cases, but what is important is in the past you had the ability to live together or you had a modus vivendi. Now you don’t . You have types that don’t want to improve themselves and others that look down on you and want to rule you by the sword. In the past,the barbarians were civilised ,killed or left outside the borders .

        Now they are “Within the gates “.

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      2. You just described a few tribes that all became French. The Normans are actually Norwegians who invaded Normady. Etc… Etc… It’s all Northern European – but these immigrants are never going to assimilate and are bringing a culture and religion that focuses on the death of European culture.

      3. You are quite the silly one svansson.

        Multiculturalism is different to multiracialism in that the former denotes multiple cultures occupying the same space whereas the latter denotes multiple races occupying the same space. They are not one and the same despite being mixed up quite often.

        Thanks to no borders mass uncontrolled immigration and the love for cheap imported slave labour there exists English towns for example that are a mix of white English, white Polish and white Hungarian and this by definition is multiculturalism due to the fact that each outsider group has recreated their own cultures on their new host country’s soil. It is not multiracialism however.

        Now. Take London, England for example. London is an example of both multiculturalism and multiracialism because it is split along those lines. You have different races and then you have different cultures all existing within the same time and space hence why London is such a crime ridden shit hole of epic proportions.

        To conclude. America and Canada etc have always been multicultural and to a lesser degree multiracial. Europe however has not. Multiculturalism and multiracialism is a modern day phenomenon for us Europeans because prior to that we kept to our own territories.

        1. @senor-piggy
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          1. To be fair the ones up north didn’t allow it. They were hoodwinked by the police, social services and government who all turned a blind eye to it on purpose so as not to stir up racism.

            Even now they, the government, refuse to release the documents relating to it out of fear of “dat racism” because they know it will take a huge shit on immigration.

      4. The problem that afflicts Europeans is multiracialism – which has never worked and will never work, see the USA. multiculturalism has always existed in every European nation.

        there is no one wanting to dominate the other, this is a Zionist rhetoric with the farce of the clash of civilizations. what is there are races living side by side and mixing in increasing numbers with the natives. Europeans will be extinct in a short time. that’s the big problem.

  4. Ok Norwegians the ball is in your court. Take time to go into that area and beat the living shit out of every colored you see. Make it a point that the black/brown vermin learn a valuable lesson about touching the Norwegian White citizens ever again.
    If your own traitorous government won’t stop this assault on your long impressive heritage then you the Norwegian White citizen will start taking these issues in your own hands. STop this now because it’s only going to get worse.

      1. In a least those Gaul, Norman, Celt, Germanic and etc still share common belief, Ethnicity and ofcourse racial. After all, being multicultural wasn’t something I am against. However what I am against is the way they are being integrate. These brown jihadist mongrels are being accept with red carpet and rose petal even in some country they are technically above the law (Remember one time these fucker rape the european girl at day light in the middle of the street and not even a law can punnishing them because they are “Refugee”?) And Trump? In a least those immigrants he bought into country are meant to work or else they can go fuck right off to heir little shithole.

          1. Yeah? Far as I reckon, The whole world was a problem now. How about lets stop pretending we want a good old way back? Everyone love cheap labor, Admit it. Without them how can you ever convincing these progressive goody two shoes to do hard dirty ass work? The problem is how you control these “non native labor”. By stop treating them like a vicitm and treat them like a workforce, a laborer since these brown asshole are not there to integrating or imitating or even trying to learn a proper language or skill of the country they are “Refuge” anyway. So force them to, Not feeding them to loitering around and doing nothing but “these”.

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        1. Caucasian can include middle eastern peoples as well. Christian or not people can be brainwashed. The modern science today is akin to that of Christianity when the churches where the government and had parishes. Don’t believe in God ?then get torchered. don’t believe his word in this book? torchered! Same today with mainstream science, Don’t believe the earth is what we say? Your a retard. Don’t believe vaccines are good? You are dooming us all! etc. Btw The Jews of today are White people masquerading on really just a loose term. These modern Jews are mostly Ashkenazi, an ethnic white tribe no different than say visgoths, celts or anglos. The elite even claim they aren’t “Jews” in their Bible verse in REVEAL-lation : “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, AND ARE NOT, but are the synagogue of Satan

        2. I understand. It was a hard pill for me to swallow as I was a white nationalist a few years back before I stopped caring about skin color and hated everybody equally. It was hard to believe these fake jews where white. The term Jew doesn’t exist really and its not even used in a racial sense. The modern Zionist Jews (most are atheist or Luciferian) Are Ashkenazi they aren’t even Semitic like the Sephardic or mizradi Iranians, these Jews are a white ethnic European peoples. Which is why they have ghostly pale white skin and can have blue eyes and blonde hair like David Lee Roth. They should really be called zionist Ashkenazis rather than “Jew”. They used Jew because it has to due with the Bible. Jew means someone from Judea which these modern, rich, white zionists ashkenazis are not from.

          1. Look at the way there lower face sticks out. It’s because they are neanderthals. Their nose sticks out and their jaw sticks out.

            White European =Cro-Magnon man

            Different breeds.

          2. Jews are mixed, some with Europeans. but even fair-skinned Jews have features common to other races. these fair-skinned Jews mostly resemble castizos( ben shapiro,jared kushner). Whites have harmonious features, while Jews – due to miscegenation – have disharmonious features , like wood alen ,Betty Friedan ,Ron Perlman etc

          3. Nope, The wealthy, world wide dominating, evil greedy bastard “Jews” are white men. Their decendents come from Eastern Europe/Russia and “converted” centuries ago. There Semitic Jews, Ethiopian Jews and Chinese the jews. The Zionists ones are mostly if not all white people. Their homeland is Europe not the middle east.

    1. Globalists want to destroy national identity so they teach all of these children to hate themselves and their history and their identity. They teach Norwegian girls that its better to have sex with black boys than Norwegian boys. The agenda is very obvious.

  6. Put me in power in Norway. In the first 100 days I will have every violent Moslem offender -and their dependents -out on their arse out of the country,in a ship with food and water to get to Arabia. Next hundred days; rounding up of all Those who allowed these fucks into the country. All catalogued , publicised and broadcast on the public news channels. All their family assets taken back by the State and their families ,if in need put on welfare ,for a duration yet to be determined.

    Those directly involved as mentioned above to be given a Roman Decimation . Every tenth one at random to be killed by the preceding nine or all ten die by shooting. Simple as that .

    Don’t bother calling me in if you won’t support me, ’cause the first thing that will happen is that the Zionists and/or cucks in Amerikiya will bleat like lambs over how bad I will be and how bad it is for these poor downtrodden rapefugees, yet Amerikiya takes not one of them but foists them onto weaklings like Canada , and Europe and us ,Aus!

    1. First they came for the Blacks, and I did nothing.
      Then they came for the Latinos, and I did nothing.
      Then they came for the Jews, and I did nothing.
      Then they stopped coming, because all our problems were solved.

  7. Fuck i Hate the afghan in Norway! Im Norwegian and all they do is rape and stab people in the back(like this) theyre cowards! If u wanna figth them theyre so afraid and run like pussys they are…….

  8. Son’s of busterds all of them
    All countries who let them in are deserve that…
    This what happens when leadership
    Interested to keep their nations
    Full with troubles …. So the elite and power will continue to rob high taxes
    And live in good and fancy….

  9. What’s really sickening is that nothing will happen of any consequence to that murderous foreigner. He will be coddled and practically patted on the back by the left wing enemies in the court system and government, adding insult to injury. The only way to undo the growing terror of these invading enemies, and their collaborating left wingers is to kill the treasonous left wingers, brutally and without mercy. Until their blood dripping decapitated heads are pressed face first in their own asses and shown to the rest of their ilk, nothing will change. We are under assault by a mortal enemy and the only way to win is to eliminate them and take our countries back. We should not have hoards of middle easterners and africans walking around in Europe, they are all historical enemies. It is pure insanity what has happened, and the culprits must die, preferably with a good amount of torture first. If they aren’t pissing and shitting in their pants, we are being too soft and merciful. I want every single leftist dead, I want to skin these bastards alive and terrify the living ones by showing them, so they know what is going to happen to them too.

  10. Smart move Europe,let the Jews import another million or so sand niggers until Europe is no more and what was formerly Europe is the expanded Middle East and you have a persecuted white minority. Just fucking give away thousands of years of progress and culture and architecture, the list goes on.

  11. Europeans get molested raped & abused by members of other yellowish pale race all the time. Abuse is beyond colour of skin, yellows have done terrible things to one another too

    Dark browns have also done some really nasty things to other fleshy virus

    Theres lots of creeps amongst all races i.e browns, dark browns, yellowish off-whitish olive skinned race etc

  12. the sad part is our own white whore european skanks are asking for it
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  13. How much longer? How much more violence towards white until their own govt starts to grow a spine and balls to protect their own people? Until these refugee niggers start beheading whites like the cartel members? Until it’s too late? This video saddens me more than actual gore.

  14. Should never have let that filth into Europe.One million fucking rapefugees crossed into Germany in 2015 in one week all invited by cunts with posters saying refugees welcome.Bet they regret that now , should have turned on the gas chambers instead…cunts

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