Blast to the Chin Results in Blood Covered Face

Blast to the Chin Results in Blood Covered Face

People with worse facial injuries were fixed up quite well so I don’t think this fellow has much to worry about. His chin is gonna end up having some metal platelets for the rest of his days but if he keeps it up, one of those days he may switch from sucking food through the tube to chewing his own bread. Great success!

No idea what exactly happened there as pictures did not come with any back story whatsoever but I would guess it was a shotgun to the chin. There is a possibility that he was hit with a metal rod or maybe rode a motorcycle without a helmet and failed to avoid the fence that partially impaled his face – these are all guesses though and whatever it was, it left his face pretty bloody.

I foresee a speech impediment in the making. Gallery with two blood covered, chinless face is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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18 thoughts on “Blast to the Chin Results in Blood Covered Face”

  1. It was a lip piercing that went bad i think. First he botched the piecing and in that extreme moment the tattoo piercing guy decided to pick up a tattoo nail thing and and poke around at his eyebrows to try and get him to calm down and when that didn’t work he just busted him in the nose.

  2. Blast to the Chin Results in Blood Covered Face!!!
    Do you think so?
    Unless it were a cock, well then his face would be on another site &pasted ALL GOOEY &WHiTE!
    But, ok>
    Hold still!

  3. Why didn’t he just simply pull the damn trigger again!? Why the fuck do you WANT to live after this?? Because it’s a “sign from god”? NO, it’s not. You’re just a fucking dumbass who FAILED at everything, including killing yourself! What a loser.

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