Afghan Asylum-Seeker Attacks 3 During Stabbing Spree in Ravensburg, Germany

Afghan Asylum-Seeker Attacks 3 During Stabbing Spree in Ravensburg, Germany

Southwestern Germany Police in the city of Ravensburg arrested 21 y/o asylum-seeker from Afghanistan. The attacker stormed the town’s Marienplatz square at 4:20pm on Friday to begin his stabbing spree. The victims were attacked in three separate locations in the old part of town.

All three stabbed sustained serious injuries with one critically wounded; two young Syrian men, aged 19 and 20, and a 56 y/o German citizen. Police statement said, “Incident was carried out for ‘unknown reasons’ and is not being treated as terror-related.”

The Mayor of Ravensburg is believed to have intervened in the attack and urged the 21 y/o to drop the knife. After complying with the demands, the Afghan male was arrested at the scene by a police officer.

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      1. No. Not an “asylum seeker”. Lol you pathetic cunt.

        The EU asylum rules are quite clear. Seek safe refuge within the first safe country you come across.

        From Afghanistan Germany is not that. He would have had to have passed through many other safe countries to even get that far.

        He is an economic migrant and no more. He wants the “free shit”.


        1. Empty Soul: “He is an economic migrant and no more. He wants the “free shit”.” – You think I don’t know that dickhead? I asked him that question because I wasn’t sure if he was saying that this website mentioning that he was an “asylum seeker” was “propaganda”. You know, like those who are actually suffering from libtardation do.

          1. Watch Hellstorm you pufftard quiff. Germany was carpet bombed and raided by Soviet mongol savages, genocided and then lied about and labelled as “evil nat-zhees” with the unsubstantiated “6 gorillion”. To make light of their historic suffering or to insinuate that Germans deserve this sounds like you’re a degenerate who couldn’t mentally deprogram or advance intellectually beyond Grade 8.

            The victors write the history, dum-dum.

          2. Someone upstairs said “In germany people aren’t used to such horrible acts of violence” meaning they’ve either ignored their own history books or did not pay enough attention to facts… Do you need me to say that again in German?

            I think the Germans deserve WORSE than this. They didn’t seem to learn enough from being “… carpet bombed and raided by Soviet mongol savages, genocided…” etc hence they foolishly joined American-led coalition in Syria against a legitimate government in the pretext of fighting terrorism, killing innocent middle-easterners. That’s why they foolishly joined American-led operations in Afghanistan… and many more. Germany is a puppet of the US, and by extension a puppet of Israel, the gang out to exterminate ‘non-aligned Arabs’.

            Germany helped destroy their countries and then opened its doors to millions of them. What did you think would happen? Are you smart enough to know when you support violence against others, you yourself may face the same fate someday?


          3. Hitler fell ages ago. Its not like in India where people kill themselves or each other on a daily basis s, its not like Amercia ethier. Think about it.

          4. Besides, We pretty much know that we’re destroying ourselves like the good puppies we are for the goverment. Keep dumping that Nazi clichê on us since ALL Germans – especially these days – Participated in this part of history. I assume all Mexicans eat Tacos and shit bricks like ALL americans are like , well, ”The People of Walmart” says it all.

  1. In Latin America we have Muslims but they don’t stir up trouble there because they know we are more brutal and insane than their most fanatical Jihadist. As we have clearly seen here on Best Gore. In other words Europeans are pathetic except the Slavs, Balkan People’s, and those weird Eastern European countries.

    1. They have been there a long time ,over one hundred years and were tauhht by others Christians ,what is what. The Spanish ,traditonally chucked our these invaders in the The Reconquista ,as did the Balkan countries and Eastwern Europe. They spilled a lot of blood to do it.

      What did we the central europeans,US ,Zio, France and the Uk do? We bombed the Serbs when they tried to save their country from these bastards who have not assimilated in over five hundred years! Did we really think that we knew better than the Balkans? Really?

      We deserve everything that happens to us because we are stupid and suck Uncle Sam cocks!


  2. While it must suck being stuck in limbo between 2 countries while seeking asylum, I don’t think it’ll help your cause if you have to explain away randomly stabbing people at your hearings.

    1. Looks like we are pigs for him good for slaughter. So boiling lardbording and subsequent pig skin faceplant would do….. and than perhaps two cute Pepa pig tattoos on his cheeks would make his flight home to Afghan somewhat happier. Everyone likes to bring home something to keep the far land memory alive.

  3. As a British person thank fuck I voted for Brexit.

    Western EU whites are done for with their love for uncontrolled immigration and all that it entails.

    They sold their own indigenous populations down the river for the single purpose of enriching the greedy business owners.

    With the exception of Britain and Eastern Europe the EU is fucked henceforth.

    Burn in hell sell-outs. Your forced “diversity” won’t dent the achievements of those who came before you and arrived after you.

      1. Dankton must be an immigrant retard begging for free shit or a thick as fuck mother’s boy type libtard who loves immigrant cock up his very inviting bum hole.

        No way anyone over 30, a native and a real man would ever believe uncontrolled immigration to be a good thing.

        1. @Shlomo Racemixerstein Interracialberg Keepwatchingpornowitz

          i have family who live in Ireland. i visit them a lot. Beautiful place it is too (except Dublin). You couldn’t pay me to live there. But they’ve got plenty of African’s there too. They’re even in the small towns and villages that are in the arse end of nowhere, which is strange to see.

          The first time i ever went to Dublin i got told by a local (Irish) taxi driver, never get in a taxi which has a dark faced driver. Well let’s just say trying to get a taxi driver that isn’t a Nigerian or someone off a Best Gore necklacing video, is like trying to get a good pint of Guinness outside of Ireland/the UK.

          There’s also whole enclaves of Poles and Lithuanians all over Ireland (who aren’t too bad i suppose – they generally keep themselves to themselves), but they do have a reputation for causing fights midweek when they drink themselves stupid (they mostly refuse to drink on weekends as it’d involve mixing with locals).

          But worst of all, the place is full of spiks. They’re like cockroaches, but uglier to look at. Spanish everywhere and they’re the most ignorant cunts you’ll ever meet in your life.
          i sincerely hate Spanish people with all my heart. Ignorant, rude cunts.

          But in short, i think everywhere is fucked now. It’s gone on too long. i’ve given up caring anymore. Maybe Poland or Hungary are the only ones we can rely on to save us?

          1. @suckmygooch

            I didn’t know Ireland had that much problems, but I’m aware that the (((outside forces))) have been trying hard to turn the entire UK into a shithole. With that being said, Ireland, Wales and Scotland are certainly in a better situation than England, but they’ll become completely culturally enriched in no time if nothing is done.


            Poland, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine and others are in a pretty good situation. And now with new elected prime minister, Italy also has a chance of fixing their situation. The EU went crazy after Salvini sent those boats of rapefugees back to their place. Although I still think Salvini and his party might be controlled opposition. Always be dubious about centralist parties.

            Don’t give up.

          2. hey @Shlomo Racemixerstein Interracialberg Keepwatchingpornowitz

            Thanks for the link. Had never heard of this until i read that. i’ll send it on to the family. That place Lisdoonvarna in the article is actually home to a really, really old festival where they match make for people. It’s a whole weekend (possibly more) where men and women travel from all over the world to find a partner. There’s an interesting documentary floating round somewhere on the internet. The place is like going back in time 100 years. Why the fuck would they put immigrants there to begin with, and why can they house these immigrants but not the 9,000 homeless they recorded in Ireland in August 2018?

            I’d love to know more about Salvini, but from what i’ve read so far, he seems pretty solid in his agenda. Could be a stooge though as you say. Placed there to incite race war.

    1. But, you’re supposed to embrace cultural diversity. It’s better to risk being raped, shot, stabbed or skinned alive than to have a scrawny vegetarian faggot call you a racist.
      Seriously though, voting for Brexit is the only way to begin to regain complete sovereignty and dignity that has been taken away.
      It’s everyone’s job to vote. I voted for Trump and will never regret it. Hell, he fucked NAFTA right in the ass today. Maybe a wall tomorrow. It just keeps getting better.

    2. Seriously? “Take back control” “350million to NHS” “Make our own laws” Bellends like yourselves who buy that absolute bullshit are a disgrace. It’s all about the tories and their mates getting away with robbing everybody else, seen as EU is clamping down on tax evaders. Fucking UKIP? Really? Brexit is a huge fucking mistake and it’s because of fucking sheep like yourselves, grow the fuck up.

      1. @dankton

        You’re young and middle class. I get it.

        However, most of us are old enough to remember life before uncontrolled immigration and we are low enough to the ground to have felt the impact of it.

        Very few Brexit voters voted to “take back control” because we older ones know that we never had it to begin with. The vast majority of us voted to end uncontrolled immigration. Full fucking stop.

        We also know that the Tories are not likely to do that for us either and so we are depending upon them to just carry the Brexit part out and then once out we will vote for any other party no matter how evil and racist who will stop uncontrolled immigration.

        The working class British have been absolutely battered as a result of millions of immigrants competing against them for work and driving the wages down as a result of the over supply of workers.

        Housing availability is also fucked because you cannot create enough homes for an unlimited and constantly growing populace. Building 250,000 new homes by 2030 is pointless if during that time you let in another 10 million people.

        State infrastructure is also fucked because low waged workers contribute next to nothing in income tax and it is the market that determines wage levels, a market operated and influenced by those in favour of uncontrolled immigration because it allows them to keep the costs low whilst boosting profits and returning higher dividends.

        The only way to prevent the above and regain some level of fairness is to put in place some form of protectionism(immigration controls) which cannot be done from within the EU due to EU member state laws.

        You call others sheep and yet you are one yourself because you have absolutely no idea what condition the rest of Britain is in outside of London as a result of uncontrolled immigration.

        The Brexit won and it’s happening because of the above so get used to it and grow the fuck up.

          1. @dankton

            “I know exactly how shit the situation is but it has nothing to do with immigrants”.

            I just explained to you why it is.

            I have been working for decades now and I see jobs being advertised for min wage that used to go for twice that amount all the time and this is directly to do with the over supply of labour.

            Not only is low waged work outside of income tax deduction it is also topped-up via the Universal Credit system so the state is being hit twice.

            It is simply not feasible for a country’s taxpayers to subsidise private enterprise long term.

            Then we have the “posted worker” mess. Fully within EU rules and law and it allows workers from Eastern Europe to be deployed to Britain, or any other EU country, but at Eastern European wage levels. As you might expect this has devastated the trucking and building trade for indigenous workers.

            You can say it has nothing to do with immigrants until you go blue in the face but all the facts show that it does.

            Granted the immigrants are not individually at fault because they are there by EU government invite for the most part. However all the above which I talked about is because of uncontrolled immigration.

            I am not blaming the individual immigrant, I am blaming the system and unfortunately the system cannot be changed from within it. The Brexit wouldn’t be happening if it could.

          2. @dankton

            Come on, debate with me here.

            Remainers are always going on and on about Brexit voters being thick as shit, uneducated and not interested in engaging with and addressing the points that are being made and yet here you are, a remainer, refusing to do the same.

            Address my points and debate with me please lest you be consigned to the exact same dustbin.

            Come at me.

        1. Sorry I’ve been busy with life. But aye its not the immigrants but the system put in place by the government and the current version is failing big time. I’m not the one to debate but personally I dont believe in Brexit, people were fed bullshit and it seems the folk that voted for it are mainly the good old patriots with the ‘take back control’ kind of thinking. Listen, I’m sure you have good valid points and everyone is entitled to their own opinion but as an EU citizen with 2 British kids it’s a bit worrying that they might decide to start deporting folk simply for not having citizenship. I dont know man, it’s just a bit of a shitty situation.

          1. @dankton

            I’m not against immigration, just uncontrolled immigration.

            If you have British kids you won’t be deported because of Brexit due to national citizen rules regarding family status.

            The Brexit will only really effect newcomers and EU citizens without British passports and/or British children.

            I know this may sound cold-hearted but my duty as a British person is to look after British people first and foremost. The rest of the world’s population is not my concern.

            If you look at the history of the British people it is a story about the working class battling hard to win the right of work and wage and to be allowed to survive and have opportunities within their own country of birth and the EU free movement Act took that away from them.

            The free movement Act destroyed all the opportunities and living standards the working class British had fought hard for all these years.

            I will support the rights of the Polish who live in Poland. I will support the rights of the Hungarians who live in Hungary so on and so forth but by that very same token I will also support the rights of the British who live in Britain every single time.

            The only reason the Brexit won is because the working class had suffered greatly because of uncontrolled immigration. They would never have voted to leave if they had saw any benefit from it.

            In fact it is uncontrolled immigration that is tearing apart many EU countries right now. Eastern Europe is angry about it(Ironic I know). Italy is angry about it. Youth unemployment within many western EU countries is at an all time high because of it.

            The entire EU dream is being torn apart because of uncontrolled immigration and either the EU fixes it or more countries will be having their very own Brexit soon enough.

        2. Yeah, I suppose it makes sense so I’ll apologise, I’m normally not the one to get involved but 9 times out of 10 people on here start to spew out pure hatred for certain folk with no valid arguments involved.

  4. You let in one cockroach, they all come flooding in. ©oexisT mother fuckers should get stabbed by a goat fucker, they deserve it for letting them in in the first place. Send them all back and let them bomb the fuck out of eachother.

    1. It’s like when you go to Amsterdam and all you see is North Africans everywhere.
      Which just goes to show you, they’re not truly muslims at all… because any true muslim would be disgusted at the shit that goes on in Amsterdam.

      People traffickers, drug dealers and lazy benefit seeking cunts is what most of them are!

  5. Afghanistan has been in a wellnigh permanent state of war for 40 years now. There is probably no country on earth whose citizens have a greater right to the refugee status than the Afghans. Pakistan and Iran have accepted nearly 3 million Afghan refugees and in Russia there are 150000 of them. The ISAF countries that have been bombing Afghanistan need to follow the example of the three mentioned countries and assume their international responsibility by accepting a combined number of half a million Afghan refugees. What most people do not know is that Trump has escalated the war in Afghanistan, thus intensifying the exodus of civilians from Afghanistan. Even so, there are village idiots who have the audacity to ask, ‘why do they leave their country and come here?’

    1. The Palestinian’s, whom have been exhiled from every corner of the middle east since biblical times, still dont have a ‘country’ thats recognized by the entire international community.

      They would probably take offense to your statement that the current 40 year long Afghan refugee crisis trumps their 2100 year refugee crisis, but thats just speculation.

      If anyone knows a legit Afghan refugee or Palestinian, sign them up – id love to hear from them

      1. Takes one to know one, pal. You must be here for the articles and not the pictures?

        In all seriousness, thanks for pointing out my one phrase that was open to two interpretations. Its called a ‘double entendre’ and I apologize that my mastery of the english language confused you.

        1. ‘Double entendre’ is also known as ‘Mehrdeutigkeit’ or ‘Amphibolie’ in my language, and it typically serves as the last desperate refuge of those who have made public fools of themselves. Village idiots like you obviously need to be fed with a teaspoon so that they can comprehend their own idiocy: if someone said ‘I am certain that you are probably an idiot’, it is not a clever use of the ‘double entendre’, but rather a sure sign of analytical ineptitude. This is where you enter the picture. By the way, the E in ‘English’ is capitalised. Your stupidity shines through even when you are acting smug. It must be shitty being you.

          1. I’m not sure why you’re angry, specifically at me, but I’m cool with being the target of your keyboard tough guy routine if it helps you.

            I hope you get your home life back on track, no one is pulling for you to overcome your issues more than I am.

            One love.

  6. Seeing that sand virus fuck laying down while police guarding his ass and you know that he will be out relatively soon.
    -I hate police and i know the people would organize and destroy those sand scumbags in few days if there’s no guarders of genocidal Zionist system that protect those evil aggressive sand nigga fucks.

    -Just few nice lynches to death and they would got their message and this stabbings and rapes would be thing of past.
    We Serbs know this kind. They respect only force, believe me.

    1. You know what’s so bizarre?
      Katrin Göring-Eckardt from the green party said:
      “Wir bekommen Menschen geschenkt!
      Meaning those scumbags raping and killing germans are “gifts” to us.
      That gives you an idea how much they hate their own people.

      1. If they are even Germans.
        Either they are Jews or just a slimy treator auto chauvinists, like almost all puppet politicians in EU_ROPE.
        Most of them are btw a transgenders(but that’s another story).

  7. If you want something that’s good in this multicultural enforcing is: Arabs HATE life in village. They love to live in cities. This fucks are so lazy that you can count of this and go into hill (they hate them to) with your women and you’re saved.

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    Thats what Hitler said , and today
    Leaders of Germany will do anything
    Too make it a zoo and make life of german nice people miserable again…
    Does evill monkeys need to be executed, compressed and become an automobile fuel….nothing else better will come out from them…
    The prove is what they get for their hospitality…

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