Alleged Burglar Breaks into Apartment to Steal 6 Year Old Girl

Alleged Burglar Breaks into Apartment to Steal 6 Year Old Girl

On June 3rd, in Lebabon, Indiana, USA, two grandparents defend their young granddaughter from a shirtless and agitated man allegedly attempting to kidnap the sound asleep 6-year-old girl.

Around 1 a.m. 37-year-old Benjamin Dillon kicks the front door in and allegedly yells, “You have my daughter.”

The grandfather tries to get the man out of their residence, while the grandmother calls police. Allegedly, the family do not know Dillon.

When 8 officers arrive, Dillon, engages in a physical altercation with them before taken into custody. They use electric impulse guns, projectile eye pain inducing liquid and fight subduing blows to help restrain him. One officer suffers minor injuries in the scuffle. Benjamin Dillon suffers two black eyes, a bloodied nose and bruises all over his face.

Dillon is believes to be under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident. He is charged with burglary, intimidation, breaking and entering and resisting law enforcement.

Dillon is quoted as saying, “I was under the impression that maybe my daughter might be over there in that apartment complex,” adding that he never threatened to take the girl. The incident is a “misunderstanding.”

Dillon remains detained because he is unable to pay $75,000 set bail.

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