Airplane Mechanic Sucked Into Jet Engine at El Paso Airport (photos)

Airplane Mechanic Sucked Into Jet Engine at El Paso Airport (photos)

You’ve seen this in movies, but now it happened in real life. An airplane mechanic was fixing one of the jet engines of a Boeing 737-500 aircraft and got sucked into it, turning himself into a slurp of red slush. The incident happened at the time while passengers were boarding the Continental Airlines flight 1515 from El Paso to Houston, Texas however it is not known whether anyone’s has actually seen it. There is no real view out of tarmacs and lots of ruckus inside the plane while it’s being boarded so no one actually has time to stare out of those small round windows.

The victim was working for one of Continental’s suppliers and truly wasn’t having a good day. Spinning pats of airplane jet engines are normally behind a protective grate but the one this mechanic went to look at had the grate removed because there was an issue with it earlier. Dude got too close and it sucked him right in spitting out bloody chunks of shredded body parts none of which resembled human shapes. Jet engines are mean man grinders.

How do you bury someone who went through a jet engine? How do you pick him up from the runway? I wonder if there is any surveillance video of the incident? Would be interesting to see if he put on a little fight for a second or two when suction took him over.

Photos of this gory incident are in the gallery below:

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  1. Must have sounded like a cross between a loud fart and a high pitch wistle followed by the spatter of goo parts splatting on the tarmack. …What was that???Hey…Where’s what’s his face??? Instant SPAGOO.

  2. I worked at an airport for two years and we had some people I thought were going to end up like this the average person doesn’t understand what a plane can really do to you till you have worked with them I actually got the end of my finger cut off thru leather gloves just from the door of an aircraft it wasn’t much of my finger but its still missing a piece

  3. Ahh yes I remember this happening. I live in El Paso and work at the airport, and I remember the commotion going on outside. I went outside myself to see what was going on and there it was, all over the tarmac. Reminded me of prego sauce.

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