Amputated Arm of Failed Bike Thief Does Epic Pointer

Amputated Arm of Failed Bike Thief Does Epic Pointer

Amputated Arm of Failed Bike Thief Does Epic Pointer

This is epic in so many levels, it’s hard to know where to begin. That’s Mexican telenovela level of epic.

If I understand it correctly, the thief tried to sneak up on a parked bike with an intent to steal it. He slipped and fell, amputating his arm on a hoist in the process.

As he helplessly bleeds out on the floor, his arms hangs loose from the ceiling, with the finger doing the pointer like a conscious mind was still controlling it. The fuck!

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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98 thoughts on “Amputated Arm of Failed Bike Thief Does Epic Pointer”

    1. According to much reliable sources and interpreters, the (h)armless thief was asked the names of his aides, and which he uttered while moving his empty-head from right to left and vice-versa, “Kamlesh, Kamla, Ramesh, and Panna”.

      When he tried to get up, he asked water, the videographer/interrogator asked other people around him not to give him any water and moved to the other location where he found the bike and his amputated arm.

    1. Ok he’s not quite armless, he does have his right arm.
      But he is harmless.

      Just get him some medical attention quick. I know he’s a thieving bastard, but at least he’s not a thieving bastard in a First World country, that is even worse!

      I wonder if they reattached the arm? From the vid, it looks like the bike owner was really pissed and wasted as much time as possible.

  1. .. One things fer sure… His masturbating is gonna be off from now on, because you need that left arm to act as a fulcrum to counterbalance the piston like, vibration energy generated by the procedure… Thus, when yanks his crank, he’ll either spin in place.. Or.. Violently launch himself into things…

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