Accident Turns Finger Into Penis

Accident Turns Finger Into Penis

What’s that? You want more finger trauma? Well, it’s your lucky day, because today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member, @Luker86. Luke here suffered an injured that inspired his finger to do it’s best impression of a circumcised penis. In his own words:

Copper pipe trapped finger against wall! Lost the tip… had to wait for it to fall off. Looks like a penis at first glance.

Well, there you have it. A man of few words. Short and succinct. Thanks for sharing, @Luker86.

59 thoughts on “Accident Turns Finger Into Penis”

          1. Only this time, there would new use for finger cots besides containing bleeding wounds on the fingertips of the cooks at your favorite local eatery. Who would have guessed that third base could come with a risk of pregnancy?

          2. @DOS, I wonder if it would sting a sore finger like this to ‘finger’ a girl? Would the, ahem, juices sting the wound? I think they might, a little, anyway, I think anything but warm water would sting? Just the act itself, of moving the finger would be painful, never mind the “get that rotten finger away from me” from the ladies, 🙂

      1. I tried to join their ranks via online application, but I got ‘shafted’. I waited all night for them to get back to me and when they didn’t, I couldn’t ‘phallus sleep’. Branch Divitians are ‘real dicks’, but they don’t like when you ‘point that out’. After such a thing, they can’t expect to ‘hang out very long’.

          1. He could probably shove a whole pack of hot dogs…with the casings on…up his ass and pull them all out skinless…

        1. Bro @thedre……………….Hahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          can ya believe I just rolled up on the floor laughing mad
          can’t imagine seeing someone’s own floored cock with pants down……….lmao!
          at a time when his babe is all ready to get laid

      1. Exactly! Intellectuals indeed. I would like to think that picking his nose would be classified as some kind of porn. Of course there’s a chance that the finger will end up looking like @Shuan’s avatar.

  1. Accidents are fuckin’ freaks ! they leave a finger look more like a prick and a dick made to look like a slit .

    Good for ya ,now you can use both to screw on different days and still be not carried away with the fact that ya are highly blessed with ya being the only dick with two pricks . One within your undies and another one without .
    Hey but jokes aside buddy …thanks for sharing

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