Bahraini Protester Shot in the Back with Shotgun

Bahraini Protester Shot in the Back with Shotgun

Going against shotguns sporting Saudi security forces with naught by bare hands, stones and Molotov cocktails is like poking an alligator with a toothpick, but I understand that people of Bahrain have no other choice. Unlike terrorists in Syria, Bahraini protesters are truly unarmed. And unlike terrorists in Syria, the people of Bahrain are truly oppressed by the despotic, Kenyan friendly government. As a result, unlike terrorists in Syria, the struggle of Bahraini protesters, who strive for real change, not a genocide, are completely ignored by the West. The sheep hypocrisy knows no limits.

I know nothing about guns, but I learned a thing or two from comments people make on Best Gore. I think it was a birdshot from a shotgun this young Bahraini took to his back. Gun experts, correct me if I’m wrong. I think the victim can count himself lucky it was a birdshot cause even though he ended up with countless pellets pierced through the skin on his back, he’ll live. Unless infection gets him, seeing how his buddies are poking his wounds with bare hands they probably haven’t disinfected properly.

I know this video has all kinds of “Darwin Awards Nominee” titles written all over it, but honestly, what are they supposed to do? There were no protesters looking for a democratic change in Syria, only terrorists yet they’re being supplied with tons of modern weapons and money, and these poor kids have nothing, yet theirs is the real dictatorship they’re trying to overthrow. World is fucked. Video is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Can’t help but wonder how many just wiped thier asses, didn’t wash, and will be gining this butthole a nice big infection to go with his peppered ass cheeks (as well as everything else)

    Sucks to be on the other side of a 12 gauge.

    1. Latex gloves aren’t THAT fucking hard to come by….are they?
      Anyways, to, anybody who cares.
      Computer still being a broken shit-rivet but backup is holding up fine….so, zi do hope that I can start talking words at a normal consistancy again.

      1. hoping to get my laptop back soon,wife bitches when i use hers,this place is like a drug and miss most of you guys …
        @ Rotten i see your creeping up on the 4k mark congrats ,as for the post they need to slit a couple of veins as there isn`t enough blood or at least poke out a eye and cut a finger off .
        Mark keep up the good work ,they “total strangers ” are talking about your site in the southern tip of Nova Scotia like a wildfire….

      2. Best of British to ya RS (in regards to your computer).

        As for the video.

        A host of problems can be identified with this type of injury, firstly, yes, the risk of infection from having a group of ragheads stick their unwashed digits into each wound will posed massive risk of infection.

        Really, infection is the worst thing that can happen here.

        With it being birdshot he getting copped with, each ball bearing would have sunk in about 1-4mm. Not deep at all. Still stuck in the epidermis and fatty tissues.

        After a thorough disinfecting, the wounds should be dressed with gauze and kept dry for a day or two.

        After this. You must squeeze each little gash to get the ball bearing out.

        This can be done with practically no technology, and providing the BBs weren’t lead based. Any BBs that were missed could be safely left till later (or never).

      1. Actually buckshot is not the same as birdshot. Considering these were “riot police”, then buckshot was probably used. Buckshot ranges from size 0000 (.38in dia) which is 5 pellets to N0. 4 (.24 in dia) which is 21 pellets. Shotshells containing pellets from size No. 5 (.120 in dia) to No.9 (.080 in dia) are classified as “birdshot”. Thank you, come again.

        1. Here in Wisconsin, you can’t even shoot a buck WITH buckshot….1 ounce slug only I believe. And if he got shot by 00 buckshot, he would be considered “fucked.”

          They must use a high pellet count for crowd control. Sad world when rubber is not even an option.

    1. I would have to say that rock salt is worse than birdshot any day. I was hit in the leg with birdshot ( about 9 pellets got me) and I was shot by my little brother with rocksalt later that same year. They both suck, but the rock salt was worse because some of the salt crystals ended up lodged under my skin where they took their sweet fucking time dissolving away into the wound they made. The ER’s only treatment was to soak in a warm tub of water and disinfectant, which burned like a bitch also. I would rather avoid both but given the choice I would most likely take the birdshot instead.

  2. sheep get slaughtered by their masters. they need to man up and get armed or comply. power must be seized and taken. it is never given to you. especially in shithole arab countries. those people understand only brutality.

  3. Great work by the guy who spotted Luka in that internet cafe in Berlin! He apparently ran outside and alerted police which led to Luka’s arrest. Hope you are a BG member already bud, and if not, then you are definitely an honorary member now!

    1. Yeah, the stupid retard was in an internet cafe, looking HIMSELF up, in public, with people around! The man is a fucking genius! HAHAHA, I wish I couldv’e seen his face when they arrested him, maybe they have it on video.

      1. @lunatic – i thought the same thing – not the smartest place to go if you didnt want to be captured – but isnt this all just attention grabbing for him anyways – prolly wanted to get caught

        1. I think a lot of people here are. Myself included. A theory: It’s the dichotomy of being a “goreling”. We see so much death, and destruction, that one of the ways that we cope with it with each other is by talking about creation, and life, in its rawest form: Sex! That’s my theory, anyway. We do need to control ourselves, though. We don’t want this place to start resembling the Most Depressing Website on the Internet.

          1. Facebook?

            The day this site resembles FB will be the day I… *Insert ludicrous act of self-castration here*.

            This site is full of nihilistic, arrogant, elitist perverts who have practically given up on the mundanity of continuing with the same old, same old.

            I wouldn’t change it for all the Tea in China.

            This coming from an 8 cup a day drinker.

          2. *Laughs*

            I would if I had it, me doll faced compatriot (to be at my most misogynistic… Although I consider it a compliment).

            I find it more helpful to have a small Internet footprint. Although their is a fair amount of info on this site to identify me to a determined observer.

            I keep saying I would get it. Maybe one day. Maybe.

          3. Hey Razor.

            Have you ever heard of a band called Breaking Benjamin?

            It is my favourite band. Yet no one round these parts have ever heard of them, asides from me and my brothers.

          4. It is 1’o’clock in the morning here in God’s own country.

            Going to get some sleep. Tough day tomorrow.

            Night, night, you pack of nasty bastards.

  4. That shot didnt look all that painful. At that distance the buckshot wouldnt even kill a grouse. If your a hunter you know what I mean. Hes lucky. Had that guy been 3 yards closer, majorly fucked up would be the only way to describe his back and legs.
    They should learn from Cheney and go straight to the face. Then apologies profusely to all and have less sincerity than Tiger Woods on his first apology.

  5. Reminds me of the stars in the sky. I bet we could find a few constellations on his back. Anyway, yeah, protesting… It can be a dangerous business, and I’m so glad that there are OTHER people out there who’re willing to do it for me. Apathy has kept my ass out of jail, and out of the ER many, many times. Not that I care that much about politics, or other social issues, in the first place, but I’m still glad that there are other people out there willing to get fucked up for me. Thank you, you bunch of idealistic bastards.

    1. That is all good FD.

      “what keeps us safe at night is the strength of rough men keeping evil at bay”

      And it is for your choice not to fight, that people fight for. So I am not going to lecture you.

      But should the call to arms come. To defend all that you hold dear to you.

      Your faith/ flag/ family.

      Would you answer the call?

    1. this has nothing to do with this post.
      I was at publix, and there was this man wearing a capone mafia hat, A tux, sunglasses and a pornstar mustache.
      He had tulio written allover him.
      It’s like 92 degrees here, so I assume that mans balls are hanging by his knees. tuxedos get really hot…
      I had 5 glasses of jameson.

        1. strange man…..around here, jim beam and jack daniels are both more expensive than jameson….you can get the cheapest jameson for little more than 20 bucks, while the jim and the jack are some 24 and 30/something respectively

          1. Complete opposite here.
            The party favorite here is ” Flor de Ca?a” rum, and hennesy, can get a 1.75liter for less than $30 each.
            It’s too hot here for a good bourbon, Especially with all the naked zombies running around here.

          2. no, Hennessy costs a fortune here, but we have this Havana Club A?ejo rhum for less than 15 dollars, quite good. You can?t get it in USA because of the EMBARGO, har har har

          3. I’ve had havana club many times, Everyone who visits cuba brings back a couple bottles and tabbaco.
            I told you this before, The embargo’s have soften a bit. Look it up. I’ve been to cuba several times.

    1. @baked, he WAS shot with a shot gun! It depends on which cartridge (which contain differing sizes of ball bearings) used, to get different looking wounds, this guy was shot with a cartridge containing lots of little ball bearings (or pellets) from a fair distance, up close and it would have been a massive hole, or a missing head! 🙂

  6. Apologies if you’ve read this already, I’m gonna post it here too cos the Magnotta page is choked with newbies.

    Has anyone seen this? Toronto Internet lawyer Gil Zvulony baying for BestGore and Mark specifically to be ?brought to justice?.

    Notice in the article he has no problem with videos being shown of ?the Syrian government massacring it?s own people? (ahem).

    We can’t let Mark go down for showing the truth. The Canadian government is desperate to push through Orwellian internet surveillance/censorship laws and this little cunt Luka has given them the best opportunity to claim it’s in the interests of the public. You know they’re shitting themselves that people logging on here will also see the debunked Syrian propaganda pages and the rest of the good political stuff.

    What do people?

    1. Wow they are demonizing mark and bestgore….
      As longest the internet exist, that video of the murder will always be around. So saying bestgore is responsible for the video is just plain ignorance.
      If it wasn’t for bestgore, The murder case would still be unsolved.
      That’s fuucking ridiculous how governments and “sheep’s” always point the fingers to give them self gratification on something they failed to bring up on their own.
      I thank you mark for your brave stance against these evil men in suits.

    2. canadian authorities should be explaining why the fuck they lost precious time ruling the video as fake, Luckily for them, this cunt Magnotta did not killed any more people in France on Germany (had quite some time to do it), so the screw-up was somewhat minimized. Anyway, I can tell you by experience that when lawyers start bitching with these archaic “obscenity” charges, it is because they lack any real foundation to nail someone, and just want their 10 minutes of newspaper time. Anyway, mark will most probably have to take the stand as a witness in the upcoming trial of this presumed lunatic

    3. So it seems like they’re making it look like Mark is a web heretic now too and trying to put shackles to this site,
      Well, heresy is another word for freedom of thought and ideas…unabounded by orthodox beliefs of the sheeps. From the days of Galileo and Joan of Arc up to now heretics are persecuted. If The conscience of the world is so damn guilty that it always assumes that people who watches gore must be killers too; just as if a doctor who studies leprosy must be a leper too, that’s damn stupid..clearly bestgore disturbed a nest of puppet sheeps yet again. What we see here that sheeps finds nasty, painful, evil, can become a source of wisdom if faced with an open mind…we learn from life’s screw-ups…and be a better man.

  7. Best Gore is being talked about on The They have a post about Luke Magnotta and giving Best Gore the credit for having his murder/torture video first. Well done, Mark. It’s good to see you getting the credit you deserve.

  8. Hey guys I need help I have a 2002 ford expedition and I recently noticed my ABS light turned on and shortly after my car just shut down:( I bought a new battery but that wasn’t the problem and my other car was taken by some pigs:'(

  9. @tiger (chotgun comment)
    (I’m trying to reply directly but it keeps bringing me down here)
    Anyway I didn’t know that, my fellow australian friend. now I know which cartridge to buy if I ever want to off myself with a shotgun.
    I’d hate to end up with a bunch of balls in my mouth

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