78 Year Old Grandpa Stabbed in the Leg After a Fall on Cut Down Saplings

78 Year Old Grandpa Stabbed in the Leg After a Fall on Cut Down Saplings

Today’s edition of “Best Gore Members Rock” is brought to you by Best Gore member Enigmatikpoop. The photos are hot off the press, taken today exclusively for Best Gore and I’ll let Enigmatikpoop explain the story behind them:

The photos are from Louisiana, USA. My 78 year old grandfather had gone out to feed livestock and took a nasty fall. A sapling that had been cut down by yours truly jabbed into his leg. The stab narrowly missed his artery.

I would have taken some pre-stitch photos, but with him taking blood thinners, he had bled out quite a bit and was on the verge of passing out before I took him to the ER. I was more concerned with his well-being than pictures. The cut required inside & outside stitches.

It was a responsible thing to do. Always take care of the emergency first and only take pictures when it’s clear the person in need is no longer in immediate danger. Thank you for the pics, Enigmatikpoop. I hope your grandpa gets well real soon and lives for many a year to tell everyone about it:

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53 thoughts on “78 Year Old Grandpa Stabbed in the Leg After a Fall on Cut Down Saplings”

  1. Owie, Thank God he’s alright. Good thing he didn’t hit that artery. Once those get nicked, you’re pretty much fucked. Especially if he takes Coumadin, Warfarin or whatever thinner he’s on. Godspeed to Grandpas healing! 😉

      1. Hi hun…

        Long story short ~ Mum is back home with me, so like you I am back to 24/7 care.
        Hard to find time for BG.
        I know you know what I mean.

        Missing the hell out of BG and all my fellow BG freaks.
        Cheers All.

    1. You must have been BAKED or something to think you were or have been a grandpa, then again they are adding WAY too many hormones in the food these days.

      Actually, I don’t know how old you are and am now second guessing if you have told me before or not. Back then, I was an idiot even though I still am.

  2. Wtf? You actually left your vertical iphone in your pocket and took him to the ER instead of standing there staring as he bleeds out???
    Oh wait, this isnt china.
    Props for gettin gramps all hooked up. Hope he makes a quick full recovery! 🙂

  3. Wow, I hope your Grandpa will recover soon and hopefully something like this will not happen to him again. Also, I dont know why but I have my Grandpa in mind right now, making out of small scares big stories. Best wishes to him.

  4. I have some nice machete and bullet scars, sorry that I was not a BG member when these wounds were fresh, I am @ mid 30s now and old for collecting some new ones, it would be a pleasure to share them 🙁

      1. Dan Rooster, I thought you were old in my head, now that I see you, well I’m mid thirty’s as well and I still act like I have a death wish and I feel old too, Your only as old as you act, not as you feel ;8D

        1. Very few things left I enjoy in this world Phatman, sometimes I feel I have a dead soul, this I call “getting old” in my book 🙂 thanks god I have a 8 years old beauty to live for, I dont know if you have a kid but I beleive its the only real love you can feel.

  5. They did a piss poor job of stitching him up. He appears to need at least 8 more stitches….Then again, doctors aren’t too concerned with the aesthetics of adults. They generally will only take the time to stitch the proper amount in children or areas that are extremely delicate/aesthetically significant (e.g. Face).

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