Best Gore Member Shares Learning Experience He Got from Biking

Best Gore Member Shares Learning Experience He Got from Biking

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member whatsyourbestgore. In his own words:

I’d like to share my experience falling off of my bike in the lovely
river valley of Edmonton, AB.

I was biking on some paved trails in the river valley on my BMX with street tires, when I thought I would be impressive and do some downhill riding on the gravel trails. Of course, in hindsight, that was a terrible idea, especially since I was not wearing any safety gear. After losing control on a downhill turn, I wiped out pretty hard with my leg taking the brunt of the fall. My bike was fine, however I should not have used one of the only legs I will have in my life to shield one of the many bicycles I will most likely own. The jagged rocks did quite a number on my leg, but I was able to wrap it up using napkins and a plastic bag I happened to be carrying and biked home to bandage it up. Thinking I was some tough masculine superman of sorts, I neglected the advice of many and decided against getting it looked at by doctors and didn’t think stitches were necessary. I had used rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and polysporin and tried to mend it back to care myself. After a few days, the leg had swollen up, and the pain was so excruciating that I could no longer put any weight on it. I was forced to take a trip to the local medical centre where I was given a dose of strong antibiotics, which in turn gave me a bad case of oral thrush. I guess I should of taken the advice that was given to me in the beginning and had it looked at. Or maybe I should of used my brain and used safety gear, and not taken street tires on a gravel trail. I definitely learned my lesson. Luckily the infection – and the oral thrush – have cleared up. Happy riding.

Thanks for sharing, whatsyourbestgore. Now, I want you Best Gore members to entertain me with stories of your own mishaps with dirt bikes, atv/four wheelers, skateboard, snowboard, etc. Funny or serious, it doesn’t matter. I know there is a shit ton of you out there and I don’t partake in these sorts of things myself, mostly due to back issues so I like to hear what kinds of things you guys do.

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    1. Hey, you don’t have any broken bones or torn ligaments. You will heal. Your bike won’t. So you did the right thing.

      I have a titanium-frame mountain bike, a GT Xizang, that I bought new for $3400 in 1995. Since then, I’ve had her in most states in the US and have spent thousands of dollars on updated upgrades. I would rather take a scratch or gouge than inflict the same on Lady Xizang.

      1. WOW… Always wondered what that name meant…. I ride a Raleigh International…. Road Bike.. 1972 vintage…

        You titanium guys… Just remember .. Steel is Real… mine, a 531 Reynolds Double butted frame thoughout…

        Happy trails, bro… get better soon

  1. @what’s, you must of been Fuckin high as hell man. I usually stop look at what I’m about to do. Scratch my head look at it again. Say yup or fuck that lol. Most of the time I say fuck that because by the time I’ve made the decision the Fuckin bike is riding me. Thanks for the pictures and post man. Get better soon.

      1. @ elmaspison. hi there pal, speaking of “training wheels” – i wonder whatever happened to your…erm..”groupie” atucker31?

        seems that the “…to the dot six-monther…” that acne ska predicted, turned out only to be a “two monther” after all, eh?
        do you miss her constant acussations at you? & repeated demands for you to “show your face” ?!! 😉

        maybe she ran off with that “curran” guy, who tried to pass-off an avi of polish male model “bartec borowizc” as himself ….. you remember? the one who earned 45000 euro per shoot, fed on lobster and champagne, and could buy our mothers for scullery maids?!!!
        aparently, he got “his people” to contact “her people” ………

        some fucking wierd “fantasy life” types we find on here…THATS for sure, eh @ elma? 😉

          1. @bd.
            What’s it called? Bit cryptic but I’ll have a go. I suppose their just my thoughts? That’s about it really, just blurt them out when the feeling takes me, don’t have the urge to give them names?

        1. The poster asked for stories of similar experiences to share. True Evil has 20 years experiences so I’m sure he has a mint story… but instead we just get some macho response to the posters injury. Why even bother posting?

          I can see its a graze bobcat haha 😉

          1. @pinch I was 17 and decided it was a good idea to skitch a ride with my friend’s camaro and me holding the side view mirror. He bagan to accelorate and we were soon at about 80 mph before the bike wobbled violently and i slid with the bike and thats when the degloving occured on my left leg. There ya go…a macho comment AND a relatable story.

  2. The only incident i can remember to have had with a bike was when i was 16 years old, i guess… I was going fishing with my friend, it was 5:45 am and i was downhilling fast in my bike with my fishing rod and bag in front of the wheel, a bad idea… 😆 the bag got stuck on the front wheel and i flew about 5 meters and rolled other 5 or so, luckly nothing too serious was damaged both in me and my bike.

    On that same day, (it was summer) i almost died from dehydratation… 😆 I had to stop my fishing session with my friend, and to prevent my brain from shutting down while i was riding back home for 5Km, under the heat of ~35?C morning sun… As soon as i arrived home, my grandmother told me i was purple, 😆 i drank 2 liters of water and went to sleep with exaustion… Bah… crappy day that was, and i got home without a single fish. 😆

    1. @dk.

      That was funny man, I was about 6 or seven riding round near my grans and some kid walked in front of me, pulled my brakes and flipped right over, handlebars across my neck wheels spinning.
      Kids just fuckin laughed at me, fuckers.

      1. Ouch… Hell, i would just ran him over… 😆 The only thing i ever ran over with it was my cousin’s dog… I couldnt have guessed that the damn dog would come out to her street at the same time i was speeding downhill like a madman? Heh, my cousin would only ask if i was alright, but i was more worried about the dog.

    1. @S.J

      Yeah I see a face but I see the cut at the bottom as a mouth above that a big nose and the two slightly slanted cuts further up as eyes.

      We’re programmed to see human faces, most things can be anthropomorphised.

  3. “Now, I want you Best Gore members to entertain me with stories of your own mishaps with dirt bikes, atv/four wheelers, skateboard, snowboard, etc. Funny or serious, it doesn?t matter.” – Obli

    One Monday morning I wobbled into the chiropractors office looking like Quasimoto for the most painful adjustments in my life (I used to work for this doc). Two days earlier, I nearly broke my back when I crashed my glider, trying to make a last second turn at low altitude and airspeed, I lost all my lift and sliced through the air leading with my left wing. I missed the LZ (embarrassing as fuck) and crashed in the street, don’t mistake this for a ?whack?, this was a quick and unforgiving crash-no time to employ crash position and useless to deploy parachute. I broke a down tube and nearly impaled myself with it, all because I didn’t want to ground the glider so far from launch. Lesson learned-give yourself plenty of room to land in the LZ with plenty of airspeed and let her go down into ground effect, she’ll land for you when she’s run out of energy, or you can flare (induce stall) and land when you’re ready.

      1. The worst part was laying there and not knowing what you’re feeling, specifically, not knowing what you can and can’t move. When I did start to move, that’s when I realized, “this isn’t good”.

  4. Leathers may someday save your life, invest in an expensive and robust set, unless you plan on being an organ donar.

    Now if you don’t buy any.

    Don’t forget to have a Go-Pro next time you don’t wear any safety gear, and you will forever be immortalised on BestGore.

  5. I can think of dozens of close calls I had in my years of riding motorcycles but the one that I will never forget is the time I was riding my 1100 Suzuki Katana on the highway one night. The highway was empty so I ducked down and opened the throttle, taking it up to 220kph and then backing off. I was in the need for speed that night and I wanted one more rush before I reached my exit so I laid my chin on the gas tank and opened the throttle all the way and just stared at the speedo as everything else around me became a blur. In a matter of seconds the needle on the speedo was burried at 260kph and I continued holding the throttle wide open for a few more seconds. As my exit was fast approaching I let off on the throttle and slowed right down, moved over a couple of lanes and as I took the exit I downshifted into fourth gear and “WHAM”! My back wheel locked up and I skid about ten feet before going down at about 100kph. I ended up in a grassy area about 50 feet from the off ramp and my bike was about 20 feet from me. I didn’t even know what happened at the time but being in full leathers and landing in grass saved me from serious injuries. Had the chain snapped while I was at 260+ I would probably not be here right now. Through my years of riding I’ve probably gone down a half dozen times and had a few minor injuries but that night is the one that stands out in my mind as the one that could have killed me.
    Oh and a couple of years ago I had my spine broken when a 700lb truck transmission fell on me.

    1. @brokeback.
      Feel a weird envy of people who’ve had nasty crashes and lived? Don’t know why, cos most don’t remember. They just wake up in hospital with people telling them they were fucking lucky.

      But if you do remember, it must be etched into your mind forever as evidenced by your own memories.

    2. Broke, you are a crazy bugger mate, that’s some speed to be coming off a bike at. Glad you made it.
      A couple of close mates of mine weren’t so fortunate, which did it for me, put the shits up me, never rode again.

      1. @ewes, If I had ever lost a friend due to a bike accident I’d be hanging up my leathers for good too. In my case it was breaking my spine on the job which ended my riding days. I could get back on a bike right now but one more minor fall and I would be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Just ain’t worth the risk. Thanks to mouse for talking some sense into me a while back.

    3. Some neighbours of mine had motorbikes and asked me if I wanted to ride one of their 50cc scramblers they had. I rode around for ages and thought I could ride a motorbike. A while later I hijacked a friends Kawasaki 900 and rode around the block a few times till I stalled it. My sons dad came home with a Ninja 1100 and I asked if I could ride it. He was like, I didn’t know you could ride a motorbike, and I’m yea, yea, of course I can. I must have given it too much throttle and it shot off, luckily I managed to jump off without it pulling my arm out of it’s socket. It fell on it’s side and started spinning around in a circle inches from a parked car. Luckily he was really strong and grabbed it and turned it off. He was so shocked he couldn’t even tell me off he just wheeled it away. Later he came back with this scaled down Ducatti for our son, it wasn’t a toy it was a proper scaled down bike. I was immediately, let me have a go, let me have a go. He looked at me with a really serious face and said, “You are NEVER riding this bike, your a maniac and you’ll kill your self”. ohhhh!

  6. The main one that sticks in my mind was when I sat on my bollock while riding my bmx on my paper round. That experience traumatized me, fucking pain was insane. I lay in the middle of the road in a heap, clutching my right nut while in tears. Day after, the bollock was the size of my fist and was bruised black and blue.
    Bloody awful, wouldn’t wish it on anyone, well, almost anyone !

    1. @Stomper.

      Oh fuckin hell! I can’t stop laughing! I’m doing that visualising thing again, but all I can see is a little elephant man wobbling about!

      Reminds me of being in a hot bath, the old conkers were more like two walnuts in a sock, stood up with my legs together and nearly castrated myself.

          1. @bobcat & brokeback – although you are correct about no bones in the old “boner”, you can indeed fracture the penis. If it’s seriously fractured and not corrected soon enough it can lead to a very crooked penis and even eventually to a permanent limpy.

  7. I used to be a delivery driver but was in 3 accidents so the company insurance didn’t want to insure me anymore(no i don’t drive by braille) so my boss got me a bike…

    So the last time I rode it I was picking up some checks from a company down the blocks and some Mexican darted out of an ally only looking to his left and not his right side which was the side i was coming from. I seen him last second but he didn’t see me and I didn’t have time to get out of the way and I ended up some what under his car. He was driving a truck, The bike crushed my right leg and it got swollen fast around my ankle and near my knee. The whole time i was under his truck trying to slide my way out, he never came out of the car. As soon as i got up and picked up my bike he said Sorry I have to go and darted off. I tried to call the police but my phone was broken. I tried to memorize his plates but he drove off to quick. Also My right elbow was scrapped big time and was dripping blood I didn’t notice until I started walking back to work, then after I noticed the blood the pain kicked in… My boss never let’s me do deliverys anymore.

    1. Hes not checking to see if you are fine because he wants to ran his truck all over you again.. ya know double tapping! Its cheaper to pay for the funeral than disability.. You are lucky, you’re concious enough to slide out under that..

    1. Gotta watch some of these Canadian doctors. Years ago I went to a walk in clinic cuz I was feeling shitty. The doc who saw me made me drop my pants then held my balls and told me to close my eyes and cough. I couldn’t figure out why at the time but when I got home I realized my wallet was missing.

  8. I had an accident when I was 16.. As far as i can remember it was friday night I asked Dad if I can go out with my friends to stroll around riding my modified scooter.. ofcourse as a protective father he did not let me go as it was not allowed for me to drive, I don’t have any license then.. I just use my scooter inside our village.. Im kinda bitchy brat before so I just waited for my father to fell asleep, then I sneaked and go out from the window, carefully dragged my scooter outside of our gate not making any noise then off I go to meet my other friends which lives in the other village..
    We met, stroll around until the wee hours
    Then suddenly the local patrol saw us, (we have curfew hours for 18years and below 10pm-5am).. We were scared because they will confiscate our scooter and might jail us for 24hrs, so we drove as fast as we can, I failed to see this big rock ran through it, I lost balance then I crashed, suddenly I felt this excruciating pain on my left bum and leg so I did not try to stand up, the patrol caught me phoned my father and bring me in to the hospital… It was nothing serious just left a big black bruise, nasty scar and me being grounded for a month..

    It pays to listen to our parents sometimes.. 😐

  9. My old college room mate lost his right thumb in a chainsaw accident years earlier. He told me that the worst part was that whenever he tried to have phone sex with his out of town girlfriend he would either drop the phone or punch himself in the balls.

  10. Not much of a sport story per se but when I was about 10 and my brother was 13, he thought it was hilarious to pretend to do WWE moves on me by jumping off the kitchen table and pinning me down. Being a girl (and tomboy) I mostly went along. I was crocheting (kind of like knitting but one metal 6″ rod with a hook on the end is used instead) and my brother wanted to wrestle but I didn’t. He yanked me out of the chair and I fell with the crochet hook going into the side of my thigh about 2″. We tried to wiggle it out but the hook wouldn’t let go of whatever it was wrapped around. Of course my mother was out F-ing around and even tho we lived in a very small town, she couldn’t be found. The neighbor called EMS who had to send an ambulance from a bigger town about an hour away with an ER. They had to cut it out and left a drain in and stitches. Guess it wasn’t as painful as the ass beating we both got later. 😆

  11. I experienced something worse around 11 months ago. Although not as dramatic or as exposed, I slipped down some stairs with curved landings and broke a left side rib from behind. Just like this guy, I tried to suck it up for a while. Three days later, I’m in the ER at 2 in the morning. Injuries suck! Especially broken bones, the damn pain comes in the form of tolerable and intolerable waves.

  12. I am truly curious why it is that most of these shared members stories are posted but those members never comment in the comments section? Except for that Concussive Maintainance woman who was all over the comments section on her story…..

      1. Hi Obli, I sent my story in months ago. With photos and videos. I even got a reply from someone at BG because I thought there was a problem with the contact form, but it just looked that way because I was logged out at the time. I will send my story in again if you like but I do have a blog too, linked to my name on here. Has my whole story on there and the gruesome photos and videos of my eye over the last 3 years. 🙂

  13. That looks so painful @whatsyourbestgore, I can imagine how stiff and sore it was! Good thing you went to the doctor, infection can be deadly. It healed well, at least. Thank you for sharing your photos and story.
    Thank you to the other members who shared their stories too.

  14. I have seen a ripped off vajazzled clitoral hood, a penis smoking a cigarette and being used as an ashtray, and a surgically removed dildo from a rectum! Everything that has happened to me seems inconsequential after that. :mrgreen:

  15. Damn

    I made an account just to ask, where in the river valley? I broke my wrist last year biking in Rundle park – the steep hill just north of the footbridge that goes across the river to strathcona science park. Was going too fast, and going to pass pedestrians on the left, when they heard me coming, and moved to the left to ‘get out of the way’ right infront of me. After everything stopped, they asked if I was alright, which I’m pretty sure I said “maybe, I don’t know”, at which point they quickly vanished and I passed out for at least 10 or 15 minutes. Then I got to walk home, which took at least 45 minutes, an then drove myself to the hospital, because none of my friends would drive me – great friends I have!

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