Best Gore Member Suffers Gunshot to the Leg

Best Gore Member Suffers Gunshot to the Leg

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member, jizzing_johnny. Johnny here had a little mishap with a 9mm pistol, but I’ll let him tell you the story…

So I was sitting in my car outside my parent’s house on Sunday June 22 2015 (father’s day) smoking a cigarette when I looked over and saw my 9mm pistol on the passenger seat and I decided i should make sure the clip was out and the chamber was cleared since I have a 5 year old sister and a 4 year old nephew.

I reached over for it and when I did I must’ve grabbed it by the trigger because I shot myself in the leg. At first I wasn’t sure if I had shot myself, I didn’t feel anything. I noticed my leg was raised up but I wasn’t holding it up I figured it was just reflex but just to be sure I felt my leg for pain, blood, or a bullet hole I didn’t feel pain but I did find blood I immediately panicked and turned the car on to drive myself to the hospital, but quickly came to my senses and realized that I was going into shock and would not be able to drive to the hospital on my own so I just pulled back up the driveway and called my sister to get back from the store

While I waited I changed into some shorts because I didn’t want the doctors to tear my jeans up, after all I wanted the jeans to tell the tale of the day I went full retard. I found a bandana in my car and tied it around my leg just above the gunshot wound to stop the bleeding, and asked my younger brother to get me water and talk to me so I wouldn’t go into shock finally my sister came home and rushed me to the hospital the pain was so intense I had to play music on my phone to take my mind off it

The doctors took an X ray and said I was very lucky because I hadn’t hit a bone, or anything too important, just muscle, I didn’t get any stitches or anything really. they just shot me full of painkillers, wrapped gauze on the wound, gave me a few prescriptions, and sent me home. the bullet was a Fullmetal Jacket 9mm. It went through my leg, my car door and even managed to destroy my driver’s side window before disappearing

Well, we’re glad you’re alright, johhny. They say you should never go full retard, bad things are bound to happen, man. But do us a favour and be more careful in the future.

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    1. There’s no friggin why this “accident” occurred as described. I say jizzy was contemplating suicide, lacked the nerve, and insanely decided to attention whore by self inflicting a flesh wound.

          1. Beg to differ. I went deer hunting with a borrowed bolt action rifle one season. Had one chambered and upon realizing the safety was off flipped it on and the gun went off. I was sitting in the back of a truck and luckily the gun was pointed rearward. Bullet grazed my boot and went thru the tailgate.

          2. Well I seen a gun go of when it’s being Shacked both in real life and on a video online.

            Just waiting for you to say, guns can’t kill because that’s just as realistic!

          3. Also seen a semiauto shoot of 3 round with one pull on the trigger, no mods done, did it ones and never again? any thing mechanical can fail one way or the other.

          4. Let me rephrase. Mechanically sound guns that are free of malfunctions don’t just “go off”. My comment about magazines and clips remains unaltered though. That crap annoys me. Haha.

    2. So let me get this straight withput being disrespectful…you just ” happened” to notice your handgun next to you ( not remembering or whatever) that it was just laying there on the passengers seat & you decided to put the safety on & clear it….hmm…my darling..then you thought you were going into shock but had the clear sense to change clothes..hmmm darling..NOT that I’m being disrespectful but wtf?

        1. With large injuries one doesn’t always feel pain right away as there are too many nerves sending signals to the brain it gets blocked kinda like a traffic jam. I once had a pressure cooker blow up in my face I didn’t feel anything but getting splashed I ran to the mirror and saw my skin split open but still didn’t feel the pain until about halfway to the hospital and then it was excruciating

      1. @mamas yeah those points struck me.
        also – i assume he had to go inside the parents home to change into shorts… yet finds a bandana “in the car ” to use as tourniquet, has to “ask little brother” to get him water (but got into house ok to find shorts i assume) – and didnt anyone hear the gunshot and come to aid or at least be curious?
        im sure that someone will do a very good job of pulling apart my suspicions …… but even if they do, the whole “thing” just doesnt ring true to me.
        if im wrong, im sorry.

      1. The only way to stop this happening is to not own or handle guns. I’ve never seen a gun in my entire life ( except in the Police’s holsters) let alone handled one. Seems to me, guns bring alot of misery to alot of people and best thing is to just avoid them……….

        1. Revolvers use clips…

          Examples of revolvers which uses clips are the Model 1917 and the S&W Model 625… Both in .45 ACP… The S&W Model 610 in 10mm/.40 S&W… And the S&W Model 940 Centennial in 9 X 19mm…

          Just saying… ๐Ÿ˜‰

          1. i take it you mean moon clips and half moon clips? moon clips are just quick loaders and bastards. i never really thought of them as the same thing as what clips rifles use and what magazines are always incorrectly referred to as.

          2. “i take it you mean moon clips and half moon clips?”

            … And third moon clips… ๐Ÿ˜‰
            … And yes that’s what I meant…

            The main function of clips used in rifles is to facilitate the ejection of the rounds rather than the feeding…

        2. No real gun owner cares. I own lots of guns and know the difference and give zero shits what someone calls it. Even Remington has put ‘clip’ on the package of a magazine they sell in the store. If they don’t care then you shouldn’t.

          What matters is the difference between a semi-automatic rifle and an assault weapon. A piece of information that actually makes a difference to the gun community and millions of fucks are given. Educate yourself.

          1. “What matters is the difference between a semi-automatic rifle and an assault weapon.”

            I get what you’re saying…
            But there’s no such thing as a “non-assault weapon”…
            Every weapon out there is an assault weapon… If it wasn’t… It wouldn’t be a weapon…

            Just saying…

    1. That is why you have a step by step list you always follow BEFORE and AFTER you touch your weapon. Been handling guns for over 20 years and only a minor scare when I was 14. Didn’t think there was a round in the chamber and pumped the shotgun to eject a full round.

      I now always rack the weapon 3 times before doing anything to the weapon.

      1 time to make sure it’s empty
      2nd time because it might be lying
      3rd time because you KNOW it’s lying

      1. Years ago a friend of mine and his wife in the US were cleaning their guns, they were both police officers at the time. He managed to shoot a hole in the floor, his wife went mad. What made it worse was he is certified to train police officers in the use of fire arms. It can happen, if you’ve just got your gun lying next to you without the safety clip, around children, that is really fucking dangerous.

  1. There will probably a shit load of people shooting themselves tonight after reading that they shot you full of painkillers… lol.. seriously though, I wouldn’t be surprised.
    Thanks for sharing your ooooops, you will never hear the end of it, be.glad your not female.hahaha

  2. Along with…Watch that ax Eugene I shall now add….Safe that pistol Johnny to my watch words list.
    Hope you heal quickly…stupid !!! LOL JK…the stupid part I mean. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. A few more inches over and you wouldn’t be Jizzing_Johnny anymore. Carrying a loaded gun around and leaving it on the passenger seat of your car probably isn’t the smartest thing to be doing unless you are looking for a new nickname like Behind Bars_Johnny or worse…Dead_Johnny.

    1. It’s perfectly legal to carry a firearm around provided you have a carry permit or your state allows you carry a concealed weapon and you’re not doing anything illegal. Some states consider your car as your “home” so you can keep a loaded firearm in it provided you legally allowed to do so. Of course problems of theft and other things very high in this case.

      The problem here is that he didn’t follow good safety rules. By the sound of it he probably had a Glock or similar pistol without a manual safety. With such a firearm you can easily pull the trigger if you grab it wrong.

      If you plan to carry a firearm around, it is probably a good idea to get a really, really good holster, especially for a glock. Something that protects the trigger and on top of that when drawn you don’t automatically go for the trigger.

  4. Perhaps leaving a loaded pistol on the front seat of you’re car isn’t such a great idea either, especially with a five year old around. Not to mention the liberal hippies definitely don’t need any more reasons to push their stupid ridiculous gun control nonsense. Oh and one more thing… don’t pick the gun up by the trigger anymore

  5. holy fck.., i couldn’t imagine shoooting myself., the closest I’ve come is a ricochet off a school (wired embossed) safety window then hit me in the chest., luckily it had lossed momentum., butt still felt like a hard punch. Thanx for sharing man., can never be tooo carefull playing with fire.

    1. The exit wound would not be much larger than the entry wound since he said the bullet was a full metal jacket which is the cheapest and least deadly if he had loaded the gun with a hollow point or a higher grain then that would be a different story.

      1. There should be an exit wound ….is any more pics…
        So called punishment shootings are common were im from and when you get one in the muscle or fleshy part of the leg it looks similar but there is always an exit wound.

    1. Can you tell if the gunshot wound in the photo provided in this story looks authentic? Personally, I have never seen a gunshot wound so I’m hesitant to call this one.

    1. The more I think about it, the less I believe this story at all. Only one photo? It looks more like a severe cigarette burn. Especially considering that it occurred at close range. But who knows, maybe that’s how a 9mm entry wound looks? (What a shitty round) Plus the whole story just sounds like bull shit.

  6. OK; I’m going to join the debate and I’ve seen the other photographs uploaded by Obli.

    Civilian 9mm FMJ is a typically a low velocity round (LVR, e.g.115, 124, 147 grain) and firing into soft tissue, without impacting bone, may exit without expansion and yet cause significant damage down range; the nice hole through the metal door of the car.

    In the absence of any nerve, bone or vascular involvement (X-Ray and ultrasound), and without the projectile crossing significant tissue planes (i.e. going through several layers of different muscles), a soft tissue wound from a LVR may be managed with local wound care, tetanus booster, antibiotics and review.

    High velocity rounds will typically suck foreign material (dirt, clothing fibres etc.) into both entry and exit wounds and along the path of the projectile which may, or may not, splinter. These wounds require wide excision and debridement plus/minus fasciotomy (to relieve pressure and subsequent ischaemia in muscle compartments) to excise dead tissue and remove debris. Wound closure / grafting is usually delayed until day 5 to ensure that the tissue remains viable.

    Key points:

    Never chamber a round and disengage the safety unless you are going to fire.

    Never carry a weapon with a round in the breech without engaging the safety.

    Unload and check the chamber with the firearm pointing away from you, and not directed at anyone else.

    Wash your car; it’s filthy and get the blood out of the fdriver’s side foot well. You might need some stain remover on the carpet.

  7. Even when you think they’re empty they aren’t. One time I had unloaded the magazine from my little .22 and then put the mag back…but for some reason I felt like something wasn’t right so I take the magazine back out and pull back the slide and out pops out a bullet. Turns out the bullet was stuck in the magazine, so it looked like it was empty but wasn’t…luckily I do not like to pull the trigger or put fingers close to it. Be careful out there. Always practice safe handling and you’ll be fine.

  8. Its a good thing johnnys gun wasn’t loaded with some defensive ammo like some golden saber +p hollow points or so; his leg would have been in way worse condition; however, on the “bright” side you would have had way more gore to show off perhaps! Haha. (That was a joke; but seriously, I know that most concealed carry permit holders, myself included, are locked and loaded with some defensive ammunition, so be glad your accident occurred with fmj’s at least)

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