Alleged Criminal Beaten by Passengers Aboard Public Transport in Tláhuac, Mexico City

Alleged Criminal Beaten by Passengers Aboard Public Transport in Tláhuac, Mexico City

Three people injured including a minor during assault aboard public transport in the col. Selene expansion, Tláhuac mayor, one of the alleged criminals was secured and beaten by passengers, elements of the SSC rescued him before being lynched.

Props to Best Gore member @solvrflvre for the backinfo and video:

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  1. He tried ducking away few of those kicks but some found their mark squarely on his noggin ,shaking and bloodying his face which was rightly picked up for a through bash up . I appreciate the way passengers acted and singled him out but arrival of those rescuers as the write up says ;marred our bloody chance of seeing him narrowly cheat death by others.
    May be the next time over ;he ain’t gonna find them coming over to save his skin.

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    1. Criminal Scum: It wasn’t me.

      Shady Commuter:I don’t give a fuck.

      Criminal Scum: That cell phone belongs to the other young man.

      Shady Commuter: Where are youre friends? Where do the live? Do you know where they live?

      Criminal Scum: *Panicked babbling*

      Shady Commuter: I don’t give a fuck. Do you know where they live? I’m going to kill you over there. You don’t know who you fucking messed with asshole.

      *start stomping criminal again*

      Shady Commuter: What idiot? You went too far idiot.

      Criminal Scum: Enough enough enough. *pleading*

      Shady Commuter: Enough what? You crossed the line. You should of thought of this beforehand.

      *same two lines above are repeated while the beating continues*

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