Black Man Shoots Three People in Philadelphia Chinese Food Store

Black Man Shoots Three People in Philadelphia Chinese Food Store

I guess saying that the shooter was black is kind of redundant given that the incident happened in the multicultural city of Philadelphia.

The shooting took place on March 19, 2013, at 10:34 pm in a Chinese Food store located at 6600 North 18th Street, West Oak Lane, Philadelphia. A man armed with a handgun walked up to the store’s front door and fired a shot at the people inside. One of the victims tried to keep the shooter out of the store by holding the door closed. The shooter reached around the door and fired a few shots that way. Since that didn’t do much either, the shooter backed up and shot the victims inside the store through the glass pane.

Three people were shot, none fatally. The gunman fled toward 18th Street from 66th Avenue. He was described by the Philadelphia Police Department’s Northwest Detectives Division as black male, 6’0″ to 6’2″ tall, medium build, wearing a beard or goatee. He was dressed in a dark colored sweatshirt with possibly a “Nike” emblem on the front, dark colored pants and baseball batting gloves.

If you recognize the shooter, please contact Philly police by dialling 215-686-TIPS (8477).

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      1. That’s exactly what I thought. He says keeping the door shut didn’t work but if they hadn’t kept fighting then he would have had a much easier shot and they’d probably all be dead.

    1. it looks random to me, i dont think he was specifically aiming he probably just wanted to unload some of his man tension and he just happened to be walking past this store, im just basing that on what ive seen it looks like his shots are completely random.. if he was targeting someone he could easily shoot them through the glass but either hes a terrible shot or just hoping to land a few hits at random

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  1. When those dudes were tripping over each other, sliding around the floor and garbage was flying- i couldn’t help but lol! Oh, and i think i may have seen that dude at Walmart (in California) yesterday. He could be ANYWHERE by now!

    1. It looked like a Keystone Cop Comedy. The floor must have been oiled down to get that much slippage. And if i were the perp. i would be to embarrassed to ever admitt that i was the shooter. I’d never show my face in public again. I mean really, He’s black has a handgun and lives in Philly and not one victim was fatally wounded. Embarrassing for him.

  2. To me this guy sorta looks like he Mexican (stereo-typically that colour of skin. Its a shame that they couldn’t do that C.S.I stuff where they just enhance the quality of the video so much that its just like a high definition video.

  3. There’s also a new video out from NYC of a black guy calling the white people on the train honkeys and crackers. Granted, he wasn’t all there, but where’s our Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton? When it’s the other way around(Kramer), there’s all hell to pay. Since we’re such bad people, maybe we could back to segregation and see if it works better for them.

  4. Maybe it was a gang war between food connoisseurs, the shooter was a member of the KFC boys and the targets were members of the Chow Mein crew.

    The Chow mein crew were very lucky this time not to have been given a sweet and sour pork belly with red bean paste.

        1. Wicked mama’s here baby girl. It’s 2.40pm here but i’m just feeling to lazy to go to the Chinese and it’s killing me now. Where I live is really expensive, it’s all fancy restaurants that cost a fortune but there’s a chinese buffet that do a really good takeaway and I just can’t stop thinking about it now,

    1. @Empty- lol!! Love me some Empty before 8am! Who needs coffee?!

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  5. Mark…you’ve been showing a bit more humor than usual…oh well just noticing it seems you’re in a happier mood than before…oh and has anyone heard any info on the nigger that shot the 13 month old baby?

    1. Nope, just that he and his accomplice were Black. One was 17 the other 14 (iirc). The held up a mother who was walking her 13 month old White baby, and demanded she hand over money. When she didn’t have any to hand over, they shot the child point-blank in the head.

      Not sure if it’s gotten any press in the MSM. Wouldn’t be shocked if it didn’t. – The continued extermination of White people is an on-going agenda in our Countries, one we are complicit in.

      1. yeah its fucked up because it was on the main media and still i have yet to see any type of hate crime charges being filed….wtf i’m pretty much speechless…if this was the other way around we’d never hear the end of it

        @BB yeah im pretty sure that’ll make an itchy nigger finger pull very hard

      2. Let me start off firstly by saying that any person that would willfully take the life of an innocent child, regardless of race deserves to be tortured day in and day out for a month. Hand me the tools and I would personally see to this. But to rain on your parade mr. Silenced ( no intentionally, but just to add facts) the baby killed was not white he was a mutt by your standard( father was Hispanic, although he is quite dark). So while I again understand your frustration with the way the world is and the kind of people the exist in it, that whole “extermination of whites” agenda is getting played out. And just to add to my personal point of view, I’m from the Caribbean, so African-American culture (rap and the like) is something that is quite foreign to me and something that i really don’t care for. As you might tell respect for elders, love of women, and protection of children is taken very seriously.This is why u see some many “street justice” videos from these countries, because its certain values that we take to heart. Those guys that killed that infant would have never made it into police custody. So yes I do agree that African-American culture and ignorance do play a major part in how blacks behave the world over, but there are those of us who hold vast to certain morals and principles, so to beat all with the same stick is in itself very ignorant of you.

        1. Ahh yes, this information wasn’t available when I posted the comment, only a picture. The child looked White. Clearly my White+non-Black mixed baby radar is way off.

          But give me credit, it’s not often White Women race-mix with non-Blacks. They seem to have a craving for going with men who are the most unlike White men.

          But alas, I expect little else from them. They have become a tremendous disappointment, you see. One can even call them our greatest obstacle or oppressor (I like this word).

          In any case – what I typed still holds true.

          And regarding your comment about me being ignorant and painting everyone with a single brush-stroke:

          Blacks (Caribbean-Africans) are responsible for the vast majority of violent crime in London.

          We have shootouts here in Toronto between Blacks, and whole neighbourhoods you shouldn’t walk through as a White.

          Heck – A friend of mine (female) was just harassed by 6 Ugandan’s in a local pub here. She was accosted by them, didn’t wish to speak with them (hardly spoke English, and she’s married) and they called her a racist.

          Then they tried to hit on another White woman who was at the pub with her husband. Could have cared less.

          I won’t mention the United States.

          You can call me ignorant, it’s fine. It’s your people I am speaking of – but it doesn’t change the truth of it.

    1. I remember driving to Temple everyday and driving down CB Moore. It worked out nice, I could blow through lights, ignore stop signs, etc. and cut my commute in half. Cops didnt care about the blonde hair white girl who ran a stop sign.

      One time I was stopped at a light when a man turned around and started beating the shit out of a woman. He had her down on the ground smashing her head into the pavement when another man ran to a pay phone and picked up the receiver. The first guy left the woman on the ground and grabbed the receiver from the mans hand and smashed it over his head. At that point I drove off, and stopped stopping at lights.

          1. it is hell….i lived there for two years and hated every second of it. then i ended up going to and from the city four to five times a week to support my crack/cocaine habit….don’t do crack Silenced.

          2. No worries there. My mind is my weapon, it must be kept sharp, to be deadly. Nothing foreign will be allowed to influence it, to blunt it and make it harmless.

            My body is my temple, my sanctuary. It must be kept sturdy, and shielded against harmful invasion. Nothing will be allowed to poison it, to develop cracks in it’s foundation and make it surmountable.

            Or in other words – I don’t do drugs of any kind.

  6. You don’t wanna let me in? Fine then, let me steady my arm and shoot fish in a barrel! Oh but I still I can’t seem to get a fatality! What a total fuckin failure but that’s usually the outcome of most niggertivities.

    1. If a law enforcement agency in the USA releases a description of a suspect, and that description is “Black male”, you can bet your ass he is Black.

      Which means they most likely have clearer pictures of the guy, or know who he is.

      If he was White, his picture would be all over the place, along with a description that includes his religion, what grade he dropped out of school, his tattoo’s, and what White supremacist gangs he hangs around.

  7. Niglets are all the same no matter what city, state, or country they are in!! They roll through communities like locusts, destroying property, graffiti everywhere and lowers the housing market. They are all nothing more than a blight on civilized people and contribute very little.

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