Best Gore Member Relieves the Pressure

Best Gore Member Relieves the Pressure

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to us by Best Gore member, BrianMoserDaSilva. A man with a history with the self mutilative arts, who recently took up the blade once again. You have the floor, Brian.

Recently I’ve been experiencing a lot of pressure so to relieve it I’ve took up an old habit. Here’s the link for the exclusive material 😉 Hope to share with fellow members for their enjoyment. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for sharing, brother. Hope the pressure does not get too great.

And remember, boys and gores, Best Gore members who share their stories and images are a protected breed and any vehemence towards them for their submitted content will not be tolerated.

73 thoughts on “Best Gore Member Relieves the Pressure”

  1. Hey man, it’s your body, you do what feels right.
    Cant help but think a good, physical game of squash or a decent sparring session might help release the frustration just as well, but I guess it’s the blood that counts.

          1. I think the Best way to relieve pressure is not by cutting oneself but by cutting up a few rails !! An 8-ball and a 12 pack on a Saturday night with my favorite AC/DC album is pressure relief indeed ! I’ve never tried cutting myself although I’m a carpenter and get cut a lot but I don’t feel a sense of relief ! Some people jerkoff but if you feel relief after cutting yourself ,All the power to you Mr. DaSilva ! Enjoy!

          2. @IRONGUT, you have described my ideal way to relieve tension to a tee. Also a carpenter friend of mine once went to cut a length of vinyl moulding with a utility knife while kneeling on it and ended up slicing a deep six inch gash in his lower leg. On the way to the hospital he handed me the eightball minus two lines that he had in his pocket to hold onto until he got out. Yada yada…we aren’t friends anymore.

          3. Wow, the Henry was worth more than your friendship !?.
            Not surprising @Broke, there’s no sentiment in the drug scene.
            Not saying I wouldn’t have hoovered up a long fat one myself like ! 😀

  2. There are those who damage the outside of their bodies(the self mutilators)and there are those who choose to damage the inside of their bodies(the alcoholics, smokers, obese and drug users ect) but it is only the members of the former group who get categorised as attention seekers when in reality both groups act to fulfil an internal need not met by the external world.

    Pleasure and pain are just two sides of the same coin in that they are both emotional reactions only understood by their physical/psychology context. A self mutilator will feel relief and pleasure upon the carrying out of the act but would no doubt feel pain and terror if cut by some random stranger out on the street.

    It?s the same with sex, sexual intercourse is pleasurable for the most part but becomes painful and terrifying if dragged off the streets and raped. A person may even fantasize about being raped and derive pleasure from it but would not react that way if rape were to actually take place.

    The key point here then is ?self control?. Pleasure and relief can be found in many actions be it self mutilation, sex, drugs, booze etc so long as the individual feels in control of the action. Even bondage has it’s basis in self control(the willing to allow others to act upon us so long as we have the final say) take away that final say and the act of bondage becomes the act of rape.

    My conclusion, some like to cut whilst some like to booze, it?s all just a means to an end though.

    Speaking of ends, I can’t quite figure out the reasoning behind the choice of curtains in that first photo. I’m sensing monotone colours would have been the preferred choice and so I suspect somebody else bought those curtains, somebody who doesn’t agree with the self mutilation.

    1. Self control indeed but when does a cutter know when to stop? I guess when their head falls into their lap they have probably gone too far. Who am I to judge…I’m a pill popping sex crazed manic depressive with suicidal tendencies.

    1. Hi guys and girls.
      I’ve been in the shadows for a while now but boozers comment has made me crawl out, thanks buddy.

      I used to be a cutter, the pain made by cutting and seeing the blood dripping off my fingertips eased the pain inside.
      Broken glass was my favourite tool, I could get deep cuts and good blood flow without too much damage to the flesh.

      I replaced the pain of cutting for the pain of tattooing, it didn’t give the same satisfaction but it helped.

      I don’t cut anymore because I can’t cut my tattoos (I promised my tattooist I wouldn’t damaged his art work)

      Respect to all the cutters out there but you can find a way out if you really want to. If things get bad I do self body piercing it helps.

      Sorry if this was a long winded reply to boozers comment.

        1. A change jar! That’s what I forgot. Now I know why I never made a dime jerking off in the subway.

          Btw @Brokeback, Re: “…love to see a self beheading.”
          I saw a photo a long time ago of a woman that committed suicide with a shotgun, if memory serves.
          The result was a corpse sitting upright on a toilet with her head in her lap.
          Was black/white photos. Quite old. I’m pretty sure I saw it here on BG(?).

          1. @nutsnack, I’d really be interested in seeing that if you find it. I had a friend who did that and I commented awhile back about it. I guess its rare for a female to blow her head off.
            Sadly, her son killed his self a couple of weeks later; not from grief, he owed some bikers money and they were after him. I guess he showed them.

  3. Usually “cutters” are very sterile with the tools used and treating the wounds afterward.
    May I ask if you just prefom vertical cuts down your arm or do you overlay the cuts into designs?
    Where I have tattoos a friend of mine has slowly been carving complex designs of landscapes on her arms and legs. It quite beautiful in my opinion her skin holds a nice tan but the scars contrast white really showing the art.

        1. @Am0ur – even better, ask her for some shots and a quick summary of her story – then hit the “contact” button at the top pf the page and submit it… im recon one of the admins would like to make it into an article?
          certainly something i would LOVE to see. cutting aint usually my thing..but landscapes cut into the flesh somes really “interesting” (sorry, i struggled for an apropriate word) – im sure that gnat and i wouldnt be the only SOB’s who would like to see an article?

          1. I’ve talked to her about getting quality shots for an article she’s a bit shy , believe it or not, but she said give her a few days to think on it and work up her nerve a bit. Its not an uncommon practice and some places you can go in and have it done no differently than getting a tattoo. I’ve seen some beautiful pieces during my travels.

  4. Nice job. Would have liked a pic of the blood wiped away. It makes a nice pattern.

    I relieve daily stress with nicotine, marijuana and an SSRI. When I get hurt too much emotionally, and its almost an unbearable pain in my chest and head, I almost have to hurt myself in some way. The pain is shocking and distracting I guess. I like the feeling of bleeding, but I’ve also punched myself in the face until I blacked out. That feels less safe..

    but I can relate to how it relieves your stress. Be safe with it. And thank you for sharing.

  5. All this talk about finding better ways to relieve pressure (Unless you like cutting yourself, I don’t judge), why has no one mentioned just screaming profanities at the top of your lungs? Works everytime for me, though I recommend doing it when you’re alone lol. There should exist a screamathon or something

  6. Now that I have the chance I just thought I should express my opinion on self harming. Know that I have no disrespect against self harmers what so ever, but I believe it’s within most people’s power to to cure their depression for good. If it is within your power then there is no reason why you shouldn’t try. Depression is obviously bad and while self harming might bring temporary relief it doesn’t cure the depression completely, at least as far as I’m concerned. On the other hand, if you’ve tried everything and there really is no other way, by all means slash away, whatever keeps you alive

        1. @Mikey You drove by while they were filming a Discovery Channel Series on me. Naked Porch Waving is taking rural America by storm !!!
          The series will be called
          Naked And A Wave 🙂

  7. I just wanted to say im so glad this community is how it is, im been here for a while but just silently and ive seen a few hateful comments, funny ones and really nice ones, im just so happy everyone is so supportive towards this kind of thing. thank you

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