Albanian Man Shoots His Eye Out Playing a Game of Russian Roulette

Albanian Man Shoots His Eye Out Playing a Game of Russian Roulette

In October 2013, a 20 year old Albanian man shot his eye out by shooting himself through the head with a .22 caliber revolver during a game of Russian Roulette. Against the odds, he survived.

According to the police, the victim was found lying on the floor in a drunken state, after he was abandoned by another player and a woman who observed the “game”. If you can call Russian Roulette a game.

The Department of Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Florence said in a report the patient underwent numerous surgeries during his 30 day hospital stay. The entry wound was at the level of the right inferior border of the mandible, and the exit wound at the level of the frontotemporal region. The bullet passed through the head from the left, through the floor of the mouth, the left maxillary bone, and the left orbital cavity, and left on the right with traumatic orbital exenteration and cerebral frontal hernia.

Props to Best Gore member beautiful.disaster for the photos:

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          1. Yeah, it’s all fun and games til someone loses and eye !

            I wonder if he was playing with another person, taking it in turns after a shot of vodka? Or if he was a sole lonely bugger that was just freaking everybody out because of his drama queen tendencies……

  1. Lol that good ol’ neigh indestructible eye eh?! Like really what does it take?! Anyone else think it’d be a cool video to see someone smash an eye ball on the table with a hammer?? Lol could call the video;”Die neigh indestructible eye!” 😀 woah! That just rolls off the tongue dont it!

    1. I had my eye kicked in during a particularly dirty fight. It was after I was held over a fire being choked by a psycho meth-head. burned both hands in the process and managed to get free. While I was trying to breathe the fucker did his best kickball impression on my head while two of my supposed friends watched. Cops did nothing until he ran over one of their own. Trauma induced cataract in that eye, good days and bad. And no Marijuana Rx for me; It isn’t glaucoma. I live every day waiting to lose what shitty vision I have in that eye. All of it over me asking this psycho if I could see the Zippo he was using because it went missing at a bar we were both at. If anyone ever says something like “are you calling me a thief?”, they are a thief.

      Oh yeah, got to dissect a cow eye in high school and they do bounce like a rubber ball. The lens section is like 3/8″ thick and peels parallel to light input. Very sturdy shit. Reminded me of polyurethane skateboard wheels.

  2. Just realized it says Albanian man-
    I’m an American 28 year old female born in Wisconsin and raised in Chicago, IL. I’ve been with an Albanian man from Kercova, Macedonia for 8 years and they are not the smartest when it comes to guns- 3 years ago, out in BFE- my (embarrassed to say) other-half – was out shooting illegally with 6-8 illegal Albanian men with 12-13 illegal weapons including an a few AK-47s, sawed-off shot guns, and also as well as an Oozie- only one of them holding a FOID card. Having a big head-Trying to show off, put a pistol halfway exposed on the inside of each side of his waist band for a photo. While pulling them out he pulled the trigger of the pistol on his right by accident and shot the gravel directly beneath him next to his toes missing his balls by millimeters.

    That bullet did something police and doctors couldn’t believe- it actually hit the gravel and the 22mm bull let ricocheted and came straight back up and pierced through him-right above his knee and traveled 12-14 inches more and can still felt right under his right hip bone.

    With doctors refusing to remove it unless it is a health/safety issue/threat..Setting off metal detectors prompting every metal detector/security check to be an issue and almost always causing security/police to laugh in his face..
    Which he deserves–

    Carelessness like that could have gotten him or someone else killed if it had hit him in the heart/head of his friends & family or himself- Thus leaving his 3 small kids fatherless..

    I’m not speaking behalf of ALL ALBANIANS/MACEDONIANS- just 90% of them. J/K- despite big heads and egos, the thrill of dangerousness, and eagerness to show off- they are great, generous, caring, and very sweet people…

    1. Mine is legal-
      Most marry poor brainwashed Americans just for a green card while their wife and kids are back home and wait years for their visas-if ever..
      Reason I wouldn’t marry. Regardless, he had a green card when we met.

        1. I became a lurker when the pc that had the link to my old yahoo e-mail crashed. That is where the e-mail with my Bestgore pass word was stored. The comments (and the members who make them), have always been the best part of this place. That is what kept people coming back every day even after Mark was arrested and there were not any new posts. I have my pass word written down now. Just in case.

  3. Fucking idiot didn’t deserve to live. Hope he has blue cross blue shield or whatever the fuck. Hate to think my tax dollars could be going to pay to keep a shithead like this alive.

        1. Don’t know how many university of Florence medical centers there are in this world but there happens to be one in Alabama, which is a part of Murica.

      1. I love beards. I love my beard. But I hate that show. I have never even seen an episode, but of this, I am certain. I was getting the Duck Dynasty comment about my beard almost every day for about a year. I guess that show’s popularity has died down a bit. Thank god. You’d think people thought that show invented beards…

          1. I’ve gotten ZZ Top before. Not that I actually resemble those guys, though. I’d take that any day over Duck Dynasty. At least they make decent music!

          1. Used to do the same with my hair but the beard shit got old when I woke up with a 12″ pube-like beard hair that I had to cough and pull out of my mouth. that was it for me and long facial hair. And yeah DD is the epitome douchebaggery.

          2. I have never woke up like a cat spitting up hairballs, but a messy sandwich, pancake syrup or soup can be saved for later consumption. Oh and snatch. 😉

        1. I have never watched it either. When they were in the news for calling gay people sinners, one of my sons friends told him, “Your dad looks like the Duck Dynasty guy”. I wasn’t sure if everyone would remember ZZ Top.

  4. I got shot point blank on the eyeball with a BB gun when I was younger. Dam that shit hurt. I was in hospital for a week lol. Had to have like 2000 eye drops over the course of 6 months. Luckily all it did was scratch my lens and I was left with red eye for about 4 months. Perfect excuse for smoking weed. No one battered an eye lid (excuse the pun). Looks like this guy got very lucky too. 😉

  5. Too bad he didn’t die, cause dumbass people who shoot themselves of a game of Russian roulette doesn’t deserve to live, so many innocent people lose their lives daily , and people like this guy obviously doesn’t care about life. It must suck to fail your suicide, and have to live with damage, and scars of your failure. To bad you can’t give a second chance to someone who deserves to live, but died.

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