2013 Anti Government Protests in Turkey

2013 Anti Government Protests in Turkey

Best Gore member seytan who is from Turkey and previously hooked us up with videos and insider information related to the aftermath of twin car bombings in Hatay sent me info and photos from ongoing anti government protests that spread like wildfire throughout Turkey in late May through June of 2013. Because seytan is right in the heat of things, I’ll let him explain what is happening in his own words:

The tension is high in Turkey. Everything started with a small protest to protect a small park in Istanbul. The trees were to be cut down to open up space for a shopping mall. Protesters resisted the police and the police reacted with tear gas and then burned the tents of the people resisting. In the last 2 days, this small incident and following police brutality ignited a long-awaited public reaction.

Right now, the sheep are asleep and mainstream media intentionally downplay or ignore the demonstrations. Demonstrations continue in at least 5 cities and police respond with brutal and sometimes lethal force. The protests are not about the park anymore. They are about stopping this terrorist dictator-wanna-be government. The government is using police force in Turkey in the same manner as they’re using the terrorist FSA in Syria. A small peaceful demonstration turned into a mass resistance and a cry for the resignation of the government.

I personally attended the demonstration in Izmir today. It was totally out of public reaction and unorganised in any manner, but people did use twitter as a mobilizing tool.

This is incredible for the history of Turkey as these protests are turning into a revolution – almost like in a movie. The government has turned into a dictatorship eager to earn and kill to stay in power. Tear gas must be classified as a chemical weapon. There must be hundreds of wounded people and a few dead. Police will soon wear out, logistically and psychologically.

Please spread the word as we need more and more support. This is not Arab spring, this is not mass-control. This is revolution after 11 years of oppression. The demonstration is still peaceful, but is strong.

And a deep hatred for police is rooted in each of us. They are nothing but organised killers.

I wish my Turkish friends strength and luck with this difficult but important movement. Power to the people. Down with Zionist puppets.

Couple of videos from the 2013 protests in Turkey:

And a gallery of a few photos:

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29 thoughts on “2013 Anti Government Protests in Turkey”

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    All caps are simply disgusting in their nature;
    -Job is offered almost only to amoral people because they must be ready to die to protect leaches on top.

    Dear Lord, stay with us.

  2. I hate the behaviour of many turks here in Germany, but I was told from some older one of them, that they are different in Turkey. True or not, I admire people who stand up for their country, and the situation down there is long overdue.

    What must be taken into account is, that governments use, buy or even establish their own opposition to function as a doorman to hold out genuine protesters from gaining influence. It happened with Occupy, Ron and Rand Paul, Wikileaks, Anonymous and I wont even start with the left-right paradigma tool for venting public wrath.

    Another guileful tactic are agent provokateurs within the heat of the riots, hard to spot until its too late. Erdogan sticks to his power, and it wont be easy to dethrone him without too much bloodshed.

    The shell impacts are coming closer, and I dig in my trench.

  3. ironic how these protestors are labelled ‘extremists running wild’ yet the same thing happens in Syria only with guns and other weapons and the puppets call it ‘fighting for freedom’. Fucking hypocrites!

    1. Same thing you say? These protesters do not stand for a radical islamic regime, they stand AGAINST a goverment in act of forcing it on them! And if you cant tell the difference, let me tell you; people are not armed because they dont want violence, not because they dont have guns.(some assholes in Turkey still celebrate by shooting the sky randomly at weddings and such)

    1. This is an everyday occurrence in the Muslim world or places infected with a lot of Muslims/Africans (London has seen a few riots that cost billions done by Africans and Muslims, Sweden recently, etc.) Most of it supported by Zionists.

      For example – the protests in Bahrain (A non-Sunni Government)

      This one in Turkey is over a park, if I am recalling correctly. They want to bulldoze the park and build a shopping mall.

      1. This is not over a park. The park issue is just the last drop that fell in the glass… AKP sold every thing Turkey had, banned stuff that people are used to and like to have such as personal freedom and most dispiclably they laughted at our angry faces with the media they bought.
        They have been asking for it for 11 fucking years now people decided to let em have it.

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