Blade Grazes Ring Finger

Blade Grazes Ring Finger

Blade Grazes Ring Finger

Early Morning edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @heywoodjablomi, who shares one of many workplace injuries:

I’ve been a lurker for I don’t know how long. I finally decided to create an account so I can show you guys a few nice injuries I’ve received throughout the years. I’ve always had a habit of making sure I document my injuries because I like to look back and say “man, I remember that one…”

This particular one was me being careless at work with a band saw…I finished cutting my workpiece and in haste and tiredness lifted my hands up to continue my work when I ever so slightly grazed the blade with my ring finger. It just made the tiniest “zzztt” and laid my finger open quite a bit. Cut into the bone even a bit.
Of course I didn’t get stitches…like any man I grabbed the tube of super glue, glued it together best I could, made a bandage with an acetone soaked square of paper towel and masking taped the whole thing shut, and continued about my work. I have a beautiful scar there now and somehow, I didn’t lose any feeling.
I have many more but it’s late and I gotta go back to the death trap tomorrow, heh. Enjoy.

All those injuries at work and never any workman’s comp?

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    1. I don’t think gloves would have helped. Unless maybe they were made of chain mail or something. It’s one of those half inch wide butcher shop blades and it’s not a small saw. In all honesty I’m pretty lucky. If it was a more direct hit I would have been able to do the “two in the pink, one in the stink” hand action without moving any extra fingers.

    2. Lol probably one of the dumbest pieces of advice I’ve read in a while. “Gloves” huh? On a machine that rotates at high speed? Yeah, so it could have snagged and pulled his whole hand, and possibly arm down into the saw? You NEVER wear gloves around rotating machinery. Lathes, drill presses, bandsaws, mills, rolling presses, none of that shit. You really don’t want to even wear rings or even long sleeved shirts. Especially loose fitting ones. I’m a machinist/knifemaker and have worked with heavy machines for over 20yrs and have never had a serious accident(for credibility’s sake). Keep your head on a swivel folks, with idiots around here giving advice like this.

    1. @nomar Nomarchess
      Is this question open to all members as well as Seraph and Honkey?
      If so, I can tell you that another member here made a forum page a few months ago.
      The Topic being, his “best/fav” gore, and those videos and photos he posted on the forum page.
      And as other members read the page and joined in, they (as you might expect) added links to their favorite videos and photos.
      Its actually a great forum page, and definitely worth a look.
      If you are interested and want a link, just reply here and let me know mate.

          1. Thanks @illegalsmile55.
            My personal favorites are “Three Men Executed by ISIS with Shogun Blasts to Heads”,
            and “Struggling Man with Peeled Face and Hands Cut Off Is Brutally Beheaded with Flimsy Blade”.

            Enjoy, @nomar Nomarchess.
            Also, check out “Brutal Beheading from Iraq – Close Up View Video” for the highest definition beheading i can remember seeing
            All are linked in that forum page

          2. @thedre
            Well Andre, No matter what has been said before or since by any of us, it doesnt matter to/regarding that forum page…. as it was & is a very good idea for a forum page – excellent topic. Of this there is no doubt.
            I hope that as time goes on, other members visit and add their favorite videos to that Forum page, and for it to expand – I believe that this would be great for members, and for the site in general.
            As i mentioned many months ago on that page myself, now when anyone asks for “favorite” gore videos, they can be linked to that page.

            And should anyone ask in future, i will continue to link them to the page…. for the benefit of all members interested.

    2. In my opinion, the “worst” is the video of the guy who is getting his throat cut with a box cutter after his face and hands have been cut off. The video goes by the name “Funky Town” by some because of one of the songs that is being played in the background.

      1. @honkeykong
        Totally agree.
        For me [as with many videos] it is as much the audio that decides how much a video affects me.
        The screams of that guy…along with the cheesy tunes playing in the background made it proper eerie for me.
        Therefore, it stuck in my mind for some time after

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