Black Man Accidentally Shoots Himself in Leg Inside Car

Black Man Accidentally Shoots Himself in Leg Inside Car

Black Man Accidentally Shoots Himself in Leg Inside Car

A black man is sitting in a car and fooling around with a gun. He’s showing off before his mates, until all the fooling around results in a pressed trigger. The loaded gun appears to discharge into his leg.

At least in his incompetence he just shot himself, and not somebody else, and the affected body part was a leg, not a head, like happened HERE.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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164 thoughts on “Black Man Accidentally Shoots Himself in Leg Inside Car”

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        1. @TheCaptain

          You own An 83 Caprise my good Brother??? Fuck Dude, i use to own a 1984 Caprice Classic, that i ended-up soaking Put 11 thousand 800 Hundred Bucks in it. And back then that was worth like 25 grand in today’s money. I Then i had it appraised at 18 thousand dollars brother, as it was beautiful, as i’m sure yours also is. Too Cool My Good-Man & Best-Gore Brother. 🙂

          What a fucking-Dumb-Ass. Never,,, Ever play with a gun like it’s a fucking toy. As this is what happens to 100’s,,, if not 1000’s of times to People/Sheeple in the U.S. on a Daily Basis Man! 🙁

          1. Sadly, this dumbass won’t learn his lesson. I don’t know shit about guns, Dre. In your opinion, did it look to you like he had a finger on the trigger, or did it just go off?
            He went from being a thug to a little bitch quite quickly lol. Hope all’s well w/u 🙂

      2. I think nothing else needs to be said other than Glocks and DUMB ASS MUTHAFUCKAS don’t mix. You have to pull the trigger before disassembly, which is what he was trying to do, so this type of shit always happens when idiots get Glocks and forget they have a round in the chamber. I cringed as soon as those chicken hooks got close to the trigger.

        1. @My Notorious Clitorious
          Hey Girl,,,
          it did not look like he had his finger on the trigger in the pic, but he could have simply put it on it, and being that some of these semi-auto handguns have sensitive triggers, so a simple bump in the road could have easily made his finger move a mere millimetre, and therefore Ka-Boom setting it off.
          It’s always nice to speak with you as you are always so genuinely kind when we do.
          And as for my health, well good days, and bad as always but lately besides the usual bullshit on here, i guess you can say that i’m doing ok. So thanks for asking sweetheart, as you are very sincere and kind. 🙂

          1. @coffindodger
            I Stand Corrected. I only said this because since my brother’s military-issue glock has become made of mostly hard plastic, and is therefore much lighter, he has personally found that the trigger was set off much easier than his last government Glock which back then was much heavier and was more metal that plastic.

            So maybe it is the large weight difference that it makes it feel that way after having used the first original heavier one for the better part of 15 years??? I Dunno What d’you think, or what are your thoughts on why my Brother Alain A Quebec *Game Warden* for 25 years now would say this??
            Best-Gore Brother

      1. The jist I got was one of his asswipe homies spotted his gun and said it was dirty. I think in nigger language it was something like, “you need to clean this ho”. That’s when he tries to take it apart and the rest is internet infamy.

  1. What country did this happen in?. I don’t recognise the language.

    Anyway. Shame he didn’t shoot his muh-dik. Think of all the rapes it could have prevented. All the single mothers and fatherless children it could have avoided, all that taxpayer money that could have been saved.

    1. Isn’t it funny how in every English speaking country they inhabit they manage to reduce the language to pigeon or patois. I have spoken to jamaicans who are speaking patois and i literally cannot understand a fucking word of it. Even the africans give up trying to understand them.

      1. Wow. Send this dumb big eyed nigger a map. Maybe he’ll glance at it before rolling it into a huge blunt.
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      1. Those were different times. A time when a single bullet was worth way more than a nigger.
        Now, however, they get a free box of 9mm rounds with every malt liquor purchase.
        Shhh…don’t tell them why they get free ammo. Just watch and enjoy.

    1. Never really got the comparison of black people and apes considering that most apes I’ve seen have rather tan skin rather than brown. Then again I guess when you spend most of your time heckling dead or injured people you don’t exactly have time to simply google a hairless ape

      1. Agreed Mark! I do believe stupid comes in all including cops. Trailer trash drug addicted white idiots, niggers, chinks, donut eating cops and beaners. We’ve seen it all here. I just thought this video was a good example of it.

          1. totally agree, @zlan, it’s always a joy to see and hilarious to watch that much stupidity in one person. i don’t do racial or ethnic slurs, i’m a silent hater? 😀

          2. The Polish Air Force purchased a squadron of F-150’s but couldn’t figure out where the wings went. That alone is why they made the list. They’re almost as stupid as a horse-smashed face French Canadian.
            Stay in your league

  2. He is trying to disassemble his Glock (take the slide off). It is indeed common that you have to pull the trigger, to release the striker. Otherwise the slide will not come off. But obviously not with a round in the chamber…

    1. You don’t put a loaded magazine into the gun before disassembling. Just a stupid nigger with a stolen gun, too bad it didn’t have a double stack extended mag and a full auto sear, could have got his homies as well.

  3. i was shocked he had good trigger discipline until his finger slipped……

    he was saying that his friend got the gun dirty, i bet the slide was a little sticky from not being properly cared for

    atleast he didnt shoot the front passenger and honestly it looked like a graze

  4. The man’s a buffoon. Always handle a loaded gun like it it could go off anytime.
    Isn’t there a safety catch, anyway?

    How come the bullet was so silent? It was like paintball. His reaction had me in stitches.

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