Barefoot Bike Riding Foot Injury

Barefoot Bike Riding Foot Injury

Barefoot Bike Riding Foot Injury

Props to Best Gore member @tuula01 for this contribution:

This happened in Germany. The patient was riding barefoot on his bike as he crashed at higher speed. Unfortunately, I have no information about the patient’s recovery.

I’m plugging in as we’re looking at steps we can take to prevent further attacks on the site. Many thanks to @seraphim-serenata for taking over the management of Best Gore after Mark’s departure. With him now focusing on personal matters, Best Gore will be open for comments on existing posts, but there won’t be new content published. Should anyone be up for the challenge of authoring on BG, make yourself heard. I will continue reuploading missing videos.

192 thoughts on “Barefoot Bike Riding Foot Injury”

    1. Way cool photo. Sorry for the owner of it. I hope they were able to save the foot.
      Sooooo, I am real sorry to hear of the sensoring going on here. No more new videos, but you can replay old ones? how does that serve anyone? Politics, bogus. I still love this site and you guys running it. Maybe someone in america where i am can get past some of the obstacles you are having in canada, no? im free to talk! Gretchen

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            ◄ 1577. ekklésia ►
            Strong’s Concordance
            ekklésia: an assembly, a (religious) congregation
            Original Word: ἐκκλησία, ας, ἡ
            Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
            Transliteration: ekklésia
            Phonetic Spelling: (ek-klay-see’-ah)
            Definition: an assembly, a (religious) congregation
            Usage: an assembly, congregation, church; the Church, the whole body of Christian believers.
            HELPS Word-studies
            1577 ekklēsía(from 1537 /ek, “out from and to” and 2564 /kaléō, “to call”) – properly, people called out from the world and to God, the outcome being the Church (the mystical body of Christ) – i.e. the universal (total) body of believers whom God calls out from the world and into His eternal kingdom.

            [The English word “church” comes from the Greek word kyriakos, “belonging to the Lord” (kyrios). 1577 /ekklēsía (“church”) is the root of the terms “ecclesiology” and “ecclesiastical.”]

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      2. I hope he didn’t have to ‘foot’ the medical bill for this !

        I don’t know what this cunt is complaining about !!
        I mean, you could get the foot turned into a ‘mini harp’ and put it in your pocket like a blues harp, to wail on at parties and shit ..

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          1. HaHa .. Brilliant – You’re right, Nem .. He shouldn’t be ankled down by all this bullshit..

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        1. Idk Mr Hamburgler. I think it would be a great idea. Maybe not every post but a weekly op/ed just for him. “Sarge’s Basement” or some shit. That would be hilarious.
          Just give Sarge an opportunity once per week to unleash on everyone and everything.
          This way other writers and contributors could focus more on the content and less on humor. You know, let the members make the jokes or serious comment, whatever, but keep the posts mainly factual and to the point.
          With that said, I do miss the way that Mark could turn any kind of murder or massacre into a woman hating, Jew bashing rant. That shit was funny.

          1. @hopingfornemesis
            Well, I don’t have a grandpa and if I had a wife I would call her a cunt too…maybe.
            Sarge can say what he likes about me. It’s all just internet shit. It has no affect on my real day and it’s pretty funny. I’m a bit of an insult guy myself.
            A very wise man named uppercunt once gave me some very good advise. “A man who casts for sturgeons to others will himself catch a sturgeons.”
            I think he was referring to karma or some shit.

        2. Trust me Bro,,, Trust Me Brother,, Trust Me, As Mark, & I have had some discussions about Svarg26 During our travels Together through Mid-Europe last summer in Europe. And he, & I Both agreed that he is funny Dude. Funny As Hell to be exact *As Hell* & with a good heart to boot, *IF* You get to know him, And know him well first as i did. 🙂 You’s have him all wrong!

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            Now get to work on that op/ed. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m looking forward to it.

          2. @svarg26

            And **THAT** My Good Best-Gore Brother, And Dear Friend is what i have been Trying,,, And Trying So-Fucking,,, Hard To Do Since you came on board quite a few years ago now!

            But no matter how hard i try to explain to them that *You Are Funny As Fuck* Verses Being A Complete Asshole,,, They just don’t get-it! And the fact that without-it your (Crazy & Fun Humor) Best-Gore would Not be The Same,but awfully boring at times instead.
            So Fuck-Em, & Fuck-Em *GOOD* if they (The Facebook-Belonging Gossiping Bunch) Cannot Take A Joke.

            Oh,, And B.T.W. Mark Will Be Sending You Directly My Private E-Mail Address Dude 🙂

    1. You keep saying you were moderated yet Ss says he didn’t .

      Did it ever occur to you that it was someone else who moderated you ? Maybe Mark or some secret mod higher up than @seraphim-serenata?

      I tell you what ,I’d be pretty angry if some cunt kept accusing me of shit once I have already told them what is what.

      Maybe you were just scared and stayed off site because you realised you had become too foul a smell for the moment? So you had to save face by saying you were moderated. I think that is more plausible than Mark or Ss moderating you.

      1. did it ever occur to you that ss is trying to save face now because he got fucked over by the tranny that he was playing tiddly fucks with. he also warned what he was going to do to me and i clearly didn’t give a fuck about his warning and kept at it. believe what you want. have a nice fucking day, fucknuts.

        1. Yes it did occur to me and it is possible you are right. However, I find it very coincidental that the very next day after SS says he is leaving your activity spiked. Why ? Did SS automatically take away your moderation status? Did Mark override SS The very next day so that you could come back on? Hmm

          If SS lied to us then it is on him.

          More plausible that you felt emboldened once again. A clean slate if you will.

          1. i sent a message using the contact form and asked the moderation to be lifted now that ss was leaving. funnily enough ss returned soon after and i was put back on moderation only to have it lifted again about six hours later. go figure. have a nice fucking day, fucknuts.

      2. Excellent point, Nem – This guy is just a foul mouthed load of insults, that the World doesn’t need .. !

        Anyway, he sounds like a morph between a ‘Sarg’ and a ‘Vag’

        Either way .. Is he gay ??

        Fuck him !!

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            (Whoops, Pell already did…)

    1. @diclonious – ah shit, your foot is now that ugly huh? Yeah, I once had a fungal toe nail infection and was ugly as hell, and had to ditch my thongs and cover that motherfucking ugly yellow nail up with socks and shoes til it finally healed and grew out. It is hell living in socks and shoes in the tropics !

    1. No new gore is like having no ‘new Presidents’ ..
      It’s gonna suck looking at the same sad wrinkled up old faces (faeces)..
      At least put up some old ‘still’ photos to see who does the best ‘captions’
      They make me laugh my tits off !
      Some of them are even funnier than me (which is hard)
      (I’m hard) ..


    1. I agree 100%. No, make that 110%. No, make that 1000%. No, make that infinite %. No, make that infinite+1%. You get the idea: I agree with you.

      I’d love to see one of them cut in half in an accident. While he was dying, but still conscious, I’d stand over him and laugh in his face.

      1. The fact that they take cycling so seriously as to dress like that says everything I need to know about their world-view. I have encountered a few of them over the years, and they have all lived down to my expectations.

        Are you one of them? Or were you just curious?

        1. Definitely one of them…why else get so angry about it. It’s like the grammar nazis; I figure they must have a pretty charmed life if bad grammer makes them hostile. Most of us have bigger fish to fry than worry about bad grammer….or this is the only venue they feel safe in berating people. *shrugs*

          1. Also, using bad grammar and poor spelling is not as easy as you would think. Try using a triple negative to relay a super negative. Uppercunt almost turned retarded for real. For instance, I couldn’t believe that he was spelling faggot with one too many “n”s for the longest time.

          2. I would fuck uppercunt to tears. He could sweet talk me all night long…those triple negatives do it for me.
            I died at the part about your ex monster in law looking like a breaded shrimp. So, her daughter is a crustacean? Now I know where your fear of yeasty lobster traps comes from.

          3. “sword” doesn’t even know which comment was in reply to his post! What a paranoid whackjob… and danaplato is just over reacting to a reply he is still sobbing about.

            You’d be angry too Dilbert if hundreds of fragile, tiny egos all with their seatwarmers and pwotected in their massive machines they don’t need got all worked up over having to overtake you, and fantasized over running you down.

            It’s like the wise man who gets into a truck takes on a humility that is not normally owned nor outwardly displayed. Wrap a fragile, idiot tool in a pickup (which never seems to have anything in it – go Freud that one) will take on unbackable bravado, anger and frustration.

            Guess which one is more common?

      2. Why would that bother you? Why are you assuming that Lord Sword owns a giant pickup truck? Why are you assuming (hoping) that he has a lily white ass or that he doesn’t look good in spandex? Why would you assume that he would get his ass kicked? These are all things that you don’t know to be true, yet, you use them to insult the Sword.
        You must be a super badass who is easily triggered. Very scary.
        Let’s take a crack at you.
        You weigh 125lbs. You talk massive shit while running backwards to hide under a table at Starbucks. You’re too busy deciding which costume to wear each day (antifa or gay parade) to go to an actual job.
        And, you look like a deflated nigger in spandex. You could at least get a bit of exercise in all of your spare time.

          1. Does that bother you? Are you fixated on being triggered 24/7?
            While you’re dusting off that old Psych 101 textbook, try to figure out why you said, “squeeze off a gay”. Is there a chapter on you squeezing homos while suggesting that anyone calling you a homo for squeezing homos MUST also be themselves a homo? You seem conflicted.
            And, keyboard warrior? Really? With all of your psychiatric experience, surely you could google a better diagnoses than this worn out cliche.
            Think a little harder then get back with me.
            I look forward to future correspondence. Fag.

  3. Thanks @crybaby. Best of luck to site. Seraphim Serenata received nothing in return for saving site. Soon my user name will say guest. At least I can say Mark gave me his blessings and who else can say that? Carry on the the torch and keep up the good fight. I will see all of you again in heaven. Never expected my life to be be how it is. I am better person because of best gore.

    1. Never got money for running site snd never had powers to moderate or ban any member on best gore. I do not have a drug problem. Did however drink to excess and let the power of death control my life. We are all the same on inside if we were to be disembowled…

      On to the next post and the next, next indentured best gore servant.. Nice to relax and drink a beer without any added stress. I still love gore and the dark side of the human conditioning.

          1. @honkeykong
            Pretty close. Screamo/singo isn’t really my thing but I can appreciate that the music isn’t a prefabricated uploaded digital pile of shit.
            I understand that you’re a lyrical guy so musical integrity doesn’t mean much. That’s cool cus that’s your thing. I’m the opposite. I listen to music because I like music. I don’t give a shit what the vocalist has to say.

        1. A six pack of 90 min IPA can get you fucked up for a bargain of 22$. Cause they only come in four packs(and rightly so) so you have to buy essentially a 8pk. Additional information, don’t try to drink 8 on your first swing… Swig it Mon, till yer milked like a pissah.

          1. Around $13 a 6-pack in Pa or NJ, USA. Ballantine IPA was not bad while it lasted… heavy pine flavor. Impossible to find now. Probably discontinued.

    1. What I understand is that alot of vaginas with political pull set their sights on him due to the content of this site. Apparently where he lived in canada has a warped definition of free speech. Supposedly he faced alot of legal repercussion. All to show the world true reality. Compound that with a bunch of whiney vaginas that either bitch about the lack of new content, or create a login to bitch about how the website offended their delicate sensibility. Everyone has a bullshit limit. Especially for a hobby that isn’t making you rich.

        1. Yeah, but only with med school students. Too bad that KU Medical School is so close to nigger town. When I get too close my car stops and turns around on its own otherwise I’d be balls deep in meat extenders.

    1. I’ve learned about foot anatomy from peering through the shelves of the local women’s shoe store. You are correct about the tendons of the excelsior halibut and digitalis longitude, blah blah blah.

      1. You had me at blah. Then I remembered a side toe nail clippings for sour cream dip for these “spicy wasabi mix” bag laying around my neck of the woods…. Very crunchy, nothin like dead cell skin of another kind, like mine, in another’s mouth, chewing away out rather in. This foot you brought all shot to shit, ain’t havin it mang.

  4. Recently, I had ulnar nerve transposition surgery (relocation of the nerve away from the elbow area). Probably caused by non-stop whack off marathons… or possibly tennis. But, thank goodness for General Anesthesia and Ambidexterity!

      1. Beheadings to you, pioneering the near end of life. Seeking the silents stares of distorted faces, windpipe slit, squealing, unable to control jaw, massive blood loss and the stare. It begs to be seen, in many fashions, new angles, VR your own beheading…

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