Asian Woman Attacked with Meat Cleaver and Slashed Across Cheek

Asian Woman Attacked with Meat Cleaver and Slashed Across Cheek

Asian Woman Attacked with Meat Cleaver and Slashed Across Cheek

In an undisclosed country in Asia, a man wielding a meat cleaver approaches a woman working a shift in a store and delivers a single blow to her head. The wounded woman runs out holding her left cheek.

While I don’t know where exactly the incident took place, we’ve seen so many meat cleaver attacks take place in China, I think chances are fair this video is from China as well.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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113 thoughts on “Asian Woman Attacked with Meat Cleaver and Slashed Across Cheek”

      1. That’s not true Bubba, i never get angry @bubbazinetti I was thinking she has a very strong jaw line, maybe just as well because he was going for her neck. She doesn’t look chinese , i know because i’ve had many chinese whores in chinatown

    1. I agree with you. With the one child policy still casting its shadow on China poor and /or country men can not get their rocks off so are sexually frustrated.

      I bet he simply saw her and just took it out on her.
      Those kids are probably hers and if the man was known to the family they would have greeted one another ;they did n’t.
      Language on products not in Korean script so unlikely is Korean girl.

      He was most likely a frustrated random off the streets.

          1. That bastard cat stevens, stick with the Rod Stewart version. Fuck knows why he did that, just like that cassius clay. allla akbum

          2. Yep. Janissaries mate. That is what they are!
            Well i suppose Cassius wanted a new identity. Turko erdogan even invited himself to cassius’s funeral in the us and wanted to put some Moslem shit into the coffin. Remember that? The family kicked them out!bahaha

            As for cat steven it was pussy!! .he was going out with a moslem bird and she turned him.she must have the silkiest pussy …… a modern Helen of Troy!!All that experience in some proto-ISIS moslem harem before she met him! Haha

  1. There was no reason for that. If she was my sibling , wife that squench eyed mother fucker would be eating that steel blade up his ass. A smiggin lower her jugular would have been hit.

  2. @happy do you remember a video that was on here must have been a few years ago of a chef in a restaurant kitchen attacking his colleague with a meat cleaver? I can’t find it but I remember it being fucking brutal… Anyone else remember that one?

  3. Nothing a bag of leeches and some duct tape won’t fix.
    What’s wrong jowl, Babycakes?
    He tried to cleave you alone and you went after him screaming your bloody head off.
    Chins up, Chin. Soldier on… sally forth, and tally ho!… and such rot.

  4. Everything made in China is only good for esthetic, not functionality. Take kung fu for example, looks flashy but no practical use in real life. Same goes for their meat cleavers. Look scary but pretty much useless as a assault weapon. Their medicine just pile of glorified garbages. Even the language makes them sound so angry all the time.

  5. I know the story behind this , i have a friend from china and she shared this video with me. Its because the woman was being courted by 2 men ,the guy in the assault was the one that got friendzoned.. Obviously he didnt take it well lol

  6. pro – the cut is really clean and straight. stitch that shit back up and it shouldn’t look too badly once healed. especially since it’s along the jaw. that will heal well.

    cons – like, machete to the face! wth, dude, why all the rage??

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