Accidental Discharge, Man Shoots Self in Thigh, Zimbabwe, Africa

Accidental Discharge, Man Shoots Self in Thigh, Zimbabwe, Africa

Accidental Discharge, Man Shoots Self in Thigh, Zimbabwe, Africa

In Zimbabwe, Africa, a man’s pistol accidentally discharges in his bag and shoots him in the thigh.

The amount of blood lost points to a ruptured artery.

Props to Best Gore member @jangwasexpot for the video:

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    1. I’d be surprised if that nigga lived. Doesn’t look like anyone around there would know how to use a tourniquet even if they had one. That would seriously suck though. Like a car accident where you’re just fine and then you realize you’re gonna be dead in a few minutes as you get weaker and weaker.

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  1. a “pistol” ?

    seriously.. what are the chance for a pistol to discharge itself ? low to 0.01%.

    unless that dude move around with a chambered ammo ready to shot. and even tho, the chance for the trigger to be pulled strongly enougth to shot (without security ON) are low.

    meh, i give more chance that this guy was here to steal or something and he pull hismelf the trigger while taking his gun on his bag for use it.

    or he is an extremly strong retard.

      1. like i say..

        1 -the gun wont shot if they are no ammo in the chamber..
        soo that guy got his gun already loaded and chambered an ammo ready to fire.
        stupid thing , unless he planned to actually use this gun for robbery or killing.

        2 – even if an ammo is chambered… chance are low that something pull the trigger strong enouth to shot. including fact that nothing in the bag actually “block” the hammer to hit the pin.

        3 – security is probably OFF.. retard level +1

        a pistol is not that different of a revolver in his functionning. with difference that if the pistol have no chambered ammo, it wont fire if you press the trigger the first time and wont have recoil to load another bullet in the chamber as it didnt shot the first time. while a revolver will simply shot the already chambered ammo and rotate to the next one.

        soo yeah… he is extremly retard or he planned to rob/kill someone in there and accidently press the trigger himself when taking the gun out of his bag and try to escape with that excuse of carrying a gun for self defense.

  2. That’s why you don’t put a single action pistol in a pack that is locked and cocked. Don’t be confused about the “locked” part, the lock on these type of guns is made to be flicked off very easily. It’s designed to be carried locked and cocked on a holster on your hip. NEVER put them in a bag, because this is what can happen. That lock will get disengaged easily and now you have a 2 to 5 lb trigger pull that only requires a touch to shoot a round off. 2 to 5 lbs is just a tap, especially when it’s down to 2lbs.

  3. Chicken Inn. Fucking lol.

    Stereotypes are only seen to be racist if they’re seen to be untrue and unfairly perpetuated. They cease to be untrue and racist however if they become observable and incontrovertible facts.

  4. This was a clusterfuck of incompetence. He had to have been gushing blood for HOW long before someone gets the bright idea to improvise a tourniquet? At least the guy didn’t accidentally shoot some innocent bystander.

    But I guess I can think of several otherwise-not-totally-stupid people I’ve known who have somehow caused an accidental discharge of a firearm. I almost intercepted a drunken neighbor’s slug with my head while out in the yard, years ago. It was freaky; I heard a brief buzz close to my left ear and then some shredded leaves drifted down. Yikes.

    During the quick-draw craze of the fifties my uncle shot himself in the leg but didn’t hit an artery…

    I love guns and every time one of my fellow Americans does something stupid with a firearm I resent it because anti-gun people use gun mishaps as ammo against A2.

  5. It’s never a great idea to carry a gun in your pocket or on a leg strap / holder either. If it goes off you can accidentally shoot yourself or get shot by your own gun as it appears to have happened to this poor man. The wound looks serious. There is massive blood loss and it is dark blood. He’s bleeding a lot and it’s probably from a main artery. There’s a good chance he probably died from this injury unless he got medical attention fast. It looks like after he slipped in his own blood he was passing out, probably going into shock from all the blood loss. TERRIBLE!

    1. That would only complicate things. Have you ever tried to stuff a spear into a backpack?
      I suppose he could have set his bag on a table and began assembling spear segments much like a pool cue but losing the element of surprise.
      On the other hand, he’s not as likely to shoot his dick off with a spear.

  6. Ok. So all the unhelpful shit has been said.

    Let’s educate. Let’s be a POSITIVE WITH THIS THIS SITE!!!!

    If you happen to be in this kind of fucked up situation and someone has ‘THAT MUCH BLOOD ON THE FLOOR!!’ then you must realise that a main cortiroid artery has been sliced WIDE OPEN.

    If you ever see that blood is ‘pooling like this.. or ‘spirting’ the you need to STOP THE FLOW TO SAVE THE PERSONS LIFE!!

    Your belt, stockings, (thin) rope, will actually save his life in this instance. You need to TIE JUST ABOVE THE BLEED SITE…. VERY, VERY TIGHTLY… (It will actually HURT MORE than the actual original wound) but, the tighter the binding, the more you’re ‘completely stopping the blood flow.’

    That would have saved this fellow Zimbabweans life.

    Instead of simply watching him die..

    And half heartedly to help… with a fucking plastic bag.


    Shame man.

    1. Pity you weren’t there then isn’t it. You’re not gonna last round here trying to “educate” everyone, who the fuck are you anyway fukkin mother teresa?
      You could see that african man didn’t want to go near him because he knew that blood is infected with everything from aids to ebola and didn’t want him squirting all over him in a pointess attempt to save his dumb ass and you wouldn’t be any different so stfu.
      Now go find some other site to be positive with.
      We do not need you “educating” us, thanks all the same.

    2. The artery you are trying to say is carotid artery which is incorrect. It is located in the neck. The artery in the lower leg that is affected here looks like it is the popliteal artery or perhaps the peroneal artery. (I am assuming they applied the “bandage” over the wound site.) Regardless, I agree the person needs to apply a proper tourniquet ASAP, however, unless there are family members or a trained professional present, it is highly unlikely anyone will want to jeopardize their own safety.

  7. My vote is… dude is gonna die. Already passed out from loss of blood once. Unless someone intervenes that knows to apply a tourniquet within a minute or two, with having the same blood loss rate, he will again lose consciousness. (That too is assuming the internal bleeding is also able to be halted from the use of the tourniquet.) He will then start to suffer from hypoxia (loss of oxygenated blood to the brain) as he continues to bleed causing even more confusion, lightheadedness and level of unconsciousness. Not knowing his current health or background, I would conservatively assess that once he losses about 35%-45% total blood volume, without a transfusion he will die. So to sum it all up… dude is gonna die.

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