Woman Loses Leg at Sea, Boat Propeller Accident Aftermath

Aftermath - Woman Loses Leg at Sea

In Brazil, a woman loses leg at sea.

Swimming or dipping leg in the water, she is not smart enough to avoid a boat propeller accident. A tourniquet is used to stop any further bleeding.


That’s not a shark bite!
I’m Brazilian and listening to the man in the boat, he said that was the boat propeller what did it.

Thank you @rafagostinho/ Rafael for the update.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:


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  1. Seeing she has denim shorts and a shirt on she probably had her leg dangling. I’m hardly fluent in Spic so do we know from their ranting shit speak that it was in fact a shark? Looks like a fairly neat cut.

    We should stock bull sharks in the Rio Grande or maybe crocs and gators! They’re be eatin’ good in the neighborhood!

  2. Those guys did an amazing job controlling the bleeding and making the situation calm as could be.
    I’ll bet they even carried on with their sailing/fishing trip that afternoon and brought her to the hospital the following day.

    1. I imagine it played out something like this…
      Male flip flop 1-What do you mean you forgot the bait?
      Male flip flop 2- don’t worry, theres got to be something on this boat we don’t need that we could use
      Female flip flop-I’m making lunch, what do you guys want?
      Male flip flop 1- There’s no galley on this boat….
      Male flip flops 1 and 2 slowly turn their heads towards female flipflop

  3. How long does it take before newbies are allowed to comment on forum topics or even their own activity page?
    Damn I’m getting bored. Maybe I’ll come back in 6 months.
    “Hydro nuclear dispersion and sub neutron thermal reaction analysis!”
    Okay I feel better now

  4. So, she lost half of one leg, yet both flip-flops are missing; her “better half/husband” is 100% human, but they’re both Brazilian, and so was the shark, traveling at a speed of… Fuck! Math is hard.

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