Another Thai Gets Chewed Up by a Machine

Another Thai Gets Chewed Up by a Machine

A man has fallen into the spinning blades of some machine at a Thai vinyl factory causing serious injuries which expelled organs from his body as well as broke his legs. From what I can understand of the translation, the victim could not be saved and this also happens to be the tenth safety fail at the plant. Jesus fucking Christ, in America that place would have been shut down before such a number could be reached.

But I think it’s pretty clear what is actually happening here. Machines have developed a taste for human flesh in Thailand and Best Gore has been there from the beginning to bring you these savage deaths resulting from the hunger of seemingly mild-manner machines.

Been told by rescuers fortifications. Alternatively, people fall into
the machine blade. Serious injury The blade of Since the spin itself
down to the legs. With organs outside the body. Two broken legs on the
lower side. Rescue at Samrong, Bangkok Paul rescuers and medical teams
to Thailand. CPR and CPR up to help workers such unlucky. But life can
not hold them. And death to the loss of life, Mr. Peng Suwichakornpong i
paid 25 years. Someone at the scene / subject separation that Sri Willd.
10th case of an accident.

Death to the loss of life!

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          1. @ewestomper and boozer..

            So this is why i can’t sleep last night and keeps on tossing and turning on my bed.. the two of you were talking behind my back..

            As of the new stuffs to try.. i recommend “balut” and “asocena”
            Also crispy fried field rats, snakes and frogs with mayonaise dip w/c is very tasty.. yum!

          1. @boozer, you were right mate, I guess the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. 😉

            @cheeky. I’ll take your word for it on the recipe tips, but thanks so much anyway, they sound, erm, eh hum, very appetising indeed. 😉

          2. @cheeky It’s a deal!!
            I think we can make it till saturday, so fill up the fridge with booze, I’ll bring the bugs and other good stuff fire up the grill!! 😉

          3. @boozer..
            Sure.. booze will flood on saturday.. don’t forget to bring a 1year old cat.. ill make a tasty cat chowder out of that.. its also an aphrodisiac.. better than viagra.. 😉

    1. @antropomorphia.
      In the hot, humid sweat shop, the cooling breeze from the hypnotic whirring blades probably made the dozy twat nod off!

      He got the mother of all alarm calls!

      I’m curious about your username.

      1. Hello @bobcat1967 In a nutshell antropomorphia is a science that attempts to introduce human characteristics into non human life forms and vice versa, genetic manipulation. A centaur or mermaid could serve as examples, half man-half animal and without a soul. This is not how I view myself. It is a reminder of mans’ deranged quest to become God.

          1. antropomorphia is a band. The word you’re looking for is anthropomorphic- its not a science and it doesn’t involve physically altering anything- its like thinking of your dog as a little person because it “gets jealous”…..

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