Brazilian Drug Trafficker Jaw Blown Away after Confronting Police

Awww - He Looks Sleepy

On February 2019, during a confrontation with the police in a favela known as Morro do Castro, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the 33 year old drug trafficker known as “Ganso” had his jaw blown away by a rifle shot. He apparently survived.

Props to Best Gore member @void33 for backinfo about the photos and video:

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        1. I think this patient could use a scalpel incision between the c1 and c2 vertibrae followed by a radial removal of muscle, tendons, arteries, and skin in the neck region. that should promote a immediate improvement to the patient’s condition.

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    1. He will be betrayed of “friends”.
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  2. Poor bastard. How do you begin to fix that? Extensive plastic surgery? An metal plate for the jaw? By the way, what’s the health service like in Brazil? Do you get free hospital treatment like in Uk or do you pay insurance like in America? Anyone know?

    1. Well, they’ll probably fix him for free(if not having insurance).

      -This is not USA, place where you can die with open injury if you’re poor.
      Solidarity still exist but bloody capitalism forcing law of jungle/Darwinism.

    1. You and Pigs have some sort of obsession about collecting heads. I’m sure you’re just a couple of regular guys trying to get ahead. Where are you going to mount it? Or am I getting ahead of myshelf?

  3. i swear i’ve seen this posted before, a good while back, either here or on a similar site….. anyone else feel like that on this one??? or is it just the mandela effect for me?

      1. yeah i saw the feb 2019 part right off!! no worries i’m probably just insane, you guys…. which was well-known before this or any other bg post so nothing new lol

  4. I guess I’m going to be the dick that says it. This was posted on here within the past year. I really don’t care, but I’m drinking, and just feel like being the douche that has to point it out. Honestly, I’m all for bringing them all back for round two. Fuck it. Why not?

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