5 Year Old Palestinian Boy is Shot in the Face by an Israeli Police Officer

5 Year Old Palestinian Boy is Shot in the Face by an Israeli Police Officer

The incident happened when Muhammad Jamal Ubeid and his 14 year old sister got off the school bus and started walking home in al-Issawiya, an Arab neighborhood in East Jerusalem, this past Wednesday (24). Police were reportedly in the area to suppress a demonstration by masked teenagers nearby who were throwing rocks and reportedly molotov cocktails at cars. According to witnesses, there were no recent conflicts between Palestinians and Israelis at the time. The officers ran over and opened fire on a group of teens and children near the protestors (who may or may not have even existed), shooting Muhammad (clearly not a masked protester) point blank in the face with a rubber bullet as he stood outside his home.

He suffered a fracture under his eye and hospital staff confirmed that the injury was consistent with rubber bullets used by police. During an interview after the child’s surgery, his father had this to say:

He’s 5-years-old, he’s an innocent child, he didn’t have a rifle, he didn’t have a phone, this is racism, they want to kill us because they hate us. We are Palestinians and they hate us

Below is video of the report concerning the shooting and the known Israeli racism against the Palestinians.

We here at Best Gore have seen the evidence of Israeli hatred for Palestinians and reported it for the world to see what the MSN will not acknowledge. Unlike Black Americans, the Palestinians are subjected to actual violent racism and what’s worst is that it is being allowed. One nation under ZOG.

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  1. Only the Israelis could get away with the amount violence they enact on the Palestinians who have no standing army or sophisticated weaponry. The Israelis are like American cops, militarized up the wazoo, yet are constantly “fearing for their lives” against at the most very lightly armed untrained civilians.

    1. Those Zionist puppets have no conscience whatsoever, and kill at will with no remorse. This poor little dude,s only crime, was being born in that shit hole. As our friend, and loyal member, HLAM, said, until they both kick the living shit out of their sad existance this garbage will continue with many more innocent kids killed. Merry Fucking Cristmas 🙁 🙁

  2. Off Topic but current news…….

    Woman falls from back of ute and critical = Stupidity.

    Woman drowns at Perth beach = Speculate.

    Body found in electrical cabinet in 2011 = ooooooK

    Cricket = C’mon Aussies :mrgreen:

  3. Pretty messed up what these people have to endure. The boys father probably wants revenge, but he cannot harm the officers without causing his own family further pain. Hopefully the dude who shot the kid, gets picked up and taken for a ride one night.

      1. @hlam, you don’t even know what these people are like. Its better off that hes dead anyway. He’ll probably join ISIS in the future and get killed then. If i where him i wouldn’t want to live in that shithole Gaza anyway.

          1. Fucking hell an Iraqi American you say??? Well on your logic you should have been shot in the womb as you would either invade and destroy country after country or you will probably start going around beheading people whilst snackbaring!

          2. @bungle, oh so its because im from Middle earth origins im automatically supposed to support the people in Gaza? They brought this on themeselves. Before Israel moved in, Gaza was nothing but a big plot of dirt and sand filled with nomads. And now they want it back now because the Jews modernised it and made it great? Oh the great stereotypes! Im blindly supposed to support the filthy Gazans “just cause im arabic”. I know how these people are. Give em an inch they will take 9.

          3. @hlam, thank you, its true most of the middle east is shit and the only way you could actually live a good life is if your a man from Saudi Arabia or Dubai. If your a woman you can forget about it. You’ll just live a life of indentured servitude. Im glad i didnt grow up there. Im happy right here where i can observe the carnage from a distance. But sometimes i do feel slightly sorry when i hear about a relative i never met in my life die in some terror attack. Other than that im just mostly glad im not there.

          4. @manowar96 No i am not saying you are automatically supposed to support the people of Gaza. My point is you insist this child is better off dead because he will “probably” become a member of IS anyway. You were making wild generalisations so i threw quite equal wild generalisations at you based on your background, heritage and nation you now belong to. Unfortunately naive people can easily generalise on any person based on aspects of such because its built in us to do that to anyone who is different or another culture/ race.

        1. No wonder Arabs have been divided and conquered…I have more respect for the people surviving and fighting for their freedom in Gaza than any Jew I have ever met….manowar i am disappointed to read your comments and views…now I know why Zionist have made fools out of Arab people…dividing them to kill each other off….wake up bro…it’s really zionists vs Arabs and they are winning…btw you can thank the Zionist in and out of the USA govt for bombing the living shit out of Iraq….oh and how we kept the Iran Iraq war going for 10 years…Arabs are yet again being played as fools and killing each other…go visit Israel and get back to us…go spend a week in gaza and see if you think the same way…

          1. Thats the thing @mike, im thankfull for the Zionists or else i would still be in Iraq dead or permanently maimed. And yes i agree, the Iraq Iran war was very a shitty time to be alive. I’ve had many family members who died in that war. Many of my Shia family where forced to fight Shias in Iran for Saddam or else they where killed. Meanwhile the Sunni Baathists where officers who watched and directed from afar while brothers killed each other. My own uncle has chemical burns all over his body from that war. My own dad (who i haven’t seen since 2009) was hit in multiple areas by shrapnel. And if you tried to defect your whole family was killed. So im glad the Zionists got rid of that coward Saddam. If only you knew the things my family told me about that hellhole.

          2. Let’s make this very clear…the USA foreign policy doesn’t give a shit other than our own economic interest and to protect the petro dollar…saddam like gadaffi fucked up by no longer selling oil in USA dollars …Iraq, Libya and Syria have been turned into shitholes as planned to fragment and weaken the whole region for the benefit of
            Israel…the USA foreign policy is being dictated by AIPAC which is sad and pathetic but true…..look what the new zionist lapdog dictator in Egypt is doing now….I guarantee Libya misses gaddafi ….I bet most Iraqis will say it was better under saddam now….do you even know why the war started with Iran and Iraq? CIA was supplying saddam with chemical weapons while Russia was supplying Iran…..

        1. Fuck Iraq and fuck all arabs and muslims. My family is in iran and Iran is the best country in that region even though since 1979 asshole muslims are ruling the country. Arabs have destroyed the middle east with their islamic cult. Persia was was zoroastarian before christianity, judaism and islam. Iran is still a 1000 times better than any arab country cus luckily we don’t have have arabs living in our country. I feel for minorities in Iraq like the assyrians and armenians.

          1. and to address the issue about Gaza. i’m persian and we naturally hate the arabs and i want islam out of my country. but still i feel for kids being killed not matter what nationality. The arabs are doomed though, all their countries are in a constant state of war, non of them can stand up to israel. Arabs cannot stand up to israel but Iran can and does. The whole civil war in syria and was started to take down a assad who is the only arab leader that has good ties with iran. Israels real target is not the arabs but destroying iran. The arab countries are not a real threat to israel. Iran is much more advanced though and poses a serious threat to israel in the future if they go nuclear. And i want to add i have nothing against jews just israeli policies.

    1. @manowar, well yes in recent times like i mentioned in a previous post Iran has been run by muslims and islamic law. Most iranians don’t like this but after the 1979 revolution an islamic government took control and now short of a blood revolution and thousands being killed there is nothing they can do. Iran or Persia’s history goes back thousands of years, Iraq and other arab countries are recent creations by the british after the break of the ottoman empire and they have all been puppet countries part of why there is so much conflict in those countries. The reason iran is ruled by muslims now is also largely due to foreign intervention. Persia’s kind was replaced by a puppet and that is a big reason why the revolution happened and the islamics got a chance to take over. Even still Iran is a much better country to live in than any Arab country. You can safely travel to iran without getting kidnapped by terrorist and beheaded that shit doesn’t exist in iran, no terrorist attacks, no beheadings. Although a bother revolution and getting rid of islam would be nice there is also a threat that if there is a revolution Arab and foreign terrorists are going to flood Iran and turn it into Iraq and syria.

      1. i don’t think the jews are different than any other group of people. I have jewish friends and they are nice people. The thing is jews are only a few million in the world and they support each other and stick together for obvious reasons. What i don’t agree about are the policies of israel, they cry about the holocaust but have no problem bombing little kids. you would think if the holocaust was so bad and they say ‘never again’, they would learn from that and not do the same to others.

        1. They’re not doing the same to others. How many people have the Israelis thrown into ovens? How many men, women, and children have they lined up and shot?

          They don’t target innocent civilians. Innocent civilians get killed when terrorists launch rockets from their neighborhoods.

          1. to be honest i don’t know the full extent of what is going on in israel and palestine but i wouldn’t say israel is 100% innocent. It’s never black and white and good guy vs bad guy. From what i understand palestinians are fighting over israeli settlements taking over their lands.

    1. otherwise I don’t have a problem with israel or jews as long as they don’t start shit with iran. Iran is not a jew hating country like israel tries to make it out to be. There are 2 million iranian jews and jews in Iran are free to practice their religion and there are jewish temples in tehran.

  4. Would any of you be half as outraged if an innocent Israeli child got face and skull broken by some monkey throwing a rock, or burned to death by “peaceful protesters” throwing Molotovs?

    I doubt it.

    3 Israeli kids get murdered and not a word about it, but you can’t wait to get your panties in a knot over this useless sand nignog getting a boo boo, because it gives you chance to cry evil jew??

    Child’s innocent unless he’s a heeb, right? Then he’s a “waste of oxygen” and good riddance? Terrorist murderer who runs down Israeli mother and infant baby in the street is a fucking hero, but Muhammad Jaffar ibn al Terrorist gets an owie and its “dirty jew this” “dirty jew that”.

    Even though it’s the jewboy who invents life saving technology that benifits all mankind, while Muslim just wants to cut your fucking head off simply because you refuse to bow down to their god of inequality and murder?

    Fuck all you braindead double-standard bearing ignorant racist lackwit motherfuckers.

    Btw Israel is a free democratic society that allows all religion so the officer in question might very well be Druze, or even Christian. Israel does not automatically mean jew, so please try to take your heads out of your asses long enough to spot the difference before you go spouting epithets.

    Also something doesn’t add up here.

    “According to eyewitness there were no conflicts going on but the police saw a group of kids and randomly decided to run up to them guns blazing”,

    Hahahah wtf come on even a mildly unintelligent 5 year wouldn’t swallow this B.S., story was likely fabricated after child was shot to implicate “dirty jew Israel” and completely exonerate “100% squeaky fuckin clean” Palestinians, even though anyone with 1/4 of a brain would not let a child anywhere near a situation like this except for Arab who only cares about their kid getting shot or blown up when it can be exploited for propaganda.

    1. first of all, i can’t be racist since i have no race and no country of my own.

      second and more importantly, you believe that the murder of three children (an unforgivable act) justifies the slaughter of over 200,000 innocent women and children? using the childish “they started it” defense? especially when those murders were carried out by Hamas, not 200,000 innocents.

    2. Well said. But you can’t reach the Jew-haters on this site. Their hate is irrational and their lives are garbage. I just look down on them like the slime that they are. They have to live in their own filth.

    3. Well I can say personally any death or brutality of a child is unforgivable. No matter what race/religion they are. My heart hurts for all of them. Even the ones who are being raised with hatred, parents teaching them how to hate and cause pain. Because the child has no chance of normality. They’re just doing as taught. N it’s sad to see. On a second note this little guy is a cutie. Hope he heals fast.

    4. Very valid arguments. I am a former US Marine. I have skipped all over the Middle East and have killed jihadists in 4 countries. I have recently visited Israel and was surprised to see that Israel is the one place in the whole damn continent where Jews Christians and Muslims could live along side of one another. 90 percent of casualties in middle eastern conflicts is civilian because the Muslim world hides behind them. I know because I’ve picked up the fucking mess. Israel, in the manner of self preservation, must remain strong and destroy those who try and destroy it. You want peace in gaza? Stop attempting to harm Israel. There is an ultimate goal here to retake Jerusalem. Israel gave gaza away in return for peace. Did the peace come? No, it was answered with mortars. Palistinians are raised from an early age to have an irrational hate for Jews and there is no fixing this problem.

  5. A public service message to parents everywhere. If there are protesters fighting with the police in your area, don’t make your kid take the fucking bus home. Go pick them up at school. If on the way home, you see people throwing fire bombs at the cops, yell to the kids “Keep your heads Down!!”. When you get home, get inside as quick as you can. Do not let your kids back outside, while there are still older kids, throwing shit at the cops. As always remember our safety motto. “If there’s burning fuel, skip school,:

  6. The Israelis could have used real bullets, but they weren’t trying to kill anyone. Rubber bullets are no fun, but they’re not designed to kill. If Palestinians were tossing rocks and molotov cocktails, I seriously doubt the Israelis were trying to target this kid. He most likely got caught in the crowd and accidentally got hit. But of course the Palestinians would say otherwise so they can make another propaganda piece.

    1. Someone shoot this motherfucker with a rubber bullet a real bullet. Whatever. Keep fucking whining and crying because that’s what you can do in America. If it we’re up to me, I’d kill them all and let God sort them out! Otherwise, stay out of third world politics. Fucking sand nigger!

      1. Lel fuckin pleb. Go join the KKK that is the laughing stock of America. ISIS is newer than the KKK and has more followers than they are. KKK have been here for 100s of years and everyone laughs at you people. What a joke.

    1. That’s usually how it goes. The Israelis have nothing to gain from hurting innocent children. The kid most likely got in the way of the conflict and was accidentally hit. It happens all the time all over the world.

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