Aftermath of Stabbing Incident in Helsinki, Finland

Sidewalk Stained with Blood in Helsinki, Finland

Aftermath of Stabbing Incident in Helsinki, Finland

At around 5pm today (less than 2 hours ago), a stabbing incident occurred in Helsinki, Finland. Not much is know about it at this time. Best Gore member @ldannugt shared the following thoughts:

The attacker took off quite quickly, but it looked like some kind of robbery or “Attempted murder gone wrong”, since the blood stains continued far away showing that the dude who attacked the other dude got hurt badly as well, but we didn’t go after him. The dude seen being treated by paramedics on street is getting treated in hospital right now.

I believe it has something to do with Narcotics due to them being the top spot in stabbings and murders in Finland.

Otherwise there’s no information from News articles or even the Finnish Police.

Many thanks for the pics and whatever backinfo there is at this time, @ldannugt:

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  1. Let’s be really honest here, the most disgusting thing about this pic is the shadow of the man taking it. How can you let yourself go like this? If he got stabbed there’d be white lard all over the floor and all the paramedics would slip and fall.

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