Accidentally Shot Through Both Ankles

Major Hole in Ankle from Accidental Gunshot

Accidentally Shot Through Both Ankles

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought exclusively to you by Best Gore member @englishmn who accidentally shot himself through both his ankles:

I knocked a revolver down Friday evening from a shelf in safe, and it fired when it landed, putting a bullet through both my ankles. It didn’t hurt at first, but I fell over because it shattered the heel and detached tendon on exit ankle and fractured fibula on entrance ankle.

They tell me no permanent damage, but the better looking ankle shattered the heel and the piece of heel bone the tendon attaches to broke off and had to be screwed back. It cannot have any weight on it for 3 months. The nasty looking ankle was mostly soft tissue damage and fractured fibula. It’s in much better shape.

I’m just happy the gun didn’t land pointing upwards.

Always wanted to post something on here but not necessarily myself. Enjoy!

Thans a lot for the share, @englishmn. That truly sucks, but by the sound of it, you will still be mobile once it all heals up. I wish you all the best in the recovery process:

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96 thoughts on “Accidentally Shot Through Both Ankles”

    1. Yes, I was thinking the same. The gun would of had to bounce perfectly perpendicular to his ankles and fired after it hit the floor and flew back up a couple of inches. I WANT THE TRUTH! I can handle it. (Just Kidding) I looked up the Herter’s Powermag. It’s a single action, which can go off if dropped and there is a bullet in the chamber directly across from the firing pin. That’s why the cowboys and gunfighters in the old west kept that chamber in the cylinder empty. I like double action revolvers, and I dropped a Smith and Wesson 357 Caliber once. I got extreme pucker factor readings but thank goodness it didn’t go off. I knew a guy that shot himself in the foot with a 357 mag. Because it was at close range the bullet didn’t expand so the damage was minimal. That’s probably what happened with englishmn. He was lucky, but that gun is a badass. It’s supposed to be able to knock down any man or beast with one shot. englishman has to be a beast/man. Oh never mind he did fall down. Sorry englishman, hope you recover well.

      1. Thanks
        Gun hit on inside bottom rim of the safe a few inches above room floor. Gave it a slight downward angle.

        I think its a bit oversold, but it did flatten me.
        I don’t think it would go through a engine block.
        Would not take it as primary gun for hunting lion or elephant.

        All herters advertisements were over the top everything they sold was worlds finest.

        “The fabulous .401 Powermag…is the ideal large caliber revolver cartridge. Will kill any animal on the face of the earth, or shoot through the cylinder block of any automobile. It will flatten any human, no matter where you hit him…This is the finest big game or law enforcement revolver…With this revolver you can hunt deer, and all North American and African game…”.

          1. The ammo bit is pretty easy like cooking you follow a recipe, but if you mess up you can die.
            My guns don’t have names but i do collect them and enjoy producing amunition for them.

          1. Given it took 20+ min for the pain to set in I would say very unlikely to drop a determined person if nothing important was hit.
            The pain was not unbearable.

            Many shooting reports say if nothing vital is hit you can sustain many shots and still be combat effective.

    1. It was a herters .401 powermag.
      Old ammo no longer manufactured.
      I had to manufacture the ammo for it using a .41 mag case sized down in a .401 die I even cast the bullet and powdcoated it red.
      I did a damn good job on the ammo.
      The bullet is so messed up because it bounced off the cement floor after going through both ankles and lodged in the stock of a rifle in next room. Looked for several hours before finding bullet.

        1. The only case available similar to the .401 is the .41 magnum.
          I lubed the .41 then forced it into a .401 sizer die that made it the correct diameter to fit in the revolver but because the sizer die cannot size all the way to the base of case I had to reduce the outside diameter of the .41 case with a file and trim the rim some for it to fit.
          I also cast the bullet i used in completed round.
          Bullet refers to the actual projectile. Case is the brass cylinder that contains all the components of a completed round. And a sizing die is used to return a fired case to original size.

      1. Lol I cast too. I run a Magma Star lubesizer. Size lube 1000 projectiles an hour on that baby. I cast with el cheapo Lee six cavity moulds and bottom pour pot. Scored 5,000 pounds of lead from an indoor shooting range about 10yrs ago. I supplied a lot of the competitive pistol shooters(IDPA, USPSA, IPSC, etc.) around my area with projectiles for a while, but I’m running low on lead and it’s tough to find reasonable prices lead at this point. I paid 5 cents a pound for the stuff I got from the range. Will likely never see that price again. :/

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        1. Not so far I test fire often when I am working up a load.
          I live outside of town.
          Someone finally bought the property I shot towards for years so I have to build a taller berm now. But they are good neighbors and shoot as well.
          It would be weird to go outside and not hear gunfire in the area.

          1. We have several public, private and farm-permitted hunting and fishing areas nearby. North of us are the state parks. An hour south of us, in Detroit, they have an informal arrangement of check cash stores, fuel stations, strip clubs and barber shops.

  1. good thing it wasnt an 500SW .. overwise, i bet you shouldnt have feet any more.

    meh thoses revolver should have a security on it to avoid the thing to hit a primer.

    ( also, who the fuck stock loaded gun in a safe ? )

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    1. Thanks for well wishes.
      A gift for you…
      Imagine the video, showing up on a donkey at the clinic in big village after 3 days travel wounds full of maggots and puss with red lines flowing up legs. And the smell.
      The local nurse reaches for the alcohol takes a big drink and grabs the saw.

      1. Hideous, they look like Uggs. You will get beat up if you wear those, so you better be carrying your Herters Powermag as an accessory. Then if anybody says anything, just put your hand on the handle and say “Partner, you better smile when you say that.”

  2. Some people just shouldn’t own guns for their own safety and the people around them. Lucky as fuck it was only the ankles, but that shit has to suck a ton.

    Was the hammer back? How did it shoot in the first place? That’s another reason I carry a modern pistol with many safeties for just this problem. The first safety that works the best is NOT DROPPING IT. lol

    1. Old design I was stupid keep loaded. It had a safety but the design does not survive a drop. It uses the thin trigger sear locked in a notch on the hammer to hold hammer back from firing pin but cannot take much force without breaking trigger or hammer either way a blow to the hammer will fire.

      I post about this mostly to warn people not to take safety for granted.
      It can all change in a second. Luckily I survived and should fully recover.

    1. I suspect the muzzle blast may have helped make the right wound worse gun was within 2 feet(pun intended).
      Left ankle was neat hole straight through.
      Bullet was a semi wadcutter, a round nose bullet would have been best to lower damge. A expanding hollow point would have been especially nasty.
      No police report guess it was obvious it was not a suicide attempt.
      I will see if I can obtain the body camera footage I spotted one officer with the camera on.
      The hospital staff told me they recently had a younger man in who also shot both ankles but his injury was from a shotgun, he propped it up against something then stepped away and gun fell towords him firing on impact. They said his injury’s were much worse.

  3. You should know the truth. “No permanent damage” is a fantasy. Just because some doctor, or even a distinguished professor, said that…means nothing. You will always suffer from that injury, but as you say, at least you are alive.

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