Arm Sliced with Meat Cleaver During Camping in Santa Rosa

Arm Sliced with Meat Cleaver During Camping in Santa Rosa

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @christygypsy, who got her arm sliced with a meat cleaver during a camping trip in Santa Rosa, California:

I was camping in Santa Rosa, CA and was sliced open from the tip of a meat cleaver that was 3 foot long and really rusty. It’s healed up now, but it was pretty gnarly and bloody.

That’s the fat tissue sticking out. April 15th, 2016 that’s when it happened. I’m only 21 and a girl.

Thanks for sharing the pics with us @christygypsy. It never gets old having a real life reminder that one can never be careful enough handling knives.

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63 thoughts on “Arm Sliced with Meat Cleaver During Camping in Santa Rosa”

      1. I completely agree!! Whoever did that ink job. ( and I’m ashamed to call it that) ought to hide his face… meanwhile that is going to be one killer ass scar… some advice… cover up that horrible tattoo… incidentally, what is it Anyway?

          1. Maybe everyone looking at that ugly tat would see that great scar and think they go to gather, the scar and tat that is.

          1. Are you going to go to a Professional to finish it? If you do you should show use the end result with the scar and the tat

      2. You’re being awfully mean towards the tatoo artist who, from the quality of the piece, we can tell is obviously a five year old who got ahold of a permanent marker while mommy was sleeping in her cot.

        1. Oh and I’ve seen tattoo artists talk on their cell phone while working or about to fall asleep because of all the partying they did the night before. If I’m paying a hundred bucks an hour or more for something that is gonna be on my body permanently I want perfection or close to it, not fucked up linework and sketchy shading.

    1. @brokeback Sadly, I’ve seen FAR worse. When someone’s large (16-ish inches) tattoo of a fairy looks like it was traced out of an especially bad Dollar Store coloring book, they should probably stop showing it off every chance they get. (My cousin-in-law is an idiot. Meth is bad, m’kay?)

      1. @shadarus, that has really got me thinking, I wonder what a tattoo looks like if a really big person gets a tattoo but then loses a lot of weight? Or the other way around – a slim person grows into a big fatty? There must be some good jokes out there on this topic, I just wish I knew a good one!
        I’ve only ever seen nice, clean tattoo parlour’s with indoor plants and up-to-date tattoo books etc. Most registered tattoo artists take it quite seriously these days, there’s big bucks to be made.
        The worst tattoo I’ve ever seen in real life – a stick figure with triangle for the skirt and the name ‘Wendy’ written underneath, worse than any jail tattoo’s I’ve seen, probably WAS a prison tatt?!

  1. Read my lips “no new taxes”.
    It’s a shame that he had that lip shut.
    He could have gone on the road performing a ventriloquist act with those extra lips. Kind of like Senor Wences and Johnny the hand-puppet.

    1. I was hit by the tip of it. I was sitting on the pic nic bench and we brought it to cut wood and this guy that was with us tried to scare me so he slammed it down next to me on the bench but the tip of it Knicked my arm and blood went everywhere.

  2. @brokeback I work in a tattoo shop and constantly people come in with shit tattoos that their “boy did”. The look on their face when I tell them it looks like shit and we would be happy to fix it is always fucking priceless.

    Also, No shit it was “fatty tissue sticking out”. Judging by the rest of the arm it should be a given that that ain’t muscle.

  3. @christygypsy. Hey there daytripper Just be extra careful around meat cleavers they are bad . Meat is all they want girl .

    Good for ya to have healed even though ya say the cleaver was rusted . But the tattoo job is poorly done on ya .It doesn’t seem like a master stroke coming from a pro.
    It’d interesting if ya tell us who the fuck that amateur tattoo artist is/was ! Lol that tattoo looks worse than your cleaved in arm. see if ya can get rid of it .

    1. I know I am ashamed of it it’s a depressing tattoo I’m getting it fixed ASAP ! Lol I’ve noticed everyone is just talking shit about my tattoo it’s okay I hate the tattoo as well. The kid that did it even works at a shop in Clearlake, CA. He should be fired.

  4. I’m trying to picture a rusty three foot meat cleaver and all that comes to mind is a big motherfucking axe. Usually cleavers are made from stainless steel and don’t rust…unless of course it is stamped “Made in Taiwan”.

    1. Even if it was a pussy my cock wouldn’t want to be seen anywhere near that ugly tattoo…it would lower it’s head in pitty and fall over, limp in dismay.
      Okay, I think I’ve said enough about the shitty ink job. I will find something else to do until the next post comes up…like admire my tatts that were done by pros who spent countless hours producing real artwork.

        1. Lol I need to get mine touched up. But I had to get them at one of those “hole in the wall places”, I got the when I was 16, illegally haha. The BIG one on that runs from the back of my rib cage to the front side of my naval is okay. But I have alot of scar tissue on my forearm. So it didn’t take the ink as well. He was digging the needle sooo deep into my skin, but then when he would wipe it, it just came right off.. (The one in my forearm hit more that the one on my side). I hope no one thinks they are ugly like that. I wish I could post a pic so you all can tell me what you think. There are some pictures on my story. But its like on page 7 or 8 now haha, and very harsh @brokeback.

          But ageed. That tattoo. Is like a jail tattoo.
          @re-pete, “yank one out.” that sounds painful. Just like “beat one out.” Hahaha

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