Aftermath Photos of Skateboarding Accident

Aftermath Photos of Skateboarding Accident

Today’s edition of “Best Gore Members Rock” is brought to you by Buju. The photos are of a skateboarding accident aftermath and I’ll let Buju explain what happened himself cause I don’t even understand half of what he said (what’s an ollie?):

In June last year, I was out skateboarding. I was olleying a gap which was about a 2 foot high ledge, about another 2 feet across and an 8 foot drop on the backside. I have done this gap many, many times. I have even kick flipped the very same gap a few times and a backside 180 at one point, which I only ever pulled off once.

So there I am, feeling like I need a little more adrenaline for the day so I go to ollie the gap. After 2 feeler attempts (make the olly, kick away board and land on foot) I come in my third attempt expecting to make it no problem as usual. Didn’t quite feel right on take off but I tried to hold it together and when I decided it was time to bail it was just a split second late and I landed funny, planting my right foot while the rest of me kept going.

To be honest it felt like my knee straight dislocated, I blew out my left knee 3 years ago skiing, completely different feel. Anyway the end result was that I fractured my Tibia Plateau vertically to almost halfway down the Tibia. At the same time, my ACL, instead of tearing or snapping, pulled up a chunk of bone from the Tibia along with the little bit its normally attached to. 3 months for my Tibia to heal, about a month pre surgery then 6 months or so recovering….

Basically my ACL was replaced with a piece of hamstring, the destroyed part of Tibia Plateau was filed down and smoothed and I have a screw into my Tibia, I could probably get the pictures of my knee internally, but really it’s not gory or interesting…. just disorienting and somehow shiny…

Thanks a lot Buju for the pics. Hope legs is doing better. Are you still able to skateboard after this? Are you taking it easier on yourself now?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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203 thoughts on “Aftermath Photos of Skateboarding Accident”

          1. @ug. those cameras belong to my downstairs neighbor who is a Santeria voodoo priest who sacrifices animals in the back yard. he’s paranoid and i don’t fuck with the guy cuz i think he’s coockuo for coco puffs if you know what i mean.

          2. @mouse, yeah I have a few coco puff psychos around my neighborhood too. It’s always best to leave them be. Checked out the hip video, it looks like the docs just threw some scrap metal in there and called it a night. I have hip problems myself but nothing like what you have. Major props to ya for having to put up with that shit! If that were me I would have told the docs to cut my leg off and fuse the bones together to make a bonified peg leg. And nice cats ya got there! I have an orange tabby that’s been mooching off me for the past 2 years. That’s ok though, animals make life much less stressful so it’s a fair trade

          1. -that clicked away fast-
            (soy= sorry)
            i was wondering, do these things stay in the hip fo the rest of your life, and will the pain eventually go away ?

          2. @serpent. the implant is permanent and so is the pain. i was hospitalized for 6 weeks last year because the pain became unbearable again. only iv medication like morphine would help.

          3. Hey Mouse…

            Sorry to see about your hip… It looks extraordinarily painful. Plus I hope that you are medicating yourself properly to minimise pain.

            YouTube royally fucked me over. It never used to reveal my entire fucking name. Just my username.

            I guess it is my punishment for using an iPad.

            P.S. love your pussies.

        1. @mouseman, wow that sucks, but at least I can now put a voice to the mouse face that I pictured in my mind! I have said this before but you ignored me but I’m not too far from you and would not refrain from hanging out one day, havin’ a beer and shootin’ the shit with ya (NO HOMO) haha, but like I said I feel your pain and wish I could take some away for ya. Peace bro!

          1. @lunatic. no worries about any homo shit going on if we ever meet up unless you look like a lipstick tranny and then i might be up for some action. you bring some of Colombia’s finest party favors and i’ll pay for it. then let the good times roll. now if you’re just a cool dude then a cold beer will be just fine.

        2. @Mouse, I just watched you hip vid and the ‘spy cameras at my house’, I can’t believe your accent! Its awesome! “nefarious purposes, I might add” hahaha Well I hope the voodoo fellow has SOME purpose?

          1. @tiger. thx for viewing my vids. for me anyone who likes to watch and record others using hidden spy cameras has nefarious purposes on their mind. i believe my downstairs neighbor has a screw loose and i really just avoid the guy. i do not agree to his animal sacrifice and chanting to his bullshit God. in the surveillance society i always assume i’m being watched by somebody when i leave the house. it’s not paranoia it’s situational awareness.thx.

          2. @mouse, the guy has obvious paranoid delusions, I’d be worried about my safety? What animals does he sacrifice? chickens? CATS? I think its disgraceful because it usually involves cutting their throat!

      1. @spideeee, as soon as I can get a digital camera and upload a pic I will. Believe me.I hate this, (well, actually, that little crabby guy looks likes he could be a lunatic) so until then he represents!

  1. it looks like it tickled!.. I need to submit a photo of me from 11 years ago, a Van I was a passanger in lost rear driverside tire and did a magnificent roll at 80 mph, I was behind the driver seat and during the roll I made contact with the hwy, after the van came to a sliding stop on its roof I got the hell outa there when I smelled fuel. My first taste of nasty road rash that just about had my inards exposed………….Ah memories

    1. Fuck your lucky.

      I had the front left wheel of a friends car come off at 100 on a straight highway and the wheel overtook me………. It’s f’kn funny now but at the time a camera shot of my eyes would’ve told a different story…….. hahhahaaha.

      I momentarily shit but instantly knew what was going on because earlier I had put in new shockies and forgot to tighten the fucking wheel properly.

      I was reminded rather quickly.

      I pulled over and the brake disk had lost an flat inch on the bottom.

      I then had to find the wheel doing 160 past me when it came off.

      I found said wheel and FUCK ME, the cap was still on the wheel and all 5 nuts were still inside………… what are the chances.

      Lugged the f’kn thing back to the car and sussed out the situation.

      I jacked the car up and put the wheel on and drove on.

      Sorry Steve, I forgot to……… anyway

      1. Haha…… When I was a kid I had my brakes changed on my car and the shop forgot to torque the lugs……. that day I jumped on the freeway and maybe made it a 1/4 mi before my front driver side tire and wheel launched off with no prior shimy or vibrations that would raise concern, I managed to muscle the car into the median and luckily the tire/wheel traveled down the median for 1/2 a mile……… that would’ve been shitty if it pulled a brick video stunt.

  2. I have no pity for idiots who skateboard. I see them all the time. It’s guys like this who deserve to get injured. I bet he goes back on his skateboard and does more tricks or “olleying”. Screw him (no pun intended)! I hope that ding dong suffered.

    1. Sour much? Not much for athletics? Would you consider skiing “idiotic?”

      Just out of curiosity, why so harsh and bitter sounding

      To be clear, no sympathy/pity requested. If your not willing to get hurt don’t do the sport.

          1. @boatman and Buju – You both can kiss my ass. I’m not a troll and we are all entitled to our opinions. I’ve seen much worse comments on here, especially about people who die in accidents, including children. Here, the jerk got on a skateboard and got injured and had the balls to post it here. No sympathy from me!

          1. @Spiderman, No I don’t miss too many of your rants but the thing is that your rants are entertaining while Buffsmom’s are downright boring.

          2. Buffsmom is not an immature kid. Unlike you kid, she comments when she has something of value to say. She has a long history of being a valued and respectful member on BG. You on the other hand have a short history of being a tool. Watch whom you offend, kid.

          3. @slicer, Ok, I’ll not say anything more nor will I comment on any of Buffsmom’s comments from here on out.
            I know who you are @slicer and I know that, in all probability ,you could have me banned from BG if you wanted to.
            I do have a question for you @slicer if you don’t mind answering please. What exactly do you mean that I’m a ‘tool’. Knowing this would help me in becoming a better member of BG without being an immature kid. But if you don’t want to answer I’ll understand.

          1. @tiger, I love you, you’re always a happy medium! By the way, I have a question for you, do you live near red dog? That movie brought tears to my hard ass eyes!

          2. @lunatic, I live in the same state as Red dog! There must be approx. 2500km between my town (Busselton) and Dampier though, (Dampier is an area where Red dog lived and is where his bronze statue is erected) I saw the statue on a holiday when I was 14. The Red dog movie is a great movie, I saw it at our drive-in theater.

          3. If he was talking to me, no idea why. I’ve never called anyone immature on here. By troll I meant she just likes to be mean in post, not that she is a ‘kid’

            For the record I am not a ‘kid’ either, but I have no reason try to prove otherwise. I’m not mad and nor should buffs or slicer be.

          4. @buju, I was under the impression we are not to insult the ‘BestGore members rock’ (folks who send in their injury pics) @slicer knows @buffsmom is 64 years old (that why she don’t like skaters?) probably just sticking up for the oldies? You have not been a ‘tool’ at all, @slicer is one of Marks ‘side-kicks’ so he can what he wants, when he wants!
            Also our household is #1 Futurama fans, got EVERY DVD ever made, comics, posters, love it!

    2. I’m totally with you Buff…
      Pussy skaters of today using boards as big as surf boards.
      Back in the day when I skateboarded it was with a puny board and metal wheels.
      Skaters of today have it too easy – some pain is in order.

        1. Master Baked…
          You got me there, BMXing was after my time (I’m 50) but I did have a very cool mustang bike with ape-hangers and a banana seat.

          Humbly at your service Master – but I’m baked as well.

          1. Whoa! Skateboarding has nothing to do with pussy’s, it takes alot of balls to do some tricks, yes there are scared pussy skaters, but I wouldn’t call them skaters, a real boarder has balls and skates with passion. Its just a sport people don’t get. when people talk shit about skaters getting hurt and say they deserve it, I think they should go dive their car and get hit, you Deserve it, as for the long boards, there fucking gay, when I use to skate, we would beat the shit out of them and break their gay ass board. to sum it up, skaters rock and the rest should run in front of a car.

          2. Ha!I had one of those.Mine had the small wheelie wheel on the front.Great for jumping ramps.Wish I had all the baseball cards we used for “mufflers”.

      1. @Fiend, not all of the skateboards used today are big as “surfboards”, it’s just in this day and age you have many choices, including the ‘long-boards’, you can still get normal skateboards- I know, I have 3 sons! Only 1 skate-boards, he is easily the fittest out of all 3 (I think they use stomach muscles to keep balance, well I know their sphincter would get a good workout!) I’m not sure skate-boards have ever had metal wheels though, the rubber (or whatever plastics the wheels are made of) might have changed in the last 30-40 years, but they have always had to absorb bumps (so you don’t fall off every few minutes) and metal wheels cannot do this!

        1. Any kind of balance requires your core muscles(abs/obliques/lower and middle back) so yes your correct.

          BMX is awesome! I rode for a few years but grinding and bar spins is about as good as I got before my bike was stolen.

          No idea what skate wheels are made of, generally they were rollerskate wheels back in the day.

          Why all the aggression? So what if someone thinks I deserved it, I ski race and board for summer athletics. If you are not willing to get hurt don’t do the sport. We all(athletes) try to avoid injury, some do but most of us don’t. No matter what sport, that’s the fact of it.

          Nuff cry titting

          1. @fiend, I’m sorry I didn’t believe it so I googled ‘vintage skateboard with metal wheels’, yep before the 1960’s, it says skateboards often had metal wheels, (usually hand made using old roller-skate wheels) until early 1960’s when they were made of clay! It says they had NO traction (for turning) and were bone-jarring, teeth-loosening on the roads. In the 70’s with the introduction of urethane (thanks @JizzakhJohn) is when the skateboard gained popularity.

      2. @Fiend – But back when skateboards looked like that, there were no tricks and people didn’t skate stairs or handrails. Skating is WAYYY better now. Look up ‘Brandon Westgate’ then tell me that modern skaters are pussies.

        1. @Jizz
          I suspect you weren’t around in the late 60’s so how the eff do you know?!
          I had a great time on my skateboard and no, I didn’t do tricks, but I didn’t feel the need to prove anything – I just had fun.
          Geez – sensitive much?

          1. @Fiend – I wasn’t around back then, but I know what tricks people were doing because I know about the history of skateboarding. Most modern tricks were invented by a guy called Rodney Mullen (I’ve actually met him). Flip tricks didn’t become common until about the 1980s and skateboarding drastically changed in the 1990s. It’s only in the last 15 years that people have been skating large stairs and handrails.

            I know this because I’ve been skating for most of my life.

        2. The skateboards I remember were the fiberglass ones with fiberglass wheels, the only ones you can buy at the time. But I remember the skates with the skate key with metal wheels where you didn’t really skate but just kinda walked your way along. haha.

          1. “I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates,
            You’ve got a brand new key…”
            Everybody sing!

            Yeah, @lunatic, I had those too.
            Good times.

          2. @fiend,was that ^tune^ melanie
            safka??? approx same era as
            johnny nash “i can see clearly
            now” have got that stuck in my
            head now,lol

    3. What’s wrong with skateboarding? Why would you hate someone for enjoying a sport? Why would you wish suffering on someone who had never wronged you? Why does Buju ‘deserve to suffer’? Do you hate football players too? Or motocross riders?

        1. Buffsmom reminds me of those old miserable hags who call the cops on neighborhood kids cause they’re playing too loud and she can’t watch her crappy Lifetime movie in peace…also the kinda bitch that keeps any toy/ball that happens to land in her yard

          1. @PaleRider and Buju

            It always makes me laugh how guys like you are intimidated by independent women who speak their minds.
            Why is this?… does it cause shrinkage?!
            Grow up boys, unless you like getting bitch slapped to the curb.

          2. @fiend where did I say I was? My girl is just that, independent and if I fuck up? Oh yeah she speaks her mind.

            Tbh I would be bored with anything less

            Buffs and anyone can speak their mind, all I asked was why they feel that way. No disrespect intended, sorry if that is what you have interpreted.

          3. @Buju

            It was your reply to PaleRider’s comment that made me think you were on board with his clap-trap.

            My humble apologies for including you in that.

            I hope you are up and back on the board very soon!


          4. @dickFiend, I am in no way intimidated by women who think they’re “independent” in fact I find “spice girls” to be more hilarious than intimidating…and I don’t mind getting slapped by women either…I’m in to that 🙂

        1. @Spiderman

          Seems we have found a new name for Mr. Rider – if the shoe fits.

          My apology was to Buju, I mistakenly included him in my lecturing.

          I have always loved my friendly neighborhood Spiderman… and soon to be released, yet another film about you.
          You are indeed THE MAN.

          MUAH… Fiend

          1. I ain’t the man but sometimes we ALL say things on Best Gore that we we would like to retract but that is one of the good things is that comments are FINAL.

            I’d still like to see a FULL screen or at least 3 quarters and yes, I do understand advertising space etc etc……..

            What’s an EXPERT ?

            A has been and a drip under pressure.

  3. Whoa there Mark.

    Slow down on the stories and I’m sure that alot of folks would agree ( maybe ) that it’s too hard to keep up and respond accordingly with THOUGHT provoking replies and follow-ups to our posts.

    Yes I’m sure you have a shit load more these days so archive them and give props or whatever when you release them.

    Take a breather and release them at a stage where you think we have had time to digest older ones and those post’s direction will give you an indication for the next release.

    Less is more sometimes.

    Right or wrong It’s my 2 cents on the subject 8)

    1. Noooo i like it when he adds new gore! I get all excited to see the new stuff and the comment threads. I am finding it harder to keep up with comments but thats cause im not getting the emails anymore – this feed thing misses alot of comments so im having to go back into the old comments and re-read stuff…thats kinda annoying.

      1. @ Allicatt

        I hear you and I can’t help thinking that Best Gore might benefit from a forum with Marks titles.

        That’s title’s not TITTIES.

        Log onto Best Gore and pick your interest and comment accordingly.

        It’s just another 2 cents of mine.

        1. I am unsure about having a forum Spidey.

          I love the present layout… All the gore and opinions in one place.

          I dislike the idea of having to navigate across the site constantly to keep up with comment commitments.

          Which is also why I find it quite intimidating with this recent deluge of content.

          1. Spidey,

            I won’t write off any idea of change totally…

            I guess we can spitball some ideas about the place… All depends if Mark fancies a change as well.

            I reckon your professional opinion on this is worth a lot more than my ‘change frightens me’ belief…

            Just I wonder what can replace the current layout?

          2. personally i dont think he needs to change the layout….maybe just enable us to view other members profiles……in these profiles will be a list of topics we have made comments on

    2. @ Trooper

      Yeah…………… Interesting huh.

      I won’t be spitballing tho cause I’d hate to get an eye full.

      Sure I’v built sites with traffic but nothing like the millions of visitors to Best Gore every month.

      My opinion is just that………. an opinion.

      I believe that BG needs an easy to use navigation menu.

    3. On another point.

      Notice how Best Gore uses only 50% of your screen and it’s centered, that’s alot of wasted space on either side.

      Alot of people these days have new and much larger computer monitors. I for example have a new 22 inch LED screen and viewing it a 125% and the wasted space still sticks out like dogs balls, I can only imagine what you lot must endure with smaller screens including mobile devices.

      This site design is meant to be read vertically, much like an iPad and we all know Marks love for all things iPad……… hahahaha

      I don’t know about you lot but I’d like to able to read this site horizontally which would also make it much easier for us to edit and read and would allow for a navigation layout that would allow the millions of visiors to jump seamlessly to stories and for members to follow up on posts.

      I can’t help thinking that alot of members that post could’nt be bothered ‘chasing’ previous posts up to a certain point and just move on so alot of them go by the wayside un-answered, I sure as shit have many left behind and I’m sorry for that folks.

      Yes I know the email system is for reminders which I optioned out of, fuck that shit.
      Surely there has to be a better site design that makes this shit more user friendly. I dunno.

      Has this site format been the same from the start ?

      vBulletin is an outstanding piece of software and yes it costs and I don’t know how they’d feel about their software carrying this type of content but that is just one of many examples of software that is availiable ( including FREE ) and of course Mark has to worry about security with using 3rd pary software.

      When I was designing sites I used Namo Webeditor which is damn good software and is as cheap as chips, I’d be happy to buy it for you Mark.

      Google ‘ web site software ‘………. there are more than 3.77 BILLION results, WTF.

      Just flapping my gums Gorgians and as Trooper said, throw some ideas around for Mark to digest.

      1. You make several extremely interesting points Spidey… Even enough to get this ‘change-a-phobe’ moist over.

        I believe that before we start getting into a serious discussion about this site’s future. We should here from Mark first.

        I am positive that with your experience. You would be the first person Mark approaches with designs.

        I am thinking we may see your name on the ‘Unsung Heroes’ list should this go ahead.

        1. @ Trooper

          I hear you……. BUT.

          Just because Mark and close trustees are not responding does’nt mean they are not reading and scrutinzing the posts.

          I’ll say it again………. yes I have experience in the field but have no wish to go there again.

          Mark and his crew have got it covered I’m sure.

      2. sometimes when im in bed i log into best gore on my phone……its a nightmare…when a few people have replied and then you try to reply the comment box is like a cm wide….so small that it only fits 2 letters in before going to the next line

          1. A spot of the old filth is always appreciated.

            Glad to hear that Razor!

            Nothing worst than a box where you can make an Echo… Echo… Echo.

          2. ALL these comments started waaaaaaay back when Buffs Mom said ” I have no………

            Fuck’n awsome I say and look how many different conversations took place along the way 8)

            Same with previous stories with time to catch up on posts.

            Who said our posts arn’t being read by BG 8)

          3. Hey Spidey.

            It is very strange how these conversations often transmogrify into something radically different to the original posted comment.

            I don’t really make a point of backtracking into previous posts unless I really have to.

            My worry is Spidey. Due to the increasing size of the membership. Navigating through these massive pages full of comments is going to get increasingly more difficult.

            Do you have any suggestions on it?

  4. Cheers for the pics Buju.

    Hope your leg gets better soon. I winced at those pictures… Looks as if they smarted a bit.


    You are on fire with the content! The rate of gore being shown on the site is exceeding the amount of gore the F.V produces!

    Or maybe not.

  5. does anyone know how i can scan a x ray and submit it to mark? maybe you might enjoy a glance at my reconstructed left hip. the surgical pin and screws are gnarly and i might achieve some bg immortality without having to die.

          1. i will forever be hung like a mouse. i would not install a cock inplant even if those things existed. best not to mess with what you were given. that goes for women with the fake boobs as well.

          2. Ha……….. Moose

            This is the mouse we love, keep sqeaking LITTLE fella.

            @ Mark

            Keep an on eye on those moose on your travels.

            Oh yeah, I nearly forgot………. those fluffy bears you get there arn’t as cuddly as our Aussie Koala Bears.

        1. @mouse, I thought you made it very clear, you don’t go down on women? Something about them being too dirty, smelly for you, so you don’t go for ‘oral’, (I imagine you like to receive oral though?) What has caused this change of face, and made you brag about your tongue?

          1. @tiger. i’ve been watching too much porn and cannot smell anything thru my computer screen so it becomes an intriguing fantasy i suppose. women seem to like it and being hung like a mouse i must do SOMETHING to please the lady otherwise she will not let me have any seconds. at some point i will stick her with my willy but probably when she’s not looking.

    1. @ Rat man

      In 2 years I have NEVER heard you ASK a question 8)

      Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

      With your x-ray………. take it to a printer shop for a photocopy or take a digital photo of it on a white wall and go from there.

    1. @ Alley Cat

      I got you……………… I cruise the Internet with no ads and no pictures ( except the ones that I choose ) and this cut’s my Internet download bill by 70%…………….. per month.

      Yup………………….. you heard me.

      Pictures are lovely……………….. but they cost ya.

  6. @Mark, an ollie is the jump of the skateboarding world, like a bunny hop on a bike. It’s the basis of all skateboarding tricks, yet it’s more difficult than it looks. Oh the memories of all those times I landed wrong and flipped the board straight up into my jimmy johnson

      1. Haha yeah I may have severely reduced my chances of having kids, which is definately a good thing. I would gladly choose to endure a thousand swift kicks to my squidgy bits over having my genes passed on. To my future son or daughter: I’m sorry but I thought you couldn’t swim

          1. Hell yep, same here. I loves me some herbal remedies! And thanks for the pics btw, I imagine that shit hurt like the mother of all fuckers! The worst injury I had was when my board deserted me in the middle of a 5-0 and I landed smack dab on my chest and broke a rib. My friend laughed so hard he almost passed out, meanwhile i’m using my last bit of energy to flip him the bird and yell “fuuuuck yoooooouuu”

          2. When I was seventeen I was a badass skater, one day I missed the buss so I was skating as fast as I could to the park n ride, on my way there was an 8stair with a rail, going about 30 to 35mph, I decided to hit the rail instead of avoiding it to catch the bus, I hit the rail for a noseslide, but my foot slipped off the the rail and I flew with my back to the ground and caught the kink at the bottom of the rail with my lower back, flipped upside down and landed on my head. I broke 5 vertebrae and had such a bad concussion it took 3 weeks to stop forgetting my name. It took 18 months to recover, that was the end of skating for me.

          3. @phatman,i have enormous
            respect for skaters,the stuff
            they do is awesome,and the
            young people people doing
            it have highly polished brass
            balls,was rare when i was
            younger,we had moto-X,wish
            was young again.

    1. @UgFeedsSlugs – That’s never a good thing, smashing your goolies in. Sid Melvin actually split his dick open when he was skating, it was fucking horrendous. He spent thousands of dollars on dick surgery and had to piss through a catheter for ages.

      1. Yep, fuck all that mess. I never went balls all over walls when I skated. I fully understood that I had nothing more than “driveway skills” so trying anything that involved a sizable drop or rail was a hospital bill I couldn’t afford. Plus I didn’t have a camera. Toy Machine and Zero had some classic badasses. Them tricksters flat-out didn’t give a hoot about losing blood or chunks of face

  7. @Buju
    Dude I know how you feel when you get 1 foot planted and the other keeps going… except when it happened to me, I was on a mini half-pipe and caught the coping straight on my junk 🙁
    Wasn’t BG worthy but it could’ve been failblog worthy 🙂

          1. the pic has FOOT FETISH too! . Shut up baked, you only fuck illegal south american inmigrant ewoks promising them marriage to get the us residency

  8. Jeez I just sprained an ankle real bad and 2 weeks later I’m joggin again. Can’t imagine if I had to go through broken bones and multiple surgeries.
    I take pain pretty well but I don’t like to test it

  9. Glad to see that you sent in your pictures @Buju.
    One thing I’ve learned already is what an ollie is. I did a little skateboarding when I was a kid but nothing like what’s being done in todays skateboarding world.
    Haven’t broke/fractured any of my leg bones yet and I don’t want to start anytime soon either. Those pictures you sent in looks painful, Ouch.
    The one question I do have for you @Buju is; what’s a ACL? Dose it have something to do with tendons or ligaments?

    1. As accurately as I can explain….. I forget the non abbrev. names at the

      Your ACL is a ligament in the knee running diagonally through it, I believe outside femur to inside tibia maybe the other way. It is one of several, the PCL runs whichever is opposite of the ACL(inside to out or vice versa) as well the MCL runs the inside(I think, mcl/lcl are easy to confuse)with the LCL running the outside. And then your Meniscus goes all the way around like a rubber band, I believe under the Patella tendon(right over top of your knee cap) to hold it all together. Im not sure if that’s exact, but it’s roughly what it looks like in there. And now you can see why it is so easy to hurt a knee, a lot going on in there. It’s literally as easy as stepping funny, in which case I would have been pissed, but I was rocking out on my board so, can’t be mad!!! Love it love it…. Sports 😀

      1. Matter of fact, if you look at the X-ray, the fuzzy part in the middle of the joint is where my ACL should be attached, hard to see the diagonal from the angle but it would normally be, but because it took a concrete block size chunk of bone with it and the spur it attaches to and didn’t actually snap it looks like that, fuzzy muddled mess

        1. I had my acl fixed after living with the pain an having it blow up if I even slipped or jumped down off a chair ,it’s great now an I wish I had em both done, I can ride my dirtbikes again ,I’m 50.

        2. Thanks @Buju for all your info. Enjoyed reading it.
          Also I was friends with a lot of Native Americans when I was living in Navada. Most were Shoshone but my best friend was an Apache from Arizona.

  10. That’s pretty gnarly dude but since everyone is sharing their stories , my spine was crushed by a 700lb truck transmission that slipped off the stand as I was installing it. I ended up in surgery having my broken spine reinforced with titanium rods screwed to bone. The surgery took 7.5hrs and I spent a month in the hospital and another month in bed at home. This happened January of this year and I still have numbness in my legs.
    So after all of these stories the message is stay safe and always think twice about what you are doing.

          1. I hear you.

            He is however in his 40’s and far from immature BUT…… why you bug him the most only he can explain…….. hahaha

            He’s ok but like the rest of us, we have our moments 8)

            Let it be noted that I too have made what could be considered derogitory remarks to you as well.

            I respond accordingly to ALL members and their OPINIONS regardless, and including the topic.

            My shout for a drink.
            Bush weed is being packed as well.

  11. I’m back on snow in October, with a mother fucking vengeance!

    Most likely I will not skate again until next summer. I’m fit and all, but why push it? So after a winter season on the sidelines I feel it’s best to take the summer off as well. Rushing things tends to make me careless and I can’t afford that here 🙂

  12. Lol, I’ve been skateboarding for more than half of my life, it was so weird to see skating jargon on Best Gore. I’ve never fucked myself up that badly before, I’ve smashed my head in a few times and I’ve fractured both my wrists several times. Shit like this scares me, I don’t want it to happen to me. I hope you get better soon Buju.

  13. Skating never got in to the whole skating scene plus I couldn’t skate for shit…I did race motocross and broke many bones doing that..both arms twice, one collar bone, one finger, my nose, my ankle and the worst one of all my fractured patella (knee cap) probably the worst pain I’ve ever felt and I’ve broken a lot of bones and I could always deal with that weird dull painfull pain that comes with it , but when I fractured my knee I cried and laid there helpless till the paramedics showed up, after that injury I realized why mobsters like to break knee caps its one of the most painfull bones you can break/fracture and it leaves you helpless and in some cases crippled for life

    1. My knee was brutal….. My left knee, blew my LCL in a warmup slalom course at a race(YouTube world cup slalom if you don’t know. I did not race WC, but I was close), it was mostly numb and dull…..

      My ACL in my right knee, these pictures, hurt like a mother fuck, closest I’ve really come to crying in pain I wish I had lol. Instead I rocked back and forth and withered giggling and saying “mother fuck, etc”

      Just thinking about my kneecap makes me squirm and ache :O

  14. I wonder if the persion worked at the place he skateboarded. *worker 1* want to skateboard on the job?*worker 2* hell yeagh. *nail gun falls and the skateboard gets nailed in his foot* *worker 1* good job explaining this one to the boss man

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