240 LBS Steel Plate Lands on Foot

240 LBS Steel Plate Lands on Foot

240 LBS Steel Plate Lands on Foot

Mid afternoon edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Ed Johnson, who receives a walloping pain on his foot:

These are pictures of my left foot that show the slow healing process for the last 7 months after a steel plate that weighed around 240 lb fell off a table and crushed my foot I have been recovering since December of 2018 the day it happened I had several broken bones and a laceration about 4 inches long that required stitches.

Thanks for sharing your heavy duty pain with us:

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    1. Im a cosmotologist barber and nail technician i can handle the hole in the foot but those fucking nasty ass toenails hell no i wouldn’t touch them feet if God Jesus Mary and Joseph came flying down from heaven and told me to or i was going to hell well hell here i come

  1. Is that black stuff an infection or just oxidation of dead skin or what?? It looks pretty cool and I like how you took pictures to show the healing process. Hopefully you got to atleast enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed

    Would not want to walk a mile in your shoes. Or take one step for that matter..

    1. Its dry oxygenated blood and operates as an outer barrier to protect the inner structures. The actual healing process however happens underneath it on a cellular level though. A scab if you will.

      1. Oh okay thats interesting, I wonder why it’s so dark when other scabs aren’t as black with such hard boarders.. it’s like it’s made out different stuff than a typical “scab” oh well. Either way it looks pretty cool..

    2. technically that would be called eschar, essentially dead tissue. pics 8 and 9 were likely taken after debridement, which is removal of that dead tissue to allow the rest to heal better and let the pus out a bit. nasty wound there, hope it gets as better as possible.

      1. Okay that’s kind of what I was thinking. Lol don’t judge me but in my spare time sometimes I was ear wax extractions on you tube. It’s Satisfying like Dr pimple popper… And the doctor always pulls out black ear wax, literally black and he says it’s deal skin that has oxidized.. and that’s what his foot reminded me of.

        1. My Dad and Grandpa were ear wax removal specialists and taught me too. This is way before Indians started selling ear – wax candling methods on YouTube and it became groovy here in the West. My Dad would do them on friends in the back yard and have me hold a bucket of water as a fireman if things went wrong! They never did but there you go. You ever need your ears unplugged …you come to me. Lol

          So your ear wax is black! I have had very dark brown almost black but never coal black. It depends a lot on what meds you are on ,what you eat and also how well you breathe. On changing meds and treated for sleep issues my ear wax colour has changed many times.

          1. Eww no my ear wax has never been black just the patients that can’t or don’t clean there ears out and the wax sits there for years and years. Every once in a while I will use a hobby pin to scrap anything in my ears out but my ear holes are tiny and my wax is always dry looking. It looks exactly like dandruff. Not even “wax” maybe I’m dehydrated.. I take medication for my thyroid but i don’t think it has changed it.

          1. That’s cool I would have checked it out.. I couldn’t ever pop random peoples bumps but it is cool to see it happen from the safety of my bed lol. Why and how did you get the rights anyway?

          2. @brand-wall, I just registered the name. It’s been so long ago now that I don’t even remember the process. I definitely wouldn’t have been doing any of the dirty work, it would have been kind of like this site where people send in videos or I would search the web for them.

        1. If you are ever in London, there is a guided tour of Jack the Ripper murder sites.

          I spent a week in County Clare Ireland, it was beautiful.

          If you have a choice, donโ€™t go to Britain, go to Ireland.

    3. that is dead (necrotic) tissue
      Necrotic tissue is a medical condition in which there are dead cells in your body organ. The death of the cells happens due to lack of oxygen and interrupted blood supply. It causes the cells to be acidic, releasing enzymes that break the cells.

      1. Oh ๐Ÿ™ that sucks.. did you get your 2 front teether for Christmas, and then exchange them for a new foot?!? Lol JK ๐Ÿ˜€ sorry I had to.. I hope you are doing well now.

          1. @Tree In A Forest
            Yummy,,, blackberry jam if, spread (Fuck Da-Bread) all over your yummy self, Whoa,,,
            Now were talking A real treat sweetheart, lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. That is way beyond what Dr. Scholl’s can do fore him me thinks. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  3. Is this a typo of some sort? What kind of plate? Gym plates only go up to 45 lbs… and I’ve seen first hand what one of those suckers dropped from about waist high can do. They can take a toe right off. If a 240lbs steel object really dropped on his foot he wouldn’t have a foot anymore. I’m skeptical

    1. The plate wasn’t in a gym, I work in a welding shop and was using a cutting torch on a piece of steel 1 inch thick X 18 inches X 48 inches that is equal to 6 square feet.
      1 inch steel plate weighs 40.8 lb per square foot
      do the math

  4. shit.. remember me when a big wood box fall on my feets and smash my toes…
    got all nails turned obsidian black before falling and win 2 size of shoes lol.

    but that’s nothing compared to this shit :O

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