Asian Man on Train Squirts Blood from Neck Wound in China

Asian Man Squirting from Neck Wound on Train

Asian Man Squirting from Neck Wound on Train

Somewhere in Asia, a man is squirting blood from a neck wound on a train.

Bleeding from a neck wound, Asian man on a train creates a puddle of blood under his seat. A fellow passenger, offers a hand in a time of need.

If I had to hear the sound of the camerawoman’s shrill of a voice, I’d cut my neck too.


This is in China.

Woman’s Sichuan dialect translation:
Scared to scare me!!!
Scared the scare out of me!!!
Scared the scare out of me!!!
The man tried to save the blood-spitting man, but he failed.

Thank you @qq123471258/Dark Character for the update!

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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59 thoughts on “Asian Man on Train Squirts Blood from Neck Wound in China”

        1. Yeah. especially with that chinese woman with that ghetto voice of a black momma. She’s the one that drove him to it. All women are turing into black woman now days. have you noticed the figures on these young white girls lately? they got the bootys too now.

    1. She did not said that, you just make shit up. The exact words that she said was “ please unzip him, i’m Freaking out, please someone save this man, someone call 911, he’s dying…. he was ok earlier….
      Anyway, she was speaking Chinese dialect

    2. 我要澄清一下,我是中国人。拍摄者说的是吓死我了,我的天啊,好好的一个人,不行了,拿他的电话出来打给他的家人,他是一个人的吗?应该是个意外,而不是蓄意谋杀。我们中国的治安在世界上一直是前三。安排!!!!!!

  1. sound like thai to me.

    dat guy is dead, that fountain cant be stopped at this point and he lose too much blood already.
    ( lay down, soo he will die more faster, nice help from that guy XD.)

    i like how some peoples completly dont give a shit, like that “lady” sit at 1:08 in the corner.

    1. Native Chinese speaker here, this women in the background speak one of local Chinese dialect ( there’s over 100 of local dialect spread between 50+ providence in China ,in India are much worse,1000’s local dialect ,that’s why there’s over 200 Millions Indian are illiterate or pretty much equal to animal)
      Anyway, the women in the background were just panicking saying words like “ oh, god ,no, hell,no, someone save him,hurry….

  2. Them brown skins sure do like dying around trains.
    Underneath the train, on top , at the sides, on the front and as this vid shows even inside the train. They love it.
    Just keep sending new trains to India and keep building more rail lines. Fucking job done I reckon. The rest will take care of itself.

  3. Where Da-Fuck Do You Find All Of These Awesome Video’s @honkeykong ??? Kudos-Bro!!! 🙂
    He’s dead, cause there is no way after losing so much blood from his neck’s artery that he will make-it to any hospital on time,,, No Way! So Bye,Bye Dude,,, see ya up there one day! 😉

    1. simple, he is a psychopath who actually lurk around and kill peoples in various way.. its him on video aggresor, and he film his victims all the time.
      and he share them here because why not ?

      XD (da bad joke of course….)

  4. He needs treatment and Asian cuisine to calm him down get him some green tea on a saucer with some cat-n-dog meat lettuce wrap sushi rolls with wasabi as a dipping sauce; that should calm his nerves……

  5. If anyone can translate “hanawa abby bosah, ahawa boba boba. salawah, wana wana wana wana wahhhh,aya yaaaa. It would be greatly appreciated. Anyway fuck these chinks, dirty shitting everywhere cunts. You can tell they’re shitty assed faggots by the metal seats, easy to clean.

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