Arrested ATM Robber Brought to Hospital with Large Chest Wound

Arrested ATM Robber Brought to Hospital with Large Chest Wound

In Parnamirim, metropolitan region of Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, an alleged robber of banks and ATMs throughout the state was arrested by police after the latter opened fire at the robber.

The video shows the police bringing the alleged robber to hospital in handcuffs. When his shirt is removed, a large chest would, presumably from a bullet, is exposed.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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43 thoughts on “Arrested ATM Robber Brought to Hospital with Large Chest Wound”

  1. ‘Fraid I have to disagree with the causation; that looks more like a slashing/cutting type wound than a bullet wound. In fact, it strongly resembles some of the many machete wounds we’ve seen here, on all parts of the body. I’m thinking he must be in shock as he’s so calm – it’s like his attitude is “What? This little scratch?” He’s also got a slash on his right cheek. (He) looks like Antonio Banderas from the side.

    1. Maybe the bullet hit him in the nipple and came out his other nipple tearing up his flesh along the way to the exit wound? Lol yeah, nah I guess that’s plausible but unlikely. Definitely looks more like a slashing wound.

    2. Get hit right with a 45 cal in an angle like that I can see it being a bullet wound. I like how the nurse uses a presumably “sterile “scalpel to cut the dudes dirty ass shirt off, she will probably end up using that later….

    1. The African police force takes after the US force, although I suppose if the US cops let the thugs lay there long enough and they’re still breathing, they may make it to hospital. Doesn’t look like this wound hit anything major so he’d probably make it almost anywhere.

  2. Something I just noticed about him. You have to look closely, the movement of the camera makes it kind of hard. Look closely at his forehead. At the top of his forehead his frontal lobes are enlarged. His are particularly large in comparison to everyone else. This deformation is related to a frontal lobe defect. It’s a mark of the individual’s difficulty in telling right from wrong. They also have petite mal seizures where they go from zero to hyperaggressive in less than .01 seconds. Although this isn’t their fault the result is the same. He is unable to differentiate between right and wrong. It takes affect in their late 20s.
    It doesn’t matter if the person is male or female. Stay away from them, they are bad business. They aren’t worth the grief they will bring to your life. The 2 I have known are a convicted pedophile, the other was a murderer, he’s now dead.

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